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I just read your article on the band it was cool and a good read. - Pete Dee

    They started out in 1975 in Ipswich, England as The Afterbirth and later The Pinz, so even before they didn't have a Clockwork name. Pete and his kid brother Mike moved to Ipswich from Sunderland. Mel auditioned for Nick Kershaw’s band and Monkey was on his own. They were all pretty young at the time, Mel was 20, Kid was 17, Pete was a couple years older and Monkey was 15. Their first show was in a scout hut in Aldburgh, Suffolk where they used a rope for the stage end and a motorcycle for lighting. Pete was the only one with musical training in the band. One gig they attended that was a big influence was Cockney Rebel and the first time they saw someone take the Clockwork image to the stage.
    They soon changed their name around 1977 to The Adicts because The Pinz was such a shit name. As to why it is spelled wrong, instead of Addicts, it is because they couldn't spell and then decided by removing a "d" it wouldn't mean anything and would be controversial as well as another band was using it. They used to wear punk clothes, until black came became the uniform. So Kid decided in late 1978 dress in white to be different and who else dressed in white? Clockwork Orange, so they took that image for their own. Even though they are a Clockie Band, they never went overboard with Clockwork related songs.
     After their first London show at The Breakneck in Camden they made a deal with Dining Out Records, who released the ‘Lunch With The Adicts’ EP in 1979. Today it is a punk holy grail. They started out in the classic punk tradition until they broke away and developed their own style which to this day is impossible to pigeonhole. Monkey's makeup evolved into the Joker character and caused many people to think he was gay, which he wasn't.
    On stage they were on top, but once they went outside the club they had to watch their backs from the scoundrels of the night looking for a fight. The early days were full of violent crowds who loved to hurl things at the band. During one show Pete even got hit with a dart in the leg! They went from the soccer style fights to the punk style in clubs.
    In 1981 they released their first album ‘Songs of Praise’, through Dwed Wrecords, their own label, that was part of Fall Out Records. Their own party punk style was now established and it still remains Monkey's favorite album for the way that they did it all themselves. The first single was ‘Viva La Revolution’ which has become their anthem and opens AND closes their shows. 
    Their second album ‘The Sound of Music', a nod to the 1965 Julie Andrews film was released in November 1982 on Razor Records. It was preceded by two weeks with a single, the still popular ‘Chinese Takeaway’ - an ode to scoring some Chinese takeout food. After the ‘Bad Boy’ single was released in May 1983, major labels became interested and they singed with the Warner Bros. offshoot, Sire, famous for singing punk legends the Ramones. While this is what all bands strive for, it turned out to be a disaster. It started with a gig on the kids’ TV show, ‘Cheggers Plays Pop’, and changed their name to The Fun Adicts, since that was safer.
    One bad turn deserves another and the label wasn't comfortable with The Adicts name either. So when it came time to release the ‘Tokyo’ single, they were now called ADX. It sounds like Adicts, but Kid says it was another spelling problem. The guys hate 'Tokyo' as Pete says, "Tokyo is the worst record ever, stupid record companies. The demo of 'Tokyo' is so good yet when the record label got a producer to do it, they made it sound like shit and too wimpy, but the demo is pretty weird and very powerful."
    Sire was supposed to make the band huge and the guys got sucked into their hype and all they did was change their name, sound, look and when it failed, dropped them. At one point the label even wanted to get rid of Monkey claiming he couldn't sing.
    Their triumphant return the old ways was when they released the ‘Smart Alex’ album, their first serious Clockwork tribute. They tried to remix 'Tokyo', but still weren't happy with it. No matter, the fans loved it and it reached #7 on the UK Independent chart. Soon after they expanded by adding keyboardist James Harding. They released the ‘Bar Room Bop EP’ which is a hard to find as it was a small release and then in 1986, they went with Gama records in Germany and recorded ‘Fifth Overture’. It took over a year for it to show up in the UK and by then it was too late. It wasn't considered punk enough, sold poorly and remains a tough LP to track down on the collector market.
    Their manager Geordie started billing them as ‘New Wave’ since the sound was made huge with the explosion of Mtv a few years earlier. The only problem is they were, are and always will be a punk band. Regardless, they became known for their live shows and toured the world, always sounding better live than on vinyl anyway. In 1988 they recorded their first live album in Germany called ‘Rockers Into Orbit’. A reward for loyalty and a love for the country most likely.
    Being the adventures of a punk band into sex, beer and music they got into all kinds of scrapes and trouble on the road - getting lost, robbed, attacked and Monkey even got arrested. After years of touring they took a break and returned in 1992 with ‘27’ for US label Cleopatra. This LP contains what I feel is their most perfectly written song "Angel'. At first listen it might not seem like much, but when you hear it live it's awesome. It has a great sound and catchy chorus.
    After this tour it was a sad time for Adicts fans. The band disappeared after 1994 for the next decade letting the horrors of Green Day and their ilk run rampant. This corporate brand of punk was processed and packaged as real punk and the younger crowd didn't know any better. During this time some of the guys got married and had kids. Some liked it, some didn't and some got "real" jobs and Pete took up producing. Monkey started a side project and did some Adicts songs live with the approval of the band. In 2002 they finally returned with "Rise And Shine."
    This led to a whole new generation, including myself, being able to see the band live for the first time. They did not disappoint, in fact, they were better than they were on CD. They are really, truly a live band and they just don't seem to be able to be captured properly on CD. Even though they are a Clockwork band, many people equate that image and style with the violence in the beginning of the movie. Those people miss the point. The band is about having fun, being with your friends and having a  good time. They are not a political band and because of that they haven't dated themselves musically.
    They never thought their music would be remembered, let along they would be together for 30 years, with the same members! Most of the older bands around today only have 1 or 2 original members, you aren't even getting the same band. I think there should be a rule that says if less than half the band are original members, you have to get a new name. 
    They wasted no time in getting back into the studio and returned a short 2 years later with a new CD called "Rollercoaster." The title probably is a reference to their career and history. They went back on the road again playing many of the big festivals like Warped and Wasted allowing fans young and old to see them once again. Right now they are still going strong with no plans on stopping. 2005 saw the band launching multiple tours in the summer and winter.


Name Instrument
Keith "Monkey" Warren Vocals
Michael "Kid Dee" Davison Drums
Pete Dee Davison Guitar
John "Scruff" Ellis Guitar
Mel "Spider" Ellis Bass
Dan Gratziani Violin/Keyboards

Derek played bass in the 90s, James played bass in 2002/3.
Joe took Mel's place for the 1st half of 2005, Shaun took his place for the last half of 2005.


Title Year/Origin Notes
Harsh Reality #9 Fanzine 1980 UK Concert Review
Harsh Reality #13 Fanzine 1982 UK Story
Sounds 6/82 UK Cover Story


Official Releases


Format Year Notes/Songs
Lunch with The Adicts EP 7" 1979 Dining Out Tux1 w/Insert
1. This Week
2. Easy Way Out
3. Straight Jacket
4. Organized Confusion
Songs of Praise LP/CD 1981 LP - Dwed SMT008 - Cartoon Monkey Cover
LP - Dwed/FALL LP006 - Photo Monkey Cover
LP - Fallout/Dwed - Black Vinyl - 1986
LP - Fallout/Dwed - Yellow Vinyl - 1986
LP - Belgium Fallout - Red Cover
LP - Taang! - 2007
Picture Disc - Fallout
Picture Disc - Taang! - 2007
CD - Fallout FALLCD006 - 1993
CD - Cleopatra CLEO24812 - 1993
1. England
2. Hurt
3. Just Like Me
4. Tango
5. Telepathic People
6. Mary Whitehouse
7. Distortion
8. Get Adicted
9. Viva la Revolution
10. Calling Calling
11. In the Background
12. Dynasty
13. Peculiar Music
14. Numbers
15. Sensitive
16. Songs of Praise
Cleopatra CD Bonus Tracks
17. Sound of Music
18. Who Split My Beer?
Viva La Revolution 7" 1982 Fall Out Records FALL002
1. Viva La Revolution
2. Steamroller (My Baby got Run Over by a)
3. Numbers
How Sad "Que Triste" 7" 10/82 Spain - Victoria VIC-49
1. How Sad (Que Triste)
2. You’ll Never Walk Alone
3. Too Young
Chinese Takeaway 7" 10/82 Razor RZS101
1. Chinese Takeaway
2. You’ll Never Walk Alone
3. Too Young
Sound of Music LP/CD 11/82 LP - Razor RAZ2
LP - Taang! 171 - 2006
CD - Great Expectations PIPCD040
CD - Cleopatra 33152 3/26/93
CD - Captain Oi! 6/25/02
CD - Vivid Sound Japan 2004 
CD - Taang Records 2/24/04
1. How Sad
2. 4321
3. Chinese Takeaway
4. Johnny was a Soldier
5. Disco
6. Eyes in the Back of Your Head
7. Joker in the Pack
8. Lullaby
9. Steamroller
10. A Man's Gotta Do
11. Let's Go
12. Easy Way Out
13. Shake Rattle Bang Your Head
Captain Oi! CD Bonus Tracks
14. You'll Never Walk Alone
15. Too Young
16. I Wanna Be Sedated
Taang Records CD Bonus Tracks
16. Odd Couple
17. Who Split My Beer?
18. Come Along 
19. I Wanna Be Sedated
20. It's a Laugh
Bad Boy 7" 5/83 Razor RZS104
1. Bad Boy
2. Shake Rattle Bang Your Head
Bad Boy Picture Disc 10" 5/83 Razor RZSP104
1. Bad Boy
2. Shake Rattle Bang Your Head
3. Joker in the Pack
This Is Your Life LP/CD 1984 LP - Fall Out Records FALL LP021
CD - Fallout  FALLCD021 - 10/6/92
CD - Vivid Sound Japan 8/5/04
1. This is Your Life
2. Don't Exploit Me
3. Younger Generation
4. Calling Calling
5. Just Like Me
6. Easy Way Out
7. Organised Confusion
8. Straightjacket
Peel session 11/20/79
9. Numbers
10. Get Adicted
11. Distortion
12. Sensitive
13. Sympathy
14. Sheer Enjoyment
Tokyo (as ADX) 7" 1984 Sire W9298
1. Tokyo
2. Odd Couple
Tokyo (as ADX) 12" 1984 Sire W9298T - White Vinyl Limited Edition
1. Tokyo
2. ADX Medley
Falling in Love Again (ADX) 7" 1985 Sire UT9070
1. Falling in Love Again
2. Come Along
Falling in Love Again (ADX) 12" 1985 Sire U9070T
1. Falling in Love Again
2. It's a Laugh
3. Saturday Night
4. Come Along
Smart Alex  LP/CD 1985 LP - Razor RAZ15
LP - VAP Japan 35156 w/Obi
CD - Great Expectations PIPCD041
CD - Cleopatra 33262
CD - Captain Oi! Import 5/28/02
CD - Captain Oi! 2005
1. Ode to Joy
2. Smart Alex
3. Troubadour
4. Tokyo
5. California
6. Crazy
7. Bad Boy
8. Jellybaby
9. Maybe or Maybe Not
10. Rocking Wrecker
11. Runaway
12. You're All Fools
Import CD Bonus Tracks
13. Tokyo (Single Version)
14. ADX Medley
15. The Odd Couple
16. Falling in Love Again
17. Come Along
18. It's a Laugh
19. Saturday Night
20. Falling in Love Again (12 Inch Mix)
Bar Room Bop EP 12" 1985 Dwed/Fallout 12038
1. Champs Elysées
2. Sound of Music
3. Who Spilt My Beer?
4. Cowboys
5th Overture LP/CD 1986 LP - Gama SL-805 111-938 Grey Cover
LP - Fallout Out FALL LP042 - 87 Red Cover
CD - Captain Oi! Remaster 7/16/02
1. Na Na Na
2. I'm Yours
3. Too Much of a Good Thing
4. Sure Looks Pretty
5. Don't Let Go
6. Put Yourself in My Hands
7. She's a Rocker
8. Beauty Sleep
9. Change
10. Two Timing Me
11. Dangers
12. Coming Home
CD Bonus Tracks (Bar Room Bop EP)
13. Champs Elysées
14. Sound Of Music
15. Who Spilt My Beer
16. Cowboys
Live and Loud!! LP/CD 1987 LP - Link LINKLP010
CD - Cleopatra CLEO71292 - 9/20/93
CD - Teichiku Japan TECP25790
1. Sensitive
2. Easy Way Out
3. Joker in the Pack
4. Chinese Takeaway
5. How Sad
6. Hurt
7. Tango
8. Viva La Revolution
9. Just Like Me
10. Numbers
11. Steamroller
12. Too Young
13. Straight Jacket
14. Let's Go
Rockers into Orbit (Live) LP/CD 1988 LP - Fall Out Records FALL LP046
Limited edition Green Vinyl
CD - Fall Out FALLCD046 - 4/2/02
1. Viva La Revolution
2. Let's Go
3. Tango
4. England
5. Hurt
6. Put Yourself in My Hands
7. Change
8. Joker in the Pack
9. Just Like Me
10. Rockers in Rags
11. Chinese Takeaway
12. Odd Couple
13. Steam Roller
14. Numbers
15. Bad Boy
16. Ode to Joy
CD Bonus tracks
17. Crazy
18. Sensitive
19. Rocking Wrecker
20. Na Na Na
21. She's A Rocker
22. Easy Way Out
23. Shake Rattle Bang Your Head
24. Get Adicted
25. Straight Jacket
26. Organized Confusion
27. Calling Calling
28. How Sad
29. Viva La Revolution
7:27 7" 1992 Cleopatra CLE-0002 Clear Green vinyl
1. 7:27 
2. G.I.R.L.
3. Rockers in Rags
4. Angel
Twenty-Seven 27 LP/CD 1992  LP - Cleopatra
CD - Cleopatra CLEO59512
CD - Cherry Red 1993
CD - Anagram Punk UK GRAM68 6/13/00
CD - Captain Oi! 2002
CD - SOS Records 06/14/05
1. Angel
2. Love Sucks
3. Do it
4. That's Happiness
5. Shangri La
6. Football Fairy Story
7. Rossini
8. Breakdown
9. Give Me More
10. Fuck it Up
11. G.I.R.L.
12. What Am I to Do
13. Rockers in Rags
14. Lets Dance
15. 7:27 to Liverpool St.
16. Bog
CD Bonus Tracks
17. Come Out To Play (Learn Guitar with Monkey & Kid)
18. Give Me More (Reprise)
19. Just Wanna Dance With You
SOS Bonus Tracks
20. Swingling Song
21. Brightest Star
Totally Adicted CD 10/26/94 Dojo DOJOCD69
CD - Castle Music UK
1. Viva la Revolution
2. Songs of Praise
3. Get Adicted
4. Sensitive
5. Just Like Me
6. Too Young
7. Chinese Takeaway
8. Joker in the Pack
9. Steamroller
10. How Sad
11. Let's Go
12. Easy Way Out
13. Smart Alex
14. Troubadour
15. Tokyo
16. Crazy
17. Bad Boy
18. Runaway
19. Come Along
20. I Wanna Be Sedated
21. Falling in Love Again
22. It's a Laugh
23. Saturday Night
24. Zimbabwe Brothers Are Go
Ultimate Addiction CD 5/20/97 Cleopatra CLP99632
1. Straight Jacket
2. Viva La Revolution (Single)
3. Joker In The Pack
4. Chinese Takeaway
5. This Is Your Life
6. Don't Exploit Me
7. Sensitive
8. Easy Way Out
9. Smart Alex
10. Get Adicted
11. Let's Go
12. Ode to Joy
13. Distortion
14. Easy Way Out
15. Just Like Me
16. Songs Of Praise
17. How Sad
18. Steamroller
19. 4321
20. Numbers
21. Younger Generation
Sound of Music/Smart Alex CD 1998 Captain Oi! AHOYCD88
Sound of Music
1. How Sad
2. 4321
3. Chinese Takeaway
4. Johnny was a Soldier
5. Disco
6. Eyes in the Back of Your Head
7. Joker in the Pack
8. Lullaby
9. My Baby Got Run Over by a Steamroller
10. Man's Gotta Do
11. Let's Go
12. Easy Way Out
13. Shake Rattle Bang Your Head
Smart Alex
14. Ode to Joy
15. Smart Alex
16. Troubadour
17. Tokyo
18. California
19. Crazy
20. Bad Boy
21. Jelly Babies
22. Maybe Maybe Not
23. Rocking Wrecker
24. Runaway
25. You're All Fools
Joker in the Pack CD 8/26/99 Harry May
1. How Sad
2. Joker In The Pack
3. Chinese Takeaway
4. Let's Go
5. 4321
6. Too Young
7. Easy Way Out
8. Steamroller
9. Man's Gotta Do
10. Troubadour
11. The Odd Couple
12. Tokyo
13. Crazy
14. Smart Alex
15. Bad Boy
16. Runaway
The Very Best of the Adicts CD 9/7/99 Dojo DOJOCD263
Anagram Punk UK #105
Cherry Red 2004
1. Easy Way Out
2. Straight Jacket
3. Viva La Revolution
4. Steamroller
5. Songs Of Praise
6. England
7. Get Addicted
8. Chinese Takeaway
9. Joker in the Pack
10. How Sad
11. Let's Go
12. Bad Boy
13. Tokyo
14. The Odd Couple
15. Smart Alex
16. Troubadour
17. Runaway
18. Champ Elysées
19. Angel
20. Love Sucks
The Complete Singles Collection LP/CD 9/7/99 2LP - Captain Oi! AHOY DLP515
Anagram Punk UK - Limited Edition Import
1. This Week
2. Easy Way Out
3. Straight Jacket
4. Organised Confusion
5. Viva la Revolution
6. Steamroller
7. Numbers
8. Chinese Takeaway
9. You'll Never Walk Alone
10. Too Young
11. Bad Boy
12. Joker in the Pack
13. Shake Rattle Bang Your Head
14. Tokyo
15. Odd Couple
16. ADX Medley
17. Falling in Love Again
18. Come Along
19. It's a Laugh
20. Saturday Night
21. Champ Elysees
22. Sound of Music
23. Who Split My Beer?
24. Cowboys
Live at The Manhattan Club VHS 199? Rereleased as - Archive Collection
Bradford, UK 1983. 41 mins
1. Dynasty
2. Numbers
3. Let's Go
4. Tango
5. Sensitive
6. Who Spilt My Beer
7. Chinese Takeaway
8. Hurt
9. England
10. Smart Alex
11. Steamroller
12. Bad Boy
13. Viva La Revolution
14. You'll Never Walk Alone
Let's Go VHS 199? Visionary JE253
Live in Blackpool 1982 w/bonus videos
Joker in the Pack CD 4/21/00 Harry May
Anagram Records CDPUNK136 - 3/9/04
Live At The Manhattan Club 1983
1. Dynasty
2. Numbers
3. Let's Go
4. (Dance the) Tango
5. Sensitive
6. Who Spilt My Beer
7. Chinese Takeaway
8. Hurt
9. England
10. Smart Alex
11. Steamroller
12. Bad Boy
13. Viva La Revolution
14. You'll Never Walk Alone
15. Straightjacket
Up Yer Tower
Tower Ballroom 1982 Punk Festival
16. How Sad
17. 4321
18. Joker in the Pack
19. Walk On
20. England
21. (Dance the) Tango
22. Viva La Revolution
23. Steamroller
24. Numbers
25. Get Adicted
26. Too Young
The Collection 2CD 1/1/02 Taang Records
Anagram CDPUNK33
Disc 1
1. How Sad
2. 4-3-2-1
3. Chinese Takeaway
4. Johnny Was a Soldier
5. Disco
6. Eyes in the Back of Your Head
7. Joker in the Pack
8. Lullaby
9. Steamroller
10. Man's Gotta Do
11. Let's Go
12. Easy Way Out
13. Shake Rattle, Bang Your Head
14. You'll Never Walk Alone
15. Too Young
16. Odd Couple
17. Who Split My Beer?
18. Come Along
19. I Wanna Be Sedated
20. It's a Laugh
21. Zimbabwe Brothers Are Go
Disc 2
1. Ode to Joy
2. Smart Alex
3. Troubadour
4. Tokyo
5. California
6. Crazy
7. Bad Boy
8. Jelly Baby
9. Maybe or Maybe Not
10. Rocking Wrecker
11. Runaway
12. You're All Fools
13. Saturday Night
14. Falling in Love Again
15. ADX Medley
Rise and Shine LP/CD 5/7/02 LP - Knock Out Records KOLP156/1000 printed
CD - Captain Oi! 
CD - SOS Records 11/16/04
1. Intro
2. Popcorn
3. Swat Her
4. I Want to Marry a Light House Keeper
5. I'm So Cool
6. All The Lucky People
7. Shiny Shiny
8. I Don't Know If You Don't Know
9. Cup of Tea
10. Soldier
11. Ain't Saturday Fun
12. Madhatter
13. Black Sheep
14. Falling in Love Again (Demo)
15. We Look Back
16. Go Genie Go
CD only
17. Goldfish
18. Woke Up This Morning
19. Concertadicto
SOS Bonus Tracks
20. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
21. Cuppa Tea Song (Disco Mix)
Joker In The Pack DVD 9/10/02 Music Video Distributors
Cherry Red 10/8/02
Music Videos
Joker in the Pack
Viva La Revolution
Live At The Manhattan Club 1983
1. Dynasty
2. Numbers
3. Let's Go
4. Tango
5. Sensitive
6. Who Spilt My Beer
7. Chinese Takeaway
8. Hurt
9. England
10. Smart Alex
11. Steamroller
12. Bad Boy
13. Viva La Revolution
14. You'll Never Walk Alone
Up Yer Tower
Tower Ballroom 1982 Punk Festival
15. Straightjacket
16. How Sad
17. 4321
18. Joker in the Pack
19. Walk On
20. England
21. Tango
22. Viva La Revolution
23. Steamroller
24. Numbers
25. Get Adicted
26. Too Young
Rollercoaster CD 5/18/04 Anagram Punk UK
SOS Records 4/19/05
1. Let's Have a Party
2. Do it to Me
3. Youth
4. Bad Girl
5. Cheese Tomato Man
6. Make My Day
7. Something You Need
8. Men in Black
9. Rollercoaster
10. Hello Farewell Goodbye
11. Daydreamers Night
12. Bonus
Made in England CD 2/8/05 SOS Records
25th anniversary collection
1. Let's Go
2. Straightjacket
3. Joker in the Pack
4. Chinese Takeaway
5. Lullaby
6. This Is Your Life
7. Don't Exploit Me
8. Sensitive
9. Easy Way Out
10. Organised Confusion
11. Just Like Me
12. Too Young
13. Sympathy
14. England
15. Songs of Praise
16. Get Adicted
17. Odd Couple
18. Distortion
19. Johnny Was a Soldier
20. Smart Alex
21. How Sad
22. 4321
23. Steamroller
24. Numbers
25. Viva la Revolution
Clockwork Punks: The Collection CD 10/25/05 Cleopatra - Monkey told me this was released without their permission.
Erika - Picture Disc ER-2002-32
1. Viva la Revolution (Single)
2. Steamroller (Single)
3. Numbers (Single)
4. Daggers
5. Going Home
Live in Germany 1987
6. Viva la Revolution 
7. Let's Go
8. England
9. Joker in the Pack
CD Bonus tracks 
10. Just Like Me
11. Rockers in Rags 
12. Chinese Take Away
13. Numbers
14. Ode to Joy
15. Crazy
16. Sensitive
17. Easy Way Out 
18. Get Adicted
19. Straight Jacket
Songs of Praise 25th CD 8/22/08 Rerecording

