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Striking eroticism that explodes off the screen.

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Character Actor
Hubert Bailey Malcolm McDowell
Alma D'Angeli Linda Fiorentino
Jesus Elias Koteas
Isa Angel Aviles 
Jerald Buckley Patrick Bauchau
Linda Bailey Grace Zabriskie
Keith Jamie Harrold
Ken Tim Guinee
David Bango Dewey Weber
Diana Holly Marie Combs
Mel Seymour Cassel
Cleo Assumpta Serna
Joe Kevin Conroy
Angie Suzzanne Douglass
M.C Joseph McKenna
Dancer Karole Armitage
Dancer Michael Puler
Dancer Rachel Tucker
Dancer Alicia Ho
Dancer Edward Jenkins
Woman in church Iraida Polanco
Boy in church Joshua Robert Kaplan
Jesus' Mother Antonia Rey
Santera Teodorina Bello
Sergeant Langdom Brooks Rogers
Gloria Insburg Lynn Frazen-Cohen
Woman in pearls Rica Martens
Laughing Woman Ebony Jo-Ann
Procurer Mickey Cottrell 
Melissa Sabrina Lloyd
Tommy York Bergin
Boy in window Todd Bailey
Girl at ticket counter Sarah Newhouse
Radio Announcer Edgar Oviedo Sandoval 
Radio Announcer John Schnall
Boy at Club Matthew Shields

Directed & Written by Temístocles López



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"A genuinely sexy movie." - Stephen Farber, Movieline
"An erotic tale...a disquieting power." - David Kronke, The Hollywood Reporter
"Elegant and erotic." - Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times
"A potpourri of telephone sex, exhibitionism and voyeurism." - Stephen Holden, New York Times

Synopsis - Official

Linda Fiorentino, Elias Koteas and Malcolm McDowell are entangled in a steamy chain of sexual encounters that stretch the boundaries of casual and degenerate sex.

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