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Character Actor
Dexter Miles Malcolm McDowell
Chief Vance Corgan Jeremy Ratchford
Agent Crawley Garwin Sanford
Sally Brenda James
Deputy Everett Paul Jarrett
Jewels Erin Wright
Levi Gansby Philip Granger
Buffalo Sedwick C. Ernst Harth
Cecil Waters John Destry
Dr. Kirby Halstrom David Abbott
Paddy Arnie Walters
Farley Ralph Alderman
Agent Rayner Vince Murdocco
Jim Gary Hetherington
Father Jed Stiffler Mike Kopsa
Josh/New Kid Barber David Kopp
Todd Chris Wilding
Reporter Nicola Crosby
Lucy Waters Jennifer Martinez

Directed by  Michael Bafaro
Written by Michael Bafaro + Warren Low

Classic Lines

"In or out Everett?"
"There is nothing better than the natural color of a woman's hair. Any man will attest to that."
"I've got a nice big sink to do you in."
"Like it or not, the psychopath has become the most fascinating folk figure of our time. They are by no means confined to the places where we expect to find them. They are masterminding leverage buyouts on Wall Street, making films in Hollywood, running congress, even preaching in our churches. If you think you know a psychopath...you are probably right. Maybe even sitting next to one right now." - Final scene narration


Filmed from April 17th to May 6th, 2001.


4/01 The Revelstoke Times Review w/Malcolm
11/24/02 My exclusive with Warren Low the screenwriter



Dexter going psychotic for a minute

Dexter talking in the diner

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Behind the Scenes - lighting a house at night


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Press Release

Prophecy Announces Filming of "The Barber" starring Malcolm McDowell
Off-beat thriller becomes fifth feature film produced by company
    Vancouver, BC 4/17/01 – Prophecy Entertainment Inc. (CDNX: PEI), the producer and distributor of independent motion picture entertainment, announced today that it has begun production of its fifth motion picture, The Barber, starring Malcolm McDowell. Filming will take place in Revelstoke, B.C. from April 17th to May 6th.
    “This story is off-beat, satirical and quirky,” stated Evan Tylor, Prophecy’s President of Production. “We’ve assembled a great cast and crew for this film. Malcolm McDowell is going to do an amazing job playing the twisted title character.”
    The Barber is an off-beat thriller set in Revelstoke, Alaska in the dead of winter. The story is seen through the eyes of a serial killer, who also happens to be the town barber. The film stars Malcolm McDowell (Dorian, Just Visiting, A Clockwork Orange) as Dexter, Gemini award nominated Jeremy Ratchford (Unforgiven, The Crew, Fly Away Home) as Corgan, Gemini award nominated Garwin Sanford (Unforgettable, Firestorm, The David Milgaard Story) as Crawley, and Brenda James (The Man in the Iron Mask, See Spot Run, Patriot Games) as Sally. The film is being directed by Michael Bafaro (Sleeping Dogs, For a Few Lousy Dollars).
    “The Barber is keeping in line with our philosophy of making films that have strong, entertaining stories at their core,” stated Petros Tsaparas, President and CEO. “I think this film has international appeal and will find a place with audiences looking for an absorbing story from an intriguing perspective.” Prophecy is continuing its relationship with Comerica Bank of California, which is financing the majority of the film’s production costs through a $2.1 million (Cdn.) credit facility.

Production Information

Barber Productions Inc.
Exec. Prod: Petros Tsaparas
Prod: Evan Tylor
Director: Michael Bafaro
DOP: Adam Sliwinski
LP/PM: Chris Rudolph
PC: Nancy Welsh
UM/LM: Mel Weisbaum
ALM: Chris Thoma
PD: James Robbins
Casting: Ann Forry
Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Jeremy Ratchford
Sched: Apr. 17 - May 6/2001
204 First St. W, 2nd Floor
Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0
(250) 837-7415  fax: (250) 837-7460


"I'd like to commend you on your site. I've visited many times and thought I should extend my regards for your work. I am a screenwriter, and such, appreciate your fine focus on details." - Warren Low, screenwriter for the film

"Best experience I've had in twenty years!" Malcolm on shooting the film.