Other Releases/Compilations


Format Year Notes/Songs
Punk and Disorderly LP/CD 1982 Posh Boy PBS-131
Song 2 - Straight Jacket
Live at the Moonlight Club 2/28/82 CASS 1982 Chaos Tapes Live 011
Limited Edition of 3000
1. Easy Way Out
2. Joker
3. In The Pack
4. Chinese Take a way
5. How Sad
6. Hurt
7. Tango
8. Viva La Revolution
9. Just Like Me
10. Numbers
11. Steamroller
12. Too Young
13. Straight Jacket
14. Let's Go
UK/DK The Original Video Soundtrack LP/CD 1983 Anagram  GRAM006
Anagram CD 2004
Joker in the Pack
Viva La Revolution
The Ace, Brixton London 27/04/83 LP 1983 Argentina bootleg - 500 made
1. Ode to Joy
2. Dynasty
3. Numbers
4. Let's Go
5. Tango + Joke
6. Sensitive
7. Who Split My Beer?
8. Chinese Takeaway
9. Hurt
10. England
11. Smart Alex
12. Steamroller
13. Joker in the Pack
14. Bad Boy
15. Viva La Revolution
16. Ode to Joy Reprise
Radio Active LP 1986 Fall Out Records Fall040 Compilation
Punk on the Road LP 1990 Link Records SKUNX LP 1 
Green Marble Vinyl
1.Viva La Revolution (Live)
Live & Loud CD 9/20/93 Step-1 UK STEPCD077
1. Sensitive
2. Easy Way Out
3. Joker in the Pack
4. Chinese Takeaway
5. How Sad
6. Hurt
7. Tango
8. Viva la Revolution
9. Just Like Me
10. Numbers
11. Steamroller
12. Too Young
13. Straight Jacket
14. Let's Go
Tracks 15-26 by Vice Squad
America 94 7" 1994 Bootleg 1000 numbered copies
1. Numbers
2. Steamroller
3. Joker in the Pack
Razor Records Punk Collection CD 1995 Anagram Compilation
1. Chinese Takeaway
2. Bad Boy
3. Troubadour
Punk and Disorderly VHS/DVD 1997 Cherry Red Compilation
1. You'll Never Walk Alone music video
Tribute to The Adicts - Songs of Praise EP 7" 1998 Nytemaye Records NYTE0001 
Red Vinyl - 1000 copies
Love Junk w/Scruff & Mel 
1. Viva La Revolution 
2. Get Adicted
Red Flag 77
3. Just Like Me
4. Numbers  
Scans: Front Back Vinyl
Shit Factory CD ? Box Set with various punk bands
Live Hate: 18 Anarchic Punk Gestures CD 1999 MCI Compilation
1. Viva La Revolution
Punk and Disorderly V2 -  Further Charges DVD 2004 Cherry Red Compilation
1. Joker in the Pack music video
Punk and Disorderly III -  The Final Solution LP 2005 Anagram Records Compilation
British Invasion 2K4 Live 2 DVD 6/29/05 SOS Records Compilation
Punk & Disorderly Picture Disc 2006 Erika Records ER-2002-34
Song 2 - Viva La Revolution


My exclusive interview with Kid 10/28/06.

AT: I wanted to ask you about the Clockwork plays, you've seen as many as anyone.

K: I saw the one in New Zealand, it was weird, it was very good, I liked it, I did. The whole approach, the scenery, everything was different. It was closer to the book, they didn't wear white, they wore scarves and all that.

AT: Was it the musical version?

K: No. I loved it, It wasn't, they had music in the background.

AT: They didn't sing.

K: No. It was all theatrics, They had their faces very good, it was white, with black lines around the eyes, painted. All male, there were loads of segments out, but it all linked very nicely. It was when I went to Auckland, I don't know if it went abroad, did it?

AT: No.

K: I thought it was a real good production, I couldn't believe it.

AT: How long was it?

K: It was like an hour and a half.

AT: Did they do the 21st chapter?

K: No, nothing like that. I read it the other day again! (laughs) It's quite funny how you pick things up. My eldest daughter is 15 and she has her mates come around, she goes this is my dad and all that I'm like yeah. They see this big fucking Clockwork Orange poster downstairs and they went oh you are the one that dresses up as droogs, so they know about it these 15 year old kids. Next minute can we borrow the DVD, the next minute what's all this and all that. Can you tell us about...look the fucking book is over there, the new chapter is over there, fucking read the book! I say to everybody don't watch the movie first, read the book! I always tell people that. I still don't understand why they put that final chapter in.

AT: Burgess wanted it in 3 parts, 7 chapter each which equals 21, the age of a man.

K: Yeah, but you know what I was expecting? In England we had the movie banned all this time until Kubrick died. Then when the movie came out (on DVD) I was expecting extras and got fuck all! I'm pissed off about it.

AT: It could've gone 3 hours.

K: Oh yeah, it could've! I wanted to see where Kubrick was telling the guy to kick Malcolm harder and he was going what, then he got into it so much he was breaking Malcolm's ribs!

AT: What was the seating like in New Zealand, was it all in the garage?

K: It was a major, top theater. It was like a garage, but the seating was quite reserved.

My exclusive interview with Mel 10/28/06 with thanks to Scruff for introducing me and answering some questions.

Mel: Can I meet Malcolm? He's sick and tired of people slagging the movie (ACO) off, it's a masterpiece.

Alex Thrawn: At first he was sick of it, now he embraces it.

M: Of course, it's like...

Scruff: Shakespeare, but better than Shakespeare. He's a class act.

M: Whatever, it's a point of history like O Lucky Man!

S: I like the one he did about Jack the Ripper going back in time. (To: Mel) Did you see that one?

AT: Time After Time.

M: I like O Lucky Man! better.

AT: Who got into Clockwork first?

M: I did, because I'm the oldest.

S: He's got the original poster in England from 1971.

M: I snuck in to see the movie when I was 16. It was 18 to get into the X rated movies so I put my big coat on to sneak and watch it and I was like (he makes his eyes wide). It just blew me away.

AT: Did you read the book after?

M: No, I read the book first. In school it was the thing to read with all the Nadsat so it would piss the teachers off. You had to read it to learn all words and the teachers wouldn't know what you were talking about.

AT: You'd curse them out?

M: Yeah! You could do anything. It was the big thing when I was 13-14. It was the thing to read.

AT: Then you turned Scruff on to it?

S: The first time I saw it was on a pirate video that was Mel's and it scared the hell out of me.

M: You couldn't buy it in Britain. It was pulled from the cinema and Kubrick said no because you had all these idiots that were copycats that were...

S: Beating up drunks.

M: Yeah, which is bollocks, the usual media crap, but what do they know?

S: I saw it on a really dodgy pirate in around 1981 and it looked real to me, but so did the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I saw that on a pirate too and Evil Dead 1 looked real too. (laughs)

M: Clockwork stands out today, even after 30 years time.

S: They are putting out a special edition DVD aren't they?

AT: Yes. Malcolm did a commentary for it, as long as O Lucky Man! would also get released.

M: Great, O Lucky Man! is my favorite film, he's a much better actor there.

AT: He's on screen nearly every second for 3 hours.

M: Exactly. It's so surreal, the whole thing is like a dream.

AT: It is bizarre.

M: So bizarre, yeah like if.... It's probably more, now I'll change that. if.... is probably my favorite movie. Like when they stand on the top (of the school) and fire down and blast them the fuck away. (he makes machine gun noises and faces.) And the scene when he's doing the tiger thing with the girl. (He makes roaring noises) She was an animal.

S: So basically we like Malcolm.

M: I love him. He plays gangsters great. He's got that look.

AT: Like Gangster No. 1.

S: Yeah, the newer one.

AT: Did you ever see Clockwork in the theater?

S: I wasn't old enough.

AT: Not even when it came back in 2000?

S: No, it didn't come back in Ipswitch! (Laughs) I would've loved to have seen it on the big screen.

AT: Are you into the book?

S: No, it's a good film, that's it for me. I'm really into the Ramones...

M: I mean they put him in the Star Trek movie as a baddie. He's great at whatever he does.

AT: Did you go to a school like in if....?

M: No, it was a normal public school, but we know how public school can screw kids up like boarding school. Why do people have bloody children to send them away to get the confused? What's the point of that, they're your children. It's like sadist school. You've got fags, the big kids, getting the little kids to do their crap for them. That's English...we're fucked up.

S: It's a lot of people in a small area, the size of...

M: See, you've got the elites with the money who run the country and then you've got everybody like us to do the work.

AT: Is this your first tour in this area in a long time?

M: No. I came over in 2002. I played in Pennsylvania in hicksville, there was straw on the floor, whatever.

AT: Every time I see the band the guys always say you are working.

M: Yeah, I work for the Royal Mail.

AT: How is that?

M: It's cool, it's a job.

AT: Good money?

M: No, not good money. 

AT: So you have seniority?

M: Well, yeah. I used to work for myself doing a courier business driving a truck, delivering stuff. Business went down the chute, so I had to get an odd job. Getting time off, that's the hard part. To let me have 5 weeks off is a BIG deal. I don't want to get fired.

AT: How much vacation do they give you?

M: Six weeks a year, but I have a family as well. I have a boy and a 12 year old daughter. They do deserve so time off as well to juggle it. My wife knows to do this does my head good, to get away with the boys since we've known each other for 30 odd years with just the four of us, it's like family. We all look out for each other.

(Then Luke their merchandise guy comes over to get Mel to sign a Sound of Music poster and he wants to know why. Monkey says it's to make someone happy, sign it, it's only 3 letters - M, E, L.  It's a funny moment.)

M: Is that you who wrote the biography for us on your Adicts site?

AT: Yes, did you read it?

M: Yeah, it's massive! What else would you like to know?

AT: Anything about Clockwork.

M: Well, I'm the oldest, slightly older than Pete so I saw it first.

AT: Were you like Alex at that time?

M: Well, no. Music gets one sort of emotion and movies get the visual emotion, so I didn't get the whole thing at the time. For something to stay with me for 35 years now, it's still so powerful. It resonates with the state of where we are today.

AT: It doesn't get old.

M: No way. Because Anthony Burgess wrote it apocalyptic, it's the future, this is what what've got. We've got a planet run by multi-corporations and the state, so the little man gets kicked down. Nothing's changed, this it it - we're living in a Clockwork World. Why do we put up with it? Where's the rebellion? When I was a kid I saw students rebel against everything. They would have a sit down if the price of tea went up. Now they are like ummmm where's the next joint man, they don't give a crap.

AT: The scary thing is more people don't vote, than do vote.

M: Yeah, but what's the point in voting? You have two parties, we have the same. You have the labor party which is right, but used to be left and the Tories, same thing. Annoying, you just vote for one, why do we put up with it?

AT: Most people aren't affected directly.

M: It effects you, it's run by money, so it's time we all get together, tell them to fuck off and run things the way we want.

AT: The secret of the Constitution is a government for the people, by the people, we have the right to overthrow it. But if someone actually tried that...

M: Yeah, you can't, but you can do it if you get everyone together. I despair the young because I'm an old git, I've had my time. It's you youngins that should be out there protesting. Well, not you. The young kids out there all they do is get stoned out of their brains. They have no idea what's going on in the world, that's the difference.

AT: They don't care.

M: They don't give a shit, that's the sad part. It's their world. I've got a 12 year old, Monkey's got a 4 year old (he corrects him that he's 2 1/2) What the fuck are we bringing them in to? Rebel!! Don't just get pissed off. You've got to get everybody together, with the internet you can do that. If crazies can get together and shoot kids we can get a site with 1000s of kids.

AT: Myspace?

M: Yeah, whatever. Fuck myspace. Murdoch owns it, he owns half the planet, he's from Australia...have you heard of the Scissor Sisters? They are glam, huge in England and Europe because they are 70s. Are they as big in the US?

AT: No, they're more underground. The only place you'd see them on TV is on Subterranean.

M: It's probably east coast fags. To me they are great because they are entertainers. They put on a great show, you may not like the era, I love the 70s, I love John Travolta, disco, Staying Alive, all that shit...

AT: Grease?

M: No! (Laughs) Bee Gees, all that stuff, great stuff. Studio 54 which is not there anymore, all coked up. I wish I was there at the time, I missed out on that one. My favorite bands are Chic, Talking Heads, David Byrne is a genius, Tina Weymouth. I just love the Talking Heads.

AT: You know the story about Le Freak and not being able to get into Studio 54?

M: Yeah, fuck off!

AT: It would've been great if they recorded it like that?

M: Exactly, they have. You can probably get it. How dare they not let me in. They are royalty. He's dead now, I never got to see them. I love disco charts, 70s charts. I'm 50, I was born in 1956, so I'm as old as rock and roll. I'm glad I was born when I was because I grew up with Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, in the 60s, The Faces, The Kinks, all that good music...

AT: Rod Stewart, Slade?

M: Yeah! T. Rex with Bolin, Bowie. What do these kids have? They have nothing. Third rate. Is there anything great? There's nothing out there.

AT: Horrible things. There's new bands every week.

M: They had Nirvana.

AT: He's been dead over 10 years.

M: Exactly! Where's the inspiration coming from? Where's the new shit coming from, where's the young kids to say fuck you!

AT: It's all a uniform now - black hair, black eyeliner...

M: Yeah! I don't mean to be sort of funny. The only reason I'm still doing it is because I have a fantastic time with the boys. We do a good show and there's a lot of kids that love it. It's third generation now. There were kids who came originally, then they came with their kids and now their kids' kids. I love it, it's great.

AT: Do you prefer the ACO book with 20 or 21 chapters?

M: I have the original book, so I've never read the last chapter. I don't know what it is, I don't care to be quite honest. I'll stick with the original. Anthony Burgess is an absolute genius, I saw him interviewed on TV.

AT: He wrote a lot of music and symphonies. He wanted to be known as a composer.

M: I didn't know that, it didn't work out. You know J.G. Ballard, he wrote Crash and there was one about when China was invaded by Japan. His novels are very futuristic, he's got it right. He's like Burgess. Also Tom Sharpe, I can't remember names, it's about South Africa when white Americans ruled the continent. He wrote these very satirical books, they are very funny.

AT: I can't believe Mandela was in jail for 27 years and when he came out he got a divorce.

M: 27 years! Ellis is my surname after Ellis Island, coincidence? It's very weird.

AT: Do you want to move here like Pete and Keith?

M: My wife hates America...I want to bring my daughter next time, she's 12 years old. Being away for 5 weeks is a long time, I'll bring my mother...

AT: Someone to watch your daughter?

M: Someone to watch my mother! She's never flown before. She's got to see something before she croaks. I think my little girl will love Disneyland, California, all that crap. I brought my stepchildren to Florida, we drove all the way down to the Keys, all this beautiful country around and all they wanted to know is when are we going to Disneyland for fuck's sake. It's all for the kids. I loved Key West, had a massive Anaconda snake around my neck.

AT: Universal Studios has some great movie rides.

M: They didn't have all that stuff when I was there. (Someone interrupts him and he gets Malcolm's name mixed with with Michael McDonald who is a soccer player and Kid talks about him). I'd like to meet Malcolm, the person I'd like to shake his hand most.

AT: The closest thing he did to England was his tribute to Lindsay Anderson in Scotland.

M: if... is the best film because it has everything.

AT: Everything kids go through.

M: Yeah, the anger, war, Lindsay Anderson is a total genius.

AT: In the script the ending was a dream, that's how he survived to be in the next film.

M: Yeah, what a great ending with the guns. You can cut to what you like in a movie, it's how you edit the scenes. The cut, additions they bring out.

AT: Some people didn't like the scene with the chaplain in the drawer, they said it was too weird.

M: (Laughs) Well, the whole movie is weird! It's subversive, that's how movies should be, but there's no movies made like that anymore, it's all mainstream. There is some independent stuff, but it's mostly...

AT: Scruff says you have some of the rare Adicts vinyl.

M: Just the Spanish "How Sad" single.

AT: They go for a lot of money. It took me a while to get one since it would go as high as $160 on eBay.

M: Wow, really?! I've got a t-shirt with the Twin Towers and our faces on it from our 1982 US tour. I want to keep them, give them to my kids.

AT: Only if they appreciate it.

M: No, they won't! (Laughs) She would make a face.

AT: She's not impressed.

M: No, she's not, that's good, rebellion, (she would say) you old git.

AT: You would be upset if she was impressed?

