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Character Actor
Gryphon Malcolm McDowell
Narrator Harry Shearer
Alice Vinessa Shaw
White Rabbit John Rubinstein
Mouse Yeardly Smith
Lory Roslyn Gentle
Duck Michael Silverblatt
Dodo/Knave of Hearts Dan Castellaneta
Eaglet Merrilyn Crouch
Old Crab Sarah Spitz
Young Crab Michelle Greene
Magpie/Pat/Juryman 2 Tom Kemp
Canary Randi Pareira
Bill the Lizard/Juryman 1 Jill Holden
Caterpillar Robert Wisdom
Pigeon Alley Mills
Fish Footman/Red Card 7/ Soldier Ken Danziger
Frog Footman/Red Card 5 Ian Abercrombie
Duchess Judy Geeson
Cook Anne Lambton
Pig/Baby/Soldier/Juryman 3 George Schmiedeshoff
Cheshire Cat Elliott Gould
March Hare Joe Spano
Mad Hatter Hector Elizondo
Dormouse Rhea Perlman
Red Card 2/Soldier Richard Marshall
Red Queen Julia Migenes
Red King Michael York
Mock Turtle Orson Bean
Voice Warren Olney
Guinea Pig 1 Roslyn Gentle
Guinea Pig 2 Alix Elias
Alice's Sister Marguerite McIntyre

Directed by Louis Fantasia
Written by Lewis Carroll


Alice Speaks! KCRW/Santa Monica presents an original 2-hour full-cast dramatization of Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland. Created to appeal to adults as well as children and produced with original music, this highly-produced Alice is a modern, sophisticated fantasy narrated by Harry Shearer. The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts and all the strange and wonderful characters in Lewis Carroll's magical tale spring to life in our radio adaptation. Beautifully packaged on 2 CDs with artwork by DeLoss McGraw, Winner of the Gold Medal for Original Art by the New York Society of Illustrators for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland published by HarperCollins. Listeners can order their own copies of Alice by calling 1-888-600-KCRW.

Summary - Official

Conceived by a shy British don on a golden afternoon to entertain ten-year-old Alice Liddell and her sisters, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass have delighted generations of readers in more than eighty languages. “The clue to the enduring fascination and greatness of the Alice books,” writes A. S. Byatt in her Introduction, “lies in language. . . . It is play, and word-play, and its endless intriguing puzzles continue to reveal themselves long after we have ceased to be children.”

Together Again

1996 - Malcolm and Rhea Perlman were in the TV series Pearl.

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