Complete filmographies for all the actors who were in ACO. Eventually each actor will have their own page with pictures and expanded information. The purpose of this page is to be able to search and cross-reference all their roles at once.

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Jan Adair - Handmaiden

Title Role Year Notes
A Clockwork Orange Handmaiden 1971 Bible fantasy
Demons of the Mind 1st Girl 1972 5 ACO Actors!
The Over-Amorous Artist Sandra 1974  
The Hot Girls   1974  

Michael Bates - Chief Guard (1920-78)

Title Role Year Notes
Unknown Play   1947 Connaught Theater
Royal Shakespeare Company Multiple 48-52 Stratford-upon Avon
Royal Shakespeare Company Multiple 1953 Stratford, Ontario
Plays   1954 Old Vic
The Stratford Adventure Himself 1954  
Carrington, V.C. ATM Brooke-Smith 1955  
The Life of Henry V Bardolph 1957 TV
Dunkirk Froome 1958  
I'm All Right Jack Booter 1959  
Cluff Inspector Mole 1964 TV Series
Passage to India   1965 TV
Macready's Gala   1966 TV
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Mr. McGregor 1967  
Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River Dr. Spink 1967  
Bedazzled Inspector Reg Clarke 1967  
Salt and Pepper   1968  
Hammerhead Andreas/Sir Richard 1968  
The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder    1969 episode: "Sheer"
Battle of Britain Officer Warrick 1969  
Oh! What a Lovely War Drunk lance-corporal 1969  
Patton FM Montgomery 1970  
Every Home Should Have One Magistrate 1970  
The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer Mr. Spimm 1970  
The Engagement Cartwright 1970  
Jason King Edward 1971 As Easy As ABC
A Clockwork Orange  Chief Guard Barnes 1971  
Frenzy Sergeant Spearman 1972 Hitchcock
The Stone Tape Eddie Holmes 1972 TV
Public Eye George 1972 Horse & Carriage
Turnbull's Finest Half-Hour   1972 TV Series
No Sex, Please - We're British Mr. Needham 1973  
Last of the Summer Wine Cyril Blamire 1973 TV Series 1973-5
A Fall of Eagles Von Ludendorff 1974 TV Series
It Ain't Half Hot Mum Bearer Rangi Ram 1974 TV Series 1974-7
The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones Madman 1976  
Gulliver's Travels   1977  

Steven Berkoff (1937-)

