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Character Actor
Tim Tim Brooke-Taylor
Graeme Graeme Garden
Bill Bill Oddie
  Roland Macleod
  Patrick Moore


My Summary

    Tim and Bill arrive at their apartment only to be denied entrance by a computer saying it is a top secret area. They can't get in without providing the password and Bill curses at it and the computer thanks him for the password. Inside their roommate Graeme has converted the apartment into mission control. He is training two rabbits, Flopsy and Spyro, to go to the moon in a second hand Saturn V rocket he purchased. He says he has made them as intelligent as humans and also shows them all the different tests he has put the rabbits through. Soon they are ready and he launches them.
    After six months of no contact with the rabbits Graeme is worried. His only hope to contact them is to use his radio telescope, but after he turns the radio on, Bill breaks it. Tim gives him the idea that they should go after them, so Graeme sends Tim and Bill up in another Saturn V to find out what happened.
    They launch and get halfway to the moon when Bill tells Graeme that maybe the rabbits never made it to the moon. Graeme thinks he is right and says goodbye to them. They freak out, but Graeme admits he really doesn't know what he is doing and can't get them back. Regardless their capsule lands on the moon and they soon find they weren't there first and that there is a plant life. When they look back at the plants they see that there are bunnies everywhere. Flopsy and Spyro must have mated like rabbits over the last six months. Graeme tells them to get plant samples and come back, but they are captured.
    The rabbits take them back to their hideout, tie them down and try to force feed them carrots. Flopsy appears and announces he is now called Big Bunny. He trains them to talk in rabbit speak which consists of saying "Naaa...what's up, doc?" Back on Earth Graeme is able to see this with a hidden camera, but suddenly loses reception. He wants to watch TV anyway.
    He decides to call the police and tell them about the rabbit's plot, but they only plan on taking him to the loony bin. He says he can prove it and turns on the news. He then finds out that the space capsule is on it's way back, but is going to hit on the British soil, not the water. So Graeme enlists the doctor and two policemen who are there to take him away to help the capsule. The police hold a bathtub filled with water and he directs them where to stand, but the capsule winds up landing on his head.
    When the pair are taken out of the capsule they are changed into wererabbits and won't say anything but "naaaa". Even worse, whatever they have is contagious to those around them including the news team and the prime minister. Back at the apartment Big Bunny sends them a transmission calling them "O my fluffy brothers" and sends them out to cause trouble. The find A Clockwork Orange poster on a brick wall and cover up the title with a sign that reads "The Transistorized Carrot". They wear bowler hats with their ears  poking through, false eyelashes and wield giant carrots.
    They beat up on anyone that passes by and duel with an old lady. They get on a motorcycle with a side car and speed off to cause more trouble - knocking people down, eating a cops Billy club, fool around with a woman in a chicken coop and steal food. They wind up at the beach and head underground. Graeme figures out what they are up to and goes to catch them, but they hurl their carrots at them. Graeme calls in the ferrets to deal with them. Soon an army truck with five men in kilts called the "Queens Royal Highland Ferrets" show up and chase after the rabbit men in the holes. Eventually they are caught and are taken back to their apartment. The effects are starting to wear off as Graeme tries to feed them carrots and lettuce, but they aren't interested. Instead he gives them pie which they eat. Afterwards he tells them it was rabbit pie and they freak out. Then Big Bunny shows up at the door and they grab their knives and forks and run after him. They were cured all right. The End.

My Review

    I know this was made nearly 30 years ago and is probably the first ACO TV parody, but it was just plain stupid and boring until the Clockwork stuff started. Basically it was downright unwatchable. It was funny for a few seconds when the guys were Clockwork Rabbits hitting people at random with large carrots. Overall though I would say to avoid it. If you are British, you'll probably like it a little more. Since I am American, it might've been to British for me. But since I love if...., Monty Python, O Lucky Man!, etc. I don't buy it.

Rating 1/10

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