"On behalf of the cast & crew of the feature film 'The Barber' I would like to thank you for all your work & support. Revelstoke was the perfect place for us to make this movie. The supportive merchants and residents made a significant contribution. I have never had such a good experience. Other crewmembers have said exactly the same thing..." Chris Rudolph - Line Producer / Production Manager on filming in Revelstoke.

Summary - Official

In the small town of Revelstoke, Alaska, local barber Dexter is surprised to learn that the body of Lucy Waters has been discovered. Having killed this woman, days ago, he hoped her body would not be found until the spring. Through the eyes of a serial killer, we discover the chilling layer of a weary town whose only concern is another long, dark winter.

My Summary

    A mountain lion is searching for food during the day on an Alaskan mountain before winter. Two drunk hunters are wandering along looking for something to hunt and they argue and bicker about things the whole time. Big fat Buffalo thinks they shouldn't have gone the way they did and his short wiry friend Levi stops to pee. When he does Buffalo spots the lion and goes to take a picture of it. Before he can Levi shoots it. He thinks it is a nice kill, but when he gets close enough he realizes it isn't big enough for a legal kill. Buffalo complains how screwed up Levi and his family is as Levi cuts his arm for another kill. Buffalo says something about a dog incident that sets Levi off. When Levi finds out Buffalo drank all the booze and it is a half mile back they start to fight. Levi pushes Buffalo down and he lands near the dead body of a girl. He runs off screaming and Buffalo turns around and sees the body too. 
    The narrator is Dexter, the town barber, who explains the setting is Revelstoke Alaska, population 253 and is at the end of the world. Some say it is a prison sentence and it isn't even on many maps, but he enjoys his privacy. He is in his barber shop when the chief walks in for a haircut. He tells him he checked everywhere and there is no sign of Lucy as she has been missing for six days. He thinks Lucy ran away with Buddy Hawkins to Arizona. Dex tells how a moose killed Gus, the previous chief and this is the only way Vance could've made it to chief since he isn't too bright. He likes Vance though because he tells a good story. In the middle of the haircut Deputy Everett pulls up with sirens blaring. The deputy takes the chief outside and tells him about Lucy. Dexter admits he never thought they would find the body so soon. He figured they wouldn't find her until after the Spring thaw and by then it would be too late for them to ever figure out the crime.
    When the police arrive to cordon off the crime scene it is dark. The chief and his deputy are somewhat hicky and you can tell right away they don't really know what to do at a murder scene. The town doctor tells him Lucy has been asphyxiated and badly beaten and has to tell them to get pictures of the crime scene. The chief tells Everett to get pictures and loose his cigarette. When the chief questions the hunters Levi busts them that they probably drove all over the tire tracks that would've led to the body. Levi and Buffalo give their story and the chief doesn't really believe them, but they stick to it. He knows they didn't do it so he doesn't pursue too hard.
    Dex is now at home watching the story unfold on the news. He tells how the news is always filled with crimes and psychopaths. He wonders how many people around the world are glued to their sets waiting to hear about the next crime.
    Since it is a small town everyone is talking about the murder. At breakfast the next day Dexter and some of the guys are eating in the diner. The guys think it was just a vicious murder. Dex explains the killer had to really be into his work since he used his bare hands to murder her - he got off on it. Cecil, Lucy's husband, then comes in and fires his shotgun sending everyone ducking. Dexter is the only one to get up and confront him. He tells him to put the gun down. Cecil wants to find Hawkins. He thinks someone must know something and wants answers. Dex tells him that bringing in a gun isn't the way to deal with this and he isn't going to shoot anyone and then Cecil shoots the floor near Dex. This really pisses Dex off because the buck shot ruined his new Dayton boots. He asks him does he know how many haircuts he had to give to afford the boots? Cecil is shaken and Dex is able to to get the gun away from him. Cecil just wanted to know why this happened. Sally the waitress is impressed with Dex's bravery even though he is on anti-depressants. He confides that he stopped taking them months ago. She says to call the chief, but Dex says that isn't necessary since he has problems of his own. She calls Dex the only guy with balls in the place and that he is a hero. He said he wasn't trying to be a hero. He just did it because he felt like it.
