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    Along with The Adicts, Major Accident (MA) are one of the first punk bands to embrace a Clockwork image and lifestyle. They started in the summer 1977 in England after Con Larkin got his first bass guitar at age 16. His younger brother Paul was 14 and tried his hands at singing in his own group. Con's own attempt at a band didn't happen so he joined Paul when his bass player didn't work out. Their influences at the time were The Clash and the Sex Pistols. They took their name from the fact that is what their music sounded like. Their first songs were Self Appointed Hero', and 'Warboots' - a tribute to their beloved Dr. Martins. Their first gig at a youth center consisted of their few original songs as well as covers of the Ramones and multiple songs by The Clash. A few more shows at the same venue led to their first lineup change - Craig was out and Col was in. Paul then left for a little while, but came back and then Col left and was replaced by his brother Porky.
    Soon after they recorded their first demo at Guardian Studios which included Terrorist Gang, Sidelines and Self Appointed Hero. They also jammed on cover songs and other originals they never intended to release which turned up as the Clockwork Demos in 2000. They would have never released it if they had a choice. 
    They did some more touring in the UK and then recorded another demo called Massacred Melodies. This was poorly recorded and was eventually redone as the classic album. The original demo also resurfaced without the permission of the band in the late 1990s. Their opening tape at the time was Warsawa. One night they did a show in Darlington which turned into a riot. The police were called in, people went to the hospital from the flying furniture and the whole mess made the local papers. This caused Porky to call it quits and he was replaced by Stu Lee.
    Around 1979 they had seen still of A Clockwork Orange as the film was banned at the time and there was no way to see it. The Larkin's then started adopting the whites on stage. 
    Their first album was recorded as a demo at Woodland Studios in Normanton in 3 days in the summer of 1981 and released in November. They hoped for a major label deal and hooked up with A&M records who recommended them for Step Forward Records their subsidiary and released it as is. Like any noteworthy band they came up with a mascot who appeared on this release and is referred to as 'The Man' who looks like a cross between Alex and a serial killer sporting a bowler hat and eyelash and sometimes the long nose maskie from the film.. He is featured on all the bands releases in one form or another in a very cool and instantly recognizable black and white style of art. Especially on their signature ACO release "A Clockwork Legion". 
    This lead to their first major tour opening for Chelsea where they played all across the UK. They officially adopted the Clockwork look on the tour and Paul adopted the baldy haircut from the book which on one recognized. They needed a tour bus, but couldn't afford one so they settled for a furtinure truck for around $500. They could store their equipment and live inside of it. They even put in shelves and ran a TV from a car battery. Of course the truck was painted black with The Man on the sides. The band were very active releasing LPs and 7"s on a regular basis until around 1985. 
    Clockwork Heroes, Clockwork Demos and the Massacred Melodies/A Clockwork Legion CDs were all released prior to their reforming in 1996. Their ex-manager sold them to Captain Oi who bought them in good faith. They have since come to an agreement with Captain Oi and are on good terms.
   They toured mostly in Europe and even opening for The Adicts in the US, then disappeared for the next decade and resurfaced with a new CD and tour in 1996. In 2000 they returned with a new 7", their first one in 16 years, did some touring and then disbanded in 2002. Representation Not Reality was even used in a Dukes of Hazzard TV movie sequel. Hopefully they will tour the US again so I'll get a chance to see them. Reliable information on the band is just not out there, the bands' official site hasn't been updated in 5 years and getting info from the band is like pulling teeth. I set out to interview them for this site in 11/03, made contact, submitted questions and never heard back. Thanks to Adam, one of their biggest fans, I finally got through in 7/05.

Early lineup - Paul Larkin - vocals, Con Larkin - bass, Dave Hammond - guitar, Craig - drums
1st lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Col Stephenson - drums
2nd lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Porky - drums
3rd lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Stu Lee - drums
4th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Evo - drums
5th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Andy Harding - guitar, Evo - drums
6th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Andy - guitar, Gary Jones - drums
7th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Andy - guitar, Gary - drums
8th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Staps - guitar, The Big 'G' - drums
9th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Staps - guitar, Evo - drums
10th lineup - Paul - vocals, Ritz - bass, Staps - guitar, Rich - drums
11th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Staps - guitar, Rich - drums
12th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Andy Wears - lead guitar, Dave - guitar, Laze - drums
Final lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Ian Timms - lead guitar, Dave - guitar, Laze - drums