M: Yeah, I would actually. I got her a daisy bass guitar. She told me to fuck off the other day, I was really impressed with that. She called me up from school because I screwed up, I always do. She was going on a school trip and I forgot to sign the form and she was crying, "I can't go!" So I bloody well went down to the school to sign it. She said fuck off, hung up and I was like you what!? Yeah, rebellion.

AT: Do you think the band gets enough credit in the history of punk?

M: I don't give a crap. I honestly don't give two hoots about anybody else, it doesn't matter. In the scheme of things it's 'what do you do?' You either like it or you don't like it. You have a choice, you either come in, or you don't. It's either shit or you love it. What is it at the end of the day? It's entertainment. We're not screwing up the world, we're just trying to make people have a good time, put a smile on their face. There's too much doom and gloom in this frigging world. In England we have this crap going on with political correctness. In America you can say what you like, that's why I love America. You can say 'Fuck em!' (Kid disagrees with him. I don't agree Mel tells him).

AT: Do you think the kids get A Clockwork Orange today?

M: It doesn't matter.

AT: Do you think they embrace the violence too much?

M: Yeah, of course. Because all they see is the punching and kicking. You can't legislate someone else's thinking, it's up to them to work it out. When they are kids all you see is a visual thing, you just take it all in, you get that sort of adrenaline rush. It's only when you get a bit older that you can assess how it goes with the real world. It's like the political thing. You can be a soldier at 18 and kill people, but you can't drink until you are 21. It's the crazy topsy-turvy world we live in. It's very nice to meet you. So what's Malcolm like?

AT: He's real cool, very nice and wickedly sarcastic.

M: He doesn't take any shit, that's why I like him. (to Scruff) I sweat bullocks and this cunt doesn't even sweat.

S: He has a glandular problem.

My exclusive interview with Monkey 10/23/05

Alex Thrawn: Were you into A Clockwork Orange before you were in the band?

Monkey: It came with the band. It wasn't something I was into, it was something I was aware of. My first recollection of it was it was something I wasn't allowed to see, which made me want to see it.

AT: You were too young to see it in the theater when it came out?

M: Yeah, I didn't see it when it originally came out and then it disappeared for a long time.

AT: When did you first get to see it?

M: It was a very bad bootleg video. That was probably mid to late 70s.

AT: Did you come up with the Monkey image after you saw it?

M: No, because that aspect of The Adicts didn't develop. We were around about 3 years before I started putting the makeup on.

AT: Did you have the bowler hat before you saw the movie?

M: That all came about after the movie and after the band started. I don't know if anyone really knows how The Adicts thing evolved. It was really an evolutionary process, it wasn't like someone said one day, "OK, we're going to dress like droogs and wear bowler hats, Monkey you're going to wear makeup." It didn't happen, it just developed. Clearly A Clockwork Orange is a major visual influence, but we plagiarized other things mainly the Joker from Batman, comic strip characters, circus, mime, things like that. The most obvious aspect is the bowler hats, the whites - the droog look, which wasn't original anyway. There were other bands who did it.

AT: Cockney Rebel.

M: Yeah and a few other obscure bands. Some skinhead bands touched on it a bit, Cockney Rebel started it, but didn't do it that long. They had a bowler hat. It is a significant aspect of The Adicts development, but not a driving force, just one factor of many. I don't really know whose idea it was, it was just something that was kinda there. I said that's cool, let's use that.

AT: So you were just playing with looks and styles?

M: Yeah. The makeup thing first developed from, as I recall there are various versions of the truth, I think no one will ever know the real truth. The Songs of Praise album came out with the logo on the front that Pete designed. We weren't doing anything different then from a visual perspective. As a band we didn't discuss how we should look, we were punks, so we wore our street clothes on stage. I started wearing silly things like my clothes on backwards, I was always trying to play with it to make it more interesting. The image really came from that album cover which came from a series of photographs where people at the shows would just mug at the camera. (He leans in and makes a big smile) So we got these pictures with big smiles on them and Pete incorporated that grin into that logo on the cover of Songs of Praise. I said let's take it a step further and I'll try to make myself look even more like that caricature. So it went from there. Once we had that I think I did the makeup for a while and everyone else dressed the way they wanted. Then we went to the droogie look for everybody. I couldn't really define when the first show was that we went to that look.

AT: I saw Punk and Disorderly from 1982 where you are dressed up and everyone else is wearing t-shirts.

M: Yeah, even then it hadn't fully formed. It was still in development. The whole thing is a rip-off anyway! (laughs) It wasn't like we were developing anything intricate, the idea was there, we were just waiting for it to hit us.

AT: So it didn't click until the mid 80's?

M: I would think around 83, 84 that we kinda solidified the look we have now as far as the other guys. I still play with my look, the clothes and the make up. For me it has to be that kind of...

AT: Eccentric?

M: Yeah, I need things to be different on each tour to maintain that freshness. I need something to think about, to give me new ideas. If I had to maintain the same look every night I would be jaded by now. It does get kinda tedious to do the makeup shit every night anyway. If it's the same every night it's mind numbing.

AT: Do you feel like how Alice Cooper describes it that there's the guy and the guy on stage, they are two different people?

M: Yeah, there is definitely something about that. I don't know the psychology of it is, but if it's schizophrenia, I don't know (laughs). When you do go on stage you adopt this different persona. It's a character, an act. I'm not like that 24 hours a day, thank god. This guy on stage would be pretty boring too (the regular guy). There's a transformation that happens. Why that happens or what it takes for that to happen, I don't know. It's a pun, but it's addictive. Being on stage is like a drug, you get this high that you can't get anywhere else. I think that's why I keep doing it.

AT: Did you ever think about dressing in black like in the Clockwork novel?

M: No...perhaps you know more about it than I do where the whites came from. Was there a costume designer that did that?

AT: The bowler was to take that away from the rich and the well to do. By taking it to the lower class you freak people out. Even now just wearing it people look at you.

M: Did Stanley Kubrick come up with that?

AT: Yeah, he played with images. He started with karate outfits, so he thought about the white right away. They wouldn't show up as well running around at night in black. I thought you might come out in black to trick people once.

M: Right. Again, that was an aspect why we chose the look, it was a stark contrast to the scene. It  was black and grungy. It was an obvious choice to make to stand out from the crowd.

AT: When you finally saw the bootleg of Clockwork did it change you or was the quality too poor?

M: Yeah, it was very poor quality. It effected me in as much as it was a fantastic movie. I don't live my life according to Anthony Burgess. It's a classic piece of cinema, great social commentary. I don't get up everyday and think 'what part of A Clockwork Orange am I going to live today.'

AT: Did you go back and read the book?

M: Yeah. Pretty soon after I'd seen the movie I got into the book. I've read it several times. I found a beat up early version that had the...

AT: Glossary?

M: I thought I heard the band that was on before us and I thought I should be getting ready - paranoia. (Laughs) I have these dreams where I'm supposed to be on stage and I've got no makeup on.

AT: You should have an emergency mask.

M: (Laughs) Yeah, I should have something to throw on, an emergency kit. 'In case of lateness break glass'. So, where were we?

AT: Reading the book.

M: Yeah, it had the glossary in the back. It was hard to find.

AT: They took it out after the movie came out, Burgess never liked it. He wanted people...

M: To figure it out themselves?

AT: Yeah. After he died they started putting it back.

M: Right. So, I got that and then from there I read some other Anthony Burgess stuff like the trilogy...

AT: Enderby Trilogy. 

M: That's it and other things.

AT: Clockwork Testament? Time for a Tiger?

M: Right, he was a great writer.

AT: And a musician too. He wrote symphonies.

M: I never heard those!

AT: He felt he was more a musician than a writer. The writing was to pay the bills. How long was it before you saw the film - real quality in the theater?

M: It was video for a while. I was living in San Francisco, saw it at the Castro Theater.

AT: How long did you live there?

M: Three years.

AT: Are you back in England now?

M: Los Angeles.

AT: So you live near Pete.

M: Relatively close.

AT: Are you Americanized now?

M: Yeah. 12 years I've been here, 3 years in San Francisco, the rest of the time in the LA area. So I saw it at the Castro, then...2 years ago they had a special screening at the El Capitan in LA. Malcolm McDowell was there and took questions afterwards. So I went to that too.

AT: I believe that was 2001, at the Egyptian.

M: Yeah, you are probably right.

AT: Did you ask a question?

M: No...

AT: Invite him to see the band?

M: I'd be interested to hear his take on the band. Not whether he likes the music or anything, but what he thinks about it.

AT: He's more into things like Van Morrison.

M: Yeah...it's easier to mix the actor and the character up. You think of Malcolm McDowell as Alex the way most people think I'm Monkey. 

AT: People want him to be Alex, they don't want him to be old.

M: You're still young in the films or on the records.

AT: So you're not into Clockwork like Pete and Kid are?

M: No. They'd be on top, I'd be in the middle, then the newer guys. They just have to do what we tell them.

AT: Hired guns?

M: Yeah (Laughs) Well, they're more than that. Make sure you give them credit.

AT: What do you think of the newer punk generation that is into Clockwork?

M: It's cool. It's cyclical. Things go around and come around again. New generations pick it up and put their own spin on them.

AT: Do you think they are doing it right?

M: I don't know who they are specifically or what they are doing. The Lower Class Brats are the only ones I know and they've been around a bit longer.

AT: Recently I was sent scans of an Adicts tribute band from Brazil. Have you seen them?

M: No, I haven't seen that.

AT: I was thinking that aren't you supposed to wait for the original guys to stop before you do something like that.

M: Yeah! (Laughs)

AT: It's big down there, I get lots of emails from Spanish Clockwork fans and bands.

M: We get offers to go down there now and again. We were in Tampa a few days ago and some guys, I think they lived there, but are originally Columbian said to come down. They said it would be huge. I think we've had offers from Brazil, Peru and others. We've never made it down. Unfortunately money is very poor down there. Not to be mercenary, but there has to be a certain reward.

AT: To pay the bills.

M: Right. (Dan walks in) Why don't you ask Dan why he wears a bowler hat.

Dan: Because I'm told to.

M: Right (Laughs)

Dan: You're the fuehrer.

M: Right, I'm the fuehrer.

AT: Is Mel on this tour?

M: No, he couldn't get time off work.

AT: Is he OK?

M: Yeah! He's fine. (Laughs) He's got work commitments...

AT: A real job?

M: Most of us have real jobs.

AT: What do you do in the real world?

M: I'm an archeologist.

AT: Like Indiana Jones?!

M: Not quite as romantic as that, just in California.

AT: No trips to Tunisia or anything exciting?

M: No, just a California archeologist, not quite as dramatic as the Valley of the Kings.

AT: With Mexico you are close to the Maya.

M: Yeah, but that's not really my field of study.

AT: What's your main area of study?

M: Historic West. Close contact stuff, mission period, development of the west, organization...

AT: Do you mean the wild west?

M: Yeah. We define it as historic in California, contact with Native Americans, contact with Europeans, 15th century, any time after that.

AT: Do you work in a museum?

M: No, it's an independent consultant company. The job's the same as anyone else.

AT: That's pretty wild! Is it exciting or does it get tedious like any other job?

M: Both. For the most part I enjoy it, I work at home a lot. I do a lot of writing and research.

AT: No one over your shoulder?

M: Yeah, right. The field work is always fun, digging up shit is always fun.

AT: Have you found anything really interesting?

M: Nothing that's changed the course of mankind so far.

AT: Back to touring, you said you haven't toured in South America at all?

M: We did two shows in Mexico and that is the extant of it.

AT: What kind of crowds were they?

M: We played in Tijuana which is pretty cool, I don't know if you've been down there, but the main street is called Revolution. We went there, pulled up to this theater about a year ago. It was on the street just off Revolution, we thought 'this looks cool' and start to unload. You go into the main foyer and it's a big old concrete 40s, 50s facade architecture. We walked in and thought this is cool, then we take the steps down to where the auditorium is and there's no fucking roof on the place! (Laughs) It was an open air. This thing had burned down like 10 years ago and they never really rebuilt it. The stage was still there, they put shows on it. To the side of the stage was a bare concrete room with a light bulb hanging in it and that was the dressing room. On the stage was a piece of plywood about the size of the rug there right where my microphone stand was. I picked it up and there was a great big hole under there that plops down about 8 feet into a big pool of black water! It was a really cool show though, about a 1000 people came. It started to rain a little bit.

AT: Did your makeup come off?

M: Yeah...it was freezing cold.

AT: It would've been cool if you came up out of the hole to start the show.

M: Right. That was fun, then we drove all night from the west coast of Mexico to somewhere way in the east...it was a real small place. I don't remember the name of it. We arrived at midnight to play the show. 

AT: You drove right up to the stage?

M: (Laughs) Yeah...so we rushed around rar rar rar, got ready, OK...where do we change? They put us in a toilet and we said we can't do this. They found this little space upstairs on the balcony, so we rushed around to get ready to do the show. I figured at least we can have a beer now, we drove 18 hours to get there huddled up in this van. They said, 'oh no, Sunday is a dry day!' (Laughs) You couldn't even get a beer. So we played the show, and after a half hour, 'right that's it the cops are  outside, you have to shut the show down.' And the fucking guy never paid us! He still owes us the money. It wasn't a lot of money, but I don't know if we'll ever go back to Mexico again.

AT: At least not that club.

M: Yeah, not that guy....oh if I could only remember the name you could say some shit about him...what was the name...Cactus something, Cactus enterprises or booking, something like that, blacklist them! (Shaun then walks in) Here's another one that has to wear a bowler hat! (Laughs) A paid bowler hat wearer. (He asks where his clean white clothes are and Monkey tells him.) There's the other pain in the ass about wearing white all the time, it's always dirty. We're always doing laundry.

AT: Do you have a washing machine on the tour bus?

M: (Laughs) No, we don't have a washing machine on the tour bus.

AT: Kid said he was pretty excited since this is the first time you've had a tour bus.

M: It is! We don't feel like we belong there.

AT: Are you going to paint the logo on it?

M: It ain't our bus, we're just renting it. (Laughs)

AT: So you can't trash it.

M: No! We have to clean up, we have to Hoover it up every day.

AT: Do you have any favorite countries to tour?

M: America was always fun, but the novelty has worn off a little bit now. Italy was always a favorite place, not that we went there very often. I really enjoyed that. Japan is fun. I like to go somewhere a little more off...China is starting to open up.

AT: Will they let you in there?

M: I don't know, but I've talked to bands that have been there. I think there is a pretty big Chinese punk scene.

AT: They probably won't let in anyone with a felony record.

M: Well, we'd been in trouble then.

AT: Have you been to the Korova in Japan?

M: Nope, we haven't even been to the one in New York yet. We're playing the factory again tomorrow night and we got asked by the guy to go there after the show.

AT: Malcolm is going to be in New York tomorrow by coincidence.

M: What's his opinion of your site?

AT: He's blown away by it. I asked about doing the intro for you that Pete wanted, but I didn't get a commitment.

M: Well, you know what the answer is then...(Laughs)

AT: Have you ever met Malcolm?

M: No.

AT: Have you seen any of the Clockwork play?

M: No...Phil Daniels was in the musical version...I didn't see that and then I moved here and haven't seen any come through my area.

AT: I've seen a few, but not the musical version, it's kinda scary.

M: Like Broadway.

AT: Are you a US citizen now?

M: I have a green card, it expires next year, but I'll renew it for 10 years. I have 2 kids and want to maintain citizenship in case they want to go the UK, the paperwork is easier. But they are so young, it will be a long time before that will matter.

My exclusive interview with Kid 10/23/05

Alex Thrawn: Did you hear Malcolm trashed Mary Whitehouse in that censored films special?

Kid: No! Mary Whitehouse asked why we wrote the songs the way we did. I said to fuck off and that's why I wrote the song about her. She was off her rocker about the morals issue, but I heard she was very nice in person.

AT: How come you didn't chose a Clockwork name?

K: We never did. I was in 2 bands before the Adicts and they didn't have Clockwork names either. When we started out we were all addicts. The Clockwork look didn't start until after. 

AT: How old were you when Clockwork came out?

K: I was 13. Before then there was only football hooligans. They didn't really have a uniform, but after the movie came out you started seeing guys in white and bowlers everywhere. It was powerful. I love nothing more than going to a Rossini concert totally high and just sitting back and taking it in. All the people can't wait to get out of my way. I recently saw the play in New Zealand.

AT: The one in the parking garage?

K: Yeah. It was actually, small, but very well produced. I enjoyed it

AT:  Have you seen any others?

K: Yeah, I saw one in England back in 1979. It was wild, well produced, but I didn't like it.

AT: How did you let a hippy into the band? (Dan)

K: I don't know! (Laughs) I'll have to think about it.

AT: Awesome show tonight.

K: That was a real punk show. I couldn't hear the lyrics and the crowd sang along the whole time.

My exclusive after show follow up with Pete Dee 7/9/05

AT: Do you really get sick before every gig?

Pete: I throw up before every gig. I don't know why. Last night I didn't through up so it was really weird. Did you see that girl that just came in? I had to kick her out because I think she was a hermaphrodite. GBH is coming? Tell them they have to pay to get in and you can tell them I said so.

AT: Do you want people to come to the show dressed as droogs?

P: I don't like people wearing the white. It never caught on and it's like 'what are you dong?' It's more of a costume. Wearing the bowlers I like.

AT: Do you like stagediving?

P:  I hate it. All it does is mess up the equipment.

AT: Do most of the fans really get Clockwork?

P: I get so tired of people asking about the violence. It's not about that, that's not what we're about. We don't sing about that. We're about loyalty.  They actually stop a rape in the movie. They are like enforcers.

AT: How are you feeling? Are you still recovering?

P: I was sick for a while with cancer on my liver, that was removed. I've quit drinking and drugs. I haven't done any on the tour. I've taken up smoking again though, it's killing me.

AT: How do you like living in the USA?

P: I've really become a loner. I've cut a lot of people off living in California now. I don't trust anyone. There's just too much sick stuff in the world. People will email me all around to put them on the guest list and I haven't talked to them in a year. I'm like 'screw that, pay like everyone else.' I just want people to like me for me, not because I'm Pete from the Adicts.

AT: The Monkey bobblehead doll is really cool, any chance of the rest of the band getting made?

P: Originally they were going to put the band on the bottom. A Japanese company wants to do more with us, we're thinking about it.

AT: I hate these young kids that are in your way and you ask to get by and they are like "don't disrespect me".

P: Oh yeah. I'm like get the fuck out of my way. They don't know the meaning of respect. I have 3 kids and I'm trying to teach them to get to my level, they'll never get there, but I keep pushing. I was in Vegas last week and a guy was eating with his hat on. I went over and asked him to take it off. it's just rude. That's the kind of guy I am. You have to show manners.

AT: How do you feel about the newer crop of Clockwork bands?

P: Why do some of these new Clockwork bands preach the violence? What's wrong with them? We've hung out with the Lower Class Brats. They're great guys, but they are so quiet. They're not like us, we're wild.

AT: Any other of Malcolm's films you really like?

P: In 20 years I think Gangster No. 1 will be considered an all-time classic.

AT: Where does the tour go after this leg?

P: I have no idea where we are playing as of yet, that's the best way.

My exclusive interview with Adicts guitarist Pete Dee 7/9/05

Alex Thrawn: Did you read A Clockwork Orange first or did you see the film?

P: I read the book.

AT: Before the film came out?

P: I read it the same year. An intriguing book you know. What it did to me was change my life. I thought the book was absolutely terrifying. It was real at the time. Even though it was written years before it actually fit 1972 where I lived. It was actually real. When I read it, it was exactly what the police were trying to do us. It was exactly how we were, we didn't want trouble and we had pride in how we looked. When the movie came out it went off, the whole neighborhood. I lived in Sunderland in the northeast of England. I went to the Sunderland football match the next week and there were all these people in whites and bowler hats. It was fascinating. Then we went to see one of my favorite bands of all time, Cockney Rebel. I think the band supporting them was Queen.

AT: With Freddie Mercury?

