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    The Lower Class Brats (LCB) are a Clockwork Street Punk band who came out of Austin TX in late 1994 to fill the void of the lack of punk in their area. Their name came not from ACO, but from the liner notes of "Germacide" by punk legends The Germs.  They have a great classic punk sound something like Black Flag, Ramones & The Misfits music meets Sex Pistols vocals with a heavy ACO influence in the lyrics of a few songs. Their mascot drawn by singer Bones DeLarge (not his real name) is a skull with long eyelashes, bowler had and eyeball t-shirt like Alex wore affectionately called "Droog Skull". Two of their mottos are "Come on Droogies" and "Sex, Droogs and Rock and Roll". These kind of things appear on most of their memorabilia like t-shirts, posters and buttons. Even better is a shirt they have for the song "Ultra-Violence". It parodies the classic ACO poster and features Alex holding a beer - the logo above is from that shirt. The singer and bassist have also adopted the trademark bowler hat on stage.
    Bones was born in 1970 and only a young punk when he became inspired by seeing The Adicts in 1983 at age 13 to get into ACO and become a Clockwork Punk. LCB have even had the chance to do shows with them. He has paid his dues by even doing a stint in prison that he doesn't like to talk about. 
    They band is heavily tattooed with Bones in the lead with the most ACO ones. He has Alex's bloody eyeballs tattooed on his arms, "Droogs" on his stomach, Alex's prison number 6655321 on his arm, the gear eyed Hat book cover on his back, a peeling orange on his side and a voodoo droog on his leg. Marty has the Droog Skull and clockwork gears, EVO has a gear and a zombie Alex. Joey has the Deface the Music cover on his arm.
    Like any punk punk band worth their weight they have released many 7"s. They have four full length releases that can be found on CD - "Rather be Hated than Ignored" from 1998, "The Plot Sickens" from 2000, "A Class Of Our Own" from 2003 and "The New Seditionaries" in 2006. All are kick ass modern punk classics. Great crunching raw guitar sounds and angry vocals with catchy hooks. 
    In 2003 they updated their website to include an ACO related intro complete with music from the soundtrack, classic nadsat phrases and everything in an ACO font. After five years of the same lineup of Bones (Vocals), Marty (Guitar) and Rick (Bass) and Rob Brat (Drums) things finally came to an end. Rick left the band and was replaced by Houston Richardson. Rick came back a year later, but Rob was in an accident and could no longer play so he was replaced by Leather Boy. He was replaced soon after by Brad Strap On then by Mike Brat. Rick left and was replaced by Ry Nauseous who was replaced EVO in early 2003. Mike Brat left in June 2004 for his sanity and was replaced with Johnny Psycho who unfortunately couldn't leave the Austin area. For the Fall 2004 tour he was replaced with Cheap Sex drummer Gabe Sex. In 2005 they hit Europe and Canada. For the Death Race 2005 tour Johnny Psycho had to be let go because of his criminal record and was replaced by Clay an ex-bandmate of EVO's who also designed some of the graphics on their merchandise. In 2005 they ran up a bill on their website and couldn't afford to pay it anymore and the domain was soon taken over. To replace it they made a myspace page into their official site.
    They released a new CD and two 7"s in 2006 with short tours. One of the tracks is an instrumental described as "dark and brooding with an old piano like There's a Difference." They also released their fist CD/DVD combo in early 07 originally called Loud N’ Outta Tune. In early 08 they released their first pure DVD called This is Real with a bonus CD and soon after Clay left the band. After tryouts Joey replaced him. EVO's work commitments caused him to miss tours in 08 and Jonny O from Cheap Sex filled his position.

The current lineup is:
Bones DeLarge - Vocals
Marty Volume - Guitar
Jonny O - Bass
Joey the Kid - Drums



Format Year Notes/Songs
Working Class Punk Demo Tape 1995 Self Released - 200 copies
4 songs
Who Writes Your Rules EP 7" 1995 Helen of Oi! UK HOO26
1500 black vinyl
1. Who Writes Your Rules?
2. Safety Pinned and Sick
3. Riot in Hyde Park
4. Do it Again
LCB/Reducers SF split 7" 1996 Pair-O-Docs Records POD001
800 Black vinyl
200 White vinyl
1. Ultra Violence
2. Start the Night
A Wrench in the Gear 7" 1996 Helen of Oi! UK HOO30 
1500 black vinyl
1. Background Music
2. Who Controls the Media
LCB/Dead End Cruisers split 7" 1996 Second to None Records STN001
500 Blue vinyl
1. Addicted to Oi!
2. Who Do They Save?
Punks, Skins, Herberts & Hooligans 12" 4/97 Punk Core PC002
1000 Black vinyl/1st 200 w/#'d color insert
200 defective copies were returned
1. Bite the Bullet
2. Process of Weeding Out
3. Working Class Protest
4. Orphans Don't Run
5. Russian Roulette
LCB/Templars split 7" 1998 TKO Records Round4
800 Black vinyl
500 Picture Disc
200 Orange vinyl
1. We Can't Be Beaten (Rose Tattoo Cover)
Primary Reinforcement 12" 1998 Combat Rock France - 1000 Black Vinyl 
1st 500 B/W Cover
2nd 500 Blue Cover w/pink For Export Only sticker
1. Who Writes Your Rules
2. Safety Pinned and Sick
3. Riot in Hyde Park
4. Do It Again
5. Ultra Violence
6. Start the Night
7. Background Music
8. Who Controls the Media
Rather Be Hated Than Ignored LP/CD 1998 CD - G.M.M. w/LCB in white
Picture Disc PicLP13 - 1000 Numbered  w/lyric poster 12/01
CD - Punk Core PC13 - 5/01 w/LCB in green
1. Who Writes Your Rules (For Rebellion)
2. Do It Again
3. There's a Difference
4. Background Music
5. Orphans Don't Run
6. Start The Night
7. Ultra-Violence
8. Safety Pinned & Sick
9. Addicted to Oi!
10. The Process
11. Bite the Bullet
12. Clockwork Fuse
Live in Austin, TX 98 VHS 1998 ?
Psycho 7" 1999 Combat Rock CR040 
1500 Black vinyl
1st 100 w/#'d insert
1. Psycho
2. Situations
3. Rather Be Hated
Glam Bastard 7" 1999 TKO Round23
1800 Black vinyl
200 Orange vinyl w/#'d color poster
1. Glam Bastard
2. Live for Today (The Sweet Cover)
The Plot Sickens LP/CD 6/00 Punk Core 07CD
1600 Black vinyl - 800 each print
200 Burgundy vinyl - 2nd print
148 Grey-green splatter vinyl - 1st print
CD w/12 page full color booklet & CD-ROM footage
1. Airwave Raid
2. Insult to Injury
3. Chaos, Riot and Ruin
4. Not for Sale
5. Who Controls the Media?
6. Sex and Violence
7. Psycho
8. Beat of a Different Drum
9. Molotov
10. Glam Bastard
11. Hand We're Dealt
12. Zipper Kids
13. Rather Be Hated
1. Beat of Different Drum (Live Video)
2. Orphans Don't Run (Live Video)
Deface the Music 7" 10/02 Punk Core PC25
2 sided lyric insert
800 Black vinyl
100 Purple vinyl
100 Clear vinyl
1. Just Like Clockwork (Demo)
2. Rabid Dog
3. Breakaway (Tracey Ullman cover)
Real Punk is an Endangered Species - The Clockwork Singles Collection CD 8/03 Punk Core PC29 CD Only - 1st nine 7" singles
Booklet with lyrics, discography and liner notes.
1. Who Writes Your Rules
2. Safety Pinned and Sick
3. Riot in Hyde Park
4. Do it Again
5. Ultra Violence
6. Start the Night
7. Background Music
8. Who Controls the Media
9. Addicted to Oi!
10. Who Do They Save?
11. Bite the Bullet
12. Process of Weeding Out
13. Working Class Protest
14. Orphans Don't Run
15. Russian Roulette
16. We Can't Be Beaten
17. Psycho
18. Situations
19. Rather Be Hated
20. Glam Bastard
21. Live for Today
22. Just Like Clockwork
23. Rabid Dog
24. Breakaway
A Class of Our Own LP/CD 9/03 Punk Core PC31 LP/CD w/color booklet or insert
800 Black vinyl
100 Half orange & white vinyl
100 White blood splattered vinyl
1. Golden Boy
2. No Doves Fly Here
3. Just Like Clockwork
4. Our Dignity
5. Standard Issue
6. Go All the Way
7. Loser's Club
8. I Don't Wanna
9. LCB Roadcrew
10. Barbie Dolls
11. Dance (Until You Drop) Defects Cover
12. Shot Up, Shot Down
The Worst EP 7" 2004 Dirty Punk Records France 
1500 Green & White Splatter w/insert
1. The Worst
2. Walking into the Fire
LCB Rule O.K.! DVD 2004 Psycho DVD #2
1. Bite the Bullet
2. Standard Issue
3. Do it Again
4. Orphans Don't Run
5. Just Like Clockwork
6. LCB Roadcrew
7. Psycho
8. Background Music
9. Who Writes Your Rules
10. Shot up, Shot Down
11. Sex & Violence
12. Interview
13. What Love is
14. Ultra-Violence
15. Who Controls the Media?
I'm a Mess 7" 3/06 T.S.O.R. Records
Black vinyl w/insert
1. I'm a Mess
2. Don't Care About Me
3. Two in the Heart
LCB/Chelsea split 7" 3/06 TKO Records
500 Red/Clear yellow splatter w/insert
1. Two in the Heart
The New Seditionaries CD/LP 9/5/06 CD - TKO Records - Round 155
LP - Dirty Punk Records DPR 022 (Black Vinyl)
1. Go Insane 
2. New Seditionaries 
3. P.G.L. 
4. I'm a Mess 
5. Don't Care About Me 
6. Lip Music 
7. See You Go 
8. Fools 
9. The Worst 
10. (Cat's Clause) 
11. Beware 
12. Two in the Heart 
13. Walking into the Fire
Live!!! Loud and Out of Tune CD/DVD 3/20/07 TKO Records - Round 172
CD Live at The Allen Theater - Southgate, CA 7/28/06
1. Ultra-Violence
2. Airwave Raid
3. Bite the Bullet
4. Sex and Violence
5. Standard Issue
6. Rather Be Hated than Ignored
7. Clockwork Fuse
8. I'm a Mess
9. Psycho
10. No Doves Fly Here
11. Who Writes Your Rules?
12. Chaos, Riot & Ruin
13. Addicted to Oi!
14. Bullet (Misifts)
15. Just Like Clockwork
16. Safety Pinned and Sick
17. Orphans Don't Run
DVD Live at El Corazon - Seattle, WA 5/4/05
1. Start the Night
2. Do it Again
3. Airwave Raid
4. Bite the Bullet
5. Golden Boy
6. Orphans Don't Run
7. Who Writes Your Rules?
8. Sex and Violence
9. Psycho
10. Beat on the Brat (Ramones)
11. Who Controls the Media?
12. Addicted to Oi!
13. Ultra-Violence
This is Real! DVD/CD 7/22/08 TKO Records TV006
1. A documentary offering a candid view into life on the road providing a band's eye view on stage, backstage, in the van, after parties, all this and more
2. Live at the Blue Flamingo - Austin, TX 1996
3. Just Like Clockwork documentary excerpt
4. Live at Bonjangles - Sacramento, CA 1997
5. Band Commentary
6. Just Like Clockwork video
7. Band interview
CD - Demos & Outtakes
1. The Worst 
2. Don't Care About You 
3. Two in the Heart
4. I'm a Mess 
5. Ultra-Violence '05
6. New Seditionaries
7.  See You Go  
8. Go Insane 
9. P.G.L. 
10. Lip Music 
New Album CD 2009 ?



Format Year Label/Song(s)
Don't Pogo in the Living Room CD 1996 Pogo Stick - Orphans Don't Run
Cashing in On Christmas CD 1996 The Drinking Song (Gonads cover)
Punx Unite Vol. 1 LP/CD 1998 Charged - Who Do They Save?
Skins 'N' Pins CD 1999 GMM - There's A Difference
Punch Drunk CD 1999 TKO - Live For Today
Streetpunk '99 - Live CD 1999 Orphans Don't Run/Bite the Bullet
100% Punk Rock Vol. 2 CD 1999 Who Writes Your Rules/Rather Be Hated
7" of the First Era Vol. 2 LP 1999 Who Writes Your Rules/Wrench in the Gear
Never Mind the Sex Pistols CD 2000 Radical - Belsen Was a Gas
Cheap Shots & Low Blows V1 CD 2001 TKO - We Can't Be Beaten
Sound of Rebellion Vol. 2 CD 2001 Chaos Riot & Ruin/Runnin' Riot/Orphans Don't Run
All That's Left After the Puking CD 2001 Breakaway/Who Controls The Media (Live)
Punk Core Records Sampler #1 CD 2002 Just Like Clockwork/Airwave Raid/Ultra-Violence
AMP Magazine Presents: V2 - Street Punk CD 2004 Just Like Clockwork
Rockin' Bones Videozine V3 DVD 2005 Live clip


The interviews are long so they are on their own page.
Joey the Kid in Philadelphia 7/13/08 | Marty in Philadelphia 7/13/08 | Bones and EVO CBGB 6/9/05 | EVO North Carolina 11/24/04 | Bones 11/24/04 | Bones in PA 3/15/03


In order of release. ACO related in bold

Who Writes Your Rules 7"

Who Writes Your Rules
They come in droves trying to look mean
Fake blue dreads & they're wearing baggy jeans
They think they're cool, they think they're tough
But we know better, they're just pups

Who writes your rules for rebellion?
You'll buy anything that they're sellin'
Who writes your rules, who writes your rules?
Who writes your rules for rebellion?