Format Year Notes/Song
Warboots 7" N/A Massacred Melodies
Combat Rock 1990
1. Warboots
2. That's You
Massacred Melodies LP 11/82 Step Forward
1. Schizophrenic
2. (Standing on the) Sidelines
3. Last Night
4. Psycho
5. People
6. Terrorist Gang
7. Warboots
8. Mr. Nobody
9. Self Appointed Hero
10. That's You
11. Brides of the Beast
12. Classified Information
13. Middle Class Entertainment
14. Clockwork Toys
Mr. Nobody 7" 2/83 Step Forward SF23 - Black Vinyl
MAME002 - White Vinyl 1990
1. Mr. Nobody
2. That's You
Leaders of Tomorrow 7" 8/83 Flicknife FLS023 - Black Vinyl
1. Leaders of Tomorrow
2. Breakaway
3. Dayo
Respectable 7" 2/84 Flicknife FLS026 - Black Vinyl
MAME005 - White Vinyl 1990
MAME005 - Black Vinyl 1990
1. Respectable
2. The Man on the Wall
Fight to Win 7" 6/84 Flicknife FLS216 - Black Vinyl
1. Fight to Win
2. Freeman
A Clockwork Legion  LP 7/84 Flicknife 
1. Respectable
2. Twisted Mind
3. Affliction
4. Cue the Dead
5. Leaders of Tomorrow
6. A Clockwork Legion 1. Intro 
7. A Clockwork Legion 2. The March
8. Sorry
9. Fight to Win
10. Bad Company
11. Vendetta
Tortured Tunes Live - The Official Bootleg LP 9/84 Syndicate Records SYN LP9
Recorded In Ferryhill 1/83
1. Cue the Dead
2. Fight to Win
3. Brides of the Beast
4. Schizophrenic
5. Freeman
6. Mr. Nobody
7. Sorry
8. Respectable
9. Bad Company
10. MCE
11. Warboots
12. White Riot
13. OXO
14. Hokey Cokey
15. Breakaway
16. Headbanger
17. Day-o
Pneumatic Pneurosis  LP 5/85 Flicknife Records Sharp027
1st four singles.
1. Mr. Nobody
2. Fight to Win
3. Leaders of Tomorrow
4. Respectable
5. The Glorious 9th
6. That's You
7. Freeman
8. Dayo
9. Breakaway
10. The Man on the Wall
...Crazy! LP 7/85 Toxic Shock
1. Crazy
2. Get Ready
3. Valerie
4. Camouflage
5. Band Played On
6. Sherwood Rangers
7. Bad Company
8. Leaders
9. Sorry
10. The Man on the Wall
11. Respectable
12. Twisted Mind
13. Cue the Dead
...Crazy!/Tortured Tunes (Live - The Official Bootleg) CD 1996 DL
1. Crazy
2. Get Ready
3. Valerie
4. Camouflage
5. Band Played On
6. Sherwood Rangers
7. Bad Company
8. Leaders
9. Sorry
10. The Man on the Wall
11. Respectable
12. Twisted Mind
13. Cue the Dead
14. Cue the Dead
15. Fight to Win
16. Brides of the Beast
17. Freeman
18. Mr. Nobody
19. MCE
20. Warboots
21. White Riot
22. Hokey Cokey
23. Breakaway
24. Headbanger
25. Day-o
The Ultimate High LP/CD 11/96 LP - We Bite Records
CD - GMM #136. 4/5/98
1. Wired
2. The Ultimate High
3. Better Off Without You
4. Stay Away From Me
5. Lies
6. Your Worst Enemy
7. Pervert
8. Nightmare
9. (They're Gonna) Kick To Kill
10. Gang Warfare
11. Joy Rider
12. Snap
13. Crazy
Clockwork Heroes LP/CD 1996 LP - Captain Oi! Black Vinyl
LP - Captain Oi! Limited White Vinyl
CD - Captain Oi! US 1/4/00
CD - Captain Oi! UK 4/11/00
1. Warboots
2. Terrorist Gang
3. Mr. Nobody
4. That's You
5. Schizophrenic
6. Brides of the Beast
7. Clockwork Toys
8. Fight to Win
9. Freeman
10. Leaders of Tomorrow
11. Dayo
12. Breakaway
13. Glorious 9th
14. Twisted Mind
15. Cue the Dead
16. Sorry
17. Bad Company
18. Respectable
19. Man on the Wall
20. Crazy
21. Valerie
22. Band Played On
23. Sherwood Rangers
Massacred Melodies/A Clockwork Legion CD 8/6/99 Captain Oi! UK
Captain Oi! US 5/9/00
Captain Oi! UK 4/19/05
1. Schizophrenic
2. (Standing on The) Sidelines
3. Last Night
4. Psycho
5. People
6. Terrorist Gang
7. Warboots
8. Mr. Nobody
9. Self Appointed Hero
10. That's You
11. Brides of the Beast
12. Classified Information
13. Middle Class Entertainment
14. Clockwork Toys
15. Respectable
16. Twisted Mind
17. Affliction
18. Cue the Dead
19. Leaders of Tomorrow
20. Clockwork Legion: Intro/The March
21. Sorry (We Can't Help You)
22. Fight to Win
23. Vendetta
Representation Not Reality 7" 1/00 Upstart Productions - 300 Red vinyl
1. Representation Not Reality
2. Step by Step
Clockwork Demos CD 6/12/00 Captain Oi!
1. Terrorist Gang
2. Standing on the Sidelines
3. People Like You
4. Suzy Is a Headbanger
5. Headline Story
6. That's You
7. Self Appointed Hero
8. Black and White
9. Wasted Life
10. White Riot
11. Alternative Ulster
12. Borstal Breakout
13. Oxo Song
14. In the World Today
15. Blitzkrieg Bop
16. Garageland
17. Crazy
18. Radio Interview
Cry of the Legion CD 4/3/01 DSS Records
1. Outta Control
2. Step by Step
3. Wasted Years
4. Déja Vu
5. Ghost in My House
6. Representation Not Reality
Tracks 7-12 by Foreign Legion



