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The Maximum security exchange where comedy is big business!

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Character Actor
Warden Tennant Malcolm McDowell
Herbie Altman Robert Carradine
Sly Michael Winslow
Wolf Randall 'Tex' Cobb
VCR Fred Travalena
Cowboy Roddy Piper
Dr. Ellen Scott Lise Cutter
Raoul Tony Plana
  Michael Goodwin
Shaka Ben Vereen
  Imogene Coca
Sonia Geretta Giancarlo
Arthur Mickey Knox
Newscaster John Leamer

Directed by Robert Boris
Written by Leonard Montana & Lou Peraino
Screenplay by Ken Krauss & Merrin Holt

Foreign Titles

Germany - Zwei tolle Hechte im Knast


VHS - NTSC + PAL/Laserdisc (full screen) - All OP



VHS Cover - Front
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Synopsis - Official

    Ambitious, young stockbroker Herbie Altman trades in his pin-stripes for prison blues when his boss has him framed for stock fraud. But, not being one to take defeat sitting down, Herbie makes the best of his new situation.
    With the help of fellow inmates Shaker and Slay, he parlays $300 into a wildly successful company, CON, Inc., right under the watchful eyes of Warden Tennant and his chief guard Wolf. And as CON's assets grow, so does interest in his company. Soon, the IRS, SEC and FBI are all knocking on the door of Lewiston Correctional Facility. And in an elaborate ruse, Herbie gets cash, freedom AND sweet revenge all in one masterful swoop!
    Buy & Cell - where trading is brisk, the future looks bright and the bottom line is comedy.

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