The Baker Street Irregulars (200?)

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Character Actor
Sherlock Holmes Malcolm McDowell
Professor Moriarty Christopher Lee



The project is in limbo until Christopher Lee and Malcolm are free at the same time.


The Sun-Times Newspaper reports that Malcolm McDowell has signed on to portray Sherlock Holmes in a big-budget movie. Here is the article from the paper: "...Sherlock Holmes is returning to the big screen. Malcolm McDowell, who recently filmed Robert Altman's "The Company" ballet flick here in Chicago, will portray the legendary British gumshoe in "The Baker Street Irregulars," with Christopher Lee playing Professor Moriarty, Holmes' enemy. The film will focus on the secret band of street urchins who dug up so many tidbits of information for Holmes' investigations. Filming will begin in Romania later this spring."

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