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Who Has Time to Be a Teenager When You Have to Save the World?

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Character Actor
Barnabus (Voice) Malcolm McDowell
Mike Pillsbury Michael Shulman
Katelyn Erika Christensen
Nick Adam Wylie
Jay Andrew Ducote
Dana Pillsbury Garrett M. Brown
Pamela Pillsbury Lee Garlington
Jill Pillsbury Brighton Hertford
Scott Marcus Turner
Ryan Chris Davies
Mrs. Nickerson Marie Stillin
Katelyn's Friend Jessica Murdoch
Coach Trembly Terry David Mulligan
Thoad Brian Steele
Thoad Man Hrogather Matthews
Thoad Voice J.D. Hall 
Inter-Gallactic Cop Peter Kelamis
Hanzel Guy Fauchon
The Bum Bruce Lanoil
The Loafer Alien Wally Wingert
The Jarm David Coburn
Lula Tara Charendoff

Directed by Paul Schneider
Written by Kathy Mackel (from her novel)


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Synopsis - Official

Mike Pillsbury is a smart and imaginative teen who sends a message to outer space, with no idea that something will respond...and when THEY do - it's trouble for everybody on Earth. It just might be the perfect time for a certain teenager to step up and save the world from his interplanetary prank gone awry!

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