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For the droogs' costumes the above items are the same as the Alex Costume. You can read the specifics on that page. This page will cover the differences for each droog.


Dim's Hat
Close-up of Dim's face

If you are a big person then aim to be Dim instead of Alex. Dim has similar semi-long brown hair like Alex does. Dim's hat differs from Alex's - it is a style of bowler that is smaller in the brim and taller on the top of the head. The scan above is a good shot of the shape of the hat. For the close up note the red orange color of Dim's lips - use some orange/red lipstick to match this. For extra accuracy add a mole to the nose and side of your face.


Dim wearing mask

Dim wears a half clown/hobo latex mask. It covers his eyes with a light brown piece and there is a big red ball for his nose. The mouth is left open and above the eyes are a exaggerated eyebrows.


Dim's suspenders
Bloody suspenders pattern

Dim's suspenders are the same as Alex's except for a dripping bloody pattern on them. This scan will give you an idea of how to make them. Start at armpit level and make a red dripping pattern like a gunshot wound by using the above pattern. It is a piece attached to it, not actually drawn on the suspenders.

Also the shirt is the same style as Alex's - the button down work shirt, except this shirt has black pin stripes which you can see in the scan.


Dim with unwrapped chain
Chain wrapped around waist


This shot shows his outfit is similar to Alex's and I wanted to show Dim's chain. Now a large metal chain would not be comfortable to wear. Dim wears it wrapped a couple of times around his waist like a belt. I recommend a dog chain like the one in picture above - the kind you would hook to a post and then to a dog's choke collar. These are long and lightweight and can be clipped to the suspenders.



Face Close-up

Georgie's hat is more like a top hat. It has a flat top, but is thicker than a top hat generally thought of as tall like Abe Lincoln's. The scan above is a good shot of the shape of the hat.

Georgie's left eye has yellow around it, nothing fancy. Apply a decent amount all the way around. There is also a thin blue line that goes from the middle of his forehead to the middle of his nose.


Front and side view of Georgie wearing the mask.

He wears a weird bumpy blue mask that covers his whole face except for his mouth. It has a bit of a point to the nose. Since it is so hard to see in the film you could easily get away with a generic face mask painted a turquoise blue.



You can go with the same white suspenders as Alex, but the shirt is very different. It is a long underwear or long johns type. Where the nipples would be they are raised up and bloody like bullet holes. Cut some round white fabric and sew them on, then use a red fabric marker to make the bloody marks. The head shot also shows a close up of the shirt.



Georgie has a cane similar to Alex's black one, except his is a natural wood color. It isn't painted. The above picture is the best shot of it as it flies through the air.



Face - Close Up

Pete has sandy blond shoulder length hair and wears a black French Beret which is easier to find than Dim or Georgie's hats. Pete also has orangish lipstick plus immediately around the left eye it is blue. Around that it is a light shade of pink. Like all good droogs when up to no good he wears a mask. It is very hard to see it though. It is blue around the eyes, open around the mouth and the weird thing is a piece hangs down past his face on both sides like tusks.  He is the least seen, yet most colorful droog.


Body from the waist up
Outfit from the back

His shirt is like Alex's, but  has a button collar like a priest instead of an open collar. Also like Alex he has the bloody eyeballs, but they are on his shoulders next to the suspenders. His suspenders are light gray and have leather on the ends where they hook to the codpiece and cross on the back.


Cane - front and side

Pete has a cane like Georgie with a natural wood color which can be seen in the full body shot. It is dark brown with bumps along the bottom - not smooth like Alex's. The top is also bigger to possibly conceal a knife and a lighter color like is was worn down.

Your Costume Pictures

Photos of people who dressed up as droogs. Almost all with help from my lists.

Big, Bad, Baby Alex

Alex from Dublin

Ealing from UK


Vincent & 2 droogs from Canada
Haru from Singapore

Eric Lee - CA, USA

Rupert Grint from Harry Potter

Mike from MA
Mischa Barton - More of a Clockwork Tragedy

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera & Husband Jordan Bratman

Joel Madden Nicole Richie's husband

Yury and friends with granny pants



Jayne, Bobby, Louise & Ralph

The first 4 droog accurate costume shot I've seen



Alex, Pete & Georgie
Katie shorts style

Wayne UK

Cat in a droogette twist

Brian and friend



Ben from Australia

Diego from Italy

Ryan & Stephanie from Singapore

Faith in the bathtub

Michael in Hong Kong

Timb on the New Times magazine July 2008
Klaudia from Denmark
Chelsey as Alex & her brother as Dim

Devotchka called Norman Bates

Little Jasper
Jonathan Ross
A minor TV celebrity in the UK.
Bobby H
Adrianne Curry
Going to the Playboy Mansion
Added a new take on a female droog costume.
Benhur & 'Dim'
Keith in white or black

Phoenix, AZ - Clockwork Sadisco 3/07
Katy Perry - she kissed a droog and she liked it
Thomas & Sebastian in Germany

John T

Julian & Fabi
Matt's swordcane
Michael B.
Amanda Z - mini skirted devotchka


Drusilla from Vienna


Joe Delarge


Ike & a wannabe

Damien - the world's youngest droog - 1 year, 15 months

Laura as Alex

Myron as Alex & Phil as Dim

Corey as Billyboy

Mike B as Alex

Saucer Oneage Alex Costume

Mark on Tour - 01 02


Chris - won 1st place in 3 contests! and all I got was this picture...
Paul McElhill only 10 years old

Snowdonia National Park 4 at their office Xmas Party

William only 9 years old

Carla the droogette

Mike the droog meets Trinity from the Matrix

Troy and his droogs

Shelia - female droogie
Alleyway Kid and his Droogs
Martin as a droog
Mick and Sue
They went to a European fair with 20,000 people and were surprised to learn many, many people knew who they were.
Tonid as Alex

All the way from Poland for a New Years party.
Leia as Alex

Myron as Alex
Myron won 2nd place in a costume contest with his Alex. Looks good - nice codpiece.

Dominatrix Devotchkas
Amanda and her friends have got the female look down! They spiced it up with a vinyl dominatrix look and I'm sure many vecks were submissive to them that night!

DragonCon Droogs
Here is a group of four droogs from DragonCon - unfortunately for them, they didn't have my guide and their costumes are pretty lame - no codpieces or bloody patterns.
Ryan as Alex
Ryan followed my tips and did well for himself coming up with another way to make the maskie.
Kelly as Alex

Devotchkas can be droogs too!
Three Droogs - Ben, Levi + Ryan

Dim was too dim to make it.
Matt as Alex

He followed my instructions and succeeded.


Steve W's vintage black and white scan.

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