Format Year Notes/Song
The Defiant Pose LP 1983 Illegal Records ILP 011 Compilation
1. Mr. Nobody
Archive Collection VHS/DVD 1984 BBC's "Off the Peg"
1. Clockwork Toys
2. Standing On the Sidelines
3. Last Night
4. Brides of the Beast
5. Schizophrenic
6. Mr. Nobody
7. Psycho
8. Fight To Win
9. Sorry
10. Freeman
11. Middle Class Entertainment
12. Warboots
13. White Riot
14. Dayo
15. OXO
16. Hokey Cokey
17. Schizophrenic
18. Classified Information
19. Fight To Win
20. Respectable
21. Cue the Dead
Live in Munich '96 VHS/DVD 1996 Barn End BE113
1. Mr. Nobody
2. Crazy
3. Warboots
4, Worst Enemy
5. Respectable
6. Schizophrenic
7. Wired
8. Joy Rider
9. Psycho
10. Fight To Win
11. The Ultimate High
12. Bad Company
13. Cue the Dead
14. Brides of the Beast
15. Last Rough Cause
16. Leaders of Tomorrow
17. Standing On the Sidelines
18. Anarchy In The U.K.
Massacred Melodies LP 199? Bootleg - demos
Oi! The Singles Collection Vol 1 CD 2000 Captain Oi! Compilation 
1. Mr. Nobody
2. That's You
Skins 'N' Pins CD 2001 GMM Records Compilation - Nightmare
Skins & Pins Volume II CD 2001 GMM Records Compilation - Kick to Kill
Flicknife Records: The Punk Collection CD 2002 Compilation 
1. Fight to Win
2. Leaders of Tomorrow
3. Respectable
Burning Britain The History Of UK Punk 1980-1984 DVD 2004 Cherry Red Compilation
Punk and Disorderly V2 -  Further Charges DVD 2005 Cherry Red Compilation


My rare exclusive interview with founding member Con Larkin 7/05.

It seems like all the biggest bands influenced by Clockwork Orange don’t have ACO names – Major Accident, The Adicts,  Lower Class Brats, Cocksparrer, Templars, etc. Why do you think that is?

Nice site by the way. I would have thought that the ACO thing came along after the bands had been formed. That's certainly how it went with us. We formed at the back end of 1977 and hadn't seen the film at that point. Anyway, if you look at bands that were already around that had ACO influenced names then you'll know what I mean - try Heaven 17! Johnny Zhivago didn't sound very punk either.

When I said an ACO name, I didn't mean from the Top 10 list in the film. The Adicts claim they were the first band to go all out in ACO attire on stage and you guys came after. Do you dispute that?

I'm not bothered by it either way. If they were before us then we didn't know them or hadn't seen pictures of them. We have a photo of Paul on stage in full whites from a local paper that dates quite early around 1979. I know that Cocksparrer did the "We Love You" video very early but we hadn't seen that either. Does it matter? Musically we were very different from The Adicts anyway.
    Wearing the whites was something we did off stage before Major Accident took to the stage in them. We stole the look from stills way before we had seen the film. We added our own bits too. I took to the tail coat and Paul decided he liked "moonboots" and painted his DMs silver. Of course we didn't let the others indulge in this heighth of fashion as they were all bastards without a duke of an idea how to comport themselves public wise.
    I read on your site we played with the image (Adicts Kid interview). Well, believe me we lived the image. Wearing whites and a bowler was like an open invitation to every townie around. I had enough black eyes to fill a scrap book and of course if the old millicents turned up they'd get one look at the whites and assume that you were the instigator. Nowadays you can wear anything at all and not get a reaction so it's a lot easier.

How was your tour with The Adicts? When was that?

It was in California back in 85. A bit of a disaster if I remember rightly. Most of the gigs got cancelled (can't remember why) and we only played a couple of shows - Fenders in Long Beach and Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica. Both decent shows I think although I broke my bass at the first one and had to borrow one for the second.
    Despite the gigs being cancelled we managed to spend a week hanging out in Hollywood which was a good laugh. Steve Human (ex-Vandals and Detox) showed us the ropes. We only saw the Addicts at the gigs. We had played with them once before in the UK - Middlesborough. We hadn't struck up any drinking relationships or anything like that but there was no competition or animosity such as was played on in the press at the time.

Since you didn't see the film when it first came out, when did you first see it?

Thankfully we were too young for that. I was only 10 when it came out. We saw it in around 1978 on a well dodgy video. Even that was a feat as we didn't know anyone who possessed a video player in those days. Eventually we managed to watch it at a distant relative of Dave's (our guitar player).

Was it instantly influential to you?