Title Role Year Notes
The Devil's Disciple Extra 1959   
The Captain's Table Extra 1959   
I Was Monty's Double Extra 1958  
The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw Extra 1958  
Hamlet   1964 TV
The Avengers Sager 1965 Episode: "The Gravediggers" 
Prehistoric Women John 1967   
The Champions   1968 Episode: "The Iron Man"
Vendetta for the Saint Beatou 1969  
The Saint    1969 Man Who Gambled With Life
UFO Capt. Steve Minto 1970 Episode: "Destruction"
UFO Capt. Steve Minto 1970 Episode: "Cat with Ten Lives"
Nicholas and Alexandra Pankraztov 1971  
A Clockwork Orange Constable 1971 Policeman who Alex fights
The Passenger   1975  
Professione: reporter Stephen 1975  
Barry Lyndon Lord Ludd 1975  
McVicar Ronnie Harrison 1980  
Beloved Enemy Koslov 1981 TV
Outland Sagan 1981  
Coming Out of the Ice Atoman 1982 TV
The Professionals Krasnov 1983 Episode: A Man Called Quinn
Octopussy Orlov 1983  
Beverly Hills Cop Victor Maitland 1984  
Rambo: First Blood Part II Lt. Colonel Podovsky 1985  
Underworld Motherskille 1985  
Revolution Sergeant Jones 1985  
Metamorphosis   1986 Play - Mermaid Theatre
Sink The Belgrano   1986 Play - Mermaid Theatre
Absolute Beginners The Fanatic 1986  
Under the Cherry Moon Mr. Sharon 1986 Prince Vehicle
Sins Karl Von Eiderfeld 1986 TV Mini Series
Metamorphosis Mr. Samsa 1987 TV/Also Writer
Greek Writer 1988 Play - Wyndham Theatre
War and Remembrance Adolf Hitler 1989 Mini Series 
Wiezien Rio Jack McFarland 1989  
Prisoner of Rio   1989  
Salome by Oscar Wilde   1990 Play - Phoenix Theatre
The Krays George Cornell 1990  
Silent Night Harry 1990 TV Series
A Season of Giants Savonarola 1991 TV
The Tell-Tale Heart The Man 1991 TV/Also Writer
Intruders Addison Leach 1992 TV
Decadence Steve/Les/ Couturier 1994 Writer/Director
Space Precinct  Dr. Jorry 1994 Episode: "Deadline"
Fair Game Colonel Ilya Kazak 1995  
Flynn Klaus Reicher 1996   
Love in Paris Vittorio 1997  
Doppelganger Backhander, Reggie 1997 Voice
Brass Eye Himself 1997 Episode: "Science"
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Hagath 1997 Episode: "Business as Usual"
Legionnaire Steinkampf 1998  
Nikita Charles Sand/Giraldi 1998 Episode: "In Between"
Rancid Aluminum Mr. Kant 2000  
In the Beginning Potiphar 2000 TV Series
Changing Stages Himself 2000 TV Series
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) The Mouth 2000 "Mental Apparition Disorder"
Attila King Rua 2001 TV Series
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures Himself 2001  
Beginner's Luck Magic Bob 2001  
Jonathan Creek Herman Grole 2001 Episode: "Satan's Chimney"
Riders Surtayne 2002  
Shakepeare's Villains Richard III, Shylock+ 2002 TV/Also Writer
NCS 2   2002 TV
Bokshu the Myth   2002  
Children of Dune Stilgar 2003 TV Series

Gaye Brown - Korova Singer (19??-)

Title Role Year Notes
The Masque of the Red Death Senora Escobar 1964  
On the Buses Molly 12/4/70 Episode: "Canteen Girl
Nearest and Dearest Big Beryl 1/28/71 Episode: "Bottoms Up" 
The Goodies 12/17/71 Episode: "Women's Lib"
A Clockwork Orange Korova Singer 1971  
Up Pompeii Biggia 1971  
Spring and Autumn 1972 TV Series
A Touch of Class Dora French 1973  
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Transylvanians 1975  
Trinity Tales Alice 1975 TV Series 
Shelley Grace Lissier 1/19/81 Episode: "Foreign Affairs" 
Only Fools and Horses Irene 11/11/82 Episode: "No Greater Love" 
The Beggar's Opera Mrs. Trapes 1983  
Mata Hari Fraulein Doktor 1985  
No Job for a Lady Renee 1991 Ep: "But I Voted for You" 
Utz Ada Krasova 1992  
All the King's Men Queen Mary 1999  
Relative Values Lady Hayling 2000  
Princess of Thieves Countess Tourtelot 2001 Reunited w/Malcolm
Emmerdale Farm Glenda Gould 11/01 2 Episodes
Rescue Me Suzy Burns 3/31/02 Episode # 1.5
Pollyanna Ladies Aider 2003 TV

Robert Bruce - Korova Bouncer (1943-2009)
Robert Bruce page

Title Role Year
A Clockwork Orange Korova Bouncer 1971
Race for the Yankee Zephyr Bartender 1981
Nate and Hayes  Ben Pease Crew #1 1983
Right Bank, Left Bank Bobby 1984
Baby Girl Scott Resident 1987
Freeway Maniac Terry 1989
Ask Me Again Nelson Rodker 1989
Raider of the South Seas Stunt coordinator 1990
Old Scores  Jock McBane 1991
My Grandpa is a Vampire Truckie 1991
Under the Gun Detective Dexter 1995
Lawless: Dead Evidence Oxman 2000
Jubilee Norm 2000
Mee-Shee: The Water Giant Alaskoil Executive 2005