P: Yeah! They lasted for 10 minutes and got bottled off. I think it was Queen. We walked around looking smart, even though we were poor we sent a message saying, "Don't fuck with me. Don't mess with me or I'll hurt you." That's the truth, that's what we represented. We loved our music, all kinds of music, no segregation of black and white. There was a skinhead element. There was no punk rock back then.

AT: The skinheads said they had the look first, did you ever see that?

P: Yes, I was part of it. I got to the tail end of it, but I wasn't old enough. More of a suede head side. I got to see bands like Jimmy James & the Vagabonds, Desmond Decker, very great, I loved the look. Somewhere down the line skinheads became an enema.

AT: The violence, the Nazis?

P: Yeah, the racist side of it, where the hell did that come from? I mean come on, it's fucking stupid.

AT: Were they actually wearing the white and bowlers before the film?

P: There were one or two, but they didn't have it down. It would be nice to wear Skinner jeans. They were parallels, they were called skins, they had a tag on them like Levi's, they came down. I remember finding white ones was really hard...you're taking me back years now!

AT: That's what I'm interested in since I grew up in the US.

P: It's very difficult to put it in chronological order to be honest with you. But they were good times, fun times, a lot of pride. Funny thing is when punk came around it had disappeared. When we started this band punk rock just started. Two years into it we didn't really have an image. Suddenly the spiky look, Mohawks, black leather jackets, studs, bombers...

AT: Safety pins?

P: Yeah, the safety pins were already there. The whole black look, the spiky brigade. That came out and we went 'this sucks.' So we went back to what we were. Me, Kid and Mel went into a pub and sat down and said what were we before? Clockwork Orange...so we went back and we've never changed. 30 years now, I wear a bowler hat every day.

AT: Do you prefer the look of the white in the film over the black clothes in the book?

P: That's just it. It's is black in the book, but the white looked good. I don't like black that much really. White's a bitch to keep clean though. You should see the Adicts bloody laundry bill! We should get a laundry sponsorship.

AT: Like Dim was always getting dirty and they had to clean him up in the book.

P: Right. The book was amazing, frightening, terrifying. It left a big impression on me. The night I finished it, I read it very quick, I couldn't put it down. I think I read it in 4 days. I was a teenager and I couldn't sleep because of it. It was a reality, like 1984.

AT: George Orwell?

P: Right, it's very much like that book. It's happening now, you know what I mean?

AT: It's very timely.

P: It's interesting how Clockwork faded away. There are some bands...(at this point someone walks in who he doesn't know and he wants to throw him out.) Anyway, sorry.

AT: When you read the book was it the 21 chapters?

P: Yeah, I've also got the first edition, I've got quite a few. I don't like the new one, they have no dictionary.

AT: You should be a pro at nadsat by now.

P: I don't use it. It's pointless...sometimes we use it.

AT: To talk about people behind their back?

P: We do that. Like "bolshy yarblockos to thee and thine." It's not that necessary, it's more of the whole concept of the answer. It's very good. In a way it's almost like an 11th commandment - be yourself, be true to yourself. Be aware of what you look like, what you do. Be a teenager, be a kid, enjoy your life.

AT: Do you prefer the 21st chapter or the movie?

P: I don't really have an answer for you on that. It doesn't bother me either way.

AT: I like the 21st chapter because we've all got to grow up sometime.

P: There's that point, yeah. With the movie I had a couple of twinges of hmmm, a couple things that weren't right with the book as we all know. I stand by the book, so I have to go with the 21 chapters. The movie all glossy, like any movie. Come on, has there ever been a choreographed rape scene before?

AT: And the fight with Billyboy to the Thieving Magpie.

P: Amazing stuff. I don't know how many times I've seen it the film. I watch it at least 3 or 4 times a year.

AT: I just saw it again with Malcolm in Philadelphia. I only want to see it in the theater.

P: You know, we've never met the man, Malcolm, and we'd love to. I mean seriously. We should invite him to one of our shows, he'd love it. Because we've taken Clockwork Orange and turned it into what it was about. We really have.

AT: You keep introducing it to new generations.

P: Right. I think it's OK. It was violent though back then, we had a lot of good laughs.

AT: Kid told me all you had to do was walk into a pub wearing the whites and people would back off.

P: Yeah. Sometimes you'd get a real fat fucker come up and want to fight you and we'd go 'cool' and knock him out. I think it takes a rare breed to work it.

AT: To live it?

P: To live it. I mean these bands who are into it, but I'm not sure if they really know what it's about.

AT: Anyone specific?

P: I'm not going to mention any names.

AT: I'm friends with the Lower Class Brats and they are into it.

P: They're into it, but they haven't lived it, they're younger. They're a new breed. Back then we had to deal with Teddy Boys, Rockers, fucking hell. Back then you walked down their street and they turned their heads, when punk rock first started. Today they still turn their heads when you walk around with whites and a bowler. They don't turn their heads when you have stuff sticking out of your face or hair. They laugh at that.

AT: What in the move didn't you like? Do you mean like the stuff they left out like the attack on the library?

P: Yeah. A few things I can't recall, I'm a bit tired now.

AT: Shagged and fagged and fashed?

P: There you go. I think they did a great job with the movie, tremendous, disturbing, It got banned, but not really, it got pulled, but not many people knew that.

AT: Did you have a pirated copy?

P: Yeah, I had it from day one. I could've made a fortune selling it, but I never sold one.

AT: When I started the site in 1997 everyone from England wanted me to send them a copy because it was banned.

P: That was a great move by Kubrick. Do you now it's Warner Brothers biggest selling DVD? Some of that paraphernalia is going for big money, especially the posters. Fantastic, but I'm happy with me books.

AT: I was just rereading the book with the scene of them on the train tearing it up. That would've been cool to film.

P: That's the kind of shit we used to do! (Laughs) I'll tell you a little story of when I was a droogie, before the band. There was a knock at the door that said 'hey, Pete you coming out?' So I put my hat on and went out and the lads are sitting in a car. It's a nice car, where did you get it? 'Oh, we borrowed it.' So we went out for a drive, got into a bit of mischief, then a police chase, then there was a crash. We ran off, police knocked at my door 'is your Peter in?' My grandmother said 'he's been sitting here all night! (Laughs)

AT: Just like the book!

P: You know! I've been arrested many times for things.

AT: Did cops give you a harder time back then when you dressed the part?

P: I used to have a tattoo right here (on his left forearm) that said 'all coppers are bastards'. (Laughs) Every time a cop saw it they used to hit me. So I went in a garage, drank a bottle of whiskey and took an electric sander to it.

AT: What!? That must've hurt like a bitch!

P: Oh, it hurt like fuck. I had to go to the hospital.

AT: Well, it looks like it worked...

P: There is still some of it there. (Laughs) I was 12 years old when I did that, it was a real gang thing. I came from a terrible neighborhood and it's even worse now. Most of the houses are burned out and boarded up. (He starts coughing and pulls out something) Halls mentholyptus! The only problem is I don't put them in my mouth, I stuff them up my ass. 
I'll tell you what's nice about it. We don't have many kids come to the gigs wearing whites, an occasional few and we look at them and we don't relate to them, I'll be honest with you, because we're wise old men.

AT: Because you lived it and they didn't?

P: We're wondering why, because the fashion never really took off, hence whites are hard to find. I think they could change it a bit. I see more bowler hats which is great, I like that. When I see the whites I think 'you don't want to go to a gig in whites and get them all fucked up.'

AT: It's more a costume than a way of life?

P: I think so, yeah. We've taken the make up...like on my tattoo. (shows the face on his left bicep) People don't know this, it's the very first Adicts tattoo ever. I designed it, it's a mixture of The Adicts and Clockwork Orange - the coif is me, because I always used to have a coif, the spiky hair is Kid, the eyes are Mel, the Mouth is Monkey and the bowler is Clockwork. I never, ever got the tattoo finished because the motherfucker was drunk when he did it. Now you can get this at any tattoo artist in the world, it's on the wall! They owe me money.

AT: Was it a big deal in the UK when Clockwork was finally unbanned?

P: I didn't even blink an eye!

AT: Did you go see it in the theater?

P: No, I didn't need to, I've got it. It was stupid. Why ban it for all this time, then release it again? I missed Malcolm going on his rounds. Money went to see him do a discussion on Clockwork. I mean Malcolm McDowell is brilliant, like Caligula. Fucking brilliant! He's a freak!

AT: You mean the fist?

P: Oh, geeze! Dirty bastard, it's the most pornographic film I've ever seen. O Lucky Man! He was on the altar being breast fed! if...! c'mon, that was real punk rock anarchic film.

AT: Did you go to a school like that?

P: I did actually, for a few months. I was sent to one. (Laughs) They couldn't handle me in school. I was a freak.

AT: Did they have the whips?

P: Oh yeah, I got whipped in my school every week. I was a regular whipping boy and I used to say "thank you sir!" In my final year they tried to whip me one time too many so I punched the fucker and I got expelled, I kid you not. That's the way life can be.

AT: Why didn't if.... get banned then with them shooting machine guns off the roof at the end?

P: That was very heavy. It was anti-war, anti-government, pretty damn heavy film. I like Malcolm's films, like Gangster No. 1. He was good in that. I thought his role was great. There's many more...

AT: It was great because when he wasn't on screen he was narrating, he was always there.

P: Right. Look at him in TV now. The sci-fi shows he's doing. With the bleached white hair he's looking good. Fabulous actor, he doesn't get the credit he deserves. He should come on tour with The Adicts for a little while. It would be good to sit there and have a chat, we're all roughly the same age, he's not that much older. (Laughs) There's a lot of things we'd have in common to talk about. Like how he got the role in Clockwork in the first place.

AT: It was if....

P: Really? Didn't that come after?

AT: No, if.... came out in 1968.

P: Did you ever read the book The Clockwork Testament?

AT: Yes, the semi-autobiographical account of Burgess in Hollywood dealing with Clockwork.

P: What a load of shit that was, wasn't it? What a disappointment. That was the first book I ever read by Burgess, so I started to read his stuff. I got to meet Anthony Burgess, that was a good thing.

AT: How was he in person?

P: He was very tender, a nice man. Very humble. I found out that Clockwork was written about an actual event. He was writing another book at the time in Spain, hence the black shirts, the fascists. How could a man write about that? It's amazing.

AT: Without living it.

P: Yeah I know, amazing.

AT: How do you feel about all the new bands that are doing the Clockwork thing? Do you feel like that's your thing?

P: No, not at all. We don't own any of it. It's not ours, we copied it. It's great actually, if they know what they are doing. If they start preaching violence it's wrong, they're doing the wrong thing. We don't write a lot of Clockwork Orange lyrics in relation to the movie or the book.

AT: Lighthouse Keeper, Joker in the Pack...

P: Yeah, we've done that, also Smart Alex...we're cheeky boys. We like to have a good time, to fuck around. At the end of the day that's all you can write about in relation to it. If someone went out and wrote a song called, "I Like Rape"...if you look at the movie, they were stopping a rape. Protection, they were policing. If you are leader of a gang, you're the leader. It's nature's way if someone's an alpha male, someone else is going to come and bite you in the ass. It's the same in rock and roll. Someone's always at the top of their game and then you go down. Once you're at the top there's only one way to go. We found that out years and years ago. We don't give a shit about rock and roll. We do what we do and we've got no competition, even amongst the Clockwork bands. For us it's not competition. For us it's a matter of pride in what we do, we enjoy it and love each other. That's another thing with Clockwork - there's a lot of love there. If you have aan argument you forgive. We all know like in the movie, if someone goes to jail time can change things. I'm not the great believer in the saying "time heals all wounds." The longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

AT: When you went to jail was it like how it was in the book?

P: Oh, yeah. I've been in a few times. I got beaten every 3 hours for 3 days. Quite fascinating really. I still wouldn't give them any information. They put me in a straight jacket, hit me, threw keys at me like in a ball. I remember sitting in a chair naked in a straight jacket and they threw them at me and it hit me right here (in the chest). It just knocked me straight off the chair! I laid on the floor and said, "Hurt me more! You won't get fuck all from me." Put it this way, if I ever said anything I wouldn't be alive today. Those are the rules of the street - loyalty. It ain't worth it. Even today you'll get fuck all out of me. Not for sale, dear.

AT: Do you have any favorite scenes from the book or the film?

P: Oh...I love the scene where the probation officer sits on the bed and grabs him by the nuts! I think that's fucking hilarious. Crack!

AT: Do you think Detoid was gay?

P: Of course. I love the touching scene when the overgrown buff guy is sitting on the sofa and he did all the talking in front of Alex's mom "you should be ashamed of yourself". It was quite sad, because I know that scene. I love the rape scene...that's amazing with the music.

AT: Many people against the film say there is so much rape, but they never show it until the Ludovico treatment.

P: There is one scene that everyone relates to where they are in the Moloko bar and the chick starts starts singing and Alex whacks Dim. I'm like that, polite. You gotta have some manners. Fucking hell, someone's doing something special like that and there is someone else talking I'll walk over to them and say, "Shut the hell up!" I was in Vegas the other week having dinner and there's a guy sitting over there with a hat on, dinner! I went over and said "taking your hat off." Simple, niceties, respect. That's a lot of it, I think that's the main thing out of all of Clockwork Orange - respect. That's the main thing that stood out to me, to be respected for who you are, what you are, what you think - everything. At the end of the day we are all fuckups, but please respect me. We might not be on the same level or have gone to the same schools. You may know something more about picking locks on a car, but I may know about picking locks on a bank and I don't care about picking car locks because I don't drive, I'd rather have the money! Know what I mean? It's about respect of life, but I do not tolerate people who talk down to others -  people with money especially. Like 'what do you do for a living? 'I'm a cabinet maker.' 'Oh?' Then they turn your back on you. I mean fuck 'em.

AT: Just because they have money doesn't mean they could do it - to build something like that.

P: Oh man, there's so much of that in this world, so many pricks in this world. I went to St. Moritz in France and to go in the clubhouse you have to do a toboggan run, the crestive run, half the run, to get the tie to go in and have a beer. So I'm with this chick, years ago, and I had to do the toboggan run, I did it, fearless, but fucking hell scary. I get up there and I don't have a tie. All these people are rich millionaires who have nothing better to do than have incest with every family member because they've had it all. Cocaine doesn't do it for them any more, little boys don't do it, so they screw their grandmothers. I got thrown out, banned for life. I don't mind saying it. Funny isn't it? I see Malcolm as a similar person, he doesn't meet eye to eye with society.

AT: He's very sarcastic in person.

P: So am I. We're all crazy. Thank you.

My exclusive interview with Adicts drummer Kid Dee 10/2/03.

Kid: Where are we? 

Alex Thrawn: The Pocono Mountains.

This is a strange little club. It is so weird for us doing a 4,500 person show one day and then a show like this for a few hundred.

We're close to Stroudsburg which has a big punk following. I always see punk kids around. It's the third generation.

I know. I'm retired! (Laughs). 

I love your version of "Ode to Joy."

The strange thing is that I'm not into Beethoven so much, I prefer Rossinni. Big drums.

Like Wagner?

Yeah! Definitely.

Did you get to see Clockwork before it was banned?

I saw the film before it was it was banned. I saw film in Sunderland when it was first released. One of the defining moments was seeing Queen in Sunderland when they first started, but the support band was Cockney Rebel. They took the image. Steve Harley an English guy, he had the bowler, the Alex makeup and all that. My memory was not going to the gig and all that, but as a 12 year old watching all these droogs walk down the street. I thought what a brilliant scenario sort of thing. I was I had a camera. It was great a memory.

Did you read the book before or after you saw the film?

After and then it became a Bible in a way. I used to always have it. I have the nadsat, everything.

Do you like the 21st chapter?

The 21st chapter? No, I don't in fact. It's a bit of an anti-climax.

Because it is not in the film?

No. I don't go by the film you see? People always say do you go by the film. The film - visually is very good. The book is more interesting I always say. Saying that, the film has lots of fashion. You know in the book, they don't wear whites.

They wear black.

That's it. Carvers, codpiece and all that. 

And the Phoebe Shelley mask. I like the 21st chapter because it says you are going to caught, burned out and it's going to get old.

That was the whole scenario of the movie wasn't it at the end? But in the book I didn't sort of feel that. The movie did it in a visual manner. I go by the book mainly, it is weird. I don't go by the movie. The movie became a sort of fashion icon where it was hip to look like Alex and shit like that. I know we do it, but the book is the bible. It is the gospel. It is a weird situation, yet I will still watch the movie, yet I enjoy reading the book.

It's two separate things, but both are great in their own way.

Yeah, that's it. The rights and wrongs of it everybody will argue about. Everybody will still argue about the book and the movie and what is it supposed to portray - good, evil. What is it? We're bad. One minute you're good, then one minute you're bad. Then can you make somebody good? There's a morality thing that is stated, but no one will question it because society thinks, "Clockwork Orange - violent movie." Bollocks.

It's only the first five minutes.

Yeah, that's it! That's it! You see.

Actually the rape film in the Ludovico center is more violent than the violence in the beginning of the movie.

That's what I'm saying. The realities of life that are portrayed in the movie because he has to see Hitler marching up and down. The Ludovico treatment is life. You can walk down the street and what is it everybody stops to see, to check out?

An accident.

Yeah, what the hell is that about? So it like you are getting you socks off.

If you are passing it, you might as well check it out. It's not like you caused it.

Right. What's it Alex says, "A lovely bit of krovvy seeing that.' Sometimes it's a visual effect. That main thing is Alex it did. There's many people in society that will go out of their way and search it out. It's a way passive way of getting your kicks. It's overdoing that. I think that's why in the book in the movie he has his treatment. I found the treatment fucking more shocking than the actual violence in the beginning. It's like saying you have no choice, you are to be brainwashed, you are going to be good. What the hell is that about?

You have no choice, you are good by default.

Yeah. There's many little scenarios in the book which reverse back to the beginning.

When he is in jail, he kills a guy. So he doesn't really change.

He doesn't change. Like when he's playing with the Bible. He's seeing the scenario - the in and out with Mary Magdalene. I think it is brilliant in a way. The main thing is if you put it in that perspective it is normal. It just a norm. You go out, search for a woman, you date her - shag her.  He put it in a context of ultra-violence. I've seen much violence in my life. There is no difference. When Anthony Burgess wrote that book he was writing in a period of North Korea, East-West shit. By the time he finished it the love generation came out. How the hell is the man going to work with that? It's like Burroughs. He did Naked Lunch and everybody was going you can't do that in 1950.

Like with the cockroaches?

Yeah, fuck me. I love that shit. What attracted me to Clockwork Orange wasn't just fashion. The book is totally different from the movie. It was a sense of belonging. There was the music and there was the fashion, the nadsat, you know what the hell's that about? In a way it was the first slang words of the society because the only slang in England was the London Cockney type. Nobody got off on that.

What was it like when the band came into it?

When the band started doing it I noticed skinheads embraced it for all the wrong reasons. Then they started realizing it wasn't just the ultra-violence - it was getting off on the music. For Alex it was Beethoven, it was classical and shit like like that. Skinheads started realizing The Adicts play music and then they got into it. At first it was that typical I'm going to to look like a droog and walk down the street. It's really weird. As soon as you put a bowler hat and the whites on you can walk down any street and people will walk back and be worried. And I can't fight back to save my life, I'm very anti-violent. I'm a peace loving guy.

You can go in a bad neighborhood and it is safe? Even today?

Yeah, you can get away with it. Yeah, I can still do it. I can walk into a pub and people will stand back and go, "Clockie boy's here." And all that shit. I can give a little ear, tip my bowler and play it.

You'll get free beer?

Yeah, yeah. But with our music it's not related to it in any way. The early stuff is quite related to what was on the streets and then we just tried to make a show of things. We didn't want to sing about what was out there, in a way we wanted to enlighten people. Let's sing a song about "oh, I want a Chinese Takeaway." Because it is a great feeling after you are pissed and walking down the street going to a pub and going to a Chinese Takeaway and I'll have a Chicken #44 and all that.

What's your favorite scene in the book?

