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He's Out There...

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Role Actor
Colonel F.E. Cochrane Malcolm McDowell
Officer Frank Murphy Roy Scheider
Capt. Jack Braddock Warren Oates
Kate Candy Clark
Officer Richard Lymangood Daniel Stern
Fletcher David Sheiner
Montana Joe Santos
Icelan Paul Roebling
Sgt. Short Ed Bernard
Mayor Jason Bernard
Himself Mario Machado
Alf Hewitt James Murtaugh
Matusek Pat McNamara
Kress Jack Murdock
Allen Clifford Pellow
Holmes Paul Lambert
Col. Coe Phil Feldman
Tough mechanic John Garber
Grundeltus Anthony James
Robin Brantos Diane McNeely
Nudy Lucy Anna Forrest
Timmy Ricky Slyter
Chief of Police Reid Cruickshanks
Air controller Billy Ray Sharkey
Air controller Fred Slyter
Fighter pilot John Gladstein
Helicopter pilot Ross Reynolds
Helicopter pilot Karl A. Wickman
Helicopter pilot James W. Gavin
Helicopter pilot Tom Friedkin
Policeman at bridge James Read
Policeman Mickey Gilbert
Policeman Bill Lane
Hooker Patti Clifton
John Ernest Harada
Mayor's Aide Frances E. Nealy
Drive-In Custodian Jose Pepe R. Gonzales
Pilot Jerry Ziesmer
Observer Tom Lawrence
Thief John Ashby
Thief Tony Brubaker
Man in beanie Norman Alexander Gibbs
Vietcong soldier Bill Ryusaki
Motorcycle cop Gary Davis
Thug  Tom Rosales
Thug Larry Randles
Detective Peter Miller
Observer Mike McGaughy
Extra Lolly Boroff
Extra Calvin Bronx
Bel-Air Woman Lucinda Crosby
Assault Man 2 Terry Leonard

Directed by John Badham
Written by Don Jakoby & Dan O'Bannon


4/3/82 - Warren Oates
2/10/08 - Roy Scheider

Original DVD

Released 9/9/98

DVD Special Edition

Released 4/4/06

Cover - front

Foreign Titles

 Germany - Das fliegende Auge  
Italy - Plavi Grom


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My Exclusive interview with Candy Clark 10/03

Q: Did you get to hang out with Malcolm at all during shooting?

A: We didn't work together. I didn't see him at all...I'm useless as an interview!

Q: Do you have to audition for the film?

A: No, no. I just got the job.

Q: That's the best way.

A: Yeah.

Q: How long were you on the set...I know it's hard to remember was 20 years ago?

A: Surely I mean I don't remember a lot about it because it was a film that wasn't really that successful. So I haven't had a lot of questions because it doesn't have that big a following. It was great working with Roy Scheider, he was super. All I remember about the film is running a lot. Like every scene I had to run. I had a lot of leg cramps.

Q: Did you get to go in the helicopter?

A: No. I didn't really want to go in the helicopter. I'm a chicken!

Q: Malcolm said he hated doing it and had to redo the scenes because his mouth was open in fear every time.

A: Yeah, it's frightening. You know, riding in stunt helicopters is not my idea of fun.

Q: Were you a fan of Malcolm's?

A: Yeah, I loved him in A Clockwork Orange, he was super. I think that was some of his finest work.

Q: He's done a bunch of cool movies lately - Assassin of the Tsar, Gangster No. 1, Stroke of Genius...

A: Didn't see any of them.

Q: Any funny stories from the set?

A: Nope, not one. I'm sorry, I told you in advance this was going to be a hopeless interview. It's a film I don't think about that much, to tell you to truth. I'm just being honest.

Q: Did you and John Badham get along?

A: (Laughs) Yes! We got along fine. He gave me a cat at the end of the shoot, an Abyssinian.

Q: Anything else you can think of?

A: No, that's it.

Q: Do you even have a picture from the film to sign?

A: I have one...it's kinda buried. The film did quite well at the time making over $40 million, but today it's basically forgotten.

Afterwards she felt so bad that she didn't have much I could use that she started asking about me, the site and my career. We talked longer about that than the interview. I have to say she was very nice and it was cool that she took the time to talk and ask questions that showed she was really interested in what I did. 

5/23/83 Toronto Sun Sunday Showcase with Malcolm
9/83 Starlog with Malcolm



A rare chance to see Blue Thunder in the theater at the American Cinematheque at the Aero Theatre Santa Monica, CA Sunday, 9/14/08



Exclusive - Candy Clark during my interview 11/1/03
Exclusive - Blue Thunder Helicopter

The prop from the movie, without propeller, rests on the Universal Studios Backlot tour at MGM Florida. I had no idea it would be there and the tram just drives by without stopping. Pictures taken May 2000.


"Hate flying. Hated the whole damned thing. But I must say I loved working with John Alonzo and (director) John Badham. Alonzo did the cinematography on 'Generations,' too, and it was wonderful to work with him again. He's one of the best. His work transforms films into something else." - Malcolm in Starlog 4/95

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