While there have never been any officially licensed Clockwork Orange Toys, there are a few custom made items as well as the original Durango 95 cars.

Alex 12" 2002 | Alex 12" 2005 | Baby Alex | Brick Bears | Cell Phone | Dunny | Frisbee | Living Dead Dolls | Playskool | Probe 16 | Kozik Beethoven Bust

Alex 12" Doll from 2002
Box front
Doll Front

Head Close up
Was available for the hefty price of $325 from Japan. Limited edition 275 piece run is sold out. Since it isn't an officially licensed item it was marketed as "Crime Cure Boy".

Notes: They used a 1999 version Dragon body which was obviously recycled. A 2000 model would've been better since it has poseable foot arches. The head appears scratch molded (not machine) out of a soft, vinyl-like material. The painting was exquisite and the mask was airbrushed. Even the band of the hat was even painted. It would appear to be a high quality produced custom that could only be made in Asia.

Alex 12" Doll from 2005
Loose with Box

Loose wearing mask
Once again this 1/6 scale action figure was made in Japan by CRM Toys, limited to 100 pcs and retailed for $250. Since it isn't an officially licensed item it was marketed as "Alex the Droog."

Baby Alex

Here is a fun little toy I created that is pretty easy to make. Just get a kewpie type doll, hat, black paint. fine black marker and white + black felt. Draw the eyelash and eyebrows on with the marker and cut the felt to make the clothes and glue them right on the doll. Draw clothing details with the marker. The hat is the easiest because those they sell. For the cane just paint a small round stick black with paint. These are also sold at craft shops. The cost of the whole thing is only around $3.

Brick Bears

Qee Ultraviolence sets made by Kozik 1/07 - white and orange, limited to 200 each. 
White Set Boxed
Orange Set Flyer
These are 2 1/2" hollow plastic figures from Japan made by Pantone Friends in 2004. There is also a company not coincidentally called Kubrick with an ACO style logo. Qee Bear
Ludovico Poster

ACO triangle head bear

Cell Phone
Ketachi - Friends for my Mobile Flash Pendant

Close up

Droog colored pendant that hooks into your phone and it's red eye lights up when you send or receive a call. This is a Spanish company, but the item was found in England for 2.99

White version

Orange version
This character is a couple inches high and very popular in Japan. Many artists are allowed to design whatever style they want and for Series 4 (2007) Kozik who did ACO Qees before did 2 ACO designs.

175 gram Ultra-Star  Professional Sportdisc made in Princeton, NJ.

Living Dead Dolls 2005 - Fashion Victims Series 2 - Sybil
  Loose  Boxed - front  Boxed - back

13 inches tall with deadly curves. Includes a pin-up sized fatal statistics poster. Could be the fist "official" droog doll. It's an official line that snuck a Clockwork outfit in the back so no one would know.


Hasbro has a line of Playskool figures for kids that are 2 1/2" high. Recently they made a fan popular line based on Star Wars characters. I thought it would be funny if they made some droogs. This drawing was made by artist David Keyes in 2001.

Probe 16 (Durango 95)
Corgi Toys Whizzwheels #384 1:64 Adams Bros. Probe Red - in box

From the 1970s.

Kozik Beethoven Bust

These are vinyl, 14" high and come in a large bloody ultaviolence Beethoven sheet music box that makes a great stand. They retailed for $200 in exclusive colors and were made for exclusive stores making a set not only very expensive, but nearly impossible to get. With the low runs, most sold out fast.

Scan of all 13 color busts

Color Company Run In stock Misc
Bronze (Real) Frank Kozik Subscription 20 Sold Out $5,000/Signed by Kozik/Real Bronze
Bronze Frank Kozik Subscription 50 Sold Out Vinyl Signed by Kozik
Black Lulubell Toy Bodega 50 Sold Out White eyelash
Blue (Neon) Not exclusive 50 Sold Out Any comic store could order
Gold Juxtapoz 50 Sold Out Signed by Kozik
Glow in the Dark Signed by Kozik 50 In Stock $250 Signed by Kozik
Green (Neon) Not exclusive 50 Sold Out Any comic store could order
Orange (Neon) San Diego Comic Con 50 Sold Out Reissue below
Orange (Neon) Retrooutlaw 100 In Stock $450 w/Exclusive Art Print Signed By Kozik & McDowell
Pink (Neon) Kid Robot 50 Sold Out Bright 
Purple (Neon) postersandtoys.com 50 Sold Out Also out by Chindogu Gallery
Red Wacko/Soap Plant 50 In Stock  
Yellow (Neon) Rotofugi 50 Sold Out Mine Signed by Malcolm McDowell on bowler/standing on box
Silver 3Dretro 50 Sold Out  
White Newbury Comics 50 Sold Out Classic look.

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