Definitely. We were like sponges at that time, soaking up anything punk or alternative in any way. We were impressed by the whole Nadsat thing and became fluent in it, not to mention the autonomy and lack of respect for societies values.

Did the punks of the day really get swept up in the film like they say?

By the time we were doing our first national tour in 1981 as support to Chelsea there were already kids turning up in the platties and the infamous "Clockwork Legion" was born. Not everyone appreciated it, but as we say here "horses for courses". It was still very much a minority thing within the punk & Oi! scene which was a minority thing in itself.

Was there any sort of ACO memorabilia you could buy back then like shirts, stickers, posters?

Not a thing. I suppose if we lived in London we might have found something in a trendy art store or something, but back in Darlington in those days it was a major thing just getting hold of some white trousers and a bowler hat. We had to resort to cricket trousers at first and sew some buttons on ourselves for the braces but I suppose we were used to the DIY thing after the endless zips etc. we had previously doctored.
    We always thought Darlington was well summed up by the huge mural the council had erected that said "Darlington is a quiet town" and underneath it some bright spark had painted "and don't we fucking know it!".

Did you read the book first or see the film?

I read the book I think - age plays havoc with the timeline.

Which do you prefer the book or the film?

I suppose if I want to sound intellectual I could say the book, but to be honest the visual effect of the droogs in their platties is one of the most striking images I've ever seen. I don't think the book would have had a fraction of the influence without Kubrick's redesign. Let's face it, it's hard to look menacing in ballet tights. Paul did go for the old "granddad cut" on the Chelsea tour but most people failed to see the significance as they hadn't read the book and some kids were actually embarrassed talking to him as they thought it was natural and he was only eighteen.

What’s your favorite scene in the book?

I wouldn't single out any particular scene as a favorite as I preferred the film and to be honest you wouldn't be doing this interview or would any of the other Clockwork bands on the strength of the book. The whole cult was and is based on the film, with the book being a back up, particularly useful for the nadsat glossary that appeared in some versions.

What’s the one scene from the book you would’ve liked to see in the film that was left out?

Probably the library scene with the starry veck. I see that they did film it but it got dropped.

What’s your favorite scene in the film?

For me it would have to be the underpass scene. The visual of the droogs with the light behind them along with the great dialogue "and what's so stinking about it? Men on the moon...." etc.

If you could own one prop from the film what would it be?

It would have to be Alex's maskie. It would look great mounted on the wall. Then again Joe the lodger's jumper was pretty nifty - the heighth of fashion.

Which do you prefer – the book with 20 or 21 chapters and why?

That depends what sort of mood I'm in. If I've had a few pints and I'm getting a bit lairy then it would definitely be 20 chapters. On the other hand if I'm feeling over worked, underpaid and I'm getting pissed off with the little shits hanging about in track suits trying to be the local hard knocks then it would be the 21 version to remind me how old I'm getting.

Have you ever gone to the ACO shooting locations like the Chelsea drug store?

No. When we were into the scene there was no Internet and info like that was very hard to come by. Apart from that we lived hundreds of miles away.

When did you first find out about the ban of the film?

It's a bit specific that question. I couldn't say as the old memory cells are growing dimmer with age. I do remember reading about a tramp who was killed by some guys and ACO was getting the blame around the time the film was out, but I was more interested in Slade and the whole glam thing. I hadn't even made the connection with things like bowlers (Steve Harley) or lyrics (Ziggy Stardust) that were invading my growing up influences.

Did you ever go to Paris to see it or have a bootleg copy of it?

Go to Paris? Blimey, you have a strange misconception about the depth of teenagers pockets back in the good ole days! We had a bootleg copy way before we even owned a VCR. The quality was ridiculous by today's standards but it was like owning the Holy Grail at the time. A friend of ours (Andy from Last Rough Cause who later joined Major Accident) managed to get hold of it from his sister who worked in one of the first video shops in Darlington. It was better quality than the first one we had watched but still crap all the same.

Punk has come to a third generation now in the last few years and seems as big as ever. What is your feeling about this?

Punk has never gone away. It's just that some of the American bands are actually making money at it and getting themselves on the TV and radio which never happened in our day. In a way it's great because it captures a lot of kids and a fair percentage of them go on to listen to streetpunk and Oi!. For instance my daughter got hooked on Green Day but it led her on to listening to Lars Frederiksen and The Ramones.

How did you feel about your daughter listening to Green Day? I call them corporate punk.

I totally agree with you, but given the choice between Green Day and rap or boy bands it would always be Green Day. As I said though it has led onto her listening to much better bands.

Do the third generation of punks today embrace the film like our generation does?

What does third generation cover? To me there was only ever two generations of punk. The 1977 art school lot who were involved because it was a fashion and they were in trendy London, and everyone else who followed afterwards who believes in what they do. Punk from the council estates. Believe me it wasn't a fashion in the north east of England, you did it because you believed in it. I haven't seen much evidence of Clockwork influence at gigs I've been to lately at all but maybe I'm at the wrong gigs.

Third generation would be mid 90s to today. What do you do now since you stopped playing music live?