Standing on the streets begging for my loot
I won't give you nothing except for my boot
Scream "Fuck the system" you're the systems tool
Look at yourself man you're lookin' at a fool

You're trendy fucks, you're hippies with spikes
You're everything I hate & nothing I like
You know everything & you're only 16
Claim to be punks but you don't support the scene

Safety Pinned and Sick
People come up to me every day
They ask me why I dress this way
They don't know what to say
When I spit on them & walk away

I wanna stay safety pinned
Safety pinned & sick
Safety pinned &...

Guess I've always lived on the run
Lived my life like a loaded gun
With a quest to have fun
Guess I'm just a terminal orphan

Riot in Hyde Park
43rd & Speedway's goin' up in flames
The kids are pissed, they're not playing games
Lefty hippies in brand new cars
Get in line, we're givin' out scars

You better lock your doors after dark
The kid's are about to make their mark
Wildfires burn from a spark
Let's go start a riot in Hyde Park
I'm lookin' for a riot in Hyde Park

Don't fight back or you will lose
We're taking over the avenues
Runnin' down Duval we all will meet
Tonight's the night we take to the streets

They're lining the backstreets of Ridgetop
Hiding in the shadows away from the cops
Bats in their hands & clenched fists
They're getting pissed in West Campus

You better lock your doors after dark
The kid's are about to make their mark
Wildfires burn from a spark
Let's go start a riot in Hyde Park
I'm lookin' for a riot in Hyde Park

Do it Again
Let's go out & cause some trouble
You're among friends so don't be humble
Let's go live life on the edge
And not give a shit what anyone says

Smash it up
Break it down
Turn it on
Spin it around
Throw it sideways
Pull it in
Push it out
Let's do it again

Let's go out & speak our minds
Let's lead the pack & not fall behind
We'll always stand up tall & straight
Feed off our pride & not our hate

Ultra-Violence 7"

(There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie and Dim and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening.)
Four young strong chellovecks
Fighting hard for their kicks
Come on down, have a drink on us
A nice tall glass of Moloko Plus.

Now it's time for a bit of the old
Now it's time for a bit of the old

Let's go out and take a ride,
In my Durango-95,
I know just the place to go,
Everything's gonna be real horrorshow


I think I need some ol' in-out,
I need to find a devotchka now,
Before you know it your life is torn,
When you live in a Clockwork Orange

(What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs
and lashings of the old ultra-violent.)


The ACO samples were removed on the CD release.

Start the Night
I just spent eight hours in hell
Just to attempt to pay my bills
And I can't seem to take it anymore
My feet hurt, my back is bent
Just to attempt to pay my rent
But they'll never drag me to the floor

Come on down now
Let's hang out 
I feel all right
Come on down now
Let's hang out
Let's start the night

I'll tell my boss to kiss my ass
A middle finger from the working class
Then tell him I demand a raise
We've all been down that road before
For $5 an hour, you're a whore
But the day is done so let's go out and play

Come on down now
Let's hang out 
I feel all right
Come on down now
Let's hang out
Let's start the night

A Wrench in the Gear 7"

Background Music
Kids on the streets doin' what we do best
Runnin' rampant & lookin' sharp, leaving fuck all for the rest
Killin' time with a bottle in each hand
Don't you know it's us, we're gonna run this land

Skins & Punks, a runnin' riot on the streets
Skins & Punks, knowin' we can't be beat
Skins & Punks, we're always gettin' the blame
Skins & Punks, we're all in the same

We're not playing background music for all your fuckin' fights
If we wanna go anywhere we gotta learn to unite
We're all here for the same reason, Oi! Oi! havin' a laugh
We've gotta start movin' forward, not be knocked back in the past

Skins & Punks, a runnin' riot on the streets
Skins & Punks, knowin' we can't be beat
Skins & Punks, we're always gettin' the blame
Skins & Punks, we're all in the same

Who Controls The Media
You have held us down for so long
everything you wrote, it was wrong
you can't even look us in the eyes
while your headlines scream out pompous lies

Who controls the media
I want my say...

I'm proud to be a part of what you hate
the upper-middle class just can't relate
I don't really have much in my life
but you can never take away my pride

Punk is big, now you sing a different song
Why can't you just admit you're wrong
But streetpunk you still ignore
You're just as bad as the bands you implore

Dead End Cruisers Split 7"

Addicted to Oi!
You know, everyone we know
They all have their own drug
Mine just happens to be punk music

Cuz, I, I, I
I'm addicted to Oi!
I'm addicted to it

With it I leave my troubles behind
My problems are all gone
I just scream & shout with my mates
And pogo all night long

If you think you can handle this
Come with us you've made a friend
Cuz we're the youth & these are the streets
And it will never end

Cuz, I, I, I
I'm addicted to Oi!
I'm addicted to it

Who Do They Save?
Who do they save
Tell me what is good for me
I need to see the light
Teach me how to hug a tree
And save me from the right
Tell me that your better than me
And welfare is theft
Teach me how to sieg heil
And save me from the left

Left and right it's all the same
I won't play your politics game
Who the fuck do they save
When they make us the systems' slave

Rocks and bottles, guns and bricks
I'll stand up and fight
But not for fucking slogans
From the left or from the right
Politics is the enemy
And justice is the goal
Anger is my weapon
And a soldier is my role

Punks, Skins, Herberts & Hooligans 12"

Bite the Bullet
When your feelin' down
For you I'll be around
It's not hard to see
To believe in solidarity
Cuz you're my friend
You are my family
Sometimes life is strange
And you get rearranged
And when you're in the brink
You gotta stop and think
You better start swimmin' man
Or your gonna sink
Money ain't heaven sent
When you can't pay your rent
There's one thing you know is true
There's one thing you gotta do
That's bite the bullet
And we'll see it through

Process of Weeding Out
When your boss wants to give you the boot
Goddamn fucker that wear the suit
There ain't one that's good on this earth
Cuz they never wanna pay what you're worth

And it's called the process
The process of weeding out
It makes me wanna fuckin' scream
And it makes me wanna shout

Life's too short
To be treated like shit
So you stand up & scream "Fuck you, I quit"
Now looking for a job puts you in the wrong
But that's what the bastard wanted all along

And it's called the process
The process of weeding out
It makes me wanna fuckin' scream
And it makes me wanna shout

Working Class Protest
Working Class Protest
Nothing more, nothing less

Orphans Don't Run
They laugh at us when we
Walk down the streets
Ten of them with weapons
Man we're gonna get beat because

Orphans don't run from no one
That's what we say
Orphans don't run from no one
We ain't going away

When you come into our parts
You better watch your step
We just hang out & get drunk
Bur man we've got a rep. because

Orphans don't run from no one
That's what we say
Orphans don't run from no one
We ain't going away

Get into a rumble and
Someone's gonna get hurt
It might end up being us
But we gotta protect our turf because

Orphans don't run from no one
That's what we say
Orphans don't run from no one
We ain't going away

Russian Roulette

Templars Split 7"

We Can't Be Beaten

Rather Be Hated Than Ignored

There's a Difference
You're always talking at me
I can't hear what your saying
You say you know all the songs
But you don't know what we're playing
You say that you "hear" me
But you never listen
You say you've seen it all
But there's a lot your missing

TV Punks you know all About
Who prance around shout
Picture perfect post card bums
who know how to pout
There's 20 years of music
You'll never understand
You just wanna be a singer in an alternative band

You write your critiques about us
But you never read
You think it's dead and dried up
Cuz you weren't willing to bleed
You want to be one of us
But you never will
You want to understand
But deep waters are still

Clockwork Fuse
Got my bowler on, I feel so fine
We've been waiting for a long time
Steel cap boots and a smirk on my face
Out of our way, we're tearing down this place
We ain't got a lot to lose

We're just another clockwork fuse
Light us up and take the abuse
I'm with my friends and I feel all right
Gotta get ready to start the night
If you look, you'll find us here
We'll be the ones with the wrench in the gear
We ain't got a lot to lose
Light us up and take the abuse

We're just another clockwork fuse
Light us up and take the abuse

Psycho 7"

Well I'm not anti-anything
Everything's anti-me
When I get pushed, I shove back
And they call me crazy

P.S.Y.C.H.O. (3x) - I'm a fucking psycho!
P.S.Y.C.H.O. (3x) - Come on droogies here we go

My moods are always changing
They say it's my mishap brain
In this asylum they call earth
They call me insane

P.S.Y.C.H.O. (3x) - I'm a fucking psycho!
P.S.Y.C.H.O. (3x) - Come on droogies here we go

Lock me up from the outside world
They say what I've done is bad
They put me in a straight jacket
They say I've gone mad

I saw you down at James Bar
I thought you were some kind of movie star
You got that look that turns me on
I want to dance but you're dancing with John

Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation
Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation

I went home and I laid in my bed
You and John going round in my head
You've done this once yeah once before
You swear to god you won't do it no more

Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation
Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation

I saw you down in Times Square
You and John just hanging round there
My hate for him my love for you
Situation just don't know what to do

Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation
Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation

Rather Be Hated
Pain is temporary, glory is forever
We all know chicks dig scars
I've done my time with  broken bottles
And been kicked out of my share of bars
We've been ridiculed and criticized
For doing things our own way
But we won't back down, we'll stand strong
So get the fuck out of our way

We'll live and we'll die by the L.C.B. Army (4x)

People talk shit for no reason at all
But what the fuck do they know
You don't like me stay the fuck away from our show
We've got the army, they've got the spirit
When they crowd around the dance floor
The Army knows as well as we do
We'd rather be hated than ignored

We'll live and we'll die by the L.C.B. Army (8x)

People talk shit for no reason at all
But what the fuck do they know
You don't like me stay the fuck away from our show
We've got the army, they've got the spirit
When they crowd around the dance floor
The Army knows as well as we do
We'd rather be hated than ignored

We'll live and we'll die by the L.C.B. Army (4x)

Glam Bastard 7"

Glam Bastard
I'm in a bubblegum town on a Saturday night
I'm a superyob standing in a rosie-red light
Baby you're looking so nice tonight
So lovely, oh so neat
Love the way you lie, do you charge a fee, fee

Go! Go! Go! Go Glam Bastard! (2x)

Baby your glitter paint's so absurd
Maybe someday you'll dance on 43rd
But your teenage rampage I've overheard
Was gone twenty years ago
You're looking so tired, so used and so old

You Bastard!

Star-studded sham
Gold-plated cheap
Diamond-studded fake
Sham! Cheap! Fake! (2x)
Chorus (4x)

Live for Today
They thought you were crazy
When you took a walk right through their door
They don't know the reasons
You just couldn't take it anymore

The lies that the told you
And the times that they sold you
And the lies

Live for today
Don't need no boundaries
Don't want no witnesses
Live for today
Gotta throw the rules away
You gotta! gotta! gotta! (1st time only)

Got to the big city
Spending your life in their charade
Still feeling phony
This musical masquerade has gone too fucking far

You sold your clothes
And now it's gone up your nose
And you, well you pose


The Plot Sickens LP

Airwave Raid
I can't seem to get the signal I need
I think my radio's broken
There was a time it played so loud
And the speakers they were smoking
But time moves on, that music is gone
We got a new guitar attack
The airwaves were made for rock n' roll fucker
And were gonna take 'em back

It's a a a a an airwave raid (4x)

Don't need your rap or hip hop crap
Alternative, disco, funk
You retro fucks are boring cunts
And you're still afraid to play the junk
Their filthy lucre bought the number one spot
So I never even got a vote
You know real punk's an endangered species
Gonna shove it down your throat

It's a a a a an airwave raid (4x)

All that garbage that's on the radio, that's what it is, it's just garbage
I mean kids are just eating it up, it's just deteriorating their brains
It's turning it into Styrofoam inside their heads
They're not thinking, they're not doing any thinking at all

It's a a a a an airwave raid (4x)

I can't seem to get the signal I need
I think my radio's broken
There was a time it played so loud
And the speakers they were smoking
But time moves on, that music is gone
We got a new guitar attack
The airwaves were made for rock n' roll fucker
And were gonna take 'em back

It's a a an airwave raid (4x)

Insult To Injury
I see your lips movin', but I hear nothin'
Please excuse me, did you say somethin'?
Keep on talkin', but your words escape me
Is your ego that big or are you just afraid of me

I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury and me
I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury

I'll treat you like shit when you're feelin' down
And give you a kick when you're on the ground
You try your best to act so tough 
But your best ain't good enough for me

I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury and me
I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury

You try your best to act so tough 
But your best ain't good enough for me
I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury and me
I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury

Chaos, Riot and Ruin
As I viddy past my years
When all the droogs we're go
There was me your humble narrator

The others decorate the show

Now I'm haunted by ghosts from the past
Where did they go
Was it me or my imagination
Cuz I'm all alone

Crash and burn, search and destroy,
Chaos, Riot and ruin
Explosive minds for boring times
This will be our theme song

My glazzies are all glazed real zombie-like
From the horrorshow jobs we've done

We have arrived O my brothers at Chapter 21

Not For Sale
You can buy all the studs and spikes
That you could possibly wear
Bondage pants, steel-cap boots
And a head of spiky hair
Safety pins in your ears
And a brand new leather vest
But there's one thing you could never buy
And it makes you like the rest

Cuz they could never sell my vengeance
And they'll never sell my strife
They could never sell my passion
It cuts like a knife, knife, knife, knife

They can't put a price on angst
Or the fever of the youth
Hang their lies in the local mall
And sell 'em as the truth
It's a commodity they can't buy
They're swine, drunk on greed
It blows their mind to see them think
That they can market integrity

Cuz they could never sell my vengeance
And they'll never sell my strife
They could never sell my passion
It cuts like a knife, knife, knife, knife

Not for sale (7x)
Not for fucking sale!
You fucking ass. Fuck you!

Who Controls the Media?
You have held us down for so long,
Everything you said, it was wrong,
You can't even look us in the eyes,
While your headlines scream out pompous lies.

I want my say, say, say, say, say, say!
Who controls the media? (4x)
I want my say, say, say, say, say, say!
Who controls the media? (4x)

I'm proud to be a part of what you hate,
The upper-middle class just can't relate,
I really don't have much in my life,
But you can never take away my pride.

