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Character Actor
King Arthur Malcolm McDowell
Morgan Le Fay Candice Bergen
Merlin Edward Woodward 
Katherine Dyan Cannon
Mordred Joseph Blatchley
Lancelot Rupert Everett
Guinevere Rosalyn Landor
Grak Liam Neeson
Gawain Patrick Ryecart
Agravain Philip Sayer
Lady Ragnell Ann Thornton
Niniane Lucy Gutteridge
King Pellinore Denis Lill
Sir Kai John Quarmby
Archbishop Michael Gough
Gorgo Milance Avramovic
Enchanted Queen Teri Tordai
Princess Mary Stavin
Princess Carole Ashby
Princess Alison Worth
Guide Peter Blythe
Woman Passenger Pat Starr
1st Court Lady Marie Elise
2nd Court Lady Maryam d'Abo
3rd Court lady Tina Robinson
Barge Lady Pia Constance-Churcher
Barge Lady Linda Fontana
Barge Lady Christine Hunt
Barge Lady Cia Ford 
Undead Knight Miro Pfeiffer
Boatman Vlado Spindler
Niniane's Father Mise Martinovic
Ragnar Tom Vukusic

Written by David Wyles
Directed by Clive Donner

Foreign Titles

 Germany - Merlin und das Schwert


I met Maryam D'Abo on 10/27/00 in NJ and asked her about Malcolm and Arthur.
Recent picture of Maryam

Q: What can you tell me about working with Malcolm in Arthur the King?

A: Malcolm is amazing, he's a friend of mine. Arthur! Oh, my god...let me think. It was my first  film and all I remember is the rain. It rained for like five weeks. It was filmed in Yugoslavia  before it was bombed. During the war later it was completely bombed. It had Liam Neeson in it before he got famous. He was so huge! I really don't remember much because it was so long ago. There were so many stars in it before they got big. I love Malcolm. When I see him I'll tell him I met the web man! (She is dating Hugh Hudson the director of My life so Far.)



"Kingly sexuality is at the center of the whole characterization. Guinevere is caught between Arthur and Lancelot - and since Arthur is a much older man, he must have a certain sexual charm to make that work. I want women to look at Arthur and say, 'I want him,' and I want men to say, 'Good for you, Arthur, you can have her'." - Malcolm in TV Guide 4/16/83

 "It was a co-production between CBS and Yadran Films of Yugoslavia - What a merry crowd they were! I shouldn't think I'll be going back to Yugoslavia for a holiday for a while - the greasy food really got to me. But it is very beautiful over there." - Malcolm in Toronto Sun 1983

Summary - Official

Travel back in time to the magical days of Camelot with a star studded cast including Malcolm McDowell ("Time After Time"), Candice Bergen ("Murphy Brown"), Edward Woodward ("The Equalizer"), Dyan Cannon ("Heaven Can Wait"). When a 20th-century tourist visits the magical ruins of Stonehenge, she is hurled back in time to the majestic days of King Arthur and his legendary Knights of the Round Table. With the masterful Merlin and his ravishing mistress Niniane as her guides, Katherine relives the enchantment and pageantry of King Arthur's Court. Turmoil and chaos soon invade the royal walls of Camelot when King Arthur discovers that his treasured queen, Lady Guinevere, has been kidnapped by the evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay. The desperate search for the beautiful Lady Guinevere begins as Arthur and his valiant knights battle such treacherous adversaries as grisly barbarians, undead knights and supernatural dragons. However, the greatest danger of all lies ahead, as lustful passion erupts into a forbidden love powerful enough to destroy a kingdom.

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