Peter Burton - Junior Minister (19??-)

Title Role Year Notes
The Wooden Horse  Nigel 1950  
What the Butler Saw Bill Fenton 1950  
They Were Not Divided 1950  
The Stolen Plans  Dr. Foster 1952  
They Who Dare Marine Barrett 1953  
The Tall Headlines  Graham Moore 1953  
The Heart of the Matter  Perrot 1953  
The Green Scarf  Purser 1954  
Three Cases of Murder Under Secretary 1955 Segment "Lord Mountdrago"
Soho Incident Inspector Collis 1956  
The Long Arm  Creasey 1956  
Child in the House Howard Forbes 1956  
Betrayal Tony Adams 1957  
The Night We Dropped a Clanger 2nd pilot 1959  
Sink the Bismarck! Captain 1st Destroyer 1960  
Dr. No Major Boothroyd 1962  
Lawrence of Arabia Extra 1962  
The Iron Maiden 1962  
That Kind of Girl Elliot Collier 1963  
The Avengers Fleming 1966 "Small Game for Big Hunters"
Judith  1966  
Berserk! Gustavo 1968  
All the Right Noises Stage manager 1969  
Hell Boats Admiral's Aide 1970  
UFO Dr. Murray 1970 Episode: "Computer Affair"
A Clockwork Orange Dr. Alcot 1971 Welcomes in Alex at Ludovico
Carry On at Your Convenience Hotel Manager 1971  
Leopard in the Snow Mr. Framley 1978  
The Bitch Hotel Night Manager 1979 Also was a dialogue coach
The Professionals Conroy 1980 Episode: "Involvement"
Inchon Admiral Sherman 1981  
Richard's Things  Colonel 1981  
The Scarlet and the Black Sir D'Arcy Osborne 1983 TV
The Jigsaw Man Douglas Ransom 1983  
The Doctor and the Devils Customer 1985  
My Gardener Greensman 2003  

