RIP - The bar closed 10/06 after 10 years and is now something new - Rapture Cafe & Books.
They reopened outside of Manhattan in northern NY.

molokos . margaritas . martinis .
"and a jukebox with a pulse"
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200 Avenue A
East Village New York City 10009
Between East 12th and 13th Street
ph/fax (212) 254-8838


In 2003 after a 2 year wait these items became available online at The prices below are what I paid in the bar.

Bumper Sticker $1
Keychain $2
Letter Opener $2
Lighter $2
Cow $7
Tank Top (Black) $22
T-shirt (Black or White) $16
Martini glass $25

Also postcard, matches, magnets and business cards at no charge.

High end exclusives were also added:
Stain Jacket $95



Front of building - Closed
Front of building - Open

Female ashtray

Back wall - TVs and mannequin

The bar

Faces on the wall - front view
Faces on the wall - side view
Mannequin in window - back view

Table with mannequin coming through the center

Merchandise display

Clockwork Orange Wall - right side
Clockwork Orange Wall - middle

Clockwork Orange Wall - left side




    There is no listing on the front of the hours or a phone number, but I was able to get in late even on a Monday night. When you walk in there is a dark hallway and the only light is a neon star pattern high on the wall and the ceiling. When you get into the bar if you make a U there is a hall that leads to the bathroom and the window where the mannequin with the Korova shirt stands. Right in front of you on the walk is the first white female mannequin and faces pushing through the wall. On the right is a table with a hole in the middle and a mannequin underneath. Behind that is a band of TV screens and past that is another mannequin on the wall and then the start of the bar. The bar is a long L shape. The small side has the case with the merchandise. Across from the bar is a chained off couch area that has the phrases on the wall like in the Korova in the film. This is the only reproduction from the film. In the back is another bank of TVs and the DJ station. The club size is long and thin - it isn't that wide. Overall it is very dark and very loud. The TVs have no sound, the only beat is the music. There are no colors as every thing is in black and white patterns. Other tables have black checkerboard patterns as well as the floor. The walls are all black. It seemed like a Gothic crowd, but was hard to tell since it was so dark.
    It is not a place that I would personally hang out on a regular basis even if I did live nearby because it is so dark and the fact the music is SO loud. Overall it was very cool and if it was a little brighter and the music was lower then it would be fun for me to hang there. It is very hard to have a conversation and relax without shouting and if you are looking for a total ACO experience you will be disappointed. If you are looking for an ACO related place or underground club to hangout in NYC then this is it. And if you don't mind or like that type of atmosphere then you will really enjoy it. After all, it is probably the closest you'll ever get to sitting in the ACO milkbar.

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