Punk is big, now you sing a different song,
Why can't you just admit you're wrong,
But streetpunk you still ignore,
You're just as bad as the bands you implore

Sex and Violence
Sex Sex Violence, oh yeah oh (2x)
Oh yeah oh (2x)

Beat of a Different Drum
When I was a younger lad they said "follow me"
Imagine all the peace you'll find in conformity
Now that I'm older, I'm more self-assured
I march to a beat of a different drum
A beat you've never heard.

Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat.
The beat of a different drum
Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat
The beat of a different drum.

You can lead a horse to water
But you cant make it drink
You can lead a human by the nose
But you cant make him think
I may be lost sometimes
But I'll never follow anyone
I'll always march to the beat
The beat of a different drum

Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat.
The beat of a different drum
Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat
The beat of a different drum.
1 2 3 4

You say that we're cliché, just a passing trend
I say your afraid of our beat, afraid to be our friend
I'll stand and fight, I wont run never go out of style
I'll lead the pack, wont fall back I'll go the extra mile

Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat.
The beat of a different drum
A different drum.

Here I sit with a molotov in my hand
Don't you think it's time to take a stand?

What's your price to be free?
Why can't you open your eyes and fucking see?
Why do you sit there and cry?
How long are you gonna live your fucking lie?

It's not too late to stop this oppressive state
You've signed and sealed your own fucking fate

What's your price to be free?
Why can't you open your eyes and fucking see?
Why do you sit there and cry?
How long are you gonna live your fucking lie?

They've torn you apart with their metal claws
They've pissed in your wounds and bound you by the laws

What's your price to be free?
Why can't you open your eyes and fucking see?
Why do you sit there and cry?
How long are you gonna live your fucking lie?

Here I sit with a molotov in my hand (4x)

The Hand We're Dealt
Now we're growing up, my old friend
Never bothering to right our wrongs
All we've ever known was youth
Getting drunk and singing songs

But I'm the only one to blame
All my friends changed but I stayed the same
The hand we're dealt is often hard
I got stuck with the joker card
Never trust anyone over 30
Now how can we trust ourselves
Should we trade it all it for a suit
And put the rest of it on the shelf

All the doors that were open to you
They all got shut in my face
When I go back and try the knob
They're all locked firmly in place
Now I work a dead end job
Hey little rich boy take a look at me
I know I'm not living in paradise
But there's no place that I'd rather be

Zipper Kids
Right up there in front of the stage
You'll find the zipper girls
They're pissed, they're proud
Stay outta their way
Their heads are in a whirl
Livin' real life from day to day
These kids you can't unfurl
Make it a point to move aside
Watch your backs for the zipper girls

We're the zipper kids
Out to brave the night
We're the zipper kids
Ain't it a beautiful sight
We're the zipper kids
Gonna start a riot
We're the zipper kids
Ain't it a beautiful sight

Right up there in front of the stage
You'll find the zipper boys
They're pissed, they're proud
Stay outta their way
They're dancing to the punk rock noise
Livin' real life from day to day
These kids you can't exploit
Make it a point to move aside
Watch your backs for the zipper boys

Deface the Music 7"

Just Like Clockwork
It's cold and cloudy out tonight my friends
I know soon the rains will come again
If you got the big, big money - I've got the time
I don't go by your watch - I go by mine

Everything I do is just like clockwork
Society tells me that I'm wrong
Everything I do is just like clockwork
You'll remember me when I'm gone

Call me a sore on the face of humanity
I'm just a product of their social disease
The broken mind you gave has expired date
Use me like a lab rat correct your mistake

Rabid Dog
I never really stopped to think
Just how it all began
It seems to me my whole life
I've waited to be a man
People reinvent themselves
In many different ways
Some of them found religion
I found out crime pays

I'm a rabid dog
and I'm on the make
and I've been kicked to many times
for the chances that I take

You know I don't have to tell you
Most people are living lies
I can spot 'em a mile away
From the blackness in their eyes
I never really stopped to think
How much I've dealt with pain
You can get blood from a stone
But that blood always stains

I made my reservations, I'm leaving town tomorrow
I'll find somebody new and there'll be no more sorrow
That's what I say each time, but I never follow through
I can't breakaway, from you every time
I can't breakaway, now matter how I try
No I'll never never breakaway from you
No, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no.
I'll make that vow to myself, you and I are through
Nothing can change my mind; I'm sorry won't do
That's what I'll say each time, but I never follow through
I can't breakaway, from you every time
I can't breakaway, now matter how I try
No I'll never never breakaway from you
No, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no.
Even though you treat me bad, cruel words are spoken
You cast a spell on me that just can't be broken, no, no
I'll take your picture down and throw it away
There'll be no baby now, for you to call each day
That's what I say each time, but I never follow through
I can't breakaway, from you every time
I can't breakaway, now matter how I try
No I'll never never breakaway from you
No, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no.
Breakaway, breakaway, breakaway...
I can't breakaway oh oh oooh, I can't breakaway oh oh oooh
Oh yeah, oh die.

A Class Of Our Own LP

Golden Boy
My mother was a goddess
Sent from heaven above
My father was a derelict
Incapable of giving love
You know how they saying goes
That opposites attract
I ran with the life that they gave me
Never to look back

Cuz I am the golden boy
I will search and destroy
I am the golden boy
I'm golden

I'm the one your parents warned you of
I shine when I walk the streets
I can bring despair and pain
To the people that I meet
I can also lift you up
So you don't touch the ground
Watch you scream in ecstasy
When your hands and feet are bound

No Doves Fly Here
Out here after dark out in the streets
Never trust anyone that you meet
Bullets fly by and people scream
The lucky lie dead this ain't no dream

No, no, no doves fly here

Desperate kids take what you got
Doesn't really matter cuz it ain't a lot
Bomb all the dance halls watch the ravers die
No turning back from suicide

Just Like Clockwork

Our Dignity
The time is coming near
We thought you all should hear
That were not in the shadows anymore
We're standing side by side
We're ready to collide
I think you know what we've come for

We're taking back our dignity
Punks and skins back to the streets
We're taking back our dignity
Herberts and Hooligans never retreat

We wont be taken down
Always two feet on the ground
Unless were drunk and passed out on the floor
You best keep to yourself
Or well put you on the shelf
Don't come around- I think you know the score

Standard Issue
I've found myself a voice
I'm gonna use it baby
I've got a uniform
Gonna wear it tonight

Cuz I, I'm standard - I'm standard issue

You know I feel alright
I wanna go out tonight
My hair's cut just right
I'm gonna go out tonight

I've got nothing to say
I'm gonna say it loud
I wanna make you bad
Cuz I'm so proud

Go All the Way
You pub-crawl the bars and drink
Always push it to the brink
I watch the streets late at night
I see you get into fights

Aggro minds they start to swarm
They always crack and they don't warn
Don't let 'em push you around
Don't let 'em drag you down

Don't let 'em don't let 'em
Go all the way

Weakness is fading fast
Strength is gaining at last
Maybe its not too late
But you still feed off their hate

Losers Club
I remember high school
Man was it a bore
I remember being shut out
For the clothes I couldn't afford
And I recall being accused
Of things I'd never do
And I recall the photographs
That I never took of you's to the losers
Here's to me and you
Here's the losers
What are you gonna do

I remember being shunned
And being pushed aside
Singled out against the wall
And stripped of any pride
And I recall running away
From assholes just like you
Now it seems you're the only fucks
I ever run into

I Don't Wanna
I don't wanna work
I don't wanna sleep
I don't wanna stand on my own two feet
I don't wanna laugh
I don't wanna cry
I've set my emotions to the side

I don't wanna - I don't wanna
I don't wanna do anything

Cuz you're shit
And he's shit
Well, she's shit
We're all fucked

I don't wanna go
I don't wanna stay
I couldn't care less anyway
I don't wanna fuck
I don't wanna score
I don't wanna live my life no more

LCB Roadcrew
Baby, I've been around the world and back
So many cities I can't keep track
So many drugs, I can't remember
Another gig is another bender

Touring, touring, it's never boring
Pogo all night and party 'til the morning

Who could forget those Berlin nights
Those red light girls and Irish fights
From Polish skins in Czech pubs
To glassing crusties in Minnesota clubs

You know the girls they cum and go
There's whiskey on the bar and a pocket full of blow
I'll give you blood for a five dollar show
But that's what I do I gotta hit the road

Barbie Dolls
Your image of beauty is a bit askew
Brainwashing girls from the age of two
You airbrushed playmates don't turn me on
With collagen lips and silicone

Tear, tear the heads
Tear the heads off Barbie dolls

I would hate to have your plastic smile
All dressed up in the latest style
My dream girl ain't all satin and lace
She's a natural born angel with a dirty face

Dance (Until You Drop)
When you're down in screaming hell
A place that I see every night
Same familiar faces, always looking for a fight
Leery unchanged places, creating anarchy
Frustration from the other faces watching such insanity

Dance, dance, dance until you drop
You wanna dance, dance, dance until you drop
You're gonna dance, dance, dance until you drop
Dance, dance, dance until you drop

When you're down in screaming hell
A place that I see every night
Same familiar faces, always looking for a fight
Leery unchanged places, creating anarchy
Frustration from the other faces watching such insanity

Dance, dance, dance until you drop
You wanna dance, dance, dance until you drop
You're gonna dance, dance, dance until you drop
Dance, dance, dance until you drop
Dance, dance, dance until you drop
You wanna dance, dance, dance until you drop
You're gonna dance, dance, dance until you drop
Dance, dance, dance until you drop. Ahhh!!

Shot Up, Shot Down
Your innocence was sweet
It really knocked me off my feet
But you found another love
Now you dance to a dead beat
You say he numbs the pain
That warm rush through your vein
You crack a little smile
As you nod out again

You're shot, shot up and shot down

They can't hear you pout
They could never help you out
And no one understands
Why you're crying day in and day out
Feel your veins collapse
Your face is scarred from smoking crack
But you keep it alive
By making money on your back

The Worst EP

The Worst
You said that we came from nowhere, and we totally agreed
You said that we were a menace, and we'd never succeed
You said we weren't a pretty sight, and our future ain't so bright

We are the worst (the worst)
Vecks you've ever seen
We are the worst (the worst)
We're violent and obscene
We are the worst (the worst)
We don't give a damn
We are the worst (the worst)
And we'll do it again

We took our own plan of action, and you said we were confused
You could have made us a household name, but I never wanted to get used

2 3 4

Said we weren't a pretty sight
And our future ain't so bright

We don't give a fuck!
We are the worst (the worst)
And you're shit out of luck
We are the worst (the worst) 2x
The fucking worst (the worst)
We are the worst (the worst)

1 2 Fuck you

Walking into the Fire
Bloody eyes opening, now I can finally see
A distorted, blurry version of society

Now we're walking
Walking into the fire (2x)

Fear inside - Now do you feel alive
Fear inside - When you do the crime
Fear inside - There is no turning back
Fear inside - This scene is gonna crack

Lights out downtown in the summer heat
Amphetamine bully boys charged to the beat


Don't come too close, I don't need your help
Crazed and burning, I feel like myself

Chorus 2x

I'm a Mess single

I'm a Mess
I wake up in the morning with nothing to do
Gimme one reason and I'll be drunk by noon
I take that back, I don't need no reason at all
Can you remind me about last night
I remember the bar, I remember the fight
I remember you askin' me if I was doin' alright

Got no cause
Got no hope
They say I'm self-destructive and it shows
I got holes in my shoes
I got holes in my teeth
I got a hole in my head
That's why I can't sleep
I got everything and less baby, I'm a mess

I got a drink in my hand and scars on my face
I fall out of line, put me back in my place
Tomorrow my wounds maybe they will have healed
I remember your face like it was yesterday
With blackened eyes I don't see so straight
I know you're the woman that helped me off of my knees

Chorus 2x
I got everything and less 3x 
Baby, I'm a Mess 4x

Don't Care About Me
You think you had the right,
the way you spoke to me last night.
Well, that tone in your voice and that look in your eye.
You won't apologize when you're wrong.
You keep on singin' the same old song.
You're like a broken record, I wish you'd die.

You shouldn't care about me,
'cause I don't care about you.
No matter what I say, no matter what I do.

Well, I don't get how you see me,
all your drugs are incomplete.
There's so much more that you'll never know.
You're exempt cause I don't need.
My expectations never exceed,
'cause I have nothin' to hide and nothin' to show.

Lets go!

You're nothing if not a cunt.
Can't imagine what you want.
I think this has all gone a bit too far.
This conversation's over, that's it.
I don't need your friend shit.
Shut the fuck up, you're dunk get outta the bar.

No matter what I say, no matter what I do 2x

Two in the Heart
You loved me once, you loved me twice
Third time baby you weren't so nice
I should've ran away that second time around
When you left me broken-hearted lying on the ground

You gave me two (two two)
Two in the heart
I got one (one)
In the back

They say love makes you blind
When I look at you I see fine
I always lost the games you started
I don't get blind I get retarded

Chorus 2x

You played with me like a rag doll
Made me feel I was three feet tall
I've got the scars and that's a fact
I got two on my chest and one on my back

Chorus 4x

The New Seditionaries

Go Insane
We laugh in the face of destiny
Abolish the rules of society
We're the ink that goes deep in your skin
We're black leather, studs and safety pins

We dance on a razors edge
Go insane
Everyone lose your head
Go insane
We are fabulous stains
Go insane
Here we go again…
Go insane!!!

Let's just make it loud and out of tune
Let's all stand tall as they lick their wounds
We're the frayed holes in your bleached out jeans
We're fucked, we're twisted, and we are the scene

Chorus 2x

New Seditionaries
This one goes out to the soldiers
You know who you are
And to all the prostitutes
Standing outside the bar
This one goes out to the dykes
You know we love the girls
And this one goes out to the punks
We rule the fucking world

How will we know where we're going
When we're not sure where we've been
How many crimes can we commit
Before we have sinned?
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

1st verse
1st verse
Chorus 2x

We're the new seditionaries 8x

We're gonna quit our jobs
They don't pay no money
You act so serious
We think you act funny

Some call it "art"
We call "some" shit
Let's raise a glass
And we'll all drink from it

Brains are falling into my hands
I have gone to a far off land
There is nothing in my head
I'm glad I'm bored, I could be dead

Back in Aachen
…always with a bang!
They dance like wild!!
Come and join the gang!!!