    When he leaves the diner he sees a stranger pull up and enter the police station. The man goes in and catches the eye of the young female police receptionist - Jewels. His doesn't flirt back, instead telling her he is Agent Crawley from the FBI. She calls the chief and tells him and the chief tells her to send him in. Vance wonders why he is there and he tells him he is there to take over the Lucy Waters case. Vance tells him he will not. Crawley tells him he got a call last night that he was incompetent. Vance says he hasn't even been on the case 24 hours so it would be hard for him to have fucked it up already. He thinks it is an open and shut case and that the FBI is just there to steal his thunder. Crawley wants to know where the proof is. Vance tells him that Hawkins disappeared the same time Lucy disappeared and he has tips coming in and it is just a matter of time before they catch him. Crawley opens his briefcase, removes as folder and throws it on his desk and when Vance opens it he turns white. Crawley tells him he can admit that he is out of practice on a case like this and needs his help.
    Meanwhile Dex is giving Farley a haircut and he is talking to Paddy and Jim in the waiting area. Dex tells him to stop moving around and he doesn't listen and Dex accidentally cuts him pretty good near his ear. Everett walks in and Dex tells him he is early. He says that is the point, he was coming in to tell him he wouldn't be able to make his appointment because something came up. Dex says it wouldn't have anything to do with the new guy in town. He says sort of and that it seems like Hawkins is dead. He was there so long that he decayed and stunk the place up so bad they weren't positive it was him and the body was up at the North Pole. Jim says to Dex wasn't he up there at that time. Dex admits he was and that if he knew, maybe he could've stopped him. Jim says it wasn't his fault. He told Buddy that Lucy was way to young for an old man like him and was just interested in his money. Everett leaves and tells Jim he should have the doctor look at his cut.
    At the autopsy the doctor reveals that there was a sexual assault and that she was strangled during sex. Crawley wants to know if there is any signs of sperm, but there isn't. Vance comes in and has trouble stomaching the sight and the smell. He tells Everett that Cecil is locked up, but wouldn't confess to the crime. Crawley doesn't expect him to. Vance says that he knows Cecil and that a monster would do that, not Cecil. Crawley tells him he is married and he doesn't know what he would do if he found out his wife was fucking his best friend. He explains they have to learn to think like the killer if they are going to catch him.
    Dex is at Sally's place helping her decorate her Christmas tree.  He compliments her hair and is upset when she says she will color it.  She says change is good form time to time. He says not to listen to women's magazines. She is finished and wants him to look, but he is lost in darks thoughts and gives her a menacing look before he snaps out of. She never really found him attractive before and he says not to let the secret out. They have a drink and she was glad he stopped by when he did as there is nothing more lonely than putting up a tree by yourself. He is surprised that she could be lonely. She tells him there are no men in town, just boys. He tells her that a woman needs to be respected and she starts to fall for him for understanding her.
    Back at the autopsy Crawley wants to call it a night. The doctor insists he continue. Crawley goes out for a cigarette and meets up with Vance. He tells him he has been doing this for a long time and Cecil might not be the killer. Vance doesn't understand why he had him lock up Cecil then. The doctor then calls him back in because he found a partial print on Lucy's neck. He is able to compare it to Cecil's prints and determine he is innocent.
    Back at Sally's place she is still sitting and schmoozing with Dex. She asks if there is anyone in his life, he says there were a few. She confronts him that he is trying to get her drunk and he admits she caught him.
