These are listed by where they are easily found on the DVD (2nd Kubrick Collection) by chapter and the time each part occurs. It is just for fun and is in no way meant to detract from the work. Many people say Kubrick was perfectionist because of the legendary amount of takes he sometimes did. This proves he was not. He did multiple takes to get the actors to try different interpretations and maybe come up with something no one thought of. He didn't obsess over these tiny things in the editing room when multiple takes were edited together.

DVD Chapter Error
3 - 3:00/3:02 When the droogs are walking up on the tramp their shadows reach the back wall. When the angle changes the shadows are only a little past the tramp.
4 - 5:15/5:31 Billyboy's rape victim has a sandal laced up her right leg in the first shots. When her clothes come off it switches to her left leg for the rest of the scene. 
4 - 5:51/6:05
When Billy Boy has finally gotten the girl on the mattress his hat is on, then it is off and his hair is down and when he speaks to Alex in the next shot his hat is on and he is neat looking in 12 seconds.
4 - 5:52/6:06 The girls' head is on the left and the orange shirt guy is over her. The next shot her body has turned around completely and the orange guy is off the mattress. This also shows Billboy with and w/o hat.
4 - 6:42/6:47 Alex's hat falls off when he flips a guy over him. The next shot he is running and wearing it again.
4 - 6:53/7:03 Georgie is shown running from Billboy without his hat on. The next scene shows him hitting a guy with a chair while wearing the hat.
4 - 7:00/7:02 One of the gang jumps from the stage at Dim and Alex smashes him in the air with a chair. The guy lands on Dim and his hat comes off. The very next shot now shows Dim on stage wearing the hat.
8 - 18:34/18:46 When Alex returns home to play his Ludwig Van he pulls a tape out and throws it on the stereo. He picks up the Beethoven tape, then pulls a Goggly Gogol tape out of the same slot as before.
10 - 26:10 When Alex is walking through the Music Shop and looks to the left Kubrick's camera is seen in the reflection on the right side. (Goof)
11 - 28:25 Alex pulls back the blanket and sheets down to the blue ones. In the very next second they move on their own.
12 - 34:05/34:15 There is a black dirt mark on Georgie's right thigh among others while walking next to the river. When Alex hits him and he goes into the water there are no marks.
13 - 34:42/35:05 Alex offers his hand to Dim and Georgie has no hat on behind him, but he had it when he first fell in. The next cut he is wearing his hat. He is also in a different spot a bit further back.
14 - 43:17/43:27 When Alex exits the Cat Lady's house his pants are clean. When he falls to the ground after Dim hits him with the bottle his knees are dirty.
15 - 45:40/46:00 When Deltoid comes in to see Alex he tosses him some napkins. One lands on his left leg. In the next shot it is bloody on the floor by his right leg even though Alex is still holding the same one. There is also more blood on his shirt - though his bleeding would explain that.
16 - 52:23/52:25 When Alex is getting undressed in the prison check in the officer putting his clothes in the box is shown with his hand on the lid. When the angle changes a second later his hand is on the box.
19 - 1:05:42/1:06:27 When the Warden is talking to Alex he takes his glasses off and puts them on the desk. The glasses and papers underneath  move from cut to cut.
19 - 1:06:30/1:06:35 When the Warden is talking to Alex a minute into the scene his hands are on his lap, when they cut back to him his hand are up on the desk.
27 - 1:33:00/1:33:06 The newspaper and position of Em's dress change when she is on the couch. This happens four times.    Second Picture
28 - 1:36:26/1:36:37 When Alex goes down to the river the first scene shows the tide is in, but when he looks at the water the tide is out - 11 seconds later.
29 - 1:41:04/1:41:09 When Dim and Georgie put Alex's head into the trough the water spills out. The next cut shows the wet trough is now somewhat dry.
31 - 1:51:04/1:51:29 The plate of spaghetti changes drastically in 15 seconds.
32 - 2:02:40 Alex (Alexander de Large) is referred to as Alexander Burgess in the newspapers as a tribute to Anthony Burgess the author.


Claim Truth
During the "hogs of the road" scene, the shadow of the boom mic falls on Dim's hat. That is the shadow from Georgie's hat.
A man is seen running in the background when the droogs pull up to HOME. It is a horse in the field.
The position of Basil the snake changes from left to right when he is on the tree post. The first shot is filmed in the mirror, so it is naturally reversed.
Shortly after Georgie announces the "mutiny", Alex's amulet switches from his right wrist to his left and back again between shots. What amulet!?
The prison chaplain puts his arm around Alex twice. So? He puts his arm on him and goes to walk away, but Alex calls him back and he puts his arm back on him.
Alex screams after he is dunked in the trough. Dim is the one making all the noise. That is what is heard.

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