Miriam Karlin (1925-) Miriam Karlin page

Title Role Year Notes
Alice Cook 1946 TV
Down Among the Z Men 1952 AKA The Goon Movie
The Deep Blue Sea Barmaid 1955  
The Woman for Joe Gladys 1955  
ITV Television Playhouse Hilda Thwaite 12/10/55 Ep: Quay South
A Touch of the Sun 1956  
Fun at St. Fanny's Mildred 1956  
The Big Money Lady in Night Club 1956  
Carve Her Name with Pride Jennie Wilson 1958  
Room at the Top Gertrude 1959  
ITV Television Playhouse Charlie's Daughter 4/17/59 Ep: The Jukebox
ITV Play of the Week Jeannette 6/23/59 Ep: The Wild Bird 
The Millionairess Mrs. Joe 1960  
Hand in Hand Mrs. Mathias 1960  
The Fourth Square Josetta Alvarez 1960 AKA Operation War Head
The Entertainer Soubrette 1960  
Crossroads to Crime Connie Williams 1960  
The Rag Trade Paddy 1961 TV Series
The Bing Crosby Show Herself 1961 TV
The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre Josetta Alvarez  4/61 Ep: The Fourth Square
Watch it, Sailor! Mrs. Lack 1961  
On the Fiddle W.A.A.F. Sergeant 1961  
The Phantom of the Opera Charwoman 1962  
I Thank a Fool Lady in Black Maria 1962  
Heavens Above! Winnie Smith 1963  
The Small World of Sammy Lee Milly 1963  
Scoop Maria 6/20/63 TV
Suspense Catherine 9/9/63 Ep: Wormwood
Ladies Who Do Mrs. Higgins 1963  
The Bargee Nellie Marsh 1964  
The Bruce Forsyth Show ? 1965 Ep: Pilot
The Mavis Bramston Show Various  1965 TV Series
Fiddler on the Roof 1967 London stage play
The Wednesday Play Manicurist 1/24/68 Ep: Monsieur Barnett 
Just Like a Woman Ellen Newman 1968  
ITV Saturday Night Theatre The Queen 7/19/69 Ep: Salve Regina
The Mating Machine Flo 10/16//70  Ep: Flo & Monty & Henry...& Henry
A Clockwork Orange Catlady 1971 Killed by Alex with phallus
Thirty-Minute Theatre  ? 12/27/71 Ep: A Wen
BBC2 Playhouse Friedel 8/6/74 Ep: The Joke 
Mahler Aunt Rosa 1974  
Rooms Mrs. Glickston 12/17/74 Ep: Dorothy and Clive Pt 1&2
Crown Court Shirley Ann Simons 4/16//75 Ep: Take Back Your Mink
Dick Deadeye, or Duty Done Little Buttercup 1975 Voice
The Rag Trade Paddy 1977-8 22 episodes
Question Time Herself  5/21/81 TV
The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank Mrs. Samson 1988 TV
Jekyll & Hyde Mrs. Hackett 1990 TV
Utz  Grandmother 1992  
So Haunt Me Yetta Feldman 1992 TV Series
Casualty Florence Clay 10/5/96 Ep: Thicker Than Water
Incognito Marina 1997  
The Best of British Herself 1998 Ep: Barbara Windsor
Holby City Rachel 12/16/99 Ep: You Can Choose Your Friends
Dark Ages Hag 12/27/99 Ep: The End of the World
Kissing Buba Buba 2000  
The Man Who Cried Madame Goldstein 2000  
Doctors Eva Dubrowska 9/10/01 Ep: Nothing to Fear
Esther's Pool Esther 2002  
Doctors Margaret Joseph 10/26/04 Ep: Uncertain Justice
The Ultimate Film Herself 2004  
Suzie Gold Sadie 2004  
Dalziel and Pascoe w/Warren Clarke Judith Bateman 1/30/05 Ep: Heads You Lose Part 1&2
Waverley Audrey 2005  
Marple: By the Pricking of My Thumbs Marjorie Moody 2006  
Ex Memoria   2006  
Children of Men Caged German 2006  
Flashbacks of a Fool  Mrs. Rogers 2008