    Vance gets up and goes to work the next day. Jewels is in the station reading Everett his horoscope when he walks in. Vance asks if he faxed the info out like he wanted him to. Everett tells him the fax is broken. He gets upset at his incompetence and tells him to get Lars down there and fix it. He says he was there already, but needs a part. Vance asks if Crawley is in and Jewels tells him if he means the hot guy then he is waiting in his office.
    Crawley is sitting there looking at some photos. He tells Vance he should've told him.He shows him the pictures. They are of Vance and Lucy in a hotel room. At one point they were lovers, but Vance doesn't want to be a suspect and feels that has any relevance to the case.
    Paddy and Jim are at the diner talking that Cecil will get the chair if he is guilty. Dex walks in and asks if what they are betting on. Paddy says whether or not Cecil is guilty. Dex walks down and sits next to Vance. Paddy tells him good luck on getting served since Sally didn't show up and they are backed up in the kitchen. Dex comments that Vance doesn't look too good and maybe he should swing by to get his haircut finished . Vance tells him he isn't doing too good and when Dex presses Vance calls him and old man and to leave him alone - he can't talk about it. Just then Everett gets a frantic call on the radio about Sally. He gets up to leave and the guys are all staring. Dexter yells at them, "What the fuck are you looking at?" This seems to soften Vance up a little and he apologizes to Dex and he tells him to swing by later so he can finish his hair.
    At Sally's place Everett tells him a neighbor called in the body. Vance asks him if he got pictures yet and he says no. Vance asks him what is he waiting for - the snow to melt? Inside the doctor finds out that she was killed the same way, it looks like they have a serial killer on their hands. Two locals walk in and Vance yells at Everett to get them out of there. The police walk around the place and quickly find out the killer cleaned it all so well that he even washed the dishes. They sit down on the couch and are depressed since it is only three days before Christmas. Crawley tells him all they need is a clue. Vance comments how nice the tree is and that there is something missing. It is the angel. A search turns it up and they score a fingerprint on it - the only one in the house. It is good enough to run and if he has a history they got him.
    Dex is sitting at home watching TV when there is a knock on the door. When he gets up we see it is just static. He opens to door and it is Jewels. It is the only time she had for him to color her hair which he is glad to do. She thinks she interrupted him, but he tells her he was just watching a bad TV show. She comments it was probably an intellectual show since  he is so smart. He calls her into the kitchen to get started. He really gets off on it, holding her over the sink. It looks like he is hurting her, but he isn't.
    Vance goes back to the jail to let Cecil out, but since Jewels isn't there he can't get in right away. When he does get in to he talks to Cecil in the cell and tells him he couldn't let him out right away because he might shoot something else. He just wants the chief to catch the bastard.
    Dex is finished and Jewels hair is now ruby red and he tells her Agent Crawley will love it. She gets a page from Vance and has to go running back to the station. She tells him she will pay him later.
    Meanwhile all the guys in town are having a meeting at the Detox hall. They are all pissed off at Vance for not catching the murderer. They think it is a conflict of interest because Vance was involved with Lucy. They decide to go and tell Crawley what they know about him.
    At the autopsy Crawling asks the doctor about Vance, but he doesn't volunteer any info. He tells him he has to ask because fellow FBI men are on their way up. Crawley then goes out to sit in his car to have a smoke. He isn't there long when Jewels comes up and knocks on his window. He lets her in and she tries some small talk about the weather. He thought the weather was a taboo topic and she says how else can they talk about things without starting somewhere. She asks him out for a drink. He says he doesn't drink, but goes to the the local bar anyway - The Liquor Pig.
    They are at a table drinking when the guys show up. He is starting to get drunk because he can't deal with the eternal darkness when Levi spills the beans. Lucy owned a fleet of cabs and would have sex with a guy in the back for $50. It turns out that everyone in town has had sex with her. He asks if Cecil knew about this, but he didn't. Vance had a thing for her and one day Lucy stabbed Cecil in the leg and Vance wanted to throw the book at him. She stopped him by saying she would tell about their affair. Vance threatened to run her out of town, but covered the domestic violence up. Now Crawley starts to get the point. Just then Cecil shows up to buy everyone a drink because Crawley got him out of jail. Crawley asks him how they can deal with the darkness.