I now work in the prepress dept of a large web printer, Paul is in medical sales, Dave and Ian are bricklayers and Laze does something in ice-cream. How exciting is that!? Since we reformed in 1996 we all worked full time. Major Accident was a hobby which is probably one of the reasons it came to an end again as it was hard for us to dedicate enough of our holidays to it and accommodate our families as well. We still get to see a few bands but not enough.

Is there anything you want to promote?

Yeah, the Lower Class Brats for living it and all the other clockwork and punk bands still flying the flag.


Bad Company
Always someone's going to criticize
Always someone puts you down
Always someone cuts you down to size
Always they push you around

Don't measure up to their conformity
Don't like the face that you wear
Don't let you be what you want to be
Don't like the way you don't care

Should we not have our identity
Should we not make up our minds
Why should we be each others enemy
Why should we always toe the line

They try to tell you, it's a passing faze
Be dead tomorrow, this youth cult craze
Live today, then you forget
You get from life, what you steal from it

Better Off Without You
Come all nice, all smiley face
Can I trust, now that's a must
But I'm better off without you
Full of feelings for yourself
Droogie patter, that doesn't matter
No I'm better off without you

Get out of my life, get out of my hair
Smile at my face, now you're not there
Get out of my life, get out of my way
Better step back, I'll make you pay

Sociopath is what you are
Money your sight, you're full of shite
Now I'm better off without you
Prudence game, now that's your way
I've turned my back, I'll make you pay
Cause I'm better off without you

Tell us lies, to split and divide
The legions strong, we won't subside
Cause I'm better off without you
All along with no true friend
A waste of space, I spit in your face
Cause I'm better off without you

Brides of the Beast
I was an accident, my mother was surprised
Spent the last twenty years living in disguise
Hiding my identity from all the prying eyes
Trying to make a life of fabricated lies

I was only seven when my family was deceased
Just a skinny bugger, but the crowd wants a feast
They all took a bite, there's nothing left at least
That's how it seems to the brides of the beast

The sudden thud, the spurt of blood
The sound of crunching bone
Bring me your blood tonight at ten (2x)
I'm falling in love with myself again

Said I was responsible for other people's lives
Said that I was lethal with guns and clubs and knives
But I knew they belonged to me
Each one was my bride
None of them went quietly, each one gave his cry

Clockwork Toys
Turned up jeans and short cut hair
Skinhead boys out everywhere
Turned up jeans and short cut hair
Run around without a care

Looking for a fight in the night, c'mon boys
Looking for a fight with a knife, clockwork toys

Shiny boots laced to the top
Laugh aloud when the victim drops
Shiny boots laced to the top
Boot boys pull out all the stops

In goes a kick, c'mon boys
Never miss a trick, clockwork toys

Hard boys in the terrace end
No one that they call their friend
Hard boys in terrace end
With their honors to defend

Up goes a shout, c'mon boys
Never miss a trick, clockwork toys

Teenage kids all dressed the same
Uniforms with different names
Teenage kids all dressed the same
Till it's time to take the blame

Death on the street, c'mon boys
Death not defeat, clockwork toys

If I stay here with you I'll end up crazy,
Nothing ever happens all the time,
I want to be Todd Sloane go away leave me alone,
Before I waken up and lose my mind.

Just sit around seeing television,
Sitting in a death trap there's no time,
I tell you what to do, but I haven't got a clue.

Close your eyes search your mind and you'll be fine.
Living out your life with indecision, Someone will survive
But it's not you.

You just want to stay
I'll make a run
I'll break away
From living a dream that isn't true.

We're all going crazy,
We're all going wild,
We're all going crazy,
We don't run, there's nowhere left to hide

Cue the Dead
People sing about this world they hate
But I would live forever, my life's great

Although at times my life is very strange
Nothing will remain it will all change

But people who are dead and are no more
Can look ahead and see what we're in for
They've seen the ways the means
The times we've tried
Before they could have helped
They've gone and died

This world will never suit every man
You go out and do the best you can

They all know what the future holds in store
But we'll never know until we're no more


Fight To Win
Up against the glass, one word to sign
Each line branded by conformity
Sign your name, don't sign away your pride
They're so blind that they will never see

They will never walk half as tall as us
They will never make us feel small
The faces in the glass that we'll never trust
We'll fight with our backs against the wall

Can't work away this tension in my head
Nothing can be done, can be said
Shut the door to another life
Keep on trying till you find the light

They say that dying's hard
But life is harder still
Have to fight for what you want
Have to fight for what you will
They say that death is strange
But life is stranger still
Have to fight for what you want
Gotta fight fight fight to win

Runs his one man army to fight authority
They're just laughing at him, he's too blind to see

Thinks he's got one over on the authorities
He can fight the system, you do as you please

They've got nothing on him, no file upon the shelf
Doesn't fool the watcher, he just fools himself

Thinks no one is watching when he commits a crime
Disillusioned freeman, they're watching all the time

They even try to call it treason
Though they watch him all the time
He will never know the reason
They've got control of his life