I'll tell you what, it isn't from the book, it is a visual effect from the movie. When Alex meets Billboy and they come out of the shadows and he says, "How art thou Billboy you eunich jelly thou?" It's like Dim going up to Lucy and going, "Sorry." I love that drug spiked feeling and all that because I've done drugs. To think you can have a drink of synthemesc and you are just sitting there and the moloko plus sinks in. In the book there is a good little drink in there...

Which one?

The Brandy drink - it is a mixture of a little cognac, brandy and all that. You sit there and you get fucking wasted really quickly. It's a feeling that you are fucking gone. It's true - the knives are out. You are sitting there on fire. The portrayal of the book and the movie doesn't put over what The Adicts are about. Everyone says, "Oh, The Adicts are a Clockie band." We're more than a Clockie band.

Well, you have some Clockwork songs like Smart Alex.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Like I said there's certain imagery, but not every song. I know the boys from Major Accident and Blitz have tried to latch onto it, but we've stayed real to it. In between there is a bit of contradiction that we aren't the four droogs, because that is what pissed me off. When we did it we were the first ones. We were the first ones. Everybody was saying, "We did it first", but we were the fucking first ones and we knew it. The imagery perspective of the other bands was the violence. Ours wasn't - it was just fun. What did Alex say in the book? He actually went out to have his fun by doing these things. I mean I love a bit of the in-out,  I'll take anybody to a William Tell fucking Orchestra. I've done it.

A three way?

Yeah, a two by four it was in fact. (Laughs)

So you had Alex beat?

Yeah, I had him beat. I was out of my socks. You know what I mean?

ACO is an influence, but it is not the be all end all.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. You have to put things into perspective. Certain bands take it to a certain limit, but you are not going to enjoy it. We've enjoyed every minute. If you go back to the book, and I don't mean the book is a doctrine of anything, but it is a very good youth culture read. You sense he was enjoying every minute of it, even in the penitentiary. The change.

He was showing them he could still deal with it even though he was 15 and the other guys were 30 or 40.

Yeah, he could still deal with it. You've got the establishment trying to change the guy. Like at the end he wakes up and says, "I'm cured." What does that fucking mean?

It means he's back to normal, back to the old ways.

Right! Right! That's it. All he needed at the end, this is what I saw, was for Pete and Dim to say, "Right, right."

Pete didn't say anything else.

No, he didn't say fuck all. I thought Dim was a good character though.

Did you like it better in the book where it was Dim and Billyboy who beat Alex up instead of Georgie?

Georgie was a bit of a softie wasn't he? He's like a Judas with Jesus when he's sitting around the table. In the book you knew something was going on. Alex upset Dim, Pete spoke out, Georgie sat there like fuck all and Dim is going, "Bedways is rightways." I'm going OK. 

Don't turn your back.

Yeah, you knew Alex was going to go, "Hey, I'm the leader." You are sensing that typical betrayal like Jesus Christ and Judas copping out on him because he's failed in a way. What is so good about the book is the whole Home scene was explained better than in the movie. The movie was a bit off the cuff. That scenario put an image in front of you. The book was more of a story, it didn't have that visual  effect. It was fucking shocking wasn't it? No wonder they banned it in England. Do you know why they banned it in England?

Kubrick said he was getting death threats.

It's bollocks. You know what it was?

Kids were committing crimes dressed like the droogs and blaming it on the movie.

Right, kids were going out and doing the certain imagery. Yeah, everything was 'blame the movie.' Kubrick went under the line of, "I don't know, the movie wasn't it" and Burgess went under the line of, "I didn't like the movie."

Burgess flip flopped after Kubrick refused to do interviews and he got stuck promoting it.

Yeah, it was a no sale game. It was banned, but the book still sold. Then they banned the nadsat glossary because they didn't like what the kids were coming out with.

Burgess said he never liked the glossary because he wanted kids to figure it out on their own.

Yeah, I didn't get that at all. I think it was a cop out personally. I mean, fucking hell. He knew what he was writing. In hindsight he didn't know it was going to take off. Did you see if....?

Yeah, it is one of my favorite films of all time.

Lots of people said that was the follow up to Clockwork, I said no.

But, if.... came first!

That's what I said! 

Is that the kind of school you went to?

I wish, where you could shoot the teacher? No, I was born secondary street wise. Co-ed. I went to many schools. In them days you found Bowie was on the scene, he even did Clockie, Cockney Rebel did, Alex Harvey did it in a way. It was very inspirational. That movie with the Walter Carlos music was very inspirational. Everything was inspirational. It was based on the fashion. It was a fashion thing. It wasn't very fashionable to be reading the book and to me the book was the main thing - the character of it all.

I would think most people would feel after seeing the movie, "Hey, I've got to check the book out." It wasn't like that?

I personally felt that, yeah. I still read the book. It's weird. I've got the video, DVD, screenplay, backlog, everything, but I still go back to the book. I'll talk to somebody and go into nadsat and they go, "What the fuck is that?" I'll think, "Shit, they haven't got nadsat." It stopped in about 1974. Pete has an early American version, a real early one. Have you got a Russian version?

Yeah, I have four of them and the latest one has The Cramps 'Bad Music for Bad People' cover.

Oh, that's making up now! Really? I've got a lovely letter from a whole bunch of Russian droogs and they said, "You've got to come to Russia!" And I'm like, "What do I want to go to Russia for?" (Laughs) They were incensed by the ultra-violence and I'm like no, chill, get off on the music a bit. See, this is what I get all pissed off with a sense that they thought it was all the violence. The violence was secondary I thought. I think there is an underlying fucking story there, wasn't there?

You screw around, you get caught, you go to jail.

Yeah! Then they try to change you! What the hell is that? That's it. At the end when he says, "I'm cured", it's like, "I'm back!" And his eyes...you can visualize it. He's chomping away (mimics Alex eating), the government comes in, the music, the whole thing and he just wants his speakers and his music.

Because that's the first time the 9th doesn't make him sick.

Yeah, that's it. Back to the old days where he is getting his rocks off. But people don't talk about that.

Some people take it the other way, that he is cured by being able to be a part of society. It could go either way, which is why they feel it is a brilliant ending.

It is a thought provoking ending, isn't it? To me, I've got my interpretation.

To me he isn't raping her, he's having fun and she's on top.

Yeah, that's it. I like Alex as he was. That's the main thing. I do like Alex at the beginning, I honestly like him. I think he's quite sensitive in a way. In the book he's out for anything, whatever it takes to get his kicks. He knows he could get caught.

In the book he's buying the women drinks to cover for him which wasn't in the film.

Yeah, yeah, that's it. They didn't show that in the movie like crasting someone around the corner and all that. In fact the tunnel scene in the movie I thought was crass. I thought it was crap. They should've gone by the book version, more visually effective. You have to show it because it is Kubrick. But saying that Kubrick did portray the moloko scenes and all that - lots of visual effects. In fact didn't you find it is a story in three sort of halves tied?

Yes, it is three parts.

Right, it is. It is a very sort of down part in the middle isn't it? What the hell is this? He's getting changed, he's got the Ludovico program. He's sitting there in front of the woman and he can't touch her and everybody sits down and they're all going like that. (Getting sexually excited) Who's worse?

That's one of my favorite scenes when the girl comes out and the chief guard is staring with his mouth open.

Yeah, and also the vicar is there. So who's worse?

The guys who are getting off on it.

That's it. So Alex is probably sitting there thinking. "I'm not that bad."

Have you gone and visited the filming locations like Thamesmead?

No. I've read every back program, documentary, whatever. Kubrick had them working, he had them working overtime. He made Malcolm kick the fucking shit. I think he broke ribs. 

Do you live near where they filmed?

I live close by in London, sort of near where they filmed. That doesn't mean that to much to me, I wouldn't go to that length. I get my socks off by seeing a little droog walk down the street. I think that's really cool. You are not allowed to walk around with a cane now. I used to always walk around with a cane.

Just a regular cane, not even with a knife in it?

I'm not going to tell you that, but we've got a good one now. It is a three part one that you fold up. When I first started I got shit thrown at me and I'd just sort of (makes sound of whipping the came together) and say "all right". I'd play the part. 

Did you go see the film when it came back in the theaters in 2000?

No. I didn't bother. Fuck that, I've got the video. (laughs) No because my theater is shit. It's one of those two tier shitty mono type things. I sit there in front of the TV and play it wearing my sound system out. What did you think of the music?

I love it. It is such a compliment to the visuals. Can you imagine the film without it? It would be almost empty. Can you imagine the fight with Billyboy without The Thieving Magpie?

That's it! That's it! (Hums the music) Yeah, the main thing is the movie has got some great visuals, the score is good and everything. But I do go back to the book all the time (laughs). I just sense I need a direction when I'm reading. The movie takes you off on certain elements that aren't relevant to the book, that's what I go back to.

It's like the birth of he story.

Yeah, that's it. That's how it branched out. It's weird, because I haven't taken it on the road this time! I said to Monkey just the other day, "Fuck no! I haven't got the Clockwork Orange book!" and he goes, "Kid, what the fuck's that about?" and I go, "I don't know, you know?" Pete said to me, "Kid, we always normally read a few chapters together."

Which version do you carry - 20 or 21 chapters? 


The British version?

Yeah, British. The old version with the hat cover. Pete's got an old American version which is quite weird. It's a hardback.

The orange and white cover with the droogs walking?

Yeah, that's it.

That's the first American version.

Yeah, 1963.

I like the original British cover. The purple one with Alex screaming.

That's my favorite one. I have it at home.

Did you want to see more scenes from the book in the film?

I wish they had. They must have loads of old footage.

Kubrick said he didn't want anyone to see it and had his assistant Leon Vitali burn it.

Really? I don't believe it. I don't fucking believe it. Kubrick played around with many people. I don't know...

I have pictures of the attack near the library and Alex filling up his glass at the Korova.

Yeah, they only showed Dim. I bet you there is loads of footage. When you see the movie it's quite edited, snip, snip scenario sort of thing. I think the main think about the movie is it made a lasting impression on a lot of people. It's definitely made a lasting impression on me. It's enlightened me to what's out there, how the system works. 

If they get a hold of you, they'll change you.

Which is quite fucked up. I always say, "I'm not mad, it's the system which is mad." I'm sure Alex did too. You've got fashion, music, there is load of visuals.

Lots of levels.

Yeah, loads of fucking levels.

If you guys came out on stage in all black like in the book no one would know what you were doing.

That's it! But one day we're going to do it. We know we are.

I’ll know.

Monkey’s done it. He’s done it on stage. They didn’t have a clue what he was wearing. It must’ve been 83 or something like that.

How do you feel being in the third generation of punk now since you’ve been there from the beginning?

(Pause) I like it. I don’t feel like a hippie or anything. Honest. I fucking get my rocks off on everything. I love the fact there is a new generation still rocking like that. There was a period in the mid 80s where I thought, “Fucking hell. Punk’s turned into a hippie sort of thing.” Uniformity and all that.

When hair metal took over and all that junk?

Yeah. I mean it’s like in England everybody says The Adicts are a cult band. We’ve become a cult band now. We’ve become a cult stage band. The main thing is I’m out there to entertain. If I can make a young kid fucking have a good time than it’s all worth it. It’s like any kid doesn’t have to be a punk, whatever.

I’m not.

That’s what I’m saying! You know, I don’t give a shit. I thought that was punk. I thought the punk attitude was anybody could be a punk! Not what you look like, not anything. Fashion is the passion which killed punk in a way. It started to become a uniform. This is why we started to wear the Clockie gear.

To get away from all that.

Oh, fuck. I mean everybody was wearing fucking black. I thought it was a goth kick, you know?

A funeral.

Yeah! Oh come on, 'let’s have a blood war, we’re upstarts in black leather.' Bollocks. We just said straight away. Pete just said, “Clockie boys. We’ll rile ‘em up now”. And we did. The image we made was it. Then you had those other bands sort of climbing on it. We just let it roll. We never made any statements or anything. In fact the interviews we did do there was no reference to Clockwork Orange. It was just fun and all that, but in between there was the scenario of us coming on with Clockwork Orange and droog gear. We had sort of hard skinheads coming up to us. I felt like Jesus Christ walking on water. It was like that. The imagery of me walking out into the audience, all the boys have done it. After how many years it has been it made and filmed it can still make an impact.

30, it still has the power.

That’s it, yeah. In England ACO got shown on the TV on Channel 4. In the beginning for the whole month before you had a preview in a ten minute slot where this guy would go on about the influence of Clockwork and he said there was David Bowie and even the punk influence of The Adicts and even Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Every day The Adicts were mentioned.

It's your place.

Yeah, it's our place in time and all that. Clockwork made a mark on me and that's my lot.

Because it was filmed in England it lead to more of the gang violence which wasn't in the US. Do you think that led to The Ban?

I don't know. There's a culture in England - tribalism. Football, where you live, everything has become a tribal sort of instinct. With myself I would walk down any street and not give a shit.

Even though you could go to Paris and see it. It was so much more meaningful to the British because people could see themselves.

It was public because it was banned. It was the visual side of it, but the whole time it was banned! It was quite stupid because when you did walk the street you were making quite a statement. Either way, it was worse. It was as bad as when punk rock first started. I remember I would walk around with a Nazi armband down the street with a big black guy and he's got a Nazi armband! We were making a fucking statement. In a sense it was just like making another a statement. Because the movie was banned it was weird to visualize someone walking down the street with a cane who would really fucking thrash - really nice looking. And I would sit there coolly and chat with people and all that and I would think, 'What's that guy on?" In a way it is a reference to Alex. He would look cool, he would look sharp. The knives are out. He's sitting around viddying everything.

When they wear the bowlers isn't that like taking it from the high society and making it theirs?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It is. It's a bitch. It's a very British culture type thing. When you think of the nadsat it's Russian slang and shit like that. But...British take it to heart. They take it to conception - it belonged to them. Like wearing white. What's that all about?

Nobody wore white.

That's it, nobody wore white. When it comes to the book I would wear that (black outfits) and walk around and people would go, 'What the hell are you wearing that for?

What is the British perspective?

The British perspective is very streetwise. It was very street. 

To scare your parents?

It wasn't just that. It was to scare fucking everybody, honest it was. I remember my dad was looking at me and he was just going, 'What the fuck is that?' It was worse than being a punk rocker in a way. He felt that was more intimidating. I would walk into a pub and everyone would stand back if you had your droogs behind you. I used to have three of them. There was me, Jimmy and Pete. We'd walk in and get fucked up and we'd sit there. It would be scenarios from the movie.

Like 'Right, right'?

Yeah, and we'd talk in nadsat and nobody could understand what we were saying. If you take sides of the book or the movie, on that basis I would go with the book.

Once you've seen the movie you can't divorce the image of Malcolm McDowell as Alex.

Yeah, that's it! See, that's it! That's what's happening with the movie getting re-released in England. Because we couldn't see it, you had to read the book! We're raw. There were loads of people who were younger, like the skinheads who took the video and got it from Holland and Germany. They were just taking it on the basis of the movie.

They never read the book.

Yeah, that's it! Where myself and the rest of the guys it was always the book. We just went by the book. The visuals were brilliant and all that in the movie. I always remember one time I came on stage in Chicago and I was wearing my bowler hat and makeup under the eyes and the place just loved it. I tap my bowler on the drum riser and the place went wild. Then Monkey came on it was manic! Little images like that. One defining moment in my life I'll never forget was being at a football (soccer) game in the 70s and there was this guy dressed in a droog outfit on a podium with a cane and there was fire coming out of the stand underneath him. Powerful stuff.


ACO lyrics in bold

I found another baby
She wore metal boots
I found another baby
She was kinda cute
Thought she was only away for a day
It was a one way ticket
Now she's gone to stay
Choo choo choo choo
My baby got knocked off her feet
Choo choo choo choo
It was the 7:27 to Liverpool Street

Over the hill (Into the sun)
There's a man shouting (About things to come)
We need a change (Don't be afraid)
Don't be afraid to follow fashion

4321 here we all come (2x)

Now make a move (Make a stance)
Join the crusade (Hear the romance)
Another voice says (Says 'come with me')
Come with me and I'll make you happy

Chorus (2x)
Come on then!
Chorus (2x)
1st verse
Chorus (4x)

A Man's Gotta Do
Well I heard her scream
From the tower above
My heart it wanted to help
But the soldiers' who guard her with their lives
Would surely stop my attempt

Well, a man's gotta do
What a man's gotta do
Well, a man's gotta do
(Repeat 2x)

Well I scaled the wall at night after dark
The coast was oh so clear
When I reached the young maiden's cell
My heart was oh so near


As I made off into the night
My maiden in my arms
I said it's just like being in the movies again
Eat your heart out Errol Flynn!

Chorus (4x)

ADX Medley (Contains parts from other songs)
Shake, rattle, bang your head
Hey you
Whoa, Zimbabwe - gimme some Guinness
Whoa, hey hey hey, Zimbabwe - droogs are we
Hey-yah hey-yah hey-yah
Ode to Joy

All The Lucky People
Goodness gracious Misses Smith's a very lucky lady.
Paints her toe nails rainbow colors and her hair is green.
She won the lottery and shared her fortune with a sailor.
They're so happy on their little island made of dreams.

All the lucky people (4x)

God all mighty Mr. Brown his money drives him crazy.
He's got so much he doesn't have a care.
He sits alone on his throne his castle is so empty.
He used to work in a factory in the square
He was so happy there.

All the lucky people. (4x)

Bloody hell sweet little Daisy's got all Daddy's cash.
She blew it on bubblies and yellow puppy dogs.
She lost the mansion, lost the roller, lost the chauffer too.
She took off with her jewelry and trimmed her curly locks.
She trimmed her curly locks.

All the lucky people. (4x)
Living in their dreams.
All the lucky people.
I wonder where they've been.
All the lucky people. (4x)
I'm on of the lucky people.

You are an angel
that money couldn't buy
You are an angel
Oh lord don't ask why
You are a lover
seductive from the start
You are a lover
that mends my broken heart
And when you bang your gong
I will surely run to you, my angel

You are an angel
a messenger of peace
You are the beauty
that soothes the savage beast
Or something

Bad Boy
My mama told me off
She said I'd done her wrong
She said I'd been a bad, bad boy
She said I make her sad
She said I drive her mad
and now she's takin' all my toys

Oohhhh-oh I've been a bad, bad boy
Oohhhh-oh I've been bad

And now she keeps me in
I'm hated for my sin
The door is locked I can't go out
I have apologized, oh how I've really tried
Not to be a bad boy


You tried to help me out
But all we do is shout
Why should we act this way?
My love for you is strong
But I keep doing wrong
I'll always be the bad, bad boy

Chorus (4x)

Beauty Sleep
There you go weeping like a willow
Lay your head down on my pillow
Come one stop your poses
Come on it's a bed of roses
We can dream all night together
Or my nightmare could last forever
So sad the way cry
You've made your bed
Now you've got to lay in it
It's not so late around midnight
Blow out the candlelight
Let me rake you
Close your eyes
Let it make heave a sigh
Let's go to the land of darkness
Feel the sandman's
soft and sweet caress
When we wake
and raise our sleep heads
Will we remember
the dream things we said
There you go weeping like a willow
Lay your head down by my side
Come on come on baby
Come on girl you drive me crazy

O bog you are my hero you're my main man (2x)

I read the bible every day to see what you have got to say 
It doesn't make much sense to me
I'd rather read the beano 

O bog you are my hero you're my main man (2x)
O bog!

So what if I don't go to heaven?
It's all a load of 27 
I'd have a better time in hell don't wanna be an angel 


The things you preach are out of reach 
I'm getting crucified 
I've viddied bog as a rabid dog telling fucking lies

Chorus (4x)

Judy Jackie Johnny Joe
Danny Dave Ricardo
Jesus George Herman Hans
Paulo Sergei Jean-Claude Franz

Having fun?