    The next morning Crawley wakes up hung over only to find out he has slept with Jewels. He can't believe it happened, but can't remember either way. He is feeling like crap because of his head and because his body and his mind keep fighting over the darkness and he doesn't know when it is day or night anymore. Jewels wants to know if he is mad at her, but he doesn't say. He just wants her to get him an aspirin because his FBI partners are probably are already here.
    Dex is finally giving the chief the rest of his haircut so he'll be ready for Lucy's funeral. Vance asks if Dex is going, but he tells him since Hobson is gone he has to stay and man the shop. Vance pulls out a present for Dex for blowing up at him. Dex is surprised and opens up the box to find two crystal beer mugs. Dex is put off a bit because he hasn't gotten him anything for xmas yet. He then decides to give one mug back to the chief. Vance says he now has to invite him over for a beer. Just then Cecil walks in. He too is all apologetic about what he did in the diner. Dex can't believe how wimpy these guys are with their apologies. Cecil says he wants to look good for the funeral and wants a trim. Dex gets another dig in by mentioning that the chief called him an old man yesterday. Vance is surprised because he thought that it was behind them now. Dex admits to us he doesn't forgive or forget and puts some of the chiefs' hair into a can.
    Crawley drives to the station and when he goes in realizes that Jewels is still waiting for him to open the door for her, so he goes back to get her. Dex sees this and eggs Cecil on by saying it looks like Crawley was sampling the locals. This upsets Cecil since he knows Crawley is married and what it is like to be cheated on. His says he must be a fool to think only he and Hawkins had slept with Lucy. Dex says yeah, that's what he heard. Cecil asks what. Dex says he means the chief and her right? Cecil blows up and charges out to the station standing outside and screaming for Vance's blood. Since only Crawley is there this only reaffirms what the locals told him.
    Now all the guys have showed up at the station and are waiting for Vance to arrive. Crawley and others are just hanging around, drinking coffee and smoking. When Vance arrives he tries to arrest them for smoking. Crawley tells him not to bother because of his previous involvement with Lucy he has to step down from the case and will no longer be sheriff until the case is closed. Levi shoots his mouth off that it is for the best and Crawley tells him to shut the fuck up.  He does, but only for a minute. Crawley tells him to give his keys and badge to Everett. Vance is visibly upset, but Crawley tells him he is within his jurisdiction and Vance knows he has no choice.
    Vance goes to the diner and asks the waitress for a coffee. She turns to a local and he shakes his head no and she goes away without getting it. He gets up and says "if every man in town lost his job for having sex with Lucy Waters, they'd all be unemployed."
    Meanwhile Lucy's funeral is going on and Vance heads over, only standing in the back. When the priest says to take a moment to remember how Lucy touched their lives in her own special way. All the men have smiles on their faces. He then calls Cecil up to speak.
    The new FBI guys have arrived and are having a briefing. They show Everett the pictures from a bunch of previous murders that stopped in 1989 with similar MOs. They believe the Revelstoke killer is the same man - the infamous Green River killer.
    Dex locks up his shop and is scared by Jewels who sneaks up on him. He is pissed because he just broke off the key in the lock when she scared him.
    Vance is at the Liquor Pig and Everett comes to join him. He is nervous to sit with him, but Vance says he won't lose his job over it. He sits down and wishes him a Merry Christmas.
    Jewels was just coming by to pay Dex. He tries to pull the key out, but gives up saying it is his problem know. She wonders who. He says he sold the shop to a young single guy from Idaho. They will be closed tomorrow for Christmas and on the 26th the shop will have a new owner and he will have left town. She says she will miss him. He tells her the least she can do is get a drink with him and she agrees.
