Appy polly loggy Apology School boy talk
Baboochka Old woman Russian: babooshka/grandmother
Baddiwad Bad School boy talk
Banda Band Russian: banda/band, gang
Barbering Haircut Slang - takeoff on barber
Barry Place Jail Slang - takeoff on bars on cells
Bellpush Doorbell Slang - takeoff on pushing the bell
Bezoomy Mad Russian: byezoomiyi/mad, insane
Biblio Library Russian: biblioteka/library
Bitva Battle Russian: bitva/battle
Bog God Russian: Bog/God
Bolnoy Sick Russian: bolnoy/sick
Bolshy Big Russian: bolshoy/big
Bratchny Bastard Russian: vnyebrachnyi/illegitimate
Bratty Brother Russian: brat/brother
Britva Razor/Dagger Russian: britva/razor
Brooko Belly Russian: bryukho/abdomen
Brosat Throw Russian: brosat/to throw
Bugatty Rich Russian: bogaty/wealthy
Burble To Speak Nonsense Slang - combo of burp + babble
Cal Shit Russian: kal/excrement, feces
Cancer Cigarette Slang term: cancer stick
Cantora Office Russian: kontora/office
Carman(s) Pocket(s) Russian: karman/pocket
Chai Tea Russian: chai/tea
Charlie Chaplain/Priest Slang Charlie Chaplin in reverse
Chasha Cup Russian: chashka/cup
Chasso Guard Russian: chasovoy/sentry
Cheena Woman Russian: zhenshcheena/woman
Cheest Wash Russian: cheestit/to clean
Chelloveck Fellow Russian: chelovyek/person, man
Chepooka Nonsense Russian: chyepookha/nonsense
Chocbars Choloate Bars School boy talk: Choc/Chocalate
Choodessny Wonderful Russian: choodesniyi/miraculous
Chumble Mumble Invented slang: chatter + mumble
Clop Knock German: klop/hit
Cluve Beak Russian: klyuv/beak
Collocoll Bell Russian: kolokol/bell
Crark Yowl Unknown
Crast(ing) Steal(ing) Russian: krast/steal
Creech Scream Russian: kreechat/scream
Cubie Room Russian: cub/cube - cubic meters
Cutter Money Unknown slang
Dama Lady Russian: dama/lady
Decreps Old People Slang - from decrepit
Ded Old Man Russian: ded/grandfather
Deng Money Russian: dengi/money
Devotchka Girl Russian: devochka/girl
Disc-bootick Record Store Slang - records are disc shaped
Dobby Good Russian: dobro/good - dobryi/kind
Domeless Brainless Invented slang: Dome = head
Domy House Russian: dom/house
Doobidoob Goody Good Slang - sounds similar
Dook Ghost Gypsy: dook/magic - Rus: dukh/spirit
Dorogoy Valuable Russian: dorogoi/expensive, dear
Drat Fight Russian: drat/to kill - dratsya/to fight
Drencrom A drug Invented slang: adrenochrome?
Droog Friend Russian: droog/friend drugi/violent friends
Dva Two Russian: dva/two
Eegra Game Russian: igra/game
Eemya Name Russian: imya/name
Eggiweg Egg School boy speak
Em Mum Invented slang: 'M' from "Mama"
Fagged Tired English slang: tired
Fashed Exhausted Invented slang
Filly Play Invented slang - playing the ponies?
Firegold Beer Slang - from firewater
Fisties Fists Slang - obvious
Flip Crisp Invented slang: Unknown
Forella Trout Russian: forel/trout
Gazetta Newspaper Russian: gazeta/newspaper
Glazz Eye Russian: glaz/eye
Gloopy Stupid Russian: glupiyi/foolish, stupid
Godman Priest Invented slang: 'man of God'
Golly Unit of Money Invented slang: 'lolly' (money)
Goloss Voice Russian: golos/voice
Goober Lip Russian: guba/lip
Gooly(ied) To Walk(ed) Russian: gulyat/to walk, stroll
Gorlo Throat Russian: gorlo/throat
Govoreet To speak or talk Russian: govorit/to speak, talk
Grahzny Dirty Russian: gryaznyi/dirty
Grazzy Soiled Russian: gryaznyi/dirty
Gromky Loud Russian: gromkii/loud
Groody(ies) Breast(s) Russian: grud/breast
Gruppa Group Russian: gruppa/group
Guff Laugh Invented slang: short "guffaw"
Gulliver Head Russian: golova/head
Guttiwuts Guts School boy talk
Heighth Height Invented slang
Hen-korm Chickenfeed Invented slang: hen-corn
Horn To Cry Out Invented slang: sound a horn
Horrorshow Good, excellent Russian: kharasho/good
Hound-and-Horny Corny Rhyming Slang: corny
In Poison In Person Invented slang - play on words
In-out-in-out Sex Invented slang: obvious
Interessovat To interest Russian: interesovat/ to interest
In the Land High Slang - drugged state
Itty To go Russian: idti/to go
Jammiwam Jam School boy speak
Jeezny Life Russian: zhizn/life
Jelly Mold Codpiece Invented slang
Kartoffel Potatoes Russian: kartofel/potatoes
Keeshkas Guts Russian: kishka/intestines
Kleb Bread Russian: kleb/bread
Klootch Key Russian: klyuch/key
Knify To do with drugs Slang
Knopka Button Russian: knopka/push-button
Kopat To Dig (slang - dig it) Russian: kopat/to dig (a hole, ditch)
Korova Cow Russian: korova/cow - female
Koshka Cat Russian: koshka/cat
Kot Tomcat Russian: kot/cat
Krovvy Blood Russian: krov/blood
Kupet(ting) Buy(ing) Russian: kupit/to buy
Lapa Paw Russian: lapa/paw
Lewdies People Russian: lyudi/people
Lighter Crone Invented slang: related to blighter?