Patrick Magee (1924-82)
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Title Role Year Notes
All That Fall 1/57 Beckett Play
Krapp's Last Tape 10/28/58 Royal Court, London
Rag Doll Flynn 1958
The Criminal Chief Guard Barrows 1960 On Anchor Bay DVD
Murder Club Mr. Morgan 1961 TV
A Prize of Arms R. S. M. Hicks 1962
The Very Edge Simmond 1962
Never Back Losers Ben Black 1962
The Boys Mr. Lee 1962
Dementia 13 Dr. Justin Caleb 1963 On DVD early Coppola
The Young Racers Sir William Dragonet 1963
The Servant Bishop 1963
Ricochet Inspector Cummins 1963
Operacija Ticijan  1963
The Sentimental Agent 1963 Ep: "Express Delivery" 
The Avengers 'Pancho' Driver 3/23/63 Episode: "Killer Whale"
The Avengers J.P. Spagge 11/9/63 Episode: "Gilded Cage"
Zulu Surgeon Maj. James Henry Reynolds 1964
Séance on a Wet Afternoon Superintendent Walsh 1964
The Masque of the Red Death Alfredo 1964
The Birthday Party Shamus McCann 6/18/64 RSC Play
Afore Night Come 1964 RSC Play
Endgame 1964 RSC Play
The Marat/Sade Jean Paul Marat 1965 RSC Play
The Staircase 1966 RSC Play, Aldwych
Squire Puntila and his Servant Matti Matti Altonen 7/15/65 RSC Play, Aldwych
Birth of a Nation Narrator 1965 Directed by Alfred Leslie
The Skull Police Surgeon 1965
Portrait in Terror 1965
Die, Monster, Die! Dr. Henderson 1965 3 ACO actors!
The Persecution and Assassination of Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade Marquis de Sade 1966 Play Martin Beck Theater, NY
Marat/Sade Marquis de Sade 1966 Movie version
Blood Bath  Cameo 1966
Message for Posterity James Player 1967 TV
A Private Place 1968 TV
Anzio General Starkey 1968
Nothing Will Be the Same 1968 TV
Decline and Fall...of a Birdwatcher Maniac 1968
The Birthday Party Shamus McCann 1968 dir William Friedkin
The Champions Pedraza 11/20/68 Episode: "Iron Man" 
Hard Contract  Alexi 1969
Destiny of a Spy John Flack 1969 TV
Cromwell Hugh Peters 1970 by Ken Hughes
You Can't Win 'Em All The General 1970
King Lear  Cornwall 1971 by Peter Brook
The Trojan Women  Menelaus 1971 by Michael Cacoyannis
A Clockwork Orange Frank Alexander 1971
The Fiend Minister 1971
Tales from the Crypt  George Carter  1972 Segment "Blind Alleys"
Thrills Galore 1972 TV
Demons of the Mind Falkenberg 1972 5 ACO actors!
Krapp's Last Tape  1972 TV
Pope Joan  Elder monk 1972
Young Winston General Bindon Blood 1972
Asylum Dr. Rutherford 1972 On DVD
Caucasian Chalk Circle 1973 TV
Luther Hans 1973
Lady Ice Paul Booth 1973
The Final Programme Dr. Baxter 1973
And Now the Screaming Starts! Dr. Whittle 1973 On DVD
Great Mysteries Sergeant Morris 1973 Ep: "Monkey's Paw"
The Protectors 3/2/73 Episode: "Chase" 
King Lear  King Lear  1974
A Killer in Every Corner Dr. Carnaby 1975 TV
Barry Lyndon Chevalier de Balibari 1975 5 ACO actors!
Simona  Le père 1975
Galileo Cardinal Bellarmin 1975
What Big Eyes  Leo Raymount 1976 TV
You Never Can Tell 1977 TV
Telefon  General Strelsky 1977
Hordes of the Things The Chronicler 1978 BBC Radio Play - LOTR parody
Kidnapped Ebenezer Balfour 1978 TV Mini Series
Les Soeurs Brontë Reverend Brontë 1979
Churchill and the Generals Gen Archibald Wavell 1979 TV
Rough Cut Ernst Mueller 1980
The Flipside of Dominick Hide Caleb Line 1980 TV
Sir Henry at Rawlinson End Rev. Slodden 1980
The Monster Club Innkeeper 1980
Hawk the Slayer Priest 1980
The Black Cat Prof Robert Miles 1980 On Anchor Bay DVD
Chariots of Fire Lord Cadogan 1981
Docteur Jekyll et les femmes General 1981
The Sleep of Death 1981
Another Flip for Dominick Caleb Line 1982 TV
Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence Himself (Voice) 1982 Reads excerpts
The Rough Field (CD) Reads Poetry 7/01 by John Montague and features a vintage recording.