Gang Warfare
Don't you try to push me around
Or you'll end up eating ground
Mess with my girl, you'll mess with me
You'll be sorry, can't you see

Don't you tread out on our soil
We're the ones that you can't spoil
We're the ones, and we're no fools
We're the gang that run the schools

Joy Rider
Grab a red GTI, there for the taken
Fast and furious, joy ride in the makin'
In seconds flat, behind the wheel
Ignition jump, it's a great great great great great great steal

Joy rider, a joy for who
Cheap thrills leading to a kill
Joy rider, a joy for who
Not for those who's kids you kill
Joy rider, a joy for who
Doesn't matter who's blood you spill
Joy rider, a joy for who
Cheap thrills leading to a kill

Get your mates, driving around
Looking for talent, cruising up and 'round the town
Pick your girls, drive real fast
The screams and thrills, how long how long will it last

Blue lights flashing, the chase is on
Pedal to the metal, you're on the run
Your in a skid, out of control
Screams from the back, car starts to roll

Friends are all dead, who's to blame
A mangled wreck, life will never seem the same
By the roadside, children play
Panic on their faces, before before before being slayed

Kick To Kill
Come here little brothers, and join with me
I've got something to show you, come look and see
It won't take very long, maybe hard along
I couldn't sing alone, their marching proud and strong

Walking around the streets, people there to meet
Rippers and (?), call me nice and slick
Blood it starts to flow, ecstasy it grows
Another one goes down, they beat 'em to the ground

Leaders of Tomorrow
Take a look around you, tell me what you see
Faces full of anger and anxiety

It's the youth of today, sometimes full of sorrow
These are the faces, the leaders of tomorrow

Death and destruction, rise up all around
The cry of the legion, no more a voiceless sound

Soon the kids will harden, try to right from wrong
The cry of the legion, now a victory song

Never believe all is lost
You'll be left counting the cost
We'll be the leaders, just you wait and see
And tomorrow belongs to you and me

And I just don't know what to tell you.
And I just don't know what to say.
And I don't know if you believe me.
When you hear the words I say.

They say the truth is out there somewhere
It's staring you right in the face.
And I don't know if you believe me
I'll put that bastard in his place.

I said the truth is out there somewhere.
It's staring you right in the face.
And I don't know if you believe me.
I'm gonna put him in his place

Telling you Lies (4x)

Man on the Wall
Is he on the wall, or is he in your head
He's watching you, he's just ahead
He's off the wall, he's a bird of prey
He's stalking you, can't run away

Believe your eyes, it can't be right
Think that it might be your unlucky night
Turn away, but he's still there
Tries to kill you with his evil stare

He screams at you, but he can't be heard
Speaks to you, doesn't say a word
Here to stay, but you can't win
Then you feel, he's on your skin

He's still there on the wall
He hasn't moved at all
Oh, man upon the wall
Forever on the wall

Mr. Nobody
Violence creates violence
So the media likes to say,
Stuffed with their non-gratitude, 
They lock themselves away.
Sit at home and watch TV,
Safe in their private place.
And all the time they're wondering,
What's happened to the human race.

Try and hide all of their fears
Try and hide all of their tears
Devastation's on the way, 
Small price for them to pay
For living - in the world today

Problems making problems, 
Their minds can't comprehend
Don't trust Mr. Nobody
Cos nobody's his friend
Living in their own real world
Where no one's on the take
And people live in conflict, 
Too afraid to make mistakes

Silence creates silence, 
So the people like to say
Blame it on minorities, 
And lock the kids away
Close down inner cities, 
On authorities command
Man's attempt at solitude, 
Has played its final hand.

Looking in your mind, what do you fear
Your imagination, or is it real
The darkest shadow, your other side
Your alter ego, trends on your kind

Your worst nightmare, will take control of you
Your worst nightmare, will be the death of you

Hurt from the inside, your pain is real
Bad dreams in your mind, your fate is sealed
Struggle to break free, against it's tide
My brain's exploding, voices in my mind

Self confidential, is what you feel
No more a nightmare, you've made the deal
A (?), without a care
Keeping it dormant, the mask you wear

(?) white man, child abuser
Weasel faced, low-life loser
Lurks around where children play
Mr. Evil stalks his prey


String him up and hang him high
Shoot him right between the eyes
Cut him down and burn him slow
You know that bastard's got to go

No more (?), no more mercy
Tonight's (?) people's jury
One locked room, just for parents
Ten more minutes, no more perverts

I ran away, I ran away
Because of you, now look at you

You let me down, you let me down
You played around, all over town

You put him down, you put him down
Looks so red, worse things are said

It's all a lie, it's all a lie
What they make out, don't hang about

I run again, I run again
Another way, another day

All is lost, time is running out for me
I look ahead, there's nothing I can do
I turn back to the life, the life I used to lead
If I'm caught I'll blame it all on you, you, you

We always have a good time, I'm never left alone
I just call you any time, I know you'll be at home
I always pass you in the street, a face across the way
We have to keep our secret, it grows harder everyday

