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Head - Bowler
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Close-up of Alex wearing the bowler
Bowler Hat

The hat is the trademark item. The style is called a Bowler in reference to the bowl shape or a derby. Though the style has been around for over 200 years it is still available from most fine hat stores. The hat was traditionally worn by the British upper class and in the film the gangs have taken it for their own. If you are lucky you might get on at a thrift store for a couple dollars. The brand I have was made by "The New York Hat Company". You want a large size black one with a brim that has a bow on the side to match Alex's. Cost new is around $25-50. Used $5 or less.


Close up of Alex's eyes

Another trademark is the fake eyelashes on the right eye. I recommend a thick black pair. I use style 45 Mod by Andrea. You need to remove every other lash on the pair to copy the style of the movie and place one on top and one on the bottom of the eye. On the skin is easier, not on the eyelid. Cost $2.


Close up side view length and front of Alex's maskie
Maskie - Side

Maskie - Front

For that extra touch you can make your own maskie. I have never seen one like it sold at any Halloween or costume shop, so you are on your own. I recommend modeling clay - the kind you sculpt and bake in the oven to harden it. This also provides a perfect fit for you.  Sculpt enough to cover your eyes, and leave holes on the ends for tying elastic to hold it to your head. then attach a thin metal rod and put the clay around it it for the nose - this will give you some support so it doesn't break. You could cut a wire hanger for the rod if you wish.  The end of the nose has a bit of a phallic shape it. Last thing you'll need to do is tie the elastic to keep it on your head. You can use the pictures as a guide. Around the eyes is black, around the sides is flesh colored and the top of the nose is red.

  1. Modeling compound like Sculpey $5

  2. Red acrylic paint $1

  3. Black acrylic paint $1

  4. Flesh acrylic paint $1

  5. Metal rod $1

  6. Elastic strip $1

If you aren't artistic or don't have the time here is an alternative idea for the maskie. Instead of the modeling compound, get a simple white mask ($3) and attach a fake long  nose ($14) with adhesive. Use the same paint style above.

Or if you have no craft skills whatsoever, you can order a leather version from a fetish shop.
There is also a Mardi Gras version that would need some paint.


Three different shots of Alex's bloody eyeballs on his shirt

Bloody eyeball pattern

Get any large size white men's button down dress shirt. Alex wears a collar-less shirt and to achieve this with a regular shirt, just glue the collar inside out. To create the bloody eye effect of the sleeves will require a few things.

  1. Red fabric marker $1

  2. Small tip artist paintbrush $1

  3. Red acrylic paint $1

  4. White acrylic paint $1

  5. Sky blue acrylic paint $1

  6. Permanent black marker $1

  7. 1 inch rubber super ball $1

  8. Steak knife $1

  9. Crazy glue $3

Use the pattern picture I made to create the bloody eye with the red fabric marker. Cut the rubber ball in half with the steak knife. Glue a half on each sleeve on the right spot in the bloody pattern. Paint the ball white. Paint a small ring of the base of the ball red. Paint a round blue circle on the the top and use the black marker to make the pupils - repeat for each side.


Alex's suspenders - front and back
Link to order suspenders

Alex wears white suspenders, because the material is thick it doesn't always look white. White suspenders aren't too easy to find except for the link above. You might luck out at a clothing store, garage sale or a thrift store. If not you can go with a light gray or yellow and try to bleach them. For accuracy you'll want the adjustable clips in the front and the cross clip in the back. Check out the scan which is very close to the film. In the film where they connected to the codpiece they split. They don't make them like this anymore. Cost $5.


Alex's codpiece - front, back, left and right.

"Codpiece" and accessories

Link for a boxing supporter codpiece
Link for an affordable karate codpiece

In the film Malcolm wore his cricket codpiece. This is a real item that can be found in sporting goods stores in the UK, but isn't cheap. They run over $100. In the US...forget it. Sporting goods stores sell partial ones or heavy duty cups. S&M and sex shops sell a type of codpiece, but they are always black and make of leather which doesn't help.  I made my own out of a white belt pack. This works well if you want to go for extra accuracy by inserting an athletic cup, two yellow rubber balls and a roll of tape inside - like Alex had during the Mrs. Alexanders' rape scene. The packs have zippered areas that make it easy to conceal these items. It may not look perfect, but is a great and cheap solution.  Tape $1, Balls $2, Pack $5, Cup $5 or $20 for athletic supporter.

Here's another way to do it if you have more time and money:

1. Buy a "groin protector" ($25) from here.
2. Carpet: attach carpet strips (free) for the waistband with string tied through holes in the molding and outside the elastic straps. Trim the carpet strips with scissors to be tapered narrower on the bottom edge at the fastening end.
3. Foam: buy strips of thin foam ($1) from fabric shop and stitch to the outside of the carpet.
4. Material: buy a piece of stretchy material ($15) from fabric shop the right color cut out the same shape (while a bit bigger) than the laid out cod piece and stitch it together holding taut on the back of the groin protector and behind the carpet sides.
5. Velcro: stitch Velcro ($1) on the ends.
Use pliers to hold the needle to sew through this thick carpet. To put it on tight hold the factory made elastic strap ends together and stand in it on the floor. Then lift it up into position and reach behind your back fastening your outer layer.



In the film Malcolm wore his cricket pants, which are not available in the US. In the UK try a sports shop. For the white pants I recommend something light, loose and comfortable like karate pants or carpenter pants. Denim jeans wouldn't match the outfit in the film. Mine have button snaps on the side to hook the suspenders to which is what you want. Only problem is no pockets. $10

Note: Wear white or no underwear, or else it'll show through. ;-)


Alex's Boots in the film

The type of boots worn by Alex in the movie are US Army paratrooper boots like those in the above scan. I confirmed this with Malcolm McDowell. These can be found at any decent Army/Navy surplus store. They sell them used for around $20 dollars. If you have no access to a surplus type store you can always go with classic Dr. Martens which will run you over $100.

Here is a link to an Army Navy Store that has Imported Black Leather Jump Boots.
Note: Wear black socks, they match the boots and look much cooler than white unless you want super accuracy as Alex wore white in the film.


Alex's Knife
Sword Cane - Closed

Sword Cane - Open

After 9/11/01 I wouldn't recommend carrying one of these around because you are asking for trouble, but it is essential for a completely accurate costume. My cane is 3 feet long and the blade is 22 inches long - a bit longer that the britva in the film. The real knife handle is made more phallic by have the end sort of testicle shaped. I bought it from a knife and sword dealer and you should be able to do the same, though it isn't very legal. Cost is around $20. Here is a link to one.

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