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His current agency as of 2008-10:
Malcolm McDowell
CR Management
23852 Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 627
Malibu, CA 90265

In the UK
Markham & Froggatt Ltd
4 Windmill St
London W1T 2HZ UK


Malcolm McDowell

This autograph was obtained in person by me and is a close up of this page - you can use this to authenticate one you might want to purchase. Beware that on eBay most of the ones there are fake!

ACO DVD signed 3/02 for charity
My Malcolm Autograph Close-up from NY 11/5/01
Dax's Soran card signed from the set of The Barber 4/01
ACO DVD from the LA Tribute 6/21/01

ACO 8x10 from the LA Tribute 6/22/01

8 x 10 Caligula from 1998

Anthony Burgess

My Anthony Burgess/Malcolm signed book from 5/27/02
Burgess is from the signed 1st edition of Kingdom of the Wicked. Malcolm in person by me.

Stanley Kubrick

Authentic letter written and signed by Kubrick
I received confirmation on its' authenticity from his daughter Katharina

Philip Stone

Alex's father
My personal index card

Margaret Tyzack

Conspirator Rubinstein
My personal 'Best Wishes' photo

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