David Proswe - Julian (1935 - )
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Title Role Year Notes
Casino Royale Frankenstein's Creature 1967 
Hammerhead George 1968
The Beverly Hillbillies Emlyn 10/16/68 "Coming Through the Rye" 
The Saint Tony 2/2/69 "Portrait of Brenda"
Crossplot   Wedding guest 1969
Commercials Green Cross code man 70s Safety ads
The Horror of Frankenstein The Monster 1970
Ace of Wands Kal 1970 "One and One and One are Four" 
Callan Wellington 4/8/70 "Where Else Could I Go?" 
A Clockwork Orange Julian 1971 2 ACO Actors!
Up the Chastity Belt Sir Grumbell de Grunt 1971
Up Pompeii Man 1971
Carry On Henry Torturer 1971
Vampire Circus Strongman 1972
Department S Adolfo 1/12/72 "Treasure of the Costa Del Sol" 
Doctor Who Minotaur 5/20/72 "The Time Monster" 
The Tomorrow People Android 1973 "The Medusa Strain" 
Arthur of the Britons Col 2/7/73 Episode: "The Slave" 
Arthur of the Britons Brosk 10/10/73 episode: "Go Warily" 
White Cargo Harry 1973
Blacksnake! Walker's Brother 1973
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell The Creature 1974
Callan Arthur 1974
The Best of Benny Hill Strongman 1974 TV "Wishing Well"
Confessions of a Pop Performer Man at cinema 1975
Space: 1999 Cloud Creature 1976 Ep: "The Beta Cloud"
Star Wars Darth Vader 1977
The People That Time Forgot Executioner 1977
The Making of Star Wars Darth Vader 1977
Jabberwocky Red Herring and Black Knights 1977
Superman 1978 physical trainer
Star Wars Holiday Special Darth Vader 1978 TV
As You Like It Charles 1978 TV
A Horseman Riding By Jem Pollock 1978 TV Mini Series
Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader 1980
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Hotblack Desiato's Bodyguard 1981 TV Mini Series
Return of the Jedi  Darth Vader 1983
More Bloody Meetings 1984
Star Wars Monopoly  Darth Vader 1997 VG
Light Lunch Himself 1998
Vita lögner Hotel Guest 10/12/98 Episode # 2.36
The 100 Greatest TV Moments Himself 1999 TV
Jack Docherty Show  Himself 2001  Interview

Pat Roach - Korova Bouncer (1937-04)
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Title Role Year Notes
A Clockwork Orange Korova Bouncer 1971 Uncredited role
Barry Lyndon Toole 1975 6 ACO actors!
World of Sport Wrestler 1975-85 TV Series
Hazell Big Arti 3/20/78 Episode: "Hazell and the Maltese Vulture"
Unidentified Flying Oddball Oak 1979  
Juliet Bravo Doulton 12/6/80 Episode: "The Anastasia Syndrome"
Raiders of the Lost Ark Giant Sherpa/1st Mechanic 1981  
Clash of the Titans Hephaestus 1981  
Never Say Never Again Lippe 1983  
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Brian 'Bomber' Busbridge 1983 TV Series
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Chief Guard 1984 AKA Head Thuggee
Conan the Destroyer Man Ape/Toth-Amon 1984  
Red Sonja Brytag 1985  
The Last Place on Earth P.O. Edgar 'Taff' Evans 1985 TV Mini Series
Minder Painter 9/18/85 Episode: "The Return of the Invincible Man"
Harry's Kingdom Joe Robinson 1987 TV
Willow General Kael 1988  
Help! Bill 5/14/88 Episode: "We Are Sailing"
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Gestapo 1989 4th time with George Lucas
The Return of the Musketeers French Executioner 1989  
Casualty Len 9/8/89 Chain Reaction (I)
Wings of Fame   1990  
The Big Man Billy 1990  
The Storyteller: Greek Myths Atlas 1990 TV Mini Series
Sea Dragon Aslak 1990 TV
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Celtic Chieftain 1991
Life with Billy Reporter #1 1994 TV
Space Precinct Ogree 1/16/95 Episode: "Illegal"
The Detectives The Constable 2/13/95 Episode: "Twitchers"
Jack and Jeremy's Police 4   1995 TV
The Imaginatively Titled Punt & Dennis Show   1995 Episode # 2.3
The Portrait of a Lady Strongman 1996  
Heartbeat The Masked Marvel 11/17/96 Episode: "Thanks to Alfred"
Kull the Conqueror  Zulcki 1997  
The New Adventures of Robin Hood Jarnsaxa 10/4/98 Episode: "The Giant King"
The New Adventures of Robin Hood Giant 1999 Episode: "Return of the Giant"
Crust The Bull 2001  
This Is Your Life Himself 6/26/03 Episode: "Vic Armstrong"
The Bill Reg Warren 4/13/95 Episode: "Swan Song"