    Vance wants Everett to do him a favor. Everett says sure since he is the real chief. He wants the keys so he can get into the station because he needs a file. Everett wants nothing to do with it because the FBI trusts him and he doesn't want trouble. Vance gets real pissed at him and Everett relents and gives him the keys. Vance says he'll drop them off later. He heads out and doesn't even bother to stop a fight near the door.
    Vance is sneaking around the station grabbing the files when a fax comes through with the killer's prints. He grabs it not realizing the FBI guys were waiting for it. Soon Agent Crawley and Rayner show up for it and Vance is forced to hide behind his office door. They can't understand why the file hasn't shown up and go to Vance's office fax to look for it, but don't find him behind the door.
    Vance goes home and pours over the case file about the Green River killer including a clipping about how the lead investigator was pulled off the case. Eventually he falls asleep. When he wakes up it is the next afternoon. He goes to get a beer and looks for something to pour it in. He opens the package from Dex with the mug he gave and when he goes to pour he notices a large fingerprint on it. It has the distinctive missing spot from the Green River killer. Before he can do anything there is a mad knock on the door from Everett. He has come by for the keys because Jewels was murdered last night. Vance tells him he knows who did it, but Everett doesn't pay any attention.
    The FBI finds a hair sample on Jewels and run it through the computer and find out it belongs to Vance. They head out looking for him at his house and the bar, but do not find him. Rayner gets a call that tells them that Vance was the lead detective on the Green River case until he had a breakdown. Now it all adds up, he was the lead on the murders he was committing. Crawley decides since it is happy hour at the Liquor Pig Vance must be there. He isn't so they decide to wait for him. Everett comes in too because he couldn't find him either.
    Soon after, Vance walks in and announces he is the only one who could figure it out. They took his job away from him and he then he was able to solve the case. He tells everyone to fuck themselves and that he should've ran the agents out of town when they got there. Crawley tells him to stop moving and to relax because they are just doing their job. He tells them off again and then hears Dex say "Whatta I owe ya, Newt?" Vance tells them that they are sitting in the same room as the killer and don't even know it. He goes over to Dex and tells him he is a sick fuck and a twisted little man. He says, "Let me tell you about the man who killed our little Lucy." Then there is a gunshot. Vance is shot in the chest by Cecil. He doesn't want to hear about what Vance bragging about what he did and they all know he did it. Vance falls down dead. Everett tells them not to go near him and gives Crawley Vance's badge.
    Vance is on the autopsy table and the doctor takes his prints. He just wants to make it official by matching up the prints. He is shocked to find out the prints don't match and in fact match Dexter's prints. He frantically calls the station, but the FBI is packing up and leaving town.
    Dex is in the barbershop getting a haircut from Josh, the new owner, before he leaves town. Josh asks him what is next for him. He tells him the eternal dark is no place for an old man and he wants to head someplace warm. He gets in his truck and drives out.
    Dex passes the doctor who is walking to the station with his files. Dex pulls over and asks him where he is headed. He tells him the police station. Dex says he is heading that way and offers him a ride, but the doctor tries to refuse. Dex eyes the files he is carrying and knows what the are.  He insists on giving him a ride and the doctor hopes that Dex doesn't know what he knows.
    We then see Dex pulled over on the side of the road looking at his engine. Crawley pulls up and asks him what the trouble is. He tells him the engine block is cracked. Crawley then offers him a ride. Dex accepts and grabs his things and gets in. Crawley asks where he is headed. He tells him  Phoenix maybe and Crawley agrees what a good choice that is. He can take in nine holes before brunch there. Dex says the women aren't too bad there either. Dex wants to thank Crawley for helping to clear up the case with Vance because you can never tell who the good guys are. Crawley tells him that is the truth and whistles as he drives off. We then see that the doctor is on the front seat of Dex's truck - stabbed through the heart with his barber's shears. Crawley laughs and turns to Dex when they pass the sign which reads, "You are Leaving Revelstoke Alaska USA". The End