Shaun Briggita Mario
Carlo Kevin Julio
Keiko Kikki Marilyn
Bob Ted Rin-Tin-Tin
Donald Mickey Little Bo
Juliet Romeo
Florence Dougal Zebedee

Gonna breakdown Just like me

Do do doot do do (2x)
California sun
Shining through the window
Beating up and down
Like a yellow yo-yo
It's just the sun

Cali-forn-ia! (2x)
Do do doot do do (2x)
(Repeat 2x)

Annie's got a gun
She knows how to use it
Points it at the sun
It's a California shoot out
She's got a gun!

Ho ho ho ho!
Hee ho!
Ho Ho
Yeah hah!

California sunset
Orange skies by day
California dreaming's
The California way
Smoke another stranger
Lying by the pool
Dying to be near you
Oh we look so cool
Yes we do

Do do doot do do (2x)
Do do doot do do do do do

Calling Calling
Calling calling all the world
Why do you have to be this way
Calling calling all the world
Why do you have to be afraid

I know things are bad
We can make them good
You might think its crazy
but I know we could
Change life and make it better
Think about the future

Calling calling all the world
I know we're not a pretty sight
Calling calling all the world
It's up to us to make it right
Calling calling all the world

Why can't wars just cease
Calling calling all the world
Live together in love and peace

Champs Elysees
I look so debonair
I haven't got a care in this world, this crazy world
I act oh so suave
Sophisticated and boy I've got it all
I'm a star

Dance the night away
Down in gay Par-ee
Dance the night away
On the Champs Elysees
Dance the night away
Down in gay Par-ee
Dance the night away
Make it sleazy

I am a mystery
Not what I seem to be, oh no
It's so Parisian
I am a masquerade
Just a mad parade
So I dance, I dance with you!

Bah bah ooh bah bah (6x)

I look so debonair
I haven't got a care in this world, this crazy world
You'll see my name in lights
One of the better sights
I'm the attraction, I'm a star

Ooh bah bah ooh bah bah (6x)

Oh, I'm gonna dance them all
All around the world
Oh, I'm gonna be so good
Like you never knew
I'm gonna rock the world

Talking about you
Down at Gino's
He said he'd seen you
Fooling around with John
Well what do you think
That you're doing with that loser
He's never one for hanging around too long
Something has gone wrong
And I can see the change in you
I was thinking maybe I should call you
We need to talk about the way you act
We've got to sit down
And work it out together
Cause you've changed and,
baby, that's a fact
Why do you seem so amused
You never used to be so cruel
Why am I confused?
I can't believe it

Cheese Tomato Man
Cheese tomato flan
Crazy little man
Quiche Lorraine
He's insane
Cheese tomato flan

I saw a man on the street
He was smiling he was sweet
He had a thing going on
All about vol-a-vons
The man could be French
And he was sitting on a bench
With a pie on his head
And he looked at me and said
Where he came from I don't know
But he had somewhere to go
He got up and walked away
And as he went I heard him say


Chinese Takeaway
Hey hey I Want A Chinese Takeaway
Hey hey woo woo woo

Went to the fish shop (bop bop de dop)
Went to the chip shop (bop bop de dop)
Went to the burger shop (bop bop de dop)
Didn't have a long stop (bop bop de dop)


Went to these places (bop bop de dop)
Didn't like their faces (bop bop de dop)
No Television (bop bop de dop)
No Competition (bop bop de dop)


Now I'm in the right shop (bop bop de dop)
To stop my hunger (bop bop de dop)
Can't make my mind up (bop bop de dop)
I'll just pick a number (bop bop de dop)

Chorus (6x)

Come Out To Play
Here we go again
Happy as can be
Same old silly games
Same old repartee
It's a hard old life
It's a sad old place
So why not put a smile back on your face
Hey, hey come out to play

Here come the cowboys! (3x)
Hey hey beeah beeah (4x)

Here come the cowboys! (3x)
Yippie I yo! 
Here come the cowboys! 
Yippie I yea!
Here come the cowboys! 

Watch your mom, here they come!

I left my girl in Tuscon City
With a red dress on and she looked so pretty
I went home late one night
When the cavalry finished their fight
Watch your back, here they come
Nowhere to run

Chorus (2x)

It would be good
If we could get out tonight
It would be great if we could make
Something happen
We could run a race
Or stand our ground
We could find a place to hang around

But no one's mad enough no
No one's bad enough no
No one's crazy anymore

It would be wild
If we could find a lonely car
It would seem strange
If we could change the regular
We could drive all night
On full headlights
We could speed until the day was bright

Well I just found out
Looks can kill
There's no doubt
Looks can kill
She didn't have to break my heart
She didn't have to tear my emotions apart
I thought that I turned to stone
I felt my blood run so cold
She did it but I don't know why
Why did she give me the evil eye
Well I just found out
Looks can kill
There's no doubt
Looks can kill
She cut me down to size
Cut me with her steely eyes

Daydreamers Night
Shroud, cloak, veil, smoke
In camera, masquerade
Incognito, ambuscade
Come, come to daydreamers night
You can be who you like, Be a star
Sneak, Code, Secret, Mode
Sotto voice, to beguile
With giaconda smile
Sub rosa, underground
What was lost can now be found
Camouflage, fancy dress
The wolf must confess
Break out, burn, Liberate and learn
Unchain, uncage. Take to the stage
Transform, alchemize. Fly butterflies
Become, become free
Embrace autonomy

Hey lads, want to go down to the disco? What!?
Hey Pete!
What do you want?
Hey Pete!
Can't hear you Monkey, your music is too loud.
Don't you wanna go? (2x)
Hey Mel!
Are you talking to me?
Hey Mel!
Don't you wanna go?
Go where
Don't you wanna go?
No mate

Tonight (Tonight) (4x)
To the disco (2x)

Hey Kid!
Shut up Monkey I'm talking
Hey Kid!
Can't hear mate
Don't you wanna go?
Na na
Don't you wanna go?
No I don't
Hey you!
I'm talking to you
Who? What?
Don't you wanna go? No! (2x)


I don't wanna go
To the disco
Ha ha ha

Turn on the radio can't quite hear
Outside Interference fills your ears
Have to be careful what you say
Might get distorted in much the same way

Distortion (4x)

Read the stories of your deeds
It's not quite right you're not too pleased
Just a small voice in a big crowd
Gets distorted when you shout loud

Distortion (4x)
1st verse
Distortion (4x)

Do It
I can't think
I can't sleep
Can't stay steady on my feet
I can't talk
Can't say shit
Can't do anything about it

Don't know what I wanna do
But I wanna do it with you

The clock is wrong
The face don't fit
Should I fight or should I quit
Oh my oh my
A crying shame
You don't wanna play the game

Do It To Me
There's a kid who just found that love
Is not a dirty four lettered word
So would he ever imagined
Some other kid just wants to get off
And rock to the Blitzkrieg Bop
Could he ever should he ever

So wont you do what you do
Wont you do it to me
(Repeat 3x)

A girl on the planet of sound
Rode the velvet underground
Has she ever, maybe never, met Lou
Well I been there and got me a shirt
A lick of make up kind of didn't hurt
So can I ever imagine a lipstickless life
Everyone's got to do
What you do what you do what you
Or you'll never be happy
And that's true

Don't Exploit Me
Don't want your head
Don't want your thoughts
Don't want your ideas
Don't wanna get caught
You'd use my body
You'd use my mind,
You'd use my talent
If I was that kind

Don't exploit me, please don't use me
Don't exploit me, please don't abuse me
Don't exploit me, please just leave me alone

I am my own man
I am myself
Can't take interference
From people like yourself


Don't Let Go

Baby talk baby talk to me
Baby walk baby walk with me
If you're gonna hide away from everyone
By the way, can I come

Don't let go
Keep a hold of me
Don't let go
Get a grip of me

Baby baby let's have a little fun
Come on baby take a walk in the sun
If I wander will you tie me down
Don't want to play around
It's the way that I want it to be
You won't find another fool like me
Baby baby can you understand
Girl you've got me in your hand

It's my artistic temperament
That makes me suspicious of you
It's my intellectual ability
That makes me do what I do

It's up to you, it's up to me
It's up to us our dynasty

It's my emotional feelings
That makes me watch your eyes
It's my scientific breeding
That makes me feel a rise

1st verse
Chorus (2x)

Easy Way Out
We've all been born
To live our lives in security
How do we know if we'll die
Or if we will recover
From day to day
We live our lives the same way
No money to hold in our hands
And no time to spend it

Do I chose the easy way out
To do my body some harm
Cut my throat and slashed my wrist
I even tried electricity
Cut my throat slashed my wrist
It was the easy way out

I hate this war
Can't take any more
It's a real gas
How long does it last

I don't wanna die for England
I don't wanna die at all
I I I I Oohhh (2x)

I got my uniform
Now it's battle torn
I'm wet and I'm cold
What a way to grow old

I don't wanna die for England
England will survive

I I I I Oohhh oh oh
I I I I Ohhhh (2x)

I don't wanna die for England
I don't wanna die at all
I don't wanna die for England
Didn't hear the bugle call

Eyes in the Back of Your Head
Everything is alright, everything is fine
All you got is money and all I got is time
Everybody's happy
Everyone's relaxed
Everybody's dreaming
That someone's gonna attack

You better be alert
Cause you're gonna hurt
And you better beware
Cause no one will care
So you better beware

Eyes front, eyes left
Eyes front, eyes right
Eyes in the back of your head

1st Verse
2nd Verse

You need eyes
In the back of your head
You got eyes
In the back of your head
Woah oa, oh oh

Falling In Love Again
(Female) Falling In Love Again
What am I to do? I can't take it.

I have to stop and wonder
Why are I appeal to girls
How many times I've blundered 
In love and out again

They offer me devotion
I like it I confess
When I reflect emotion
There's no need to guess

Falling In Love Again
Never wanted to
What am I to do, I can't help it
Love's always been my game
I play it how I may
I will stay that way
I can't help it.

1st Verse

Falling, falling
Fall, fall, fall, fall, falling

(Female) Falling In Love Again
Never wanted to
What am I to do, I can't help it

Falling In Love Again (Falling In Love)
Never wanted to (Falling In Love)
What am I to do, I can't help it (Falling In Love)
Love's always been my game (Love is a game)
I play it how I may (Love is a game)
I will stay that way (Love is a game)
I can't help it. (Love is a game with you)

Falling In Love (3x)
Falling In Love with you
Love is a game (2x)
With You

Falling In Love (3x)
Falling In Love with you

Chorus - fade out

Football Fairy Story
Playing world cup in the street
Making magic with my feet
I'm spotted by a scout
"Bring your boots, you'll turn out"
Put on the shirt for my first game
And scored a hat-trick won the fame
Local boy is hero gets a contract,
lots of zeros
Glory Glory Football Fairy Story

I'm captain I am class
I am the genius of the grass
Showing style and skill and grace
Wonder goals and lightning pace
10 to go at Wembley
all the crowd are calling me
To lead the team and win the cup
1-0 down, 2-1 up

Fuck It Up
Kicked out - on the streets
Poor kid  - got no sweets
Box boy and corner girl
Gremlins in the machine world

We want you to fuck it up (2x)
We want you, We want you

Bohemians, Hedonists
People with a psycho twist
Renegades and reprobates
Anyone outside the gates

1st verse (faster)
2nd verse (faster)
Chorus (6x)

What a doll
What a charm
Little demon to do you harm
Fiendish fetish
Cast a spell
Make a curse
Go to hell

Wo-wo. Hey-hey
My baby left me for a G.I.R.L.

Juliet, you're the
weirdest girl I ever met
Queen bitch
That's mean
That's rich, obscene
Heartbreaker bring me down
I'm a dog
Kicked around

Get Adicted
Nobody gonna kick us out
We are here to stay
Bang your head against the wall
We won't go away

Get adicted in 79
Get adicted while we still got time
Get adicted in 79
Get a get a get get a get a get adicted

We won't cause a revolution
We just wanna tell
This is 1979
We're gonna give it hell

1st verse
Chorus (3x)

Give Me More
I've played games
watched the weather change
Been around the world
and rode the range
I've been educated
Don't know what about
Been back in time
Seen the yanks cry out

Give me more

I've been shot down in the street
Beep to the moon never off my feet
I've been intoxicated
I've got culture shock
It's X-rated I've been to bedrock

Wish I was home like I wanted to be
Someone else stayed a hold of me
Wish I'd gone so soon
Wish I was a sonic boom

Wish I was born in America
Oh how I'd liked to see it all

Aye yi yi yi. Go genie go genie go go go! (2x)

Aye yi yi yi. Go genie go genie go go go!
1st verse
2nd verse

Going Home
It's so late now
Where's that spark?
Help us out we're in the dark
Institute of correction
Point us in the right direction
I lost in a foreign land
Burning on the desert sand
We hitched a lift
On a camel train
Now we're heading for the rain
Wherever you go
We go a stray
Won't somebody show us the way
When the right road has been found
We will be homeward bound

Oh where did my goldfish go
He swam away now
where did my goldfish go oh oh!

So you think you sound surreal
Just imagine how it feels outside
No surprises at corners are found
When you go round and around and around
Day after day after day
Should have tried it a different way
By now by now
but it's the glass walls we never see
the invisible boundary some how
so you think you sound surreal
to breath in the rarefied air
it's an endless ocean out there

Oh where did my goldfish go
He swam away now

Hello Farewell Goodbye
Oh we kiss and we fight
Then we make up all night
We laugh and we cry
Hey why should I
Hello farewell goodbye
We talk till we're dumb
We hate having fun
Sex ain't this good
And I'd quit if I could
Now my deluded mind
Has driven me to crime
You're my Bonnie I'm your Clyde
You're the prison that I'm in
For innovative sin
Baby its you I'm inside
Oh we punch and we kick
We caress and we lick
Will this dilemma go on forever
I'll give you one last try
Now its do or die
You're part of paradise in hell

How Sad
A boy loved a girl but the girl said no
She ran away with a handsome gigolo
He loved her but they were through
So he fed himself to the lions at the zoo

Oh oh oh (3x)
How sad!

Romeo and Juliet a weirdo couple that I met
They had a little drink with a strange effect
Some mistakes you can't correct


Ain't it sad about the boys and the girls (boom sha la la)
Ain't it sad about the whole damn world (boom sha la la)

Love is a thing you can't control
When you're young or when you're old
And I don't play sympathetic parts
So you can keep your broken heart

Chorus (6x)

The girl that I love
Doesn't love me too
I'm singing oh I'm hurt
Drown my sorrows in a bar
A man came from the dark and hit me
Oh, I'm hurt
Everything's wrong, everything's bad
Everything happens to me
Everything's down
since I came to this town
I used to be so happy
Home wasn't far
but someone stole my car
I'm singing oh I'm hurt
By now I was getting bugged
And soon I was getting mugged
Singing oh I'm hurt

I Am Yours
Catch me if you can
When I come your way
Catch me if you can
I'm falling like the rain
Everyday I see you
But you're so far away
Every way I love you
Don't you know I love you so
I would never ever let you go

I am yours whenever you want me
I am yours whenever you need me

All I do is dream of you
All through the night
Will I ever hold you
Don't you know I love you so
I would never ever let you go

I Don't Know If You Don't Know
I don't know
If you don't know (2x)
Then I don't know
If you don't know
Then I don't know

She holds me like no other
She is the vice of a lover
She puts me in a squeeze
Don't do that to me
I just won't hear her pleas
When she gets down on her knees
Don't ask me how i feel
Don't do that to me

Chorus (2x)

I'm not a passionate guy
I don't now how to cry
I'm not in touch with my self
It's just not my scene

Chorus (2x)
I don't know (3x)
Chorus (2x)

Why can't I be in sync
With what I feel and I think
You shouldn't ask me to try
Don't do that to me

Chorus (3x)

I Wanna Be Sedated
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba (2x)
Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated
Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated
Just get me to the airport put me on a plane
Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane
I can't control my fingers I can't control my brain
Oh no no no no no

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated
Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated
Just put me in a wheelchair get me on a plane
Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane
I can't control my fingers I can't control my brain
Oh no oh no oho no

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated
Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-o I wanna be sedated
Just put me in a wheelchair get me to the show
Hurry hurry hurry before I go loco
I can't control my fingers I can't control my toes
Oh no oh no oh no

Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba
3rd verse
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated (4x)

Oh I want to be...
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated
(Repeat 4x)

I Want To Marry A Light House Keeper
I want to marry a lighthouse keeper and keep him company
I want to marry a lighthouse keeper and live by the side of the sea

I'll polish his lamp by the light of day 
So the ships at night can find their way

I want to marry a lighthouse keeper won't that be OK?
We'll take walks along the moonlit bay, maybe find a treasure too.
I'd love living in a lighthouse. How about you?

I dream of living in a lighthouse baby every single day.
I dream of living in a lighthouse, the white one by the bay.
So if you want to make my dreams come true...
You'll be a lighthouse keeper do.
We could live in a lighthouse, the white one by the bay. Eh hey!
Won't that be OK?

I'm So Cool
You think you're snow white
You think your all right
To make a fool outta me
Am I a soft touch
But maybe not such
As I appear to be

I'm so high, I'm so high
If I fall I'm gonna die
I'm so cool, I'm so cool
I'm a genius not a fool

You think I'm groovy
So make a movie
Make a star out of me
I'm not a trap door
I'm not a trip wire
Get a load of me


In The Background
It's peaceful here
No one to interfere
With quiet observations
Just watching and waiting
And not getting involved
With physical solutions
That never get...the problem solved

In the background (4x)

Out of the limelight
Out of order
Don't use a searchlight
It's out of order
Not being a part
Of the scenic route
An impartial art
Of avoiding dispute

1st verse

It’s a Laugh
Oh It’s a laugh
Oh what a laugh
It’s a laugh,
What a laugh
Have a laugh


A drink or two,
Alive with you,
Yeah, life's a gas.
The days are long,
But a load of fun,
Oh I hope they will last


I met you at the local dance
Looked in your eyes
And I saw romance
A smile from you
Share a joke or two
Yeah, life's is a gas

Woh-oh, woh-oh (5x)
Here we go

Jelly Babies

You don't like the food
That mummy made
You wouldn't join in
The games we played
Why do you have to be
Such a party pooper
You wouldn't even dance
To Alice Cooper

So small and sweet
So lovely and soft
Come sit with me
I won't bite your head off
I know your name
Sugar and spice
They call you candy
And all things nice

Johnny Was A Soldier
Johnny joined the army
The cause he didn't know
He served three years
In the Middle East
You know it doesn't show

Push, push (5x)
Johnny was a soldier
He can't dance anymore

When he came out
He tried to form a band
But he's only got one leg
And he can hardly stand

Woh, oh! Johnny was a soldier (8x)

Now he drinks alone
He gets sentimental
He watches girls dance
And he's thrown away his medals

Chorus (4x)
Johnny was a soldier (Johnny was, Johnny was) 4x
Woh, oh! Johnny was a soldier (8x)
Johnny was a soldier (Johnny was a soldier) 4x
Johnny was a soldier (Johnny was, Johnny was) 4x

Joker in the Pack
Oh my boots they shine
And my bowler looks fine ah ya ya ya
Take some time and care
Take a look at my hair

Oh yeah (3x)
I'm the Joker in the Pack

We hit the dance hall
So smart and so chic (Chic Chic Chic)
I make them laugh a lot
I make them accept me
Secrets are spoken
Plans are drawn in the dust
With a gay bravado
I'm taken into their trust


I'm the...
1st verse
Chorus (2x)

Just Like Me
You say what you want to say
You do what you want to do
You be what you want to be
You go where you want to go
You say that you want to say
You have what you want to have
You live your own life just like me

Let's Dance
Girls in blue jeans boys looking mean
Sinister dudes, got an eye on you
Men in pink suits ladies in jack boots
Guns running blues
Don't know what to do

Let's dance Let's shake it up
Let's dance Let's move it up

Let's Go
Let's Go! Let's Go!

Everybody's happy tonight
Getting hot off the lights
Often cheerious, no more to spend
You don't got no one to hold your hand
Let's Go! Let's Go!