Chorus 2x

Lip Music

See You Go
Let's go!
There's nothing I'd like more than to see you go
I love it when you walk away from me
But you've completely lost your brain
Now I am no longer sane
I only need space to breath

Woah ohhhh see you go
Woah ah oh see you go

Years and years and lies lies lies
Without your chain around me I am free
Now I know you're gone for good
I'll do the things I never could
without you watching over me

You go
Chorus 2x
Go go go go

No way they're fools 2x

I see your life gets tougher every day
Confused over hardships and the pain
The gears in your head never seem to quit
Turning faster tearing you into bits

So don't you listen to what they have to say
No way!
Especially when they pull you the other way
And don't be knocked by education in school
They're fools!
They made up their own set of golden rules

It's not easy being weened in a broken home
Told you're the scapegoat the black sheep
You're all alone
Believing you're the reason brings you sleepless nights
Verbal abuse from those who gave you life

Chorus 2x
No way they're fools 2x

(Cat's Clause)
Locked away in a filthy room
Pour it in and burn the spoon
Hear the cries of a wounded cat
Vomit in your dreams while on your back

(We don't abide by your laws...
We go by the code of the...
Cat's clause...)

Getting darker-fading fast
Every new day could be our last
We turn our own world upside down
Running in circles round and round

Chorus 3x

Always around but you're never gonna see me
Looking at you from way up in a tree
Your eyes are bright and your hair is pretty
I breathe you in when you're close to me
I watch you sleep and bathe alone
When you're at work I'm in your home
If you breathing or maybe a moan
It's me on your telephone

Beware I'm there
I can smell you in the air
Beware, I'm there
Can't you feel my prying eyes
Beware, I'm there
I will never leave your side

Times are tough and baby lately
I've been feeling so lonely
I've been picked apart because your parts deceive me
Now I'm in my own fantasy
And if my life goes as planned
I will have the upper hand
I'm not one to make demands
If I can't have you no one can

Chorus 2x

Loud and Out of Tune Live!!!

President's bullet-ridden body in the street
Ride, Johnny ride
Kennedy's shattered head hits concrete
Ride, Johnny ride

Johnny's wife is floundering
Johnny's wife is scared
Run, Jackie run

Texas is an outrage when your husband is dead
Texas is an outrage when they pick up his head
Texas is the reason that the president's dead
You gotta suck, suck, Jackie suck

1st verse

Arise Jackie O
Jonathon of Kennedy
Well, arise and be shot down

The dirt's gonna be your dessert
My cum be your life source
And the only way to get it

Is to suck or fuck
Or be poor and devoid
And masturbate me, masturbate me
Then slurp it from your palm

Like a dry desert
Soaking up rain
Soaking up sun

Beat on the Brat
Beat on the brat
Beat on the brat
Beat on the brat with a baseball bat
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh-ho.

What can you do?
What can you do?
With a brat like that always on your back
What can you do? (lose?)

This is Real Bonus CD

Ultra-Violence '05
Same lyrics except for:
Bones: What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultra-violence.


  Baby Doll
BD001 Black - Voodoo Droog
  Buttons 1"
BU001 Droog Skull - LCB Army (Orange + Black BG)
BU002 Droog Skull - LCB in White (Black BG)
BU003 Droog Skull - LCB in Orange (Black BG)
BU004 Droog Skull - (Leopard BG)
BU005 Droog Skull small with LCB all around (Black BG)
BU006 LCB Logo with Red/Black (White BG)
BU007 Skins + Punks - Oi (White BG)
BU008 LCB Logo Breaking Through (Orange BG)
BU009 LCB Logo in White (Black BG)
BU010 Band Photo
BU011 Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer (White BG)
BU012 Droog Skull - LCB in Black (White BG)
PA001 Come on Droogies back patch
PA001 Black - Droog Skull
PO001 Real Punk is an Endangered Species
PO002 The Plot Sickens
PO003 LCB/Unseen - Coast to Coast Chaos Tour 2001
ST001 LCB w/Droog Skull...Rule, O.K.!
  Sweatshirts - Hooded
SW001 LCB ACO Logo
SW002 Come on Droogies
  Tank Top
TT001 Black - Voodoo Droog
TW001 White - Sex, Droogs & Rock and Roll
TW002 Black - Sex, Droogs & Rock and Roll
TS001 White - Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer
TS002 White - Droog Skull in black - piss off
TS003 White - Skull + wrench and gears
TS004 Black - Droog Skull  - Come on Droogies
TS005 Red - Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer
TS006 Black - Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer
TS007 White - Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer/Long Sleeve
TS008 Black - Undead droogs in Korova
TS009 Black - Sex, Brats & Rock and Roll 2003 Tour
TS010 Black - Death Race 2005 Tour
TS011 White - Peep Show

My Reviews

Philadelphia 7/13/08

    It's been 3 years since I'd seen the brats, which is too long. One year they didn't play here and the next year the one date they played I couldn't make it. This time it worked out well since it's a quick trip to Philly and I had a one of a kind gift for Bones I had gotten last year. The Millcreek Tavern was on the University side of town, in other words the nice side of town. I'm sure the area wasn't thrilled to be beset by an army or punks, I guess that is why it was a 4pm show. You had to park on the streets which is free and it's not even a big deal since it's a good area where you don't have to worry about being robbed. I hadn't been there before and hadn't even heard of the place which wasn't surprising since it has only been open since 2002 and the show schedule is mostly no name bands. I actually saw Malcolm in person and Evilenko pretty near by 3 years earlier so I know the area.  The building is on a corner and is a basic brick structure and very unassuming. I knew it was the right place because of all the Mohawks and spikes on the people out front. I got there right before the show was about to start since I wanted to hang out and hopefully interview the elusive Marty before the show. The last time I saw Bones I asked if I'd ever see them twice with the same drummer and he said probably not. He was right. This would be my fourth show with the fourth different drummer.
    When I walked in Bones was sitting at the bar as close to the door as you could get. It's pretty cool that the band hangs out right in the open so anyone could come right up and talk to them. David the big bouncer stamped my hand with a red OK and I thought that was funny. I'm OK! But it was hot in there and it turned to a red blob pretty fast. The bands were still loading their stuff in the side door and before everything was inside something happened because the place locked the doors and put duct tape across them. Guys then had to carry their merchandise through the front door. Soon after that the guys were taping the back window of the LCB van because it looks like someone cracked it. It seemed like a rowdy crowd might be trouble. I told Bones about my recent medical problems to get that out of the way and he was shocked and sorry. I said so far so good and gave him the gift which was a special Malcolm McDowell photo I thought he would like and he absolutely loved it which was great and he showed it off to his band and friends. I asked why they don't play in NJ because it would be much closer for me. He said a friends band played there a few nights earlier and only 30 people showed up. They just don't think it's worth it right now because they wouldn't make any money. That's bad news for anyone who can't get to NY or PA and NY is just too expensive right now. There was also bad news for the ladies, he told me he got engaged a few months back to his girlfriend of 7 years. I said he should get a cake shaped like an orange and get married the day ACO was released. He liked the idea about the cake, but not the date since it's too close to xmas. 
    He said they were going on third and he wasn't sure about the place since it was so small and the sound system wasn't happening. The building was long and narrow. We sat at the front by the bar, then it opened up and the merchandise area was on the left, bathrooms on the right. If you went there on the right was a door to another area of the bar where the food was made and was where the locals were at another bar, it was off limits to the punk crowd. Past the merchandise was tables stacked to the left and all the equipment. I guess they have a dining area normally. Probably for a coffeehouse setting when someone light plays there. The stage was small and only around knee high. There was a tiny lighting rig with only three lights and little room to move up there with the ceiling around 7 1/2 feet up. There was a back room behind it for bands. The place was warm and smoky even though they had a smoke remover and fans. There were a couple flat screen TVs by the bar, but had no sound and sports were on, so no one was really watching. 
    I asked Bones if he thought Marty was cool with doing an interview as he was the last one in the band I hadn't talked to. He said he would if I asked him, but I should do it now before he was too drunk. I turned to ask him and he had taken off across the club like he sensed my approach. When he came back I asked him and he thought it would be better later. I said Bones thought you would be too drunk then, but he thought it might be better if he was and laughed. His girlfriend was going to do his hair and was looking for a plug for the iron. I told Bones and he said to keep at him, he won't come to you, just keep pressing. I told him I talked to EVO online about not being on the tour and he was bummed about him not being there because of work, though he understands why. Besides that he was doing well. The first band went on and there were problems with the PA. Bones said it sounded like it was made by Fisher-Price and wasn't happy that he would sound bad because of it. Near the end of the set the mic went out and you could only really hear the bass and the drums. The singer mistakenly announced that LCB was on next and Bones didn't like that. 
    After the set their new drummer Joey came up with a set list written on cardboard and showed it to Bones and he approved it. He's letting Joey pick the songs now. I jokingly asked about Barbie Dolls and he says they haven't played that since they recorded it. He's not really into it and besides, they have better songs. He ordered some enchiladas and a drink and the woman who takes the order disappears next door and comes back with food. He showed me this huge tattoo on his side that is unfinished of a peeling orange that reads 'Pain's temporary, glory's forever.' It also has gears and a windup key around it. He said the older he gets the more tattoos hurt, so he doesn't get as many, though the whole band just got LCB shaped coffin ones on their arms. He couldn't finish the food and asked if I wanted it, but had eaten on the way. When Jonny O came over I couldn't believe how big he was. I'm 6' 3" and he was bigger than me. He volunteered to finish it off and Bones handed out $10 to the guys in the band and the merchandise guy for food. One of the guys from the first band came over and asked how tall Bones was and he said 5'9" and he told him he might just fit then because there was no room on the stage. Bones said I should interview their new drummer Joey and I asked if he was into Clockwork. He paused and said he didn't know. I was surprised, I told him I thought that was a pre-requisite or you'd just beat it into them and the laughed. He said they were running out of people to play with them. A guy came over and said they would buy him a tequila shot but he turned him down saying he didn't drink hard stuff anymore. He told them Marty was who he wanted and called him over. Marty did come over and drank what they gave him, but he made a face like it was quite hard and Bones laughed at him for doing it. I asked if Marty was the Dee Dee of the band and Bones said definitely.
    He started to get a little nervous and had to do a pre-show ritual which involves the bathroom. He said to check out the merchandise if there was anything I wanted. I picked up their new ACO parody shirt and an Ultra-violence headband. I would never wear the headband, but I like the artwork. I checked the schedule of shows at the club and didn't recognize any band except for the Dollyrots, this show seems like the biggest names by far which is weird since it's punk bands. They probably weren't used to a crowd like this and didn't know what they were getting into. After I asked if he was in awe of how The Adicts didn't go through any lineup changed when they've been through so many. He said they don't tour as much as LCB and have 2 brothers in the band. I said well, it has been over 30 years though and they still have those guys. The second band was done and Bones said it was time to go to work and make a living. It was time to make our way to the stage. I wanted to get a good spot to record the show on DVD, but there was no room on the stage so I had to stand next to it. I thought about standing on a chair, but would be in deep trouble if I got knocked off. I was alone at first, then it started to fill up on the side too. Bones grabbed a bunch of water bottles and set them up around the stage. Thankfully they did a quick soundcheck after the last band had trouble and everything now seemed to work. Bones said he would let them know if he needed more volume. The crowd started chanting LCB and Bones was told two rules by the management - to keep people off the stage and to watch out for the lights, otherwise have fun and let's go fucking insane. Both rules wouldn't last. It was different to hear them open with a newer song, Go insane. Even though it was from their last CD, it is almost 2 years old so people knew the lyrics. The songs get so fast live and it comes in at under 2 minutes now. Then they did another new one The New Seditionaries and Bones did a little salesman's pitch saying it was their latest release on TKO records and you could buy it right over there. For the solo Marty switched from the left side to the right side and it has a popular verse that people get into as it's their new anthem song. Bones asked if they wanted to hear some more, they have only one more song he joked. He says they just did some shows with Time and Again and dedicated it to them and the Casualties - Bite the Bullet. It's weird to hear stage banter from Bones as he used to say very little. The first old song kicked the crowd up a notch and the first rule went out the window as some spiky haired punks were jumping on stage to sing along. Then there was a short break and Bones did some Billy Idol lips curls, Marty switched guitars and announced Clockwork Fuse. It was great to hear them doing my favorite LCB song. Last time I saw them I asked about it and Bones says they didn't play it live because they couldn't match the fade in and fade out on the album. While it might not be as lyrically about ACO as Ultra-Violence it has their best musical sound, very progressive for punk. In the middle of the song Bones turned and gave the finger to my camera. After Bones said they were the Lower Class Brats in case we didn't know. He said the next song is about getting someone out of your life, not just gone, but someone you just want the fuck out of your life. It's their love song - See You Go, another new one. Still the crowd was singing along quite loud to it. After Bones warned about hitting the mic because the dental bills are too much. Jonny said to watch the guitar. Bones said it has been a long time since they've been out there. He asks when was the last time they saw them in Philly. A few people said 6 years. He said that was too long, it's good to be back, thanks for coming out. People started yelling out songs and he said 'you so crazy'. Then he said we are in the middle of an election year and as a band they hold no political agenda, they don't care if you are left wing or right wing, screw all the politics bullshit. This is their only political song and it's about how much they hate politics - Who Do They Save? This is one they don't usually play and it turned out to be a crowd pleaser, a forgotten gem. People were yelling out areas they were from and Bones said to yell real loud, he's got some big ears on him, I think referring to Obama. Then they broke into Psycho and the place really erupted. So much for the rule about the lights. A crowd surfer took one out, so there was only 2 left and it got dark on stage. This is definitely one of the all-time crowd favorites and it went really fast. Someone yelled Breakaway and Bones said I hear you, keep back off the stage a bit, it'll save time and energy. He said how about something a little better than that, trust me. It goes out to all the ladies - Sex and Violence. Any extra warnings about keeping off stage went out the window once again. One wasted punk was up there almost every song now going up, around and back. Bones ended it with a little Johnny Rotten growl and you got yours, I got mine. He reacted to something saying salty, salty nuts. Then they broke into Just Like Clockwork and the place exploded once again and they lost another stage light with the people flying up to the stage. People were all over the place and I had to balance the camera against the ceiling to get any decent shot. The heat was getting up there and Jonny ditched his jacket and hat. The Clockwork kept rolling when they broke right into Ultra-Violence and the crowds energy didn't go down at all. It's great to see such a manic response to the Clockwork songs even if many don't get it. Then it ended and Bones said thanks a lot we are the Lower Class Brats, the Casualties are up next, thank you very much, good night. People chanted one more song, but that was it. It was a quick half hour show with only 10 songs. Bones asked if I was OK up there. I said yeah, I can't take the pain and he said me either.
    I waited there a little bit for Marty to put his guitars away and asked if he was ready to do the interview. He said he would still be loading up equipment a while. Bones went out to the van to relax, read: smoke something funny and I told him. He said Marty is just trying to be elusive, mysterious and doesn't like to do them. I asked what happened with Clay and he said he met a girl on tour when they were in Florida and he ran off with her. He doesn't like talking about these lineup changes as they give him headaches. Once they are out of the band he doesn't want to think about them anymore. The inside of the van is plastered with stickers and I asked if the cops bother them a lot. He says they can't see them all, that's why they keep them inside, they even have a porn DVD tacked to the roof. As we were talking the blue haired punk who kept jumping onstage stumbled by in front of me and then collapsed right there on the sidewalk. His friends tried to help him and I got a picture posted below. Joey said he wanted what that guy had, just not as much. Then a punk couple came buy and started having a drunk fight rolling around on the ground and she was letting it all hang out because he was pulling her around. They were laughing, but it got a bit crazy. I turned to take a picture and Bones went in for a close up. I told her to crack a smile and she got even more mad at the guy that people were talking pictures of her butt and she sat on his face. An old guy came over with his son who had an LCB tattoo. The old guy said he was their highest aged fan and no one argued. A couple came over and wanted a picture with Bones and I told them they'd have to do something special to top the couple on the ground there and that stopped them for a second. He posed with them and they said how great the band was and then thanked me as well. It's always funny when you hang out with a band long enough people just think you are in the band. He told me about a friend of his who turned into a Nazi skinhead and tried to recruit him and he cut him off not being able to deal with that. He feels beliefs are personal whether religious or political and you shouldn't try to force them on people. I said if you were set in your mind you aren't going to convert anyway.  Joey was in the back and Bones said he talked to him and he was into Clockwork and wanted to do an interview. I said OK and jumped in the back. He was hard to recognize because his hair was down under a baseball hat and I'd only seen him in pictures with a Mohawk. He said he wasn't able to pull it off today and put the A/C on since it was stuffy and we talked for little over a half an hour. Since he's the new guy and a lot younger than the others he's trying hard to fit in and was worried he didn't give good answers in the interview. I told him not to worry and I'll be posting the whole thing here editing out anything bad. The Casualties were on by then and there was still a bunch of people hanging around outside, so I guess like me they came to see LCB and were done. I wasn't really familiar with them and was surprised they were headlining over LCB anyway. At one point while we were talking he lit up a pot pipe right on camera and I figured he must've been really comfortable talking and wasn't thinking about what he did.
    After a half hour the tape was running out so I figured that was enough and when we got out of the van police officer were lined up with a van at the corner. Marty was standing there and Joey though he was in trouble at first. He asked him what did he do and Marty said what haven't I done? He laughed because he wasn't in trouble. Joey says he lives with Marty now and was curious about me not getting to interview him. I said over all these years it just never happened. He said he would help, but he didn't have to. It turns out Bones spoke to Marty while I was talking to Joey. I didn't want to get pushy about it and was just going to hang out and Marty came over and asked if I wanted to do the interview now. I said sure and we went back to the van. He admitted he had anxiety about doing it, but Bones told him to go do it. I told him it would be easy and he wondered if I had questions all planned out. I said no, I would just focus on Clockwork and go from there. I asked a bunch of Clockwork questions and he seemed to get comfortable so I asked him questions about himself and he had no problems answering them. At one point he was at a loss for words and said maybe I should've done this when he was sober. He certainly didn't sound like he was slurring drunk or anything, but then again I don't know what he's capable of drinking or how much. I will post the whole thing separately here. After a half hour I said that was cool and we got out. I told him see, it wasn't that bad and he laughed and admitted it was true. It was getting dark and the cops were still standing around. It was weird that they were just hanging there doing nothing, either waiting for trouble or a curfew.
    We went back inside, I said to Bones I finally got to interview Marty and he was glad. He said to make sure I got any merchandise I wanted as they were packing up and I said I was good, thanked him, hoped I'd see him again and headed out. They show was short, but good and I had a great time, it was good to see them again. On the way home something really bizarre happened. I was in the middle of the the Ben Franklin Bridge at 8:45pm and suddenly fireworks came up from the river and started blowing up and it was insanely loud as they were hitting close by more and more frequently. What kind of braindead plan was that? What kind of moron would do such a thing? Anyone who was sleepy, drunk or not paying attention could easily get scared enough to crash and make a huge mess up there. They city had to have some kind of barge down there, but it was far past July 4th, so there was really no reason for it. What if fireworks landed up there and hit a car engine causing a fire? It would be a huge lawsuit. It was one of the most idiotic things I've ever seen in my life.