My Review

   Wow! This is one great movie. I was impressed at how much fun this simple little film could be. Low budget, small amount of set changes and no special effects. I love it. A near perfect film and another great leading role in the 2000s after Gangster.
    I first heard about the film when I got the press release and people in Canada started emailing me about it in April 2001. One guy on the set said this is the one to watch and Malcolm said to me how much fun it was. I have been looking forward to it ever since and was not disappointed. I think the plot was perfectly done because it wasn't about figuring out who the killer was, it was getting inside his mind and seeing how normal he was. The great thing is that he narrated the film. I think that is the secret. If Malcolm narrates his film it is going to be great. He did it for ACO, Assassin of the Tsar + Gangster...need I say more?
    It might be billed as a horror film, but it is not. It has more of a Twin Peaks kind of feel. Both start out with a murder of a girl who you don't know anything about and only learn a little at time as the film goes on. Plus both have a male out of town agent who the women like to come in to solve the case. Both take place on an isolated area of the west coast in the US. What makes The Barber fun is that the focus isn't on the horror, the killing or sex. It is on the characters and the psychological aspect of the story and their personalities. There are four murders, but no blood and guts, no killing blows or struggle are shown. We only find out about the killings after the fact. They also show dark very well. It is like another character - the never ending darkness during the winter months of Alaska. In fact, besides the opening scene, the whole film was set at night. You can imagine how it would get to you - waking up and it is dark, dark at noon, dark at night....endless night. They call it S.A.D. - seasonal affective disorder. I don't think the whole film was shot at night though, it looks like some of the dark was digitally added.
    Malcolm does the classic Anthony Perkins Psycho role. Seems nice enough, but slips in and out of insanity and he knows it. This means he is smart enough to stay ahead of the law. This also means there was no crappy ending where he gets killed, though the murder of the doctor at the end would easily be traced back to him...unless they just chalked it up to Vance and let it go. He has a couple of great lines and really plays it straight - no over the top crazy antics. He talks to us just like a regular guy, which is the point,  you never really know when a psychopath could be right next to you. There is never any explanation or back story as to why he committed the crimes. The only hint is when he is telling the guys the personal involvement of strangling someone as opposed to just shooting them.
    The other actors also did well especially Jeremy and Garwin. You could feel the tension when they weren't getting along which added to the excitement. The girls were OK, but were mainly just there to wind up dead. Jewels is somewhat annoying as the dippy young woman. There is no reason given why she wants her hair done strawberry, to appeal to Crawley? Then the next scene she has it completely washed out!? And when she shows up at Dex's she complains how cold it is and takes off her coat - only wearing a small belly shirt underneath!? The soundtrack was by Peter Allen and it was pretty cool, but sounded way too much like Danny Elfman - he needs to get his own style going. The last point is I don't understand why they filmed it in Revelstoke Canada, but called it Revelstoke Alaska in the film.
    I can't recommend enough getting a hold of this film as fast as you can. In the credits it mentions Dolby sound in select theaters, so it looks like it was planned for a theatrical release, but they changed their minds and put it straight to video. This is a good way to save money, but disappointing for those of us who would love to see it in the theater. 
    Mistakes in a great film won't bother me unless they are obvious. There are shots you can tell that were not filmed together. Malcolm leaves the barbershop and it is snowing. He looks across the street when Agent Crawley pulls up and the angle changes. Now it isn't snowing. Cut back - snow, cut back - no snow. Also with all these shots of it snowing there is never any snow buildup in the town streets. The plot point of having Dexter's fingerprint missing a piece was slightly hokey, but at least it was different. In the end it didn't matter so it didn't bother me. Also the Danny Elfman wannabe soundtrack is out of place sometimes. That is why I subtracted a half point from my rating.

Rating 9.5/10

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