No one will believe me, no one will notice
That even though I try so hard, you just don't ever leave
I look into my mirror, I see you looking back
A face I seem to recognize from somewhere in the past

You see, I can't spare myself for anybody else
Cause I'm the man, I'm the one in love with himself
Schizophrenic, just a bloody mess
I shouldn't be allowed out on my own

I'm mister average, I live right next door
I'm a company man, I drive a company car
I've got a beautiful wife, and two lovely kids
I'm an ambitious man, I always try to win
I'm mister average, I'm a family man
I've got to have more, any way I can
I've got a beautiful wife, and a lovely home
I always try my best, I've got to win

I'm mister average, bills to be paid
Promotions on, options to be weighed
Still got a beautiful wife, two lovely kids
I've got my mind made up, I've got to win
Still got a beautiful wife, my lovely kids
I've got my mind made up, I've got to win

I'm mister average, the pressure's on
I work every night, sometimes 'till dawn
Still got a beautiful wife, two lovely kids
I've got my mind made up, I've got to win
I've got a beautiful wife, two lovely kids
I've got my mind made up, I've got to live

I'm mister average, the man next door
And I hate neighbors, and I hate their car
And emotions gone to a younger man
And I see my life going down the drain
I hate my beautiful wife, two lovely kids
I think my minds messed up, I'll flip my lid
I beat my beautiful wife, and lovely kids
I think my minds messed up, I'll flip my lid

I'm mister average, I lost my job
And the kids all scream, and the wife's a snob
And my beautiful wife's got a brand new friend
And I think that he's been in my bed
I lost my beautiful wife, two lovely kids
And now I'm all messed up, I'll flip my lid
I lost my beautiful wife, two lovely kids
And now I'm all messed up, I'll flip my lid

I'm mister average, I've got a knife
And I'm all screwed up, and tonight's the night
And the perfect (?), (?) dynamite
And you better not (?) till your in my sights
I killed my beautiful wife, two lovely kids
My mind is all messed up, I can't forgive
I killed my beautiful wife, and lovely kids
My mind is all messed up, I can't forgive

I'm mister average, I live next door
A psycho killer, and I'm gonna kill more
Out of control, my raising gun
No beautiful wife and kids no more
I'm mister average, I hate myself
I'm in control, out of control
I can't think straight, (?)
I killed my beautiful wife, two happy kids
I lost control, I can't forgive

I'm mister average, I live next door
A psycho killer, and I'm gonna kill more
My mind's made up, (?) straight
Out of control, I'm full of hate
I'm mister average, I live next door
I'll self-destruct, can't take no more
My mind's made up, I've gotta live
I've gotta kill, I can't forgive
I'm mister average, I live next door
A company man, I wash the car
I love my wife, I hate my wife
I love my job, I hate my life
I love my boss, I hate my life
I love my kids, I hate my life
I love myself, I hate my life
I hate myself, I love my life

I'm mister average, I live right next door
A company man, I drive a company car
I've got a beautiful wife, and two lovely kids
A bit of an ambitious man, always fight to win
I'm mister average, a family man

Sorry that we've kept you
What can we do for you
Sorry about the delay
But can you come back Friday

Got your N.I. number
We've been snowed under
Full name and full address
Can't you see we're hard pressed

They don't care about you
It doesn't matter what you do
Don't matter if it's true
Sorry we can't help you

Fill another form in
We'll put it in the dustbin
Kids are all in bad health?
Sorry but we can't help

Sorry! Like hell
I've nothing left to sell
Four weeks and still no cash
And there's no help from the nash

Stay Away From Me
You can hide, swallow pride
You can run, kill for fun
Life seems clear, death is near
Laugh inside, pain's your bride

Time with rope, give false hope
Reaper's side, ends all lives
Loss of breathe, no disgrace
Time is here, kill all fear

You can hide, hate's inside
You can run, life's no fun
No more fear, death is hear
One more ride, suicide

Terrorist Gang
Terrorist gang blowing up the countryside
Terrorist gang not caring how many die
Terrorist gang killing without thought
Terrorist gang always running never caught

Terrorist gang always seem to make the news
Terrorist gang murder people everyday
Terrorist gang fill everyone with fear
Terrorist gang don't want those bastards here

Terrorist gang blow up everything in sight
Terrorist gang kill all day kill all night
Terrorist gang think they're just like you and me
Terrorist gang that's not what we want to be

Terrorist gang always seem to make the news
Terrorist gang using murder to show their views
Terrorist gang bullet hole through the head
Terrorist gang shoot those bastards dead

Twisted Mind
I live here with my mummy
She doesn't move no more
I think she must be sleeping
I left her on the floor
She slept there for a long time,
She's getting very thin
Black holes where her eyes should be,
The flies are crawling

I cut their arms and legs off
And cut up all the rest

I thought my mum was pining
Because daddy went away
So I went down to his gravesite
And dug him up one day
I laid him down with mummy
Together on the floor
Went back to the graveyard
And got a couple more

Sat them round the table
Then took one up to bed
Played my naughty game
Then she lost her head