CBGB 6/9/05

    Everyone into good music knows that legendary punk/rock club CBGB in NYC is in serious danger of closing this year. The people above the club who own the building want to jack the rent up to $80,000 or so a month, basically there is no way anyone could pay that, so it's a sneaky way to get them out. They also claim they owe hundreds of thousands in back taxes. Of course they could move the club, but it wouldn't be the same. The club is most famous as the home of the Ramones and I had always wanted to go there, but had heard horror stories in the 80s and 90s of people I knew getting attacked or their cars broken into since it was a bad area. So I never went, until now. I knew if I didn't go soon I would never be able to go and what better way to do it then to support my droogs.
    It seems everything I was told was a lie or had drastically changed by 2005. It was pretty easy to get to, even at night and there were a couple of fancy restaurants across the street that were overflowing with people. I didn't realize until later that all those people on the street were most likely outside because of the indoor smoking ban NYC has. The area was normal, not run down or anything. There wasn't any parking and I didn't really want to take a chance by leaving my car on the street so I found a parking lot 2 blocks down on the same street.
    When I drove by I saw EVO hanging outside, but by the time I got to the door he was inside. I figured they probably wouldn't go on until late since it was the city after all. When I got inside the guy at the door said they were setting up to go on. I couldn't believe it as it was only 10:15. There is a gray curtain behind the front desk, so you can't see inside the club. To the left is a small area with an ATM machine that was heavily vandalized. Upon entering the club I was struck by two things - first, the place is small - very small. The second is that nearly every square inch of the place is covered with stickers and flyers of bands that have played there. The place is long, but narrow with the stage way down the opposite end. On the left is a couple of stairs that lead to the area where the bands sell their merchandise. On the right is an area to sit in front of a very long bar. Past the merchandise are is seats and couches to hang out, then past that is the soundboard. After that the area opens up, then narrows by the stage which is on an angle with large speakers hanging on each side. There is a narrow passage way around the stage with the stairs to the bathroom there. Past the stage are three areas about the size of prison cells which are totally wall to wall with stickers and writing, these is the band areas. I found EVO in the middle getting his bass ready. He was quite surprised to see me there. I had emailed him, but he wasn't able to check on the road. He told me the club wanted them to go on at 9pm!? They were stunned and adamant that no one would be there, so they got it pushed back a little bit. He then said they had another new drummer. Johnny Psycho just wasn't able to tour enough with his legal troubles. He explained the new guy Clay and he used to be in a band and is working out really well since he is familiar with their songs. We went up on stage which was quite high, having to step on a chair to get up there. He warned me half his bass cabinet was out if I was going to record the show from it. I said I was using the DVD camcorder, not plugging in. I wanted to say hello to Bones before the show, but he had disappeared. He probably snuck out for a cancer break. I had been trying to get info on their show at Connections in NJ the night before. I was going to go there, but no one answered the phone, it was just a message which was a real bad sign. I thought the worst namely the club was gone. I asked EVO if they played last night and he said no. They were on the way to the club and heard it had closed down. So I was right and really happy I didn't drive out there for nothing.
    The show was about to start so I looked for a good spot. There was an old guy in a wheelchair on the side of the stage that I didn't want to block, so I found a chair under the speaker on the left to stand on. Next to that was the AC unit which was encased and there were a couple people sitting on top of that. Bones came up on stage and I went over and got his attention, he came over smiling and gave me a hug right on stage which was very cool. I got back on the chair so I was able to shoot video from over the crowd and they started. There were a bunch of punks right up front with the spiky hair and pins that were really into it. They sounded as good as ever and I was glad to hear that Clay was actually a really good drummer. It was the third time I've seen them and the third drummer! At one point Bones left the stage to get something and Clay was playing a little interlude which sounded really good. After Bones explained how he got his girlfriend to make a long nose ACO style mask that Clay wears on the tour. It's white with bloody red on the sides. 
    The only problem with the show was Marty kept breaking guitar strings and was on his third guitar by the end of the show. Bones didn't know what to do as he explained he "doesn't do stage banter". He wondered aloud how many guitars Marty had and if he was stealing them from the other bands. He said he used to tell jokes, but they are lame. The only one he had was, "A seal walks into a club..." Get it? They did all their hits and only one new one from A Class of Our Own (Standard Issue) in total the show was about an hour. They played the Ramones song "Beat on the Brat" in tribute to them and CBGB and he didn't even want to talk about them closing down. Some older guy jumped on stage and sang along for the whole song. Later I asked Bones who the heck he was and he said he was some old time New York guy he just met, but didn't remember his name, he wasn't famous or anything. After a few songs I jumped on stage to get some close ups and crowd shots. I stayed on the stage for the rest of the show, so now I can stay I was onstage at CBGB! I got some great shows of people flying up and off stage and singing along. I even got to sing backup on Ultra-Violence, one of my favorites. I started filming on EVO's side and then worked my way to Marty's side for the rest of the show. At one point Bones said the great thing about playing in New York was you always see old friends, how true.
    After he said how glad he was to get to play there one last time, in case they did close down, but he thought it was the smallest crowd they ever had there. I reminded him that it was a Thursday night after all.  Some fans came back to say hi and thank them and I took a couple of pictures for them with Bones. We went up front and hung out a bit. Bones said I could have their DVD, shirt, whatever I wanted so I picked up a couple of things.  One of the guys from the opening band was saying to Bones he had to check out the Niagara. Bones asked me if I wanted to go and I asked what it was. he said it was supposed to be the hippest club around. I figured what the hell. One of the opening bands was desperately trying to sell his merchandise from Canada basically to an empty house and Bones and I gave him a hard time.
    There was no door in the back so the guys had to wheel their equipment all the way across the club and out the front door to their van. The whole staff of the club was up front watching Family Guy and laughing their asses off. It was a funny sight to me since that is one of my favorite shows. I helped EVO out with some equipment since Bones doesn't help. Bones went in the van to change his shirt because some crazy guy in a white bowler dumped a beer on him. He couldn't understand it because beer costs $5 there. He then hooked me up with the LCB All Axxxess pass, saying there was only 24 of them. That was really cool. He said I could hang out in the van, but LCB and the other band were all about to smoke some weed, so it was like a Cheech & Chong movie in there and I wouldn't have been able to breathe, so I kept watch outside and took footage of the club and the Joey Ramone street sign. 
    We walked to the Niagara which was around 10 blocks away and got split into two groups. I was with Bones, EVO and a couple of others. It was cool since we got to talk and swap stories along the way. A girl that was with one of the New York guys was saying how hot it was and Bones and I assured her this was nothing after having lived in Texas. I was surprised to see Bones with a cellphone and he told me his family in San Diego was going to hook him up with a laptop when they got over there so he could keep in touch on the road. He was moving into the 21st century and admitted being bad about keeping in touch with people. He told me it was kinda of a freaky show for him because it was the first time he played there and his ex-girlfriend wasn't there. She used to stand by the side of the stage, but she had OD'd. She's the one the song "Shot up Shot Down" is about.
   The guys were hungry and one of the NY guys assured them the best pizza in the city was next to the Niagara so that's where they went. EVO got a slice that was loaded down with toppings and I asked him if it was the best he'd ever eaten and he said no way. he picked a lot of crap off it and said he'd rate it a B. It really is the city that never sleeps and I couldn't image working some midnight shift at a pizza place in the city like these guys were doing, and doing quite a business.
    We went into the club next door and it was packed. There was barely room to move up front. There was a DJ spinning records, yes records, and playing some classics like Motorhead and TSOL. Now I know why they wanted to go there. It wasn't a punk club or anything though, it was a regular bar. I saw a few people that were at CBGB there, so it seemed like the place to go. We hung out in the back and talked a bit, but it was still so loud that you had to lean in and yell to be heard. Bones introduced me to another straight edge guy who was quite happy to see he wasn't the only one there and said we were a dying breed. That's what's cool about hanging with these guys, everyone is into their own thing and we all respect that and don't push anything, so it's comfortable. I told Bones I wanted to head out since I had a 2 hour ride home, but he convinced me to stay a while longer.
    I had quite a walk back to the car, but at least getting out of the city was quick and easy. At the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel was the biggest sign I have ever seen in my life for that horrible looking new HBO TV series "The Comeback" with Lisa Kudrow. I swear it was 500 feet long and 200 feet high. It was absolutely insane, just wanted to mention that. I had a great time, it was the best I've heard them sound and they are great guys to hang out with. Plus I finally got to experience the legendary CBGB. What more could you ask for? I can't wait until the next tour, but I'll be seeing them closer to home.

