Above - In ACO's final scene / Straight on Till Morning
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    Katya was born in Germany on New Years' day 1948 as Kathja Wyeth. She moved to England, changed her last name to Katya around 1970 to Anglicize it and picked up a British accent. If British TV needed a sexy woman for a quick scene during the late 60s and early 70s she was the girl. If Hammer needed a sexy nude scene then Katya was really the girl. She had no problem appearing nude and was so comfortable with her body that she did a nude pictorial in Gallery's March 1973 issue. No matter how many times you have seen ACO you certainly have seen her without never knowing who she was. It took many years, until I found the cast sheet from the ACO press kit, before I found out exactly which role she played. She was the girl Alex rolls around with in the final scene of the film. She looks like she is having fun and since she is on top, so I wouldn't say it was rape. In the deleted scene he chased her down and in the call sheets it was called rape fantasy. It was shot at the Dashwood Mausoleum, then later at a hanger and Malcolm McDowell said they had a lot of fun filming that scene. I can imagine why. She also played a sexy girl in two episodes of Monty Python episodes basically doing the same joke. She would come in, say a pun and the man would say that wasn't funny and she would cry because it was her only line. It wasn't until "Straight on Till Morning" that she got a chance at a real role instead of just bit parts like these. Through the 70s she did movies and TV roles here and there.
    After the collapse of the British film industry in the late 70s like many she was basically forced to leave acting and I was told as of 2002 she gives tours at a Scottish Whiskey plant and people have no idea she was once an actress. I don't know which plant it is though.


A Clockwork Orange
Girl at the end

Deleted scene of Alex chasing the girl

Straight on Till Morning
Caroline at the boutique

Caroline at the party closeup with headband

Caroline full shot with headband

Caroline in swinging hot pants outfit

Caroline with hat and jacket close up
Caroline sitting on Clive's couch

Newspaper with Caroline & Brenda


Title Role Year Notes
Inspector Clouseau Meg 1968   
Staircase   1969  
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) Miss Budapest 10/26/69 Episode:  Just for the Record
The Avengers Jill 4/16/69 Episode: Requiem
Monty Python's Flying Circus Wife 10/26/69 Episode: Owl Stretching Time 
Monty Python's Flying Circus Elsie 12/7/69 Episode: Full Frontal Nudity
Camay soap commercial    1970  with Mona Chong
The Goodies   10/29/70 Episode: The Stolen Musicians
The Goodies   11/22/70 Episode: Love the Police
Twins of Evil  Countess Mircalla 1971  
The Sky's the Limit Host 1971 Game Show
Hands of the Ripper  1st Pub Whore 1971  
A Clockwork Orange Girl  12/19/71 In  Last Scene - fantasy
Straight on Till Morning Caroline Edwards 7/9/72 2 ACO Actors! w/John Clive
Burke and Hare  Natalie 1972  
Dead of Night Vanessa 11/26/72 Ep: Death Cancels All Debts
Rabelais  (Play) 1972 Round House Theater, London
Play for Today Helene 1/8/73 Episode: Shakespeare or Bust
Play for Today Redhead 7/2/73 Episode: Making the Play
Omnibus: The British Hero Vamps 1973  
Got it Made Anna 1974 AKA Sweet Virgin
Special Branch Susanne Brodl 4/11/74 Episode: Date of Birth
Confessions of a Window Cleaner Carole 1974  
Barry McKenzie Holds His Own Germaine 1974  
No, Honestly Shop Assistant 10/27/74 Episode: Finding the Form
Rogue's Rock Ilse 1976 TV Series
I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight Wendy 1976  
Let's Sleep on it   1976  
The Sweeney Helga 9/20/76 Episode: Visiting Fireman
No. 1 of the Secret Service Miss Martin 1977  
Space: 1999 Guard 9/1/77 Episode: Devil's Planet

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