Philip Stone - Pee (1924-2003)
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Title Role Year Notes
The Musical Stones kid 1930s Family acting group
The Sleeping Clergyman 1947 Play - The Criterion
? (Director) 1953 Play - Leeds Arts Centre
The Avengers Dr. Richard Tredding 1/7-14/61 2 Episodes
The Ship That Couldn't Stop Sir Ronald Caterham 1961 TV
Jacks and Knaves Sergeant Harry Frost 1961 TV Series
Unearthly Stranger Prof. John Lancaster 1963
Never Mention Murder Inspector 1964
Thunderball  Spectre #5 1965
The Rat Catchers Brigadier Davidson 1966 TV Series
The Isle Is Full of Noise 1967 TV
Where Eagles Dare Sky Tram Operator 1968
The Contractor 1969 Play - Royal Court London
John Browne's Body French 1969 TV Series
Two Gentlemen Sharing Mr. Burrows 1969
Fraud Squad Stefan Pastek 1969 Episode: "Cold as Charity" 
Fragment of Fear C.I.D. Sergeant 1970
The Man Who Had Power Over Women Angela's Father 1970
Carry On Loving Robinson 1970
Death in Leicester 1971 Play - King's Head, Islington
Jason King Supt. Landon 10/13/71 Ep: "A Deadly Line in Digits" 
A Clockwork Orange Pee 1971
Quest for Love Mason 1971
Carry On at Your Convenience Mr. Bulstrode 1971
The Organisation 1971 TV Series
To Encourage the Others 1972 TV
Justice Sir John Gallagher 1972 TV Series
O Lucky Man! Jenkins/Interrogator/ Salvation Army Major 1973 3 ACO Actors!
An Inspector Calls Inspector 1973 Play - Mermaid
Hitler: The Last Ten Days General Jodl 1973
Mrs. Grabowski's Academy 1975 Play - Theatre Upstairs
Death in Deep Water Burton 1975 TV
Barry Lyndon Graham 1975 5 ACO Actors!
It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet Jack 1975
Troilus and Cressida  Thersites 1976 Play - Young Vic
Star Maidens Sforza 1976 Episode: "Kidnap"
Voyage of the Damned Secretary 1976 3 ACO Actors!
The Man With a Flower in His Mouth 1977 Play - yttleton
Philby, Burgess and Maclean Farquesson 1977 TV
Target David Fleming 1977 Episode: "Roadrunner" 
The Medusa Touch Dean 1978
Six Characters in Search of an Author 1979 Play - Greenwich
S.O.S. Titanic Capt Arthur Rostron 1979 TV - 4 ACO Actors!
The Shining Delbert Grady 1980 w/Kubrick!
Flash Gordon Zogi, the High Priest 1980
House Guest 1981 Play - Savoy
Green Ice Jochim Kellerman 1981
Bergerac Verrian 2/13/83 Episode: "Fall Of A Birdman"
The Phantom of the Opera Kraus 1983 TV
Lace Zwimmer 1984 TV
Pope John Paul II Archbishop Baziak 1984 TV
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Captain Blumburtt 1984
Yes, Minister Duncan 12/17/84 Episode: "Party Games" 
Charters & Caldicott Venables 1985 TV Mini Series
Lace II  Zwimmer 1985 TV
Shadowlands  Harry Harrington 1985 TV
Monsignor Quixote Father Leopoldo 1985 TV
Jenny's War Padre 1985 TV
Harem  Arthur Grey 1986 TV
Brat Farrar  Uncle Charles 1986 TV
Home to Roost Mr. Trent 12/5/87 Episode: "Paper Chase" 
The Royal Baccarat Scandal Sir Charles Russell 1989 Play - Chichester
The Baby of Mâcon The Bishop 1993
Heartbeat Father Sergei 10/30/94 Episode: "Red Herring" 
Moses Jethro 1996 TV
Ruth Rendell: The Strawberry Tree Roger Summers 1996 TV Mini Series
Dalziel and Pascoe: Deadheads Herbert Capstick 1997 TV - 2 ACO Actors!
A Touch of Frost Finch 2/9/97 Ep: "Penny For The Guy"
A Certain Justice Edmund Froggett 1998 TV
Doomwatch: Winter Angel Spencer Quist 1999 TV