NC 11/24/04

    Since I have relatives that live in the area I scheduled my vacation around the time the Brats were playing there. Yes, I like them that much. It was the second time I saw them live and the first time I got to interview EVO.
    They played the Wizard's Bar which is a country/biker bar by day. I checked the place out in the rainy afternoon so I'd know how to get there. On the ground level is a restaurant and underground is the bar. In the back are pool tables and if you keep going it's the "club." It's hard to imagine a punk club in the middle of a hick area like this, even harder when you are in the place and it's a country bar. I know it is the right place though because there is a tiny chalk board listing the upcoming shows and LCB is on there. Country music is playing and the bartender said she won't work when it's time for the punk bands to play because she doesn't like the music. I ask the bartender if the Brats ever played there before and she said, "yeah many times" and they had a bunch of equipment shipped in. I was surprised. The stage is maybe only six inches off the floor and the room is small. I can't imagine what it'll be like that night.
    When I come back that night I am very happy I did go in the afternoon because the area is like real country dark. On one turn I couldn't even seen the road because there were no lights. It was like driving blind. I pull in the lot and there's an ambulance and cops everywhere and I wonder what the hell happened and if the show is cancelled. Turns out some dumb underage punk got drunk and caused trouble.
    The transformation of the bar was complete. No bikers or old country patrons. Now the oldest people were in their young twenties. I found EVO and Bones and started hanging out and talking. We went outside and I learned the stage door didn't connect with the parking lot. The band had to haul all their equipment in the front door, all the way across the club and back when they were done. It is an asinine set up to say the least.
    I told Bones about what the bartender told me in the afternoon. He said they never played there before and what the hell?? They just got there and they came in before and it was a country bar. He hoped the punks would come out because when it's raining the don't go out because it ruins their spikey hair. We sat down to talk and a girl got mad at him for "taking her seat". There's no rock star treatment here. I learned his real name is Shaun and later when he introduced me to their new drummer I used my real name and he told me I shouldn't go by my real name. I said I do in the real world. He joked that since he was from Texas that Busch was his favorite beer and when a fan offered to buy him cigarettes he wanted Pall Mall - the red box, hard pack, saying he was poor and can only afford the cheap stuff.
    We went outside to the new LCB touring van Punkcore bought them for $6000 for an on camera interview. One young guy came up with a leather jacket that had the LCB Deface the Music droog skull on it which thrilled Bones. The kid thanked him for coming out to play in the middle of nowhere. After I finished the interview with Bones I interviewed EVO as well. Turns out he grew up in the area and was trying to find out some info from the bouncer and relatives about the school he went to.
    Bones is the first to admit that he's basically the addict of the band and that EVO is the businessman. EVO is a fascinating guy. He shatters the myth of punks being young, dumb and clueless. In his other life he's a teacher, which pisses off some of the ignorant kids. I would've loved having a teacher like him, with Clockwork tattoos and on your level by not speaking down to you. Going in I had basically planned on talking Clockwork with him, but was so intrigued about the other side of him that I continued to talk about his teaching methods instead. He is very cool and well rounded. When you see these guys live, definitely take the time to talk to EVO if you have an open mind.
    If you are used to hearing LCB at home, the main difference in seeing them live is the songs are now much faster. Listening to Ultra-Violence on CD is like hearing it in slow motion compared to live. The song goes from about 4 minutes to 2. Nothing is left out, it's just much more high energy. Also if you are looking for a long show you'll be disappointed. Bones explained that they had to steal drummer Gabe from Cheap Sex for the tour and they were only able to learn 15 songs which equals a 45 minute blitzkrieg. People were yelling out songs to play and the Brats would tell them they didn't know those. I was up on stage the whole time videotaping, so in essence I got to see what they see. The plan was to use the footage for an official LCB DVD, but the club was so dark that the footage might not be good enough to release.
    Once again this was punk at it's purest. To me it is like how punk was in the late 70s, just less angry. Bones doesn't spit on or attack the crowd like the Sex Pistols, he interacts and is always putting the mic into the fray for the kids to sing along. Their cover of 'Beat on the Brat' was a great surprise. It's about as close as you can get to seeing the Ramones live, plus while being a great tribute to the fallen idols, it's also a clever tie-in to themselves since "Brat" is in the title. They definitely could have a second career as a Ramones tribute band and it would be fun to hear them do an all Ramones show.
    The brats were thrilled when after the show one skinhead fan offered to put them up in a hotel and the local band that opened for them were ecstatic that they were going to hang with LCB there. Any way they could save money was fine with Bones and he was a bit shocked and grateful by their generosity. He didn't demand star treatment as told them they didn't have to do this if they didn't want to.
    There is nothing negative I could say about them. Not only are they great punk musicians, they are real droogs. I like them onstage as much as off. Because of this I've been collecting all their original singles and anything else I can get my hands on. They are just like us, except they are in the best Clockwork Punk band, but there are no egos about it. What you see is what you get. Anyone can come up and talk to them before or after the show and I plan on seeing them every time their tours come my way.

    3/15/03 - Sciota, PA

    This was the first time for me seeing the band live. We were emailing back and forth in 2002 about doing a Clockwork interview and then I checked the tour dates and realized they were playing just down the road! I found out they were current and I didn't even know there was a club there. I went on the club's website to find out about it and was shocked to find out exactly where it was. The place is on Hwy 33, but by the time you pass the building, it's way too late. You can't access it from the main road and the place is actually a flea market!? It also has a beer warehouse which is really the only thing there making any money. I had been there before and as far as flea markets go, this is one of the worst. There were some outdoor tables, indoor booths of junk, a smoky military surplus place and some empty food court building with some bad video games. To get there you have to take the previous exit and a bunch of twisting winding back roads through a neighborhood to get there, and there are no street lights. So we agreed to put the email interview off and just do it in person. I had emailed them some questions, so they had an idea in advance of what to expect.
    The club was hard enough to find in the day, but at night - forget it! If I hadn't been there before, I doubt I ever would've found it. I was worried the place would be empty when I got there. After all, I passed by it once a week and didn't know it existed, so who else would? I was quite surprised that there were many cars and a bunch of people hanging out there when I pulled up. I couldn't imagine how it looked inside since the last time I was there it was just crappy flea market booths with people trying to sell lame, beat up lunch boxes for $35. There was a small ticket booth right inside that I went to since I was on the guest list. There was a huge sign looking for people to work and promote the club which was a good sign. Around the corner I saw the only real decorating was someone attached a giant parachute to the ceiling where it hung down in random places and Club Underworld spray painted on a wall. In the opposite corner were some couches for people to hang out on. Right next to the bathrooms was the tables for merchandise and thankfully Bones was sitting right there so I wouldn't have to search for him. I introduced myself and he came around and introduced me to Marty and then said to follow him outside. We walked across the building, to the side of the stage, backstage and then out the back door. They had an SUV parked in the back. Behind it was a cooler filled with beer because they weren't allowed to have it inside since it was all ages and there is no bar. The beer warehouse conveniently located next store was inconveniently closed and they had to drive all around to get some. He offered me one, but I declined and said he would introduce me to his new bass player EVO. He was raving about him and how at a recent show someone jumped up in his face and EVO whacked him across the head with his bass knocking him back. EVO was sitting in the front seat with the duty of watching someone's tiny dog and we only talked briefly. Bones and I sat in the backseat and did the interview which lasted almost an hour. You can read it above. He was smoking most of the time and would take an occasional break to get a beer. He had to roll up the window when the opening band started because it was so loud. I told him in advance I'd use the tape recorder that I used to interview Malcolm with and he touched the recorder with sort of reverence which was funny. He seemed a little reserved at first, but really opened when he found out how much Clockwork background we had in common. It was really cool and loose and the time went fast. 
    We had to wrap it up because it was almost showtime. They were to go on at 10:30 and do around 45 minutes. Bones said I could watch from backstage if I wanted, but I wanted to experience the show from the crowd. I hadn't been to a punk show since I saw the Ramones and never one like this. I saw some of the opening band the New York Rel-x, the most memorable part of their set was the Motorhead cover of 'Emergency'. 
    It was my first streetpunk experience and I was quite surprised to see bunches of kids and young people jump up on stage and sing along with Bones and stage dive off. I felt like I was in The Decline of Western Civilization watching The Germs. It was just that kind of crowd and energy. It makes sense since they are one of Bones all-time favorite bands. I didn't even know there were shows like that again. I was only familiar with the band from their Clockwork leanings on their shirts and a couple of their CDs. When I told Bones this after he said I was blowing smoke up his ass, but I wasn't. Their songs get shorter and faster live and they blow through them one after the other and while the show wasn't that long, it was packed with songs. They played really well and were tight especially with all the chaos of people jumping on and off stage. Bones also puts the mic into the crowd quite often to let them sing along. Near the end of the show I spotted some police coming over. I went around the side of the stage and told Bones when he stepped off that the millicents were here. Something about a girl that was supposed to be home and her parents thought she was there and were looking for her. Bones went back up and said they couldn't start again until the police were done. This earned some foul comments from the crowd and Bones told him he knew and felt the same way. I don't know if they found the girl and the guy was calling her name over the PA, but they did leave and things went back to normal and the show continued without a hitch. After we hung out for a little bit, but it was hectic as they have no roadies and have to load their own equipment up. Bones said he hoped they were going to Australia soon because they were on the cover of a magazine their right now. They were also playing CBGB the next night and were psyched about that.
    It was a great time and a fun show, lots of chances to pogo and get your aggressions out. I had seen lots of punks in the area before and wondered what they were up to. Now I knew, real punk rock was back and you could enjoy it without the violence and the nonsense.

Update: In early 2004 Club Underground closed down and eventually became a Mattress Warehouse. In 2006 the building was emptied out and the whole compound was put up for sale.


Exclusives - Philadelphia 7/13/08
Millcreek Tavern

Joey at the drums

Marty at the mic

The police are waiting

Bones showing off my gift to Marty & Jonny

Bones sets up the water bottles

Bones's huge new ACO tattoo in progress - Pain's temporary, glory's forever

A happy couple outside 2

The millicents arrive

A causality of the show

Exclusives - CBGB 6/9/05
Joey Ramone Place Sign

CBGB Front Door

Bones in my face live

Clay in Clockwork style mask

Exclusives - Wizard Bar Hickory, NC 11/24/04
Wizard's Saloon Front
Evo and Bones on stage

Bones let's the crowd do the work

Marty, Bones & Juggs after the show

Exclusives - Corpus Christi, TX 10/23/04
Bones on the mic

EVO at the amp


Bones & Ashley 


Shirt - ACO Band Poster Parody 2008

 Ultra-Violence Headband
Exclusive - LCB/Clit 45 Death Race 2005 All Axxxess Pass

Ultra-Violence Black T-shirt

Ultra-Violence Black T-shirt

Clockwork Kamikaze 2004 Japan flyer

LCB at The Attic ACO flyer

ACO Scene flyer

Set Lists

7/13/08 - Philadelphia
Go Insane
The New Seditionaries
Bite the Bullet
Clockwork Fuse
See You Go
Who Do They Save?
Sex and Violence
Just Like Clockwork

6/9/05 - CBGB, NY
Start the Night
Do It Again
Bite the Bullet
Airwave Raid
Who Writes Your Rules (For Rebellion)?
Sex and Violence
Beat on the Brat (Ramones)
Addicted to Oi!
Standard Issue
Just Like Clockwork
Orphans Don't Run
Safety Pinned and Sick
Rather Be Hated

11/24/04 - Hickory, NC
Do it Again
Who Controls the Media?
Orphans Don't Run
Golden Boy
Addicted to Oi!
Beat on the Brat (Ramones Cover)
Bite the Bullet
Who Writes Your Rules (For Rebellion)?
Sex and Violence
Safety Pinned and Sick
Just Like Clockwork
Rather Be Hated

3/15/03 - Sciota, PA
Bite the Bullet
Do it Again
Just Like Clockwork
Orphans Don't Run
Road Crew
Who Writes Your Rules (For Rebellion)?
Sex and Violence
What Love is (Dead Boys Cover)
Who Controls the Media?
Background Music


