The Compleat Beatles (1982)

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Classic Lines

"The weary faces on the next cover for 'Beatles for Sale' showed that Beatlemania was taking its toll."


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Malcolm's first job as a narrator. He does not appear on camera.


"To have been around that music scene and just going into the Cavern, you know? I'll never forget it. Seeing those four rough young men bashing out this absolutely extraordinary sound, it was punkness without the makeup - raw energy and raw talent. John Lennon was an amazing character." - The Face 3/87

Q. Didn't you narrate the documentary, The Compleat Beatles?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. Was there any reason? I didn't realize the Liverpool background.

A. Paul McCartney asked me to do it.

Q. Did he really?

A. He didn't ask me personally but I was on a Concord flight with him and Linda and it was soon after that I got a call saying would I do it. I said I would like to see it before I did it and I saw it and it was a brilliant film. Of course the Beatles are very much a part of my history, because one went in tandem with Beatles because they opened it up for the people of Northern England and they made it easier for me to be an actor, really. For sure. I have always been very fond of them. I veer more towards John Lennon probably than Paul McCartney. That's probably just the way I think. Although one could admire Paul McCartney, I think the real heart of the group was John Lennon. But, of course, without either of them, they would never have been anything - because they were so competitive and I think that Paul McCartney was so brilliant for John because he would come up with all these great tunes and then John would have to try and top him, and he was so lazy of course. Because if it hadn't been for McCartney, I don't think Lennon would ever have written anything, hardly. You know, it's true.

Q. Of course, you have to throw George Martin in there somewhere too.

A. Well, George Martin just mixed a good sound and just produced it. What has George Martin done since? The real true greatness is really those two - although the four of them actually. The way they came together was a whole era really. It was more than just four provincial lads. The stuff that they wrote really in retrospect is staggering. We are talking in terms of the greatest composers of this century - up there with them - the Gershwins and all that. They can hold their own with any of them. But I do believe it was all to do with upping one on each other and competition between them.

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