Let's Go, Non-stop (2x)

Please yourself
It's your choice
Just think of your voice
Let's Go! Let's Go!


Let's Go! Let's Go! (Whoa) (11x)
Let's Go! Let's Go!

Let's Go, Non-stop
Let's Go, (Whoa) Non-stop

Let's Have A Party
We're sitting at home chewing a bone
And we want to party
I'm sitting at home chewing a bone
I wanna party
Them next door think I'm a bore
I wanna party
I didn't get an invitation
Well fuck their party I'm gonna make one
I combed my teeth and brushed my hair
I wanna Party
Guess I'm going out somewhere
I wanna party
There's a wild one in this town
All I gotta do is hunt it down
On the streets I'm cruising hard
We wanna Party
I'm gonna make some dance card
We wanna party
Got my friends along with me
Meet Jimmy B and Jackie D
I hear the word of a party near
We wanna Party
With sexy girls and Sudsy beer
We wanna Party
I hitch a ride from another guy
And we drink poor Jim and Jackie dry
When we arrive I'm a wasted man
But I'm gonna party like a party man can
I'm a drinking dog and a dancing fool
I can make a party cool
Come the sunrise time to soar
We wanna Party
The party I'm at is the party next door
We wanna Party
Well you can't beat that for a night of fun
We wanna Party
And the weekends only just begun

Love Sucks
All I want is to be with you
All I need is the need for you
All I see in my mind
Is a little girl who's hard to find

Love is blind Love sucks
Love is blind I've had enough
Love is cool That sucks
I'm not a fool I've had enough

2nd verse
Love Sucks (3x)

You don't look so good
You don't look so fine
Do you think that you've
Gone too far this time

Oh I'll sing you a lullaby

Is your head aching
Is your body weak
Is the floor moving
Can't you speak
How do you feel
How do you know
Do you wish you were at home
But it's a long way to go
Find a corner
Go right down
Go to sleep
You won't hear a sound

You say black I say white you turn left I go right
You get high I get low you live fast I stay slow
stop. wait a minute, stop! your driving me
insanity runs in the family the side of my father
please come for tea just ask for me

I'm the madhatter you get up I go down

You say square i say round you don't stay I don't go
If I care I you so what! wait a minute, so what
so what, so what
your driving me insanity
runs in the family
side of my father please come to tea just ask for me
I'm the madhatter insanity
Runs in the family
Runs in the family side of my father
Please come to tea sit next to me I'm the madhatter

Make My Day
You don't need a leader
To tell you who to be
What is there to stop you from being free
Well what do you say
This is going to be my day
You can be a hero
You can be a king
It's in you're hands
To be Anything

Mary Whitehouse
She don't like pornography
When it's on the BBC
She won't even look at me
Oh no no no she don't love me

I love Mary Whitehouse
She don't love me (Repeat)

I know she ain't that wonderful
She's only trying to be helpful
When she sees all those nudes
She'll speak out and say that's very rude


Mary Mary they think you're crazy
How does your mind work
With silver bells and cockle shells
You're digging up the dirt

Chorus (2x)
Oh, no
Chorus (4x)

Maybe, Maybe Not
Don't bother about worrying
Why worry about bothering
If it happens you know where you stand
If it comes like somebody planned

We're hoping for enough time
Go to jail if it's a crime
Another time we are wishing
We can earn enough to make a living

Men In Black
Hang around with the men in black
Get grip with the men in black
Straighten out with the men in black
Men in black. Go buddy go. Men in black
That's all (4x)
Taste the peaches with the men in black
Nice and sleazy with the men in black
The real heroes are the men in black
Men in black

Na Na Na
Remember you in Ultra Marine
We take a drink sing Judy Teen
Now it seems so long ago
Here I am down on skid row
Can't find my way out of this maze
Pushed all the buttons
but the screen don't erase
Can't find my station on the radio
Want to tune in to the good news show
Didn't we move we slip and we slide
No downtown hustler
could take us for a ride
Yeah we could show them how
Won't you tell me where we are now
I read the writing sprayed on the wall
But the message doesn't reach me at all
I'm running in circles round and around
Spiral staircases taking me down
I think of you in colorful moods
Oh how we cried to All the Young Dudes
I'm just here I need TV
And it all comes back to me

Naughty Girl
There's a rumor. You're the talk of the town
There's a whisper. And the word is going around
You're on the front page. All scandal and disgrace
You were an unknown. But now you got to face

You naughty naughty girl. (2x)

I know you're having fun. And you don't care what they say
You like to break the rules. In all the games you play
So now you're in a league. Of your own
You were a baby but you've grown and grown and grown
Into a bad girl. You naughty naughty girl
Daddy's angels. Got a tarnished reputation
Ah, she don't care. She got punk rock aspirations

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
I don't wanna be a number
Just like being a prisoner
I just wanna stay free
Don't wanna be a number three

Oh I don't wanna be no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Signing on the dot
Got my name on a form
Thought I had it made
Treat you just insane

Oh I don't wanna be no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
You are just a number
And I ain't got a name

Sitting in a prison cell
Numbers on my chest
Age is just a number
Mommy does know best

1st verse
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Odd Couple
Ooh Ooh
She came from France (wah wah oo)
She taught me how to dance,
wah wah oo.
She started with the Tango
and then it was the Pogo.
Ooh she wore all black,
Me in a white suit, and bowler hat.
We didn't look the same,
But they all knew our names.

Odd couple that's you and me
We're different, you and me.

We watch the fashion trends,
We laugh and joke with friends,
You never see us pose, this everybody knows.
Me and my girl from France.
We started to romance, it started with the tango
and finished with the Pogo.

Odd couple that's you and me
We're different, you and me.
Odd couple yeah you and me
We're different, you and me.
That's you and me.
Me and you.

Ode To Joy (Instrumental)

Organized Confusion
Organized! Confusion! (2x)
Organized! Confusion! (4x)

Peculiar Music
Isn't it strange
But it makes a change
From the usual mediocracy
Sing about big brother
Or sing about some other
Brave new world
Medieval factions
With nuclear reactions
Make interesting subjects
This is civilization
Or imagination
Or some old melodrama
The future enslaves us
Will something ever save us
From a fate worse than life
We don't understand
But we should demand
To know the reason

You're not much trouble
I've seen it before
We're off to the movies
We pay at the door

So it's all just make believe
And it's all that we can see

I've seen it before
It's all about war
And then I spell my popcorn
On the floor
It's all about sex and special effects
I got my monies worth tonight

Everyone's happy
Drinking cocoa in bed
Everyone's happy
With a hole in the head

2nd verse

Put Yourself In My Hands
There is nothing to be scared of
In my trap, frightened of love
Don't try to fight me
You might even like me
Sends a shiver down your spine
Told you that you would be mine
Hush baby now don't you cry
Don't you wanna die

Put yourself in my hands
I'll hold you tenderly
Put yourself in my hands
You'll be safe with me

Sometimes it's hard to bear
You can only stop and stare
When your life unfolds
And your soul is sold
If you should walk the world alone
You may never find a home
Come on take my hand
There is no promised land

Rockers In Rags
Hustle the money to get in tonight
We don't work no we got that right
Dedicated to our sounds that's how we get around (2x)

Rock! Rock! Rockers in rags! (3x)

Saturday comes and I get my dole cheque
I'm straight downtown I'm getting wrecked
I bought 5 LP's I'm totally spent
My mum's gotta go without again
His mom's gotta go without again

1st verse
Rock! Rock! (4x)

Rocking Wrecker
Late at night hear the call
Of the danger to us all
In the dark he hangs around
In the dark he'll drag you down

Rocking wrecker rocking man
Rocking wrecker he's wrecking man

Man the lifeboat don't go under
Hear him laugh hear the thunder
You can cry you can weep
He wants to send you to the deep

Wrecking rocker wrecking man
Wrecking rocker he's wrecking man

End the storm can you save
Your body from a watery grave
On the rocks he hangs around
He just wants to watch you drown

I'm flying with Tony
I'm ready to show
I got to get up to no good. 
I got to get up and go

I'm hanging with Benny. 
I'm hanging with Al
Come see the freak show. 
At the carnival

I'm on a high wire. 
And I'm not going down
Get under the big top. 
Get into the groove
Roll with the punches. 
Time to make a move

Ride the roller coaster. 
From coast to coast
Ride the roller coaster

I got a girl she likes classical
She likes Beethoven and don't we all
I've tried to tell her to teach her
To turn her on to Rossini

With a bang and a boom
and catchy little tune by Rossini

We're music lovers well that's what they say
But we're different in many ways
Now there's Nigel, he likes classical
He plays the fiddle and don't we all

I've tried to tell him to teach him
to turn him on to Rossini

I hear people talk
I see people walk
They seem so out of touch
I wanna get away so much
All the clockwork toys
Are making too much noise
It's the machinery
It's breaking down oh can't you see

Run runaway with me

The picture doesn't change
It's just a frozen frame
I wanna break the ice
I wanna go to paradise
There is nowhere to hide
I'll take you for a ride
But not if you kiss and tell
I don't mean on a carousel
One day I'm
To say my
Three wishes come true
Till then I pretend I'm
Escaping with you

Saturday Night
Well the ravers and the groovers,
Just stood and stared.
The Bohemians said they didn't
But they cared.
The lords and the ladies,
Felt they're gonna drag 'em down.
The Armageddon dance,
That could never make a sound.

Don't you know, its Saturday.
Don't you know its Saturday night.
Don't you know, its Saturday.
Don't you know its all right

The heavyweight candidate,
Moved to one side.
Be a Mama gotta hunger,
Just lay down and die.
Friends and lovers fall to the floor.
Mr. Personality, suddenly a bore.


Late night kid, said my oh my.
A mystery & Dennis walked by.
Every head talked and every head turned.
He was so hot that he burned.


If I phone you up, and you're feeling down.
and nothing's going right tonight,
You're sinking in the ground.
You're so sensitive.

If I say something wrong, you might start to cry
I don't wanna get you down, don't want you to cry.
Your so sensitive sensitive sensitive sensitive.

Shake Rattle Bang Your Head
Hey you, I'll tell you what to do 
I'll tell you what I know 
Hey hey don't go away I've got a lot to say 

Shake (Shake) Rattle, Bang Your Head (3x)

Yeah yeah you don't have to care, but do it anyway 
Yes if you want success oh my advise is...

Oh wah, oh wah why don't you do that (4x)

Hey man ,don't you know I can, make you someone 
Hey hey, you can be a star, all you have to do is...

Chorus (5x)
Go go go go deeply!
Likes to tango
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Oh, oh, oh, oh songs of praise
I yi yi yi oh oh oh
We go!
Go go go go deeply!

Last night last week
A million years ago
Today or tomorrow
Freaky future show
Someone Somewhere
People near and far
All men all mankind

Look for Shangri-la
Looking for Shangri-la

Old man young girl little
baby child
Can you remember the words
of Oscar Wilde
Down in the gutter,
looking at the stars
All men all mankind
Look for Shangri-la

She's A Rocker
If you go down to that basement
Where the rhythm creeps
You may see a girl
Bopping to the beat
Swings her hips
And swings her hair
Sparkle in her eye
Somewhere in the darkness
She gets high

She's a rocker
And she likes to rock-n-roll

Tenderly she holds you
In her soft embrace
All she wants
All she says
Is dig that dig that bass
If you go down to that basement
Where the lights are low
You know she'll be there
Stealing the show
Like a fire burning
She's hot she's hot
Don't you hold back, baby
Give it what you got

Shiney Shiney
Shiney Shiney (3x)
Being girls being molls
Rock and roll rocking horse
Kicking round the killer course
Party politics erotic egos
Getting kicks shiney shiney
Gasoline gasoline sucking
Honey turpentine
Broken backs fixed with nails
A dieing banshee wails
Canine Kenny's kennel
Is a sickly shade of fennel
Shiney shiney tick tock tock

I don't know what I'm talking about
I am sick of myself
I don't know what I'm talking about
Wanna be someone else

Shiney shiney
Saccharin summertime
In winters lonely line
Get me out get me in
Let this fucking life begin
Petty politics erotic egos
Getting kicks shiney shiney

Chorus (2x)

Smart Alex
I'm Jack, Jack the lad
I'm a nasty habit
I'm the joker...in the pack
I'm the...prize exhibit

Alex, they call him Alex
Smart boy Alex
They call him Alex

I'm a dreamer, I'm a dream
I'm a fantasy addict
I'm a ghost in a ghost town
I'm a derelict


I'm Jack, the giant killer
I'm your stocking filler
I'm black, I'm white
I'm day and night

Chorus (2x)
Ha ha ha!

Something You Need
Black holes in your space
Need a shining star in your repertoire
You seek the mirror
You know that
I've got something

Something you need
Solid gold in a void
The actions easy
When you're devoid

There's a killer in the house of dreams
Wake up now
You're in a vacuum no air
Come up and see me if you dare
Breathe in breathe out
If you need me you can shout
I've got something
Something you need

Songs Of Praise
Sing to me
And I'll whistle along
Because I haven't learnt the language
And I might get it wrong

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Songs Of Praise 

On Your face
Is a profile of you
I can see you know
The right things to do
Congregation words and music

Chorus (4x)
Congregation words and music (4x)
Chorus (4x)

Sound Of Music
Hip hop hippity hop come on kids let's bop. 
Hip hop hippity hop, I'm going down to the record shop. 
Boogaloo and cootchie coo I'm gonna dance to my favorite tune. 

There we go nice and slow, arm in arm and round we go. 
Stay at home and cook for me, I wanna dance with Julie Andrews. 

Oh I love the sound of music (2x)

Arm in arm round we go to the sound of music. 
I listen to the radio, to the sound of music. 
Shooby do and dosee do, oh the sound of music. 

I just bought a new hi-fi, for the sound of music. 
Lots of groovy sounds to buy. come on kids , get down.


My baby got run over, by a steamroller! (2x)

She thought I had left her
But I could never do that
Now it's too late to tell her


She was my only baby
She used to drive me crazy
Now it's too late to save her

Chorus (2x)

I didn't get the number
As she was going under
It was a case of hit and run. (hit and run)

Steamroller! (9x)

Straight Jacket
Police pulled me in on a Saturday night
Accused me of thieving and starting a fight
Never did a job I swear,
cops come from everywhere
They're only picking on my generation
They don't need any provocation

Please the police please mister
Get down on your knees mister
You're going down for a long time Jack
Better put on that straightjacket straightjacket

Caught me in a corner of a public lav
Emptied my pockets took what I had
Waste of time all the pain
Wrong man again
They're only picking on my generation
They don't need any provocation

Chased me from here to the other side of there
Another night inside but I don't care
Beat me up in the rain
straightjacket ok
They're only..

Sure Looks Pretty
Never had no luck
Never had no dreams at all
Never had a reason
To feel the way I do
When a soul train man
Sings do do do do to me
My heart is aching, baby
And I know where I should be
Never had no love
For a thousand years or more
Sometimes its easy
Sometimes it really gets me down
When a Motown girl
Cries a melody
I'll know for sure, oh baby
Somewhere someone waits for me

Swat Her
She really likes me
But I got a phobia
She really freaks me

But I'm gonna swat her
I'm gonna swat her
I'm gonna swat her

She likes the Buzzcocks
But what do I get
And she noise annoys me

I can't take any more
Can't take any more (2x)

I'm gonna swat her (3x)
She bugs me (8x)

I can't take any more

I'm gonna swat her (8x)

What's the matter
Is it jealousy
Your silly games
Don't bother me
What's your problem
Are you really insecure
It it natural
I'm not so sure

See the doctor
For a cure
Keep your mind
So sweet and pure
One day maybe
You'll get wise
There's no good
In hate and lies
If you want sympathy, don't come to me

You're stagnant
No more changes
It's your outlook
You should re-arrange
What's your problem
Are you really insecure
Is it natural
I'm not so sure

Picked up umbrella
Put on my bowler
Looked in mirror
Ready for the tango
I phoned a taxi
For me and Maxine
She looked fantastic
We did the tango

We danced the tango
We drank champagne
We danced again
We had laughter
And then after

Ooh oh we danced the tango (3x)

Face to face we danced the tango
Cheek to cheek we danced the tango
Go go we danced the tango
(Repeats 4x)

Telepathic People
Their open minds are doing fine
Sucking on our space and time
Destitute they'll find their goal
Looking in an empty hole

Telepathic people
Looking in my mind
Telepathic people
I don't know what you'll find

Private thoughts they try to hide
When hopelessly they look inside
Searching through your every thought
To find something they haven't caught

Chorus (2x)
1st verse
Chorus (2x)

That's Happiness
Drunks with drinks
Druggies with drugs
Sadists with whips
Secret agents with bugs
Politicians with lies
Squirrels with nuts
Jugglers with balls
Butchers with guts
That's happiness

This is Your Life
Unemployment life on the dole
No work for me no work at all
City and slums and poverty too
Hanging about with nothing to do

This is your life (4x)

Go on back now nobody cares
Just carry on with their own affairs
And when someone else starts something bad
Remember the trouble they've always had


No red tape, no red book
Eamon Andrews don't give a...censored
Boredom boredom in your minds
Hey you punks this is your life

Chorus (2x)

This Week
Monday morning got that feeling
Tuesday better be more revealing
Wednesday halfway there
Thursday we get paid
Friday, another boring day
Saturday no work, we play
Sunday we pray
Seven days a week, this week

There's a lot of sexy ladies
Millions who have babies
All that I've been looking for
Is one that's free

Got to go to Tokyo (2x)

It must be in their cooking (in Tokyo)
Or the way they bow to me (in Tokyo)
I find Japanese ladies irresistible

Chorus (4x)

Take me on a fast train (to Tokyo)
Take me on a jet plane (to Tokyo)
Take me in a wizards' chest
Take me there

Chorus (2x)
I got to go to Tokyo (4x)
I got to get to Tokyo (4x)

Too Much Of A Good Thing
One of those nights can't go wrong 
I haven't felt this way for so long 
One of those nights when my luck is in 
They're saying yeah to what I'm asking 

One of those days when I sing along 
in perfect harmony to everybody's song 
one of those days when I feel so glad to be alive
It ain't so bad it's a feeling I've never known 

Everything I touch seems to turn to gold 
It's a feeling that I want to keep 
But the river runs wide and so deep 
One of those nights can't go wrong 
I haven't been this way for so long 
One of those days that are so good will it last 
If only it could

Too Young
Too young to smoke,
Too young to drink,
Too young to do most, anything.
Too young to laugh,
Too young to cry,
Too young to live and too,
Too young to die.

We're all too young (2x)
It's just no fun
Being too young

1st verse

We're too young to have a smoke
We're too young to eat a...

I wander all over
I wander alone
Adventure, romance
Many, I've known

I'm just a troubadour
I'm in love with you
I traveled the world
Seen all the girls
I'm in love with you

I know that, you know that
I'm looking at you
I'll sing you a story
And this one is true
I look at you look at me not a big star
Boys and girls
That's what we are!

Yodel yodel lay hee who! (8x)
Traveled the world, seen all the girls. Woo!

You know that I love you
You know that I do (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Whatever happens
You know I love you (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Chorus (2x)
I'm just a troubadour
What else can I do?
I'm just a troubadour
I'm in love with you

Two Timing Me
I heard it from a friend
A friend of mine
Could it be the end
The end of time
Maybe it's just
Just pretend
I don't know
True love comes once in life
I used to think it was sugar and spice
Sugar and spice and all things nice
I'm not man enough for a girl like you
Is it her you love
Well ain't that cute
You left me for a lover of a different kind

Viva La Revolution
Into the Dungeon with evil men
The people have risen we're free again
Come out of the closet
Come out of the hole
Come out of the woodwork
Come into the fold

Rebels and fighters, a license to kill
Unite with the bandits down from the hills
Open your windows
Open your doors
Open your minds
To a freedom of thought

Viva la revolution (4x)

Raise our voices, raise our flag
Smash the symbols of the life we've had
Long live the symbols
Long live the scheme
Long live our hopes
Long live the dream
Dance in the streets at the carnival
Celebrate the victory now
Drink the wine from the rich man's cask
This revolution won't be the last


We Looked Back
We started playing at seventeen
Another part of a bigger scene
We used to wear a shirt back then
Said fuck you man we don't care

We looked back
We didn't see you following
We looked back
Where did you go
We looked back
We didn't see you following
We looked back
A river's gonna flow

There were times as good as it gets
And there were those disastrous sets
We always had a story to tell
Maybe you'll tell it as well


Thanks for coming if you were there
It is something that we will always share
We're sorry if we let you down
It ain't always funny being a clown


What Am I To Do
Deep dark eyes that don't quite focus
Like it could be hocus pocus
Flowered clothes unique style
Intriguing words that beguile

What am I to do is it really true?
What am I to do
Should I take a chance on you?