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Tour Dates


Location Venue
9/12/95 Austin, TX Emo's 
12/28/95 Austin, TX Blue Flamingo
2/25/96 Austin, TX Emo's 
10/5/96 Austin, TX Blue Flamingo
12/1/96 Austin, TX Fun Fun Fun Fest
2/11/97 Austin, TX F Cantina - on VHS
3/31/97 Austin, TX Voodoo Lounge
7/23/97 Austin, TX Voodoo Lounge
8/26/97 Austin, TX Emo's - on VHS
5/30/98 Austin, TX Blue Flame
10/3/98 Austin, TX Bates Motel
1/16/99 Austin, TX Bates Motel
1/29/99 Sacramento, CA Bojangles
8/19/99 Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina
1/15/00 Austin, TX Emo's - on VHS
2000 San Francisco, CA TPS Record Release Party
5/4/01 New Brandenburg Germany
5/5/01 Hamburg Germany
5/6/01 Torgau, Germany WWII Prison
5/7/01 Czech Republic   
5/8/01 Czech Republic   
5/10/01 Potsdam Germany
5/11/01 Leipzig Germany
5/12/01 Cottbus Germany
5/14/01 Berlin Germany
5/16/01 Belgium  
5/18/01 Switzerland  
5/19/01 Italy  
5/25/01 Chemnitz Kraftwerk
7-8/01 6 week tour  USA
7/16/01 Columbia, SC Uncle Doctor's
8/13/01 Medford, OR Club 25
8/17/01 ? The Palace
8/24/01 San Francisco, CA Holidays In The Sun Festival
5/10/02 Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina
8/29/02 Atlanta, GA  
8/30/02 Fayetteville, NC  
9/02 Savannah, GA  
9/02 Brooklyn, NY  
9/02 Boston, MA  
9/02 Richmond, VA  
9/02 Washington, DC  
9/02 Jacksonville, FL  
9/6/02 Asbury Park, NJ H.I.T.S. Festival - Stone Pony
1/3/03 Corona, CA ShowCase Theatre
1/4/03 San Diego, CA Club Xanth
1/5/03 Hollywood, CA Martini Lounge
1/6/03 Lancaster, CA Ceder Center
1/7/03 San Luis Obispo, CA Slo Brew
1/8/03 Brunedale, CA Jim Dandy's
1/9/03 Fresno, CA Pizza Land
1/10/03 San Francisco, CA The Pound
1/11/03 Bakersfield, CA Jerry's Pizza
2/23/03 San Antonio, TX Sin 13
3/1/03 Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina
3/8/03 Passaic, NJ Connections
3/9/03 Ithaca, NY Castaways
3/10/03 Buffalo, NY Tudor Lounge
3/11/03 Pittsburgh, PA Planet of the Apes
3/12/03 Philadelphia, PA Pontiac Grill
3/13/03 Albany, NY Valentines
3/14/03 New London, CT El N' Gee
3/15/03 Sciota, PA Club Underworld
3/16/03 New York, NY CBGB
3/28/03 Austin, TX Club 710
3/29/03 Austin, TX 7 yr olds Birthday Show
4/16/03 Austin, TX El Matador
4/19/03 Austin, TX Red Eyed Fly
4/23/03 Austin, TX Emo's
4/30/03 Austin, TX Sin 13
5/31/03 San Antonio, TX Sin 13
6/11/03 Abilene, TX Primal Skate Shop
6/12/03 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club
6/13/03 Lubbock, TX  Tokyo Joe's
6/15/03 Wichita, KS Kirby's Beer Store (cancelled)
6/17/03 Little Rock, AK Park St. House (cancelled)
7/11/03 Phoenix, AZ The Mason Jar
7/12/03 San Diego, CA Skate Heaven
7/13/03 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory
7/14/03 Riverside, CA Showcase Theater
7/15/03 San Francisco, CA The Pound
7/16/03 Reno, NV Arkaik
7/17/03  SLC, UT Albey Square(DV8)
7/18/03 Denver, CO Garageland 
7/19/03 Kansas City, MO El Torreon
7/20/03 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
7/21/03 Indianapolis, IN Festivila
7/22/03 Chicago, IL Riley's Rockhouse
7/23/03 TBA  
7/24/03 Pittsburgh, PA 1877 Club
7/25/03 TBA  
7/26/03 Buffalo, NY Tudor Lounge
7/27/03 New York, NY CBGB's
7/28/03 Boston, MA The Elk's Lodge
7/29/03 Albany, N Valentines
7/30/03 Amityville, NY Odyssey
7/31/03 Philadelphia, PA Pontiac Grill
8/1/03 York, PA Princess St Community Center
8/2/03 Roanoke, VA The Factory
8/3/03 Atlanta, GA Neutron Bomb
8/4/03 St. Petersburg, FL Venom
8/5/03 New Orleans, LA Dixie Tavern
8/6/03 San Antonio, TX Sam's Burger Joint
8/7/03 Austin, TX Emo's
9/9/03 Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina (New CD)
9/24/03 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's w/The Adicts
11/26/03  San Antonio, TX Sam's Burger Joint
11/28/03 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's
12/20/03 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club
12/21/03 OK City, OK The Green Door
12/22/03 Albuquerque, NM The Attic
12/23/03 Phoenix, AZ Bash On Ash
12/24/03 Long Beach, CA Alex's Bar
12/26/03 San Diego, CA SOMA
12/27/03 Pomona, CA The Glass House 
12/28/03 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory 
12/29/03 San Francisco, CA The Pound
12/30/03 Sacramento, CA Capitol Garage
12/31/03 Portland, OR Paris St. Theatre
1/1/04 Medford, OR MusicHead
1/2/04 Boise, ID JD & Friends
1/3/04 Salt Lake City, UT Albee Square
1/16/04 Austin, TX Beerland
2/4/04 Austin, TX Emo's
2/28/04 Laredo, TX Sal's Pizza
3/13/04 Tokyo Kichijouji
3/14/04 Nagoya Imaike Huck Finn
3/15/04 Mie Ise Rhythm
3/16/04 Yamaguchi Iwakuni 666
3/17/04 Fukuoka Hakata Keith Flack
3/18/04 Hiroshima Neopolis Hall
3/19/04 Osaka Nanba Bears
3/20/04 Tokyo Shinjuku Anti-Knock
4/8/04 San Francisco, CA The Pound
4/9/04 Los Angeles, CA Allen Theater (2 shows)
4/10/04 San Diego, CA VFW Hall
5/22/04 San Antonio, TX Communion
6/11/04 Rotterdam, Netherlands Baroeg
6/12/04 Wattrelos, France tba
6/15/04 Sierra Vista, AZ Elks Lodge
6/17/04 Albuquerque, NM Launch Pad
6/18/04 Denver, CO Aztlan Theatre
6/19/04 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Cafe
6/20/04 Boise, ID JD & Friends
6/21/04 Seattle, WA Graceland
6/22/04 Medford, OR Musichead
6/23/04 Sacramento, CA The Boardwalk
6/24/04 Bakersfield, CA La Movida
6/25/04 Fresno, CA Big Game Studios
6/26/04 Victorville, CA Reflections
6/27/04 Hollywood, CA Zen
6/29/04 Phoenix, AZ Mason Jar
7/8/04 Austin, TX  
7/30/04 Austin, TX Room 710
10/1/04 Portland, OR Meow Meow
10/2/04 Seattle, WA Graceland
10/3/04 Boise, ID The Venue
10/4/04 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Cafe
10/5/04 Sparks, NV The New Oasis
10/6/04 Sacramento, CA The Boardwalk
10/7/04 Ventura, CA The Loft
10/8/04 Los Angeles, CA Key Club
10/9/04 Long Beach, CA The Vault
10/10/04 El Cajon, CA Black Wax in store 12-1pm
10/10/04 Bakersfield, CA Jerry's Pizza
10/11/04 Santa Cruz, CA Santa Cruz Teen Center 7pm
10/12/04 San Francisco , CA Slim's SF
10/13/04 San Luis Obispo, CA Slo Brew
10/14/04 Las Vegas, NV Roadhouse Casino
10/15/04 Phoenix, AZ The Brickhouse
10/16/04 Albuquerque, NM The Launchpad
10/17/04 Denver, CO Bluebird Theatre
10/20/04 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
10/21/04 Austin, TX Emo's
10/22/04 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club
10/23/04 Corpus Christi, TX The Underground
10/26/04 Atlanta, GA Hell - Masquerade
10/27/04 St. Petersburg, FL State Theater
10/28/04 Orlando, FL Screamer's
10/29/04 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Factory
10/30/04 Jacksonville, FL The Imperial
10/31/04 Columbia, SC New Brooklyn Tavern
11/1/04 Richmond, VA Nanci Raygun
11/2/04 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
11/4/04 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop
11/5/04 Detroit, MI St. Andrew's
11/6/04 Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection
11/7/04 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock Lounge
11/8/04 Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl
11/9/04 Milwaukee, WI Mad Planet
11/10/04 Kansas City, MO El Torreon
11/11/04 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
11/12/04 Chicago, IL The Metro
11/13/04 Pittsburgh, PA The World
11/14/04 Buffalo, NY Showplace Theatre
11/15/04 Boston, MA The Axis
11/16/04 Portland, ME The Industry
11/18/04 Danbury, CT Empress Ballroom
11/19/04 Irvington, NJ The Cricket Club
11/20/04 Farmingdale, NY Downtown
11/21/04 Philadelphia, PA Tribeca
11/22/04 Roanoke, VA Factory 324
11/24/04 Hickory, NC Wizard's Bar
11/25/04 Indianapolis, IN ISC Skatepark
11/26/04 Evansville, IN Club 1123
11/27/04 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
11/28/04 Nashville, TN The Muse
11/29/04 New Orleans, LA Hi Ho Lounge
1/6/05 El Paso, TX Surges
1/7/05 Phoenix, AZ Modified Arts
1/8/05 Las Vegas, NV Roadhouse Casino
1/9/05 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory
1/14/05 Ventura, CA The Loft
1/15/05 Havasu City, AZ Havasu Underground
1/16/05 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
2/2/05 Lille, France L'urban Chaos
2/3/05 Arenhem, Netherlands Cafe Storte-Breker
2/4/05 Herentals, Belgium Tzaaltje
2/5/05 Villefranche Sur Saone, France KRK
2/6/05 Paris, France La Peniche Alternat
2/7/05 Besancon, France Bar Les Arcades
2/8/05 Limoges, France Bar Des Arenes
2/9/05 Geneva, Switzerland Piment Rouge
2/10/05 Brno, Czech Republic  DK Musilova
2/11/05 Prague, Czech Republic Vagon
2/12/05 Torgau, Germany Bruckenkopf
2/13/05 Chemnitz, Germany AJZ
2/14/05 Wien, Austria  Arena
2/15/05 Potsdam, Germany Archiv
2/16/05 Bremen, Germany Schlachthof
2/17/05 Jena, Germany Rosenkeller
2/18/05 Stuttgart, Germany Universum
2/19/05 Sneek, Netherlands Het Bolwerk
2/20/05 Aachen, Germany Az
2/22/05 Cologne, Germany Sonic Ballroom
2/23/05 Bristol, England The Junction
2/24/05 London, England The Underworld
2/25/05 Hull, England Springers on the Common
2/26/05 Sheffield, England The Howard
2/27/05 Birmingham, England Academy 2
3/26/05 Austin, TX Emo's
4/30/05 Denver, CO Climax Lounge
5/1/05 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Cafe
5/3/05 Portland, OR Meow Meow
5/4/05 Seattle, WA Graceland
5/6/05 Vancouver, BC - Canada Astoria
5/7/05 Calgary, AB - Canada The Underground
5/8/05 Banf, AB - Canada Wild Bill's
5/9/05 Edmonton, AB - Canada New City Likwid Lounge
5/10/05 Regina, SK - Canada Gaslight Saloon
5/11/05 Winnipeg, MB - Canada Pyramid
5/12/05 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock
5/13/05 Indianapolis, IN Dick's
5/14/05 Detroit, MI Alvin's
5/15/05 Allentown, PA The Sterling Hotel
5/16/05 Cleveland, OH The Grog Shop
5/17/05 Montreal, QC - Canada Sallaberry
5/18/05 Fredericton, NB Bagaboo Creek
5/19/05 Halifax, NS The Attic
5/20/05 Moncton, NB Paramount Lounge
5/21/05 Halifax, NS The Pavilion
5/22/05 Fredericton, NB Bagaboo Creek
5/23/05 Quebec City, QC Le Anti
5/24/05 Ottawa, ON Maverick's
5/25/05 Barrie, ON Foundation
5/26/05 Kitchener, ON The Wax
5/27/05 Toronto, ON The 360
5/28/05 Hamilton, ON The Underground
5/29/05 London, ON  The Embassy
5/30/05 St. Catherine's, ON - Canada L3 Nightclub
5/31/05 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Room
6/1/05 Columbus, OH The Distillery
6/2/05 Grand Rapids, MI The Ten Bells (16+)
6/3/05 Chicago, IL The Studio
6/4/05 Pittsburgh, PA 31st St Pub (2 Shows)
6/5/05 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop
6/6/05 York, PA Liberty Fire Hall (all ages)
6/7/05 Cambridge, MA Central Square Elks Lodge
6/9/05 New York City, NY CBGB
6/10/05 Upper Darby, PA Upper Darby ALH
6/12/05 Baltimore, MD The Ottobar
6/13/05 Richmond, VA Nanci Raygun
6/14/05 Charlotte, NC The Milestone 18+ 7pm
6/15/05 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial
6/16/05 Orlando, FL The Backbooth (all ages) 5pm
6/17/05 W. Palm Beach, FL Ray's Downtown (all ages)
6/18/05 St. Petersburg, FL State Theatre
6/19/05 Tallahassee, FL Big Daddy's
6/20/05 Baton Rouge, LA The Darkroom
6/25/05 Austin, TX Emo's
6/26/05 Dallas, TX  Red Blood Club
6/28/05 El Paso, TX Surges
6/29/05 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
6/30/05 Phoenix, AZ Big Fish Pub (all ages) 5pm
7/1/05 El Cajon, CA Masonic Lodge (all ages) 5pm
7/3/05 Lancaster, CA Mr. Que's (all ages) 7pm
7/7/05 Stockton, CA The Alano Club
7/8/05 San Francisco, CA The Pound
7/9/05 Corona, CA Showcase Theatre
7/10/05 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory
8/6/05 San Antonio, TX Broadway Brew Haus
9/3/05 San Antonio, TX Sanctuary
9/22/05 Chicago, IL Logan Square Auditorium
10/9/05 F--k Wasted Fest/The Tiki Room Pomona, CA

European Tour 06

2/12/06 Austin, TX Redrum
2/17/06 Gravelines, France Ferme Decastecker
2/18/06 Leiden, Netherlands L.V.C 
2/19/06 Duisburg, Germany Headhunter w/ SS-Kaliert
2/20/06 Aachen, Germany AJZ 
2/21/06 Cologne, Germany Sonic Ballroom 
2/22/06 Paris, France Penich Altenar 
2/23/06 Limoges, France Bar L'ile Aux Tresor
2/24/06 Bordeaux, France L' Heretic 
2/25/06 Geneva, Switzerland Piment Rouge 
2/26/06 Zurich, Switzerland Dynamo Werk 21 
2/27/06 Bensancon, France Arcades 
2/28/06 Munich, Germany Monofaktur
3/1/06 Vienna, Austria Konkav 
3/2/06 Graz, Austria Explosi
3/3/06 Torgau, Germany Brueckenkopf 
3/4/06 Stuttgart, Germany TBA
3/5/06 Augsburg, Germany Provino
3/6/06 Modena, Italy La Scintilla
3/7/06 Ljubljana, Slovenia Gromka
3/9/06 Girona, Spain Bar La Via
3/10/06 Arrsate, Spain Sala
3/11/06 Llieda, Spain  TBA
3/12/06 Marcorignan, France Le Cedre
3/13/06 Montepellier, France Pinte Bar 
3/15/06 Schwabisch Gemund, Germany Esperanza
3/16/06 Potsdam, Germany Archive w/2nd District
3/17/06 Erfurt, Germany AJZ w/2nd District
3/18/06 Arnheim, Netherlands Willemeen w/2nd District