Katya Wyeth - Girl (1948 -)
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Title Role Year Notes
Inspector Clouseau Meg 1968   
Staircase   1969  
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) Miss Budapest 10/26/69 Episode:  Just for the Record
The Avengers Jill 4/16/69 Episode: Requiem
Monty Python's Flying Circus Wife 10/26/69 Episode: Owl Stretching Time 
Monty Python's Flying Circus Elsie 12/7/69 Episode: Full Frontal Nudity
Camay soap commercial    1970  with Mona Chong
The Goodies   10/29/70 Episode: The Stolen Musicians
The Goodies   11/22/70 Episode: Love the Police
Twins of Evil  Countess Mircalla 1971  
The Sky's the Limit Host 1971 Game Show
Hands of the Ripper  1st Pub Whore 1971  
A Clockwork Orange Girl  12/19/71 In  Last Scene - fantasy
Straight on Till Morning Caroline Edwards 7/9/72 2 ACO Actors! w/John Clive
Burke and Hare  Natalie 1972  
Dead of Night Vanessa 11/26/72 Ep: Death Cancels All Debts
Rabelais  (Play) 1972 Round House Theater, London
Play for Today Helene 1/8/73 Episode: Shakespeare or Bust
Play for Today Redhead 7/2/73 Episode: Making the Play
Omnibus: The British Hero Vamps 1973  
Got it Made Anna 1974 AKA Sweet Virgin
Special Branch Susanne Brodl 4/11/74 Episode: Date of Birth
Confessions of a Window Cleaner Carole 1974  
Barry McKenzie Holds His Own Germaine 1974  
No, Honestly Shop Assistant 10/27/74 Episode: Finding the Form
Rogue's Rock Ilse 1976 TV Series
I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight Wendy 1976  
Let's Sleep on it   1976  
The Sweeney Helga 9/20/76 Episode: Visiting Fireman
No. 1 of the Secret Service Miss Martin 1977  
Space: 1999 Guard 9/1/77 Episode: Devil's Planet
Title Role Year Notes
Inspector Clouseau Meg 1968 
Staircase 1969
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) 1969
The Avengers Jill 4/16/69 Episode: "Requiem" 
Monty Python's Flying Circus Wife 10/26/69 Episode: "Owl Stretching Time" 
Monty Python's Flying Circus Elsie 12/7/69 Episode: "Full Frontal Nudity" 
The Goodies 11/22/70 Episode: "Love the Police" 
The Goodies 10/29/70 Episode: "The Stolen Musicians"
Twins of Evil  Countess Mircalla 1971
Hands of the Ripper  1st Pub Whore 1971
Burke and Hare  Natalie 1971
A Clockwork Orange Girl  1971 In  Last Scene - fantasy
Straight on Till Morning Caroline Edwards 1972 2 ACO Actors! w/John Clive
Dead of Night 1972 TV Series
Rabelais  (Play) 1972 Round House Theater, London
Got It Made Anna 1974
Confessions of a Window Cleaner Carole 1974
Barry McKenzie Holds His Own Germaine 1974
No Honestly 1974 Episode: "Finding the Form"
Rogue's Rock Ilse 1976 TV Series
I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight Wendy 1976
The Sweeney Helga 9/20/76 Episode: "Visiting Fireman"
No. 1 of the Secret Service Miss Martin 1977

These people never acted again:
Cheryl Grunwald - Rape Victim
Craig Hunter - Dr. Friendly
Barbara Scott - Marty

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