Litso Face Russian: litso/face
Lomtick Slice Russian: lomtik/slice (of bread)
Lovet Catch Russian: lovit/to catch
Loveted Caught Russian: lovit/to catch
Lubbilubbing Making love Russian: lubit/to love - lubov/love
Luna Moon Russian: luna/moon
Luscious Glory Hair Rhyming Slang: upper story/hair
Malchick Boy Russian: malchik/boy
Malenky Little Russian: malyenkiyi/small
Mappy Lined Invented slang
Maslo Butter Russian: maslo/butter
Merzky Filthy Russian: merzkiyi/loathsome, vile
Messel Thought Russian: misl/thought
Mesto(s) Place(s) Russian: mesto/place
Millicent Policeman Russian: militsiya/police
Minoota Minute Russian: minuta/minute
Molodoy Young Russian: molodoy/young
Moloko Milk Russian: moloko/milk
Moodge Man Russian: muzhchina/male person
Morder Snout Russian: morda/snout
Mounch Snack Invented slang from munch
Mozg Brain Russian: mozg/brain
Nachinat To Begin Russian: nachinat/to begin
Nadmenny Arrogant Russian: nadmenniyi/arrogant
Nadsat Teenage Russian: ending for numbers 11-19
Nagoy Naked Russian: nagoi/naked
Nazz Fool Russian: nazad/literally backwards
Neezhnies Underpants Russian: nizhniyi/lower (adj.)
Nochy Night Russian: noch/night
Noga Foot Russian: noga/foot
Nozh Knife Russian: nozh/knife
Nuking Smelling (of perfume) Russian: nyukhat/to smell
Oddy-knocky Lonesome Russian: odinok/lonesome
Odin One Russian: odin/one
Okno Window Russian: okno/window
Oobivat To Kill Russian: ubivat/to kill
Ookadeet To leave Russian: ukhodit/to leave
Ooko Ear Russian: ukho/ear
Oomny Clever Russian: umniyi/clever
Oozhassny Terrible Russian: uzhasniyi/terrible
Oozy Chain Russian: oozy/bonds
Orange Man Malay: Orang/Man (the Orangutan)
Osoosh To Dry Russian: osushat/to dry
Otchkies Eyeglasses Russian: otchki/glasses
Out of the Land Sober Slang - without drugs
Pan-handle Erection Invented slang - sticking out
Pee Father Invented slang: 'P' from "Papa"
Peet To Drink Russian: pit/to drink
Pishcha Food Russian: pishcha/food
Platch To Cry Russian: plakat/to cry
Platties Clothes Russian: platye/clothes
Plenny Prisoner Russian: plenniyi/prisoner
Plesk Splash Russian: pleskat/to splash
Pletcho(s) Shoulder(s) Russian: plecho/shoulder
Plott Flesh Russian: plot/flesh
Podooshka Pillow Russian: podushka/pillow
Pol Sex (to have) Russian: pol/sex (gender)
Polezny Useful Russian: polezniyi/useful
Polyclef Skeleton key English: poly/many + clef/key
Pony To understand Russian: ponimat/to understand
Poog Fright Russian: pugat/ to frighten
Poogly Frightened Russian: pugat/ to frighten
Pooshka Gun Russian: pushka/cannon
Pop-disk Music album/record Invented slang
Prestoopnik Criminal Russian: prestupnik/criminal
Pretty Polly Money Rhyming slang: From 'lolly' (money)
Privodeet To lead away Russian: privodit/to lead 
Prod To produce English slang: shortening of 'produce'
Prof Professor Abbreviation
Ptitsa(s) Bird(s) (women) Russian: ptitsa/bird (60s British slang)
Pyahnitsa Drunk Russian: pyanitsa/a drunkard
Rabbit Work (Job) Russian: rabotat/work or rab/slave
Radosty Joy Russian: radost/joy
Raskazz Story Russian: rasskaz/story
Rasoodock Mind Russian: rassudok/sanity, sense
Raz Time Russian: raz/occasion
Razdraz Upset Russian: razdrazhat/to irritate
Razrez To Rip Russian: razrezat/to rip - razrez/cut
Ringy Hand with a ring on Invented slang
Rooker Hand Russian: ruka/hand
Rot Mouth Russian: rot/mouth
Rozz Policeman Russian: rozha/ugly face or grimace
Rozz-shop Police Station Russian: rozha/ugly face or grimace
Sabog Shoe Russian: sapog/boot
Sakar Sugar Russian: sakhar/sugar
Sammy Generous Russian: samoye/the most
Sarky Sarcastic English slang: short for sarcastic