West Coast Tour 06

7/22/06 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
7/23/06 El Paso, TX Lucky Devils
7/24/06 Phoenix, AZ Real Bar
7/25/06 Las Vegas, NV Celebrity
7/26/06 San Marcos, CA Jumping Turtle
7/27/06 Corona, CA Showcase Theatre 
7/28/06 Southgate, CA Allen Theatre
7/29/06 Petaluma, CA Phoenix Theatre
7/30/06 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre
7/31/06 Seattle, WA El Corazon
8/1/06 Boise, ID Venue
8/2/06 Denver, CO Marquis Theatre 
8/3/06 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
8/4/06 Oklahoma City, OK Glasnost
8/5/06 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club
8/6/06 Austin, TX Emo’s

Hometown shows 2006

9/22/06 San Antonio, TX Sanctuary
9/23/06 Austin, TX Emo’s
9/30/06 Corpus Christi, TX Zeros
11/30/06  Dallas, TX Gypsy Tea Room
12/1/06 Austin, TX Waterloo Park
12/2/06 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit

Southern Tour 06-07


Tallahassee, FL Beta Bar


Jacksonville, FL Fuel


St. Petersburg, FL State Theatre


W. Palm Beach, FL Respectable Street


Orlando, FL The Backbooth
12/12/06 Atlanta, GA  The Masquerade
12/13/06 Nashville, TN City Hall
12/29/06 El Paso, TX House of Rock N Roll
12/30/06 Phoenix, AZ The Clubhouse
1/1/07 Victorville, CA Trilogy Theatre
1/2/07 Ventura, CA The Alpine
1/3/07 Stockton, CA Torino’s
1/4/07 Orangevale, CA Vets Hall
1/5/07 Long Beach, CA The Vault
1/6/07 San Francisco, CA Balazo Gallery

Hometown Shows 2007

1/27/07 Austin, TX Emo’s
3/16/07 Austin, TX Emo’s (Record Showcase)
3/31/07 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit

East Coast 2007

4/21/07 Lake Mary, FL Lake Mary’s Pub
4/22/07 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial
4/23/07 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
4/25/07 Spartanburg, SC Ground Zero
4/26/07 Baltimore, MD The Ottobar
4/27/07 Brooklyn, NY Europa
4/28/07 Pittsburgh, PA 31st Street Pub
4/29/07 Buffalo, NY The Icon
5/1/07 Montreal, QC Centre Fractal
5/2/07 Ottawa, ON Café Dekcuf
5/3/07 Toronto, ON Kathedral
5/4/07 St. Catharines, ON L’3
5/5/07 Grand Rapids, MI Skelletones
5/6/07 Chicago, IL Champs Rock Room
5/7/07 Kansas City, MO El Torreon

Europe 2007

6/8/07 Torgau, Germany Bruckenkopf
6/9/07 Potsdam, Germany Archiv
6/12/07 Vienna, Austria Movimento
6/13/07 Kapfenberg, Austria Bunte Fabrik
6/14/07 Lubljana, Slovenia Gromka
6/15/07 Zurich, Switzerland Dynamo Werk
6/18/07 Cologne, Germany Sonic Ballroom
6/20/07 Dresden, Germany Berenzwinger
6/21/07 Jena, Germany Rosenkeller
6/22/07 Esseling, Germany Komma
6/23/07 Munich, Germany Feierwerk
6/24/07 Lille, France La Reve D’Herbert
6/27/07 Derby, England Victoria Inn
6/28/07 Knaresborough, England Daddy Cools
6/29/07 London, England The Underworld
6/30/07 Sheffield, England D-n-R Bar

West Coast 2007

7/11/07 Albuquerque, NM  Launchpad
7/12/07 Denver, CO Marquis Theatre
7/13/07 Ogden, UT Country Club Theatre
7/14/07 Boise, ID The Connector
7/15/07 Seattle, WA El Corazon
7/16/07 Portland, OR   Satyricon
7/18/07 Oakland, CA  The Metro
7/19/07 Fresno, CA The Exit
7/20/07 Ventura, CA The Alpine
7/21/07 Long Beach, CA  The Vault
7/22/07 Phoenix, AZ The Clubhouse
7/23/07 El Paso, TX  House of Rock N Roll
7/24/07 San Antonio, TX  Rock Bottom
7/26/07 Brownsville, TX  Chapa’s Bar
7/27/07 Austin, TX  Emo’s
7/28/07 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club

Vans Warped Tour 2007

7/31/07 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheatre
8/1/07 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center
8/2/07 Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheater
8/3/07 Philadelphia, PA Tweeter Center
8/4/07 New York, NY Nassau Coliseum 
8/5/07 Englishtown, NJ Raceway Park 
8/7/07 Indianapolis, IN Verizon Music Center 
8/8/07 Pittsburgh, PA Post Gazette Pavilion
8/9/07 Boston, MA Tweeter Center
8/10/07 Buffalo, NY Darien Lakes Fields
8/11/07 Barrie, ON Park Place
8/12/07 Montreal, QC Parc Jean-Drapeau
8/14/07 St. Louis, MO Verizon Amphitheater 
8/15/07 Kansas City, KS Verizon Amphitheater 

Local Shows

11/2/07 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
11/4/07 Austin, TX Red 7
11/17/07 Chicago, IL Riot Fest

Local Shows/West Coast 2008

3/1/08 Red 7 Austin, TX
3/15/08 Red 7- SXSW Austin, TX
4/10/08 The Brickhouse Phoenix, AZ
4/11/08 Mai's Cafe Ventura, CA
4/12/08 The Exit Fresno, CA
4/13/08 Karma Victorville, CA
4/15/08 House of Blues San Diego, CA
4/16/08 Downtown Brew San Luis Obispo, CA
4/17/08 Slim's S.F.  San Francisco, CA
4/18/08 The Boardwalk Orangevale, CA
4/19/08 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, OR
4/20/08 El Corazon Seattle, WA
4/21/08 Johnny B’s Medford, OR
4/22/08 Club Underground Reno, NV
4/23/08 Blank Club San Jose, CA
4/24/08 Santa Cruz Vet's Hall Santa Cruz, CA
4/25/08 3805 House Las Vegas, NV
4/26/08 Showcase Theatre Corona, CA
4/27/08 TKO Records Fountain Valley, CA
4/27/08 Safari Sam’s Hollywood, CA

Midwest/East Coast

6/26/08 The Conservatory Oklahoma City, OK
6/27/08 The Bluebird St. Louis, MO
6/28/08 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
6/29/08 Sound Idea Warehouse Brandon, FL
7/1/08 The Backbooth Orlando, FL
7/2/08 Delicia’s Miami, FL
7/3/08 Fuel Jacksonville, FL
7/4/08 Village Tavern Mt Pleasant, SC
7/5/08 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC
7/6/08 Rocks Richmond, VA
7/8/08 Belvedere’s Pittsburgh, PA
7/9/08 Club Diablo Buffalo, NY
7/10/08 Toad's Place New Haven, CT 
7/11/08 Club Lido Revere, MA
7/12/08 Europa Brooklyn, NY
7/13/08 Millcreek Tavern Philadelphia, PA
7/14/08 Championship Lemoyne, PA
7/16/08 Alvins Detroit, MI
7/17/08 Skelletones Grand Rapids, MI 
7/18/08 Reggies Chicago, IL
7/19/08 The Rave Milwaukee, WI
7/20/08 The Picador Iowa City, IA
7/21/08 The Black Sheep Springfield, IL
7/22/08 The Brick House Louisville, KY
7/23/08 The Muse Nashville, TN
7/24/08 Downtown Music Little Rock, AR
7/25/08 Red 7 Austin, TX

West Coast 08

9/18/08 The Clubhouse  Tempe, AZ
9/19/08 Blue Cafe Huntington Beach, CA
9/21/08 Thee Parkside San Francisco, CA
9/22/08 The Boardwalk Orangevale, CA
9/23/08 The Avalon Salt Lake City, UT
9/24/08 The Aggie Theatre Fort Collins, CO
9/25/08 The Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
9/26/08 The Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO
9/29/08 Red 7 Austin, TX
9/30/08 Rock Bottom San Antonio, TX
10/1/08 Executive Surf Club Corpus Christi, TX
11/13/08 Secret Show Petaluna, CA
11/14/08 Costa Mesa, CA World Gallery
11/15/08 Los Angeles, CA The Airliner
11/16/08 Canoga Park, CA Cobalt Cafe

Local shows

1/10/09 Red 7 Austin, TX
1/23/09 Room 710/ Houston Ritchson Austin, TX
2/6/09 Rock Bottom San Antonio, TX
3/14/09 Red 7 Austin, TX
5/23/09 White Rabbit San Antonio, TX


9/4/09 Viper Room Wien, Austria
9/12/09 Clash Berlin, Germany
9/19/09 Veusseiler Calling Festival Vorselaar, Belgium

Europe 2010

8/27/10 La Macanique Ondulatoire Paris, France 
8/28/10 Woodstock Boogie Bar Limoges, France
8/30/10 Ieperfest Belgium
9/1/10 Dynamo Zurich, Switzerland
9/3/10 Orangehouse Munich, Germany
9/4/10 Viper Room Wien, Austria
9/6/10 Faval Club Brno, Czech Republic
9/7/10 Graz, Austria Music House
9/8/10 Feldkirchen, Austria Amthof
9/9/10 Dresden, Germany Chemiefabrik
9/10/10 Hafenklang Hamburg, Germany
9/11/10 Conne Island Leipzig, Germany
9/12/10 Clash Berlin, Germany
9/16/10 Verden, Germany Dampfmuhle
9/17/10 Oberhausen, Germany Druckluft
9/18/10 Messancy, Luxembourg Riders Park
9/19/10 Vorselaar, Belgium Veusseiler Calling Festival

Festivals US 2010

10/11/10  The Metro (Riot Fest) Chicago, IL

Cancelled Shows

2003 Australian Tour  
2004 Canadian Tour  
6/11/04 Rotterdam, Netherlands Baroeg
6/12/04 Wattrelos, France tba
6/15/04 Sierra Vista, AZ Elks Lodge
6/19/04 Maastricht, Netherlands Midsummer HC Party
6/25/04 Potsdam, Germany Archiv
6/27/04 Las Vegas, NV Double Down Bar
6/28/04 Southgate, CA ?
7/9/04 Stuttgart, Germany Universum
7/11/04 Erlangen, Germany Scheune
7/14/04 Bochum, Germany Zwischenfall
7/15/04 Morecambe, England Wasted Festival 2004
7/23/04 Moscow, Russia Estakada Club
7/24/04 Obninsk, Russia OK Club
7-8/04 Canadian Tour ?
8/17/04 Dallas, TX ?
8/18/04 Oklahoma City, OK Green Door
8/20/04 Buffalo, NY Extreme Wheels Skate Park
8/22/04 Boston, MA Axis w/Cheap Sex
8/23/04 Albany, NY Valentine's w/Cheap Sex
8/24/04 Danbury, CT Empress Ballroom
8/25/04 Passaic, NJ Connection's
8/26/04 Wilkes-Barre, PA Cafe Metropolis
8/27/04 Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Small's Fun House
8/28/04 Baltimore, MA Sidebar Tavern w/Havoc
8/29/04 Washington DC U-Turn
8/30/04 Roanoke, VA Factory 324
8/31/04 Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall
9/1/04 Myrtle Beach, SC Lime Light
9/2/04 Augusta, GA The Hangnail
9/7/04 New Orleans, LA tba w/Hat Trickers
9/9/04 Little Rock, AK Vino's Pub
9/10/04 Evansville, IN Club 1123
9/11/04 Kansas City, MO Spitfire
9/12/04 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
9/13/04 Des Moines, IA Hairy Marys
9/14/04 Indianapolis, IN Rehearsal Studios/Melody Inn
9/15/04 Detroit, MI The Shelter 
9/16/04 Cleveland, OH Rhythm Room
9/17/04 Erie, PA The Underground
9/18/04 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge
9/19/04 Madison, WI Rattskellars
9/20/04 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock
9/21/04 Fargo, ND Billiards On Broadway
9/22/04 Rapid City, SD tba
10/10/04 San Diego, CA Soma
10/20/04 San Antonio, TX Sin 13
10/24/04 Houston, TX The Engine Room
11/14/04 Poughkeepsie, NY The Loft
11/19/04 South Amboy, NJ Krome
2/3/05 Ede, Netherlands Ede Zuigt Festival
2/9/05 Gent, Belgium L'usine
5/7/05 Calgary, AB - Canada Night Gallery (Show Moved)
6/8/05 Passaic, NJ Connections (Club Closed)
6/10/05 Philadelphia, PA Haverford VFW
6/14/05 W. Columbia, SC New Brooklyn Tavern
6/17/05 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Factory
7/2/05 Las Vegas, NV Roadhouse Casino (all ages)
10/9/05 Wasted Fest San Bernardino, CA
3/2/06 Munich, Germany Monofaktur
3/17/06 Herentals, Belgium T' Zaaltje w/2nd District
3/18/06 Rotterdam, Netherlands Baroeg w/2nd District
6/18/07 Aachen, Germany Hauptquatier
6/22/07 Stuttgart, Germany Universum
6/23/07 Munich, Germany Brille’s House of Fun

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