This page will go into what it takes to dress up as Billyboy and later his droogs.

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Costume Test for Billyboy's Gang
Billyboy close-up/full body

Wehrmacht Hat

He has thick shoulder length brown hair and a scruffy 5 O'clock shadow. Billyboy's outfit could be called Nazi Chic. His hat is a Wehrmacht Officer's hat with Nazi eagle insignia patch sewn on instead of the usual pin. We can't see the crest emblem underneath because it is covered with yellow tinted field goggles. An authentic hat is out of the question. These run around $500 and up and the goggles would be close to $100. A military surplus store that has replicas would be the best bet. You can get repro goggles for $10-15 and a repro hat for $50.

For extra authenticity Billyboy likes to chew gum. 


He wears a loud green ruffled Louis XIV style shirt with ruffles and long sleeves with big cuffs. You could get away with a tuxedo shirt, but these usually come in white. He also wear the classic Nazi Iron Cross medal with ribbon around his neck. These replicas are cheaply found. Once again an original is out of the question. To cover it he wears a light desert camouflage jacket with green and brown pattern.


Billyboy wears a pair of thick black suspenders to attach and keep in place the flaming skull emblem he wears over his stomach. The emblem also looks like it is mounted on black leather. You best bet would be to paint the design on a black back support brace.

Or you can make the skull out of thick black fabric by sewing it on a square.


He wears leather military pants with a yellow stripe up the leg. You could easily get away with leather motorcycle pants found at big leather shops or cycle stores. He also wears black one piece military boots. No laces on these. Can be found at military surplus stores for $25.


Billyboy prefers a classic switchblade knife. In most cases when the knife comes out the top it is illegal. When the blade swings out the side it is legal - this is what he had. So be careful no matter what you get. These are found in most knife shops for under $20.

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