Scoteena Beast Russian: skotina/colloquial: beast
Shaika Gang Russian: shaika/band (as of thieves)
Sharp Female Invented slang: Unknown
Sharries Balls Russian: shariki/marbles - shar/ball
Shest Pole Russian: shest/pole
Shilarny Concern Russian: zhelaniye/wish, desire
Shive Slice, cut English slang: shiv-a knife
Shiyah Neck Russian: shyeya/neck
Shlaga Club German: Schlager/club or bat
Shlapa Hat Russian: shlyapa/hat
Shlem Helmet Russian: shlem/helmet
Shoom(s) Noise(s) Russian: shum/noise
Shoot Fool (v.) Russian: shutit/to fool
Sinny Movies, film Invented slang: from cinema
Sizy Grey/blue Russian: sizy/blue-grey
Skazat To say Russian: skazat/to say
Skitebird Shithead Invented slang: insult
Skolliwoll School School boy talk
Skorry Quick, quickly Russian: skori/quick - skoro/soon
Skrike(ing) Scratch(ing) Invented slang: strike + scratch
Skvat(ted) Grab(bed) Russian: khvatat/to grab, snatch
Sladky Sweet Russian: sladkiyi/sweet
Sloochat To happen Russian: sluchatsya/to happen
Sloosh(y) To listen, hear Russian: slushat/to listen - slyshat/to hear
Slop Mealtime Invented slang
Slovo Word Russian: slovo/word
Smeck Laugh (n.) Russian: smekh/a laugh
Smot(ting) Look(ing) Russian: smotret/to look
Sneety Dream Russian: snitsya/to dream
Snoutie Tobacco, snuff Invented slang: related to snout
Snuff It To Die English slang: to snuff is to kill
Sobirat To Pick Up Russian: sobirat/to gather (people)
Sod Bastard (idiom) English slang: from sodomite
Sodding Fucking (idiom) English slang: from sodomy
Soomka Bag (Woman) Russian: sumka/bag (slang - old bag)
Soviet Advice, order Russian: sovyet/advice, council
Spat, spatchka Sleep Russian: spat/to sleep
Split To Gossip Russian: spletnichat/To gossip, scandal
Splooge Splash Invented Slang - sounds similar
Spoogy Terrified Russian: spugivat/to frighten
Staja State Jail Invented Slang: State + Jail
Starry Old, ancient Russian: stariyi/old
Strack Horror Russian: strakh/fear
Synthmesc A drug (mesc) Invented slang: synthetic mescaline
Tally Waist Russian: taliya/waist
Tashtook Handkerchief German: Taschentuch/Handkerchief
Tass Cup French: tasse/cup | German: tasse
Thine Yours Invented slang
Ticklewickle(d) Tickle(d) Invented slang
Tolchock To hit Russian: tolchok/a push, shove
Toofle(s) Slipper(s) Russian: tuflya/slipper
Tree Three Russian: tri/three
Twenty-to-one Gang rape Invented slang
Twitter(s) Tweet(s) (Bird) Invented slang - sound bird makes
Up your piping Up Yours Invented slang - piping = asshole
Vareet To cook up (plan) Russian: varit/to cook up
Vaysay Washroom, toilet French: W.C. water closet (vey-sey)
Veck Guy Russian: chelovyek/person, man
Vellocet A particular drug Invented slang: Amphetamine
Veshch(es) Thing(s) Russian: veshch/thing
Viddy To see Russian: vidyet/to see
Voloss Hair Russian: volosy/hair - volos/a single hair
Von Smell (n.) Russian: von/stench
Vred To Harm Russian: vred/harm - vredit/to harm
Warble Song English: sing, a bird's song
Waisty Waist Length Invented slang
Wonderboy Wonder Play on words
Yahma Asshole Russian: yama/hole, pit
Yahoody(ies) Jew(s) Arabic term
Yahzick Tongue Russian: yazik/tongue
Yarbles Balls, testicles Russian: yablocko/apple
Yawp Mouth Invented slang
Yeckate To Drive Russian: ekhat/to go
Zammechat Remarkable Russian: zamechatelniyi/remarkable
Zasnoot To Sleep Russian: zasnut/to fall asleep
Zheena Wife Russian: zhena/wife
Zoobies Teeth Russian: zubi/teeth
Zvonock Doorbell Russian: zvonok/doorbell
Zvook Sound Russian: zvuk/sound

The original version appeared in the 1963 US version by W.W. Norton.
This expanded and refined version 2001-10 by Alex D. Thrawn for www.MalcolmMcDowell.net