I've got to tie you up
Cause you'll only run away
And then when you stop crying
We can start to play
I know that you don't like me
But I don't really mind
Call me lots of names
And that's not very kind
I think you're very pretty
I'm very glad you came
But I think you'll look better
When we play the punching game

Thought my mum was sad
Cause my daddy went away
So I went up to the graveyard
And dug him up one day
I laid him down with mummy
Together on the floor
Then I went up to the graveyard
And got a couple more
I've got to tie them up
In case they run away
And then when you stop crying
We can start to play

Twisted mind don't feel no pain
Twisted mind kill again
Twisted mind ain't got no fear
Twisted mind I'm feeling glad that you're here

The Ultimate High
The ultimate ride, the ultimate high.
I wanna reach up and touch the sky.
Your mind's a mist, can't take the pace,
Your brain's behind in second place.

A group of friends, the adrenaline flows.
The pressure's on, will your bottle go.
Round and round you wait your turn.
It's getting close, your stomach churns.
One deep breath and take the plunge,

Now your playing with a loaded gun.
Time is lost you've reached the top.
You're coming down, but you can't stop.
Reach for help but no one's there.

Gotta get out gotta get some air.
Can't turn back it's all one way.
And you're the one who's gonna pay.
Cos the day is coming, when the time seems right,
And the pressure's all on you

The time is coming when the end's in sight,
What are you going to do.
Ride for kicks, ride for kicks,
Ride for kicks, ride for fun.
Die for kicks, die for kicks,
Die for kicks, die for fun.

You didn't want me anymore,
Didn't need my anymore
You just didn't give a damn
Where were you when I needed you
When I was nearly through
You just stood there and you laughed

Now you've gone forever
Valerie, you're so mean to me
Shall I swear, pull my hair
Yet I love you still

I would come walking home at night
Cause I couldn't stand nor fight
You would kick me when I was down
I would just wake up feeling fine
Couldn't walk the thin line
I just looked and I smiled

Soon I began to cuss you out
You just took me for a lout
But then I pulled you straight
Get out and leave my life alone
I am better on my own
Ridiculed forever

In the cobblers gleaming new
Made to measure just for you
Takes you weeks to save the pile
But in the end it's all worth while

Warboots warboots crush and grind
Warboots warboots one track mind
Warboots warboots crush and grind

When you've got them on your feet
And you are cruising in the street
No one dares stand in your way
If they do they're going to pay

Rubber hand in iron glove
Christen in another's blood
Doesn't matter about the cause
Life's the same it always was

Warboots warboots ten feet tall
Warboots warboots never fall
Warboots warboots stomp and pound
Warboots warboots give no ground
Warboots warboots iron glove
Warboots warboots crush and grind

You come to me, in my cell alone.
Try something new, then you can go home.
Just come with me, come now little boy.
We'll wind you up, a little clockwork toy.

I'm led away, they gave something to me.
How do you feel, are you OK sonny?
Where am I going, got things to show me.
Just sit there young man, watch the big screen.

No more Ludwig van, devilish trombones.
Errors of my ways, left me all alone.
Bog help me please, no more Ode to Joy.
You wound me up, your little clockwork toy.

You try to probe my mind, and wired me to machines.
I can't close my eyes, I can't dream.
The sickness that I feel, at all the things I see.
I want to close my eyes, I want to scream


Clockwork Legion T-shirt
Clockwork Heroes patch featured in a Russian magazine 9/05

Clockwork Legion LP cover tattoo on a fans' back!


Alphabetical list of all their songs and covers.

(Standing on the) Sidelines
(They're Gonna) Kick To Kill
Alternative Ulster
Bad Company
The Band Played On
Better Off Without You
Black and White
Blitzkrieg Bop
Borstal Breakout
Brides of the Beast
Classified Information
A Clockwork Legion 1. Intro
A Clockwork Legion 2. The March
Clockwork Toys
Cue the Dead
Déja Vu
Fight to Win
Gang Warfare
Get Ready (Dub)
Ghost in My House
The Glorious 9th
Headline Story
Hokey Cokey
In the World Today
Joy Rider
Last Night
Last Rough Cause
Leaders of Tomorrow
The Man on the Wall
Middle Class Entertainment
Mr. Nobody
Outta Control
People Like You
Representation Not Reality
Self Appointed Hero
Sherwood Rangers
Stay Away from Me
Step by Step
Suzy Is a Headbanger
Terrorist Gang
That's You
Twisted Mind
The Ultimate High
Wasted Life
Wasted Years
White Riot
Your Worst Enemy

Tour Dates


Location Venue
1977 Skerne Park Youth Club UK
1977 Skerne Park Youth Club UK
1977 Skerne Park Youth Club UK
1979 Darlington UK
11/81 London UK
11/81 Middlesborough UK
11/81 Glasgow UK
11/81 Birmingham UK
11/81 Norwich UK
11/81 Manchester UK
11/81 Brighton UK
3/23/96 Munich, Germany Charterhalle
2002 East Coast USA NY, PA
2002 Philadelphia Show cancelled halfway through due to violence.

The band is no longer touring, so there are no forthcoming dates.

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