She is sexy in a way
But I don't know what to say
That voice is a mystery
Is he a her or is she a he

Chorus (2x)
Chorus (2x)

Who Spilt My Beer?
Walked in the Pub ordered a pint
Put it on the table
Oh oh woh oh oh
Put it on the table
Stayed in there for an hour or more while
I talked to Mabel - Mabel

Who spilt my beer, who spilt my beer?
I'm asking you to tell the truth
Who spilt my beer?

Second, third and the fourth all came to an end
Oh oh w oh oh oh
A very quick end
Got the call of mother nature
Went to see a friend
It's closing time again

Oh oh w oh oh oh

C'mon then, let's all have a beer
Oh oh w oh oh oh
If you don't say I'm going to be very angry
Oh oh w oh oh oh

Chorus (4x)
Someone get him one please!

You'll Never Walk Alone (Walk On)
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
and you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

1st verse (2x)
3rd & 4th time background repeats the words

Younger Generation
Start to moan when there's nothing to do
Scream and bawl when there's nothing to do at all
Wanna go out but there's nowhere to go
Live our lives before we get too old, you know

We're just the younger generation
We want to have a good time
We're just the younger generation
And it's on our mind

Think they're pretty think they're nice
Think they're living in Paradise, it's not true

You're All Fools
When I go strolling through the crowd
I hear them laughing oh so loud
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! They're laughing
My feelings sometimes better me
Those things I sometimes have to hear
Whoa-ooh-oh whoa-ooh whoa-ooh
I'll cry then!

You're all fools
Can't you see, times are changing
You're so cruel
I know one day you will change, too

I can't get served in cafes or bars
My customs not as good as yours
Hey come on! Why don't you serve me!

Sometimes I get so depressed
Cuz I don’t want to look
Like the rest of you
Woo Woo Hoo

1st Verse

You’re gonna change

Chorus (2x)

I never wanted to conform
I never wanted a uniform
Youth and me a perfect company
A smile or two will get us through
Youth and me perpetuity
A smile or two will get us through

All I wanna (2x)
All I want is youth

I wish I was forever young (Daddy Look)
Can it be my time has come (That's it)
Youth can be a future for me
The child will find his history
Youth and me eternity
Youth and me in perpetuity
Am I just a peter pan
Will I ever be a man
If I could be just sweet sixteen
Would I know what life could mean
Youth and me the perfect company
You and me in perpetuity

Zimbabwe Brothers Are Go (Instrumental)



Exclusives from Sayerville, NJ 10/31/06
Backstage schedule
Set List Page 1

Set List Page 2
Monkey Pointing over my head

Exclusives from Allentown, PA 10/28/05
Monkey signing autographs after the show
Mel and Scruff Backstage

Exclusives from Asbury Park, NJ 10/23/05
Monkey backstage without makeup

Kid backstage right before going on

Set List Page 1

Set List Page 2

Exclusives from Allentown, PA 7/9/05
Ticket Stub from The Sterling Hotel
Pete during my interview

The band poses backstage

The band heads for the stage

Pete throws up, not once but twice!

Monkey crawls to the microphone

Viva la Revolution confetti explosion

Set List Page 1

Set List Page 2
Adicts Clockwork Postcard

Exclusives from Sciota, PA 10/2/03
10/2/03 Set List Page 1

10/2/03 Set List Page 2

Spain 2002


Scruff, Mel & Kid

Newark, NJ 1994
Monkey avoids a stage diver

Full band shot

Monkey & Derek

Columbia, SC 1994
Monkey comes out on his knees

The complete band with Monkey on the monitor

Shot of Monkey from the back with long hair

Joker in the Pack Music Video 1982




Monkey & Pete

Bloody fan


The Adicts official Joker playing card front and back 10/06

Monkey Bobblehead Doll from 2005 - Limited Edition of 1,000
Boxed - Front

Boxed - Back

Boxed - Left Side

Boxed - Right Side

Boxed - Top

Boxed - Bottom

Picture of the band in droog attire 2003

Alleyway Kid dressed as Monkey for Halloween

Official Website
Homepage images from their old site




Sayerville, 10/31/06

    I could've gone to other shows, but this was the next closest to where I live. This was another club I had never been to and only knew it was in the South Amboy area which isn't the nicest area of NJ. It's off exit 125 on the parkway and then a few miles down Rt 9. It's really in the middle of nowhere and from outside looks rather small. They rip you off for $3 parking which I'm sure they all keep giving nothing to the bands.  Inside it reminded me of the Birch Hill nightclub in Old Bridge. It's a long place with raised levels and bars all around. On their site it said the show was to start at 8pm and I got there right about then and was quite shocked to find the place was packed wall to wall. There were many more people then on Saturday, it could've been close to 1,000. This probably was due to the fact it was the closest show to where the Misfits are from. It was also pretty dark and hard to gauge the size. The show started earlier and the first 3 bands already played and there was a movie screen down with something playing without sound. Since it was Halloween I wore my costume which I call Georgie the General to be different from the regular Alex version. It's a combination white droog/military outfit and I was surprised to see very few people had dressed up. It seemed like more people were dressed up in Allentown and there were some pretty major costumes there like a huge clown and a demon girl. I worked my way to the back left corner of the building to the Adicts green room. It was much better inside than Allentown as it complete with couches, mirrors and two convenience store type refrigerators fully stocked.
    I was first spotted by Kid who liked my costume and said Mel should be wearing one tonight. We talked about the Allentown show and he said everything got cleared up with the promoter. I said it looks like they wouldn't be allowed to play there again and he was glad since it was a such a crappy venue. Him and Pete both thought it was an awful show, but I said it wasn't bad, just too short which it was. Kid said the House of Blues show was good, but there were too many skinheads which ruined it a bit. They did get to make a mess and throw stuff into the balcony though. Scruff didn't want to stay there since the Misfits room upstairs had all kinds of wine and food and he would go up there for a while and come back. They were anxious that the crowd wasn't here to see them as it was the Misfits hometown and didn't know if they would win them over. Otherwise the guys are so relaxed, there's no phony rockstar garbage or crazy warmup routines. They hang out, play a show and go right back to hanging out. It's interesting to see what it's like behind the scenes. Mel was certainly getting spoiled, at one point he was getting a manicure and there were comments on how it was the Mel tour this time. After that kind of treatment I'll bet he be on tour more often. Pete loves to tell sick jokes and stories and I wonder how much is an act and how twisted he really is. I think it's somewhere in the middle, especially his story about the "Gentleman's Wash." That's all I'll say as some things are better left unsaid. I talked with Monkey about our interview last year and he said he checked it out and had no problems with anything. It was good to hear because when you do a site like this and befriend people you have to make sure they are cool with what I do about them or else things can go sour. He said I needed to write what I wanted and he didn't care which is great. He's got the toughest time getting ready. While other guys just throw on white clothes and bowlers he has to pick out his wild outfits and do all his makeup which takes time. Pete told me the pants Monkey had on were once worn by Pamela Anderson on VIP and he had the papers to prove it. I don't know if he was BSing or not, but if it's true Pam must be very tiny.
    When Osaka came on I didn't watch this time. There is some kind of feud going on with them and the Adicts which I didn't go into, but they wanted to play some short of trick on the singer. Jimmy who is the head of the road crew that I've seen at every show told Mel that Malcolm's son was on some British TV show about soccer and they were both trying to tell me about it. I patiently tried to tell him Charlie doesn't do acting now, he works behind the camera. Jimmy was very insistent about it and it's wasn't worth arguing over, so there must be someone who looks like him, but I have no way of checking out a BBC show, so I'm left to wonder who it really is. Mel said it was one name, then he said Hustlers. Jimmy was also bummed that he and Scruff went to the bar and he wasn't carded, but Scruff was and they are the same age. Both of them are far over 21 and they were trying to figure out how someone could tell just by looking and it was something about there hands. I thought it might be the veins, but he said Scruff's were bigger, so who knows? Dan was nowhere to be found right up until showtime. They said he was on the bus and only met them onstage. Pete still throws up before the show and was up to around 5 times as the show was starting. He says he hates it, but can't stop doing it. Mel dug out a vintage Clockwork shirt with the old Penguin paperback hat cover he said was from 1977 and it looked like it. That alone goes to show he's in about the same shape as he was back then. He's skinny as a rail. Pete was getting on Kid's case to put a shirt on and he was adamant about not wearing one. I asked Kid where was his bowler hat and he said it was gone. He gave it away and he keeps doing it so he has none. I wonder what he gets in trade for them. Mel asked if I was taping and when I said yes he was excited because he hasn't seen any shows, so I promised eh would get a copy.
    It's pretty cool to be able to walk out with them as they hit the stage especially when I was dressed up so I looked like one of the band. I set up video recording on the side of the stage, but when Monkey came out he said to go around front. So I was the only fan to watch the show from between the stage and the large barrier behind me. It was a front row seat and I recorded the whole show and had a great time. I also got my bowler covered in glitter and had streamers wrapped around me most of the show. Unlike Allentown this show would not be cut short. They went on late, but didn't care because there was no curfew. Mel said he wanted to play for 2 hours, but they really did around 68 minutes, 20 minutes more than Allentown. Smart Alex was on the set list, but wasn't played with the usual classic like Via, Steamroller, Tango, Numbers, etc. I had to dodge a few crowd surfers when the bouncers pulled them over, but didn't get hit. They were really rough with people yanking them over the barrier and slamming the guys down hard, maybe to discourage them not to do it again. Pete introduced the band and lamented how he couldn't believe they've been doing this nearly 30 years and introduced Dan as the "Incredible Shrinking Dan." One highlight was when Monkey left the stage to get his elaborate Mardi Gras joker mask and Kid sang Angel which wasn't on the list and is their best non Clockwork song. If they had a music video for it when it came out it could've been a hit song for them. It should've been anyway, but what can you do? It seems to be a staple when they play in NJ to do Bad Girl AKA "Naughty Girl", the song that is the opposite of Bad Boy. It has something to do with the slutty nature of women there I think. Backstage they were telling the crew which girls they wanted on stage and by the time the song started it was covered from one end to the other with women, plus a couple guys from the opening band in drag which was not a pretty site. They weren't happy that half the stage was blocked off for the Misfits drum riser that was already set up. There are 6 of them and only 3 Misfits. With all the women out there the stage was packed and there was nowhere to move. Monkey had to keep his box of tricks close by on the drum riser that he kept tossing out. At one point he had a wand full of sparkle and a giant Alice and Wonderland style hat that he used for Madhatter which was the first time I'd seen that song live from "Rise and Shine". It's weird that the longer a band lasts the less the newer stuff gets played. He also had a very fancy vest with a playing card stitched across the front that he tossed out into the crowd which I was surprised he did as it looked costly. I could only imagine the fight that occurred for it as I've seen people fight the whole show for a lesser article of clothing. During the break in Crazy when they do other things like a bit of Singin' in the Rain Monkey sprayed an entire can of silly string on Kid's head making him look like Raggedy Ann. It was funny. This time they did leave the stage for an encore unlike in Allentown. During "You'll Never Walk Alone" the beach balls came out as usual, but there were a few that were huge and I spend to spend the rest of the show deflecting them back when they came my way or else I would've gotten knocked down. Then for Bad Boy Monkey got on Dave the roadie's shoulders and sang the song from there. It seemed like he caught Dave by surprise by the look on his face, in other words it wasn't planned and he just climbed on him. Soon after the show ended and they left.
    I made my way back to the green room and Pete asked me how the show was. I said it was the best show I'd seen them do and it was no lie. I had a great time and they did a ton of their best songs. They were worried that the crowd was full of Misfits fans and metalheads that weren't there to see them. I can't say for sure how much of that is true, but it sure seemed like they were into it to me just from seeing the amount of crowd surfers that kept going over the barrier. Monkey said for him it was like being a spider going from side to side on the stage since there was no going back anywhere. I asked Kid how he felt about the crazy string all over his head and he said he didn't care. Someone asked him about being a musician and he said he wasn't a musician, he just hit things. I wondered how many other drummers would describe themselves that way. I asked him about the Misfits and he said they were good guys, but he didn't like their music, it sounds like a dirge. I said how in the 80s they were like the US version of the Adicts. Everyone knew who they were in punk circles and had all their albums. When Metallica covered them that was when they got huge. Too bad they didn't cover the Adicts. He laughed that it would've been nice. Scruff was saying they should jump out and join them on one of their best songs, but that didn't happen. I asked if they ever do Bog and he said the last time they did there was a riot because Monkey came out naked like a crucified Jesus and was taunting the skinheads in the crowd which lead them to have to fight them and the bouncers didn't know what to do. Monkey came over and confirmed the story and I couldn't imagine what the hell that scene must've looked like, but it was too bad it wasn't on tape. I asked if they ever do Lighthouse Keeper live and he said there were too many songs. I said they should do a Clockwork medley and he thought that was a good idea.
    There was a costume contest and when we went out to see what was going on it was already over. I stayed for the Misfits and got to watch the whole show from the side of the stage. They did a ton of songs and there was a guy like I was earlier taping from in front of the stage. Then one surfer came over and fell on his head and he ran away for a while coming back much later from father away. I was on Jerry's side and was glad I wasn't taping because at one point he threw a whole bottle of water my way that would've drenched the camera. I haven't paid any attention to the band since Danzig left and have followed his career and without him the band just doesn't have a frontman. Jerry can sing OK, but he's also playing bass and stayed petty much right in the same spot. His mic stand had a skeleton wrapped around it like the arm was holding the mic out. Dez had one where the mic arm was coming out of an open skull. The highlight was when they did some Black Flag songs since Dez used to be in the band. They did Six Pack and Rise Above. I checked the crowd when they did and it seemed like the bulk of them had no idea what it was. They did songs like We are 138, Astrozombies, Angelfuck, American Psycho and Last Caress. The crowd seemed really into them and there was a pack of really young kids nearby that had Misfits shirts on, but didn't seem really into it and I wondered if they were related to the band or were dragged there. Some looked like from 6-9 years old. The show was good, but I thought the bass was too loud and it all mixed together making it more of a noise than a melody. Jerry stayed after to sign things for a long time.
    I went back to the green room and most of the band was still hanging out. The rest were upstairs getting food. Bill who was running the board came in and said they blew the roof off the place. I thought that was quite an overstatement and the Adicts didn't want to hear that. I wondered if he was intentionally lying to make them feel bad for some reason. There was no way the Misfits sounded better than the Adicts that night, if any. I was interested in hearing if Monkey had any thoughts about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 since that might fall under the job he does in real life. He didn't study it though and thinks the whole idea of heaven and hell is a myth. He said he did want some answers though about life. I asked before or after he died and he said after. We had an interesting little chat about that, ghosts and other things and I think most people would be surprised at how smart the guy is. I asked Kid how Walk Alone became a signature song for them since it started out decades ago as a black spiritual song. He laughed and said it was true, but that the song came from Liverpool and was popular at Soccer games and they wanted to bring it to the masses and asked me how they did. I said most people have no idea, but they are into it when it's played. Some of the guys grabbed pizzas from upstairs and brought them down and they were polished off quickly. Scruff came down with wine and said there was caviar up there too. Pete told me about the new joker cards they got, real Adicts ones and he hooked me up with Luke who sells the merchandise and got me a couple. It was around 2am so I thanked each of the band personally for their hospitality since I wasn't going to any more shows this tour. I would've liked to, but with work and driving all around it gets tiring and puts me behind. Outside I talked to Pete on the dance floor and the whole place was still mess which I commented on and he said he wondered who did that. The crew was loading everything into the trucks outside and I was the last car left in the lot, the place was abandoned. I also got to see how it's not such a romantic thing to tour as people might think. It's either in the bus or the club. There's no way to go anywhere with all the equipment in tow. They would just sleep in the bus right there and then leave in the morning to the next show, it all blurs together after a while. It's not the life for me. I had an awesome time and it's fun to just hang out and people watch before and after - it's probably the best concert experience I ever had now that I'm done interviewing them I can just chill.

Allenton, PA 10/28/06

    I can't believe it had been a year since I saw them last, but there is a pattern where they tour this way every October for years now. I hadn't seen a concert at the fairgrounds since I saw The Cult outside there in July of 1989, a lifetime ago. This show was inside and the promoter rented out the Agricultural Hall making it indoors. This made it hard to find information about it as there was nothing listed on the official website or Ticketmaster for the fairground. I wondered if this meant the crowd was going to be small. So it wasn't a concert hall as much as it was a big empty room. I don't know what the official capacity was, but it could've held 2,000 if they wanted to. I think there were 300-500 people there which was more than I thought. There was a large stage on the left middle of the room with barricades around it so there was no getting to the stage for stage divers, but the dressing rooms were a large distance away on the left and the area with the food was all the way to the right of the room. Not the greatest setup. I missed the first couple of bands and saw Osaka Popstar with Marky Ramone. The highlight was they ended with a bunch of Ramones songs. Jerry Only joined them on the end and when they left the stage were mobbed for autographs.
    The Adicts were on next. They went on early and  had to cut the set short to make the cutoff and weren't happy about that. I saw the setlist has things crossed out and Pete was mad about it, so I don't know who did it.  They also left the lights on and weren't happy about that either. Pete was yelling to get them off to no avail and at one point was telling people to say hello to the lights. The show lasted close only 48 minutes and they blasted through all their classics, nothing from the recent albums. The big surprise was that Mel was back on his first tour of the east coast since 2002. It was great to see him live for the first time and he looked like he was having a great time. The crowd was really into it, but also seemed very young averaging 16 or so. The AC and pipes were high above the stage and Monkey seemed to be aiming to get stuff stuck there and succeed on a few occasions with streamers and confetti that launches. After the show it looked like it might be there a long time as it was 30-40 feet up. After You'll Never Walk Alone instead of leaving for an encore and going across the building Monkey decided to stay put. Security was very tight  including a large police presence, real cops and rent a cops and explorers. They searched you completely on the weigh in, but I got a break since I had a pass on and he let me through. I saw cops throwing one guy out and then after it became a horror story. I heard he was drinking underage so they threw him out and he got in his car and ran over a cop and smashed into four cars as he was fleeing. Then the mayor of the town showed up when the call of an officer down came through and the people who run the place were pissed. This caused the promoter of the show to run off in a panic without paying the bands. Monkey said they would go to his house and get him since a guy knew where he lived. Someone would up getting him and bringing him back and when we went to go on the tour bus there was some big meeting about it going down and we had to leave - even the guys in the band weren't allowed!
    It wasn't as long as a true headlining show, but it was shorter than it should've been, It wasn't disappointing in any way though for what we got. All the old classics and all the expected party mess going into the crowd were there. As usual for Joker in the Pack Monkey tosses out playing cards, this time even throwing out large ones and it's always amusing to me to see young kids scrambling and crawling on the floor to get them like they are gold. Then after the show they try to get them signed and many do. Jerry Only also came on stage with them. He stood on the side for the last few songs and came on for Bad Boy to sing along and even carried Monkey in his arms at one point. After the show I found Kid and we only got to talk briefly until he was mobbed for autographs. When Monkey recognized me he gave me a surprisingly hard punch for a small guy, but he too was mobbed. These guys are so gracious taking pictures and staying there singing anything and everything like I've seen them do after most of their shows. I went into their dressing room and it's very comfortable as I've met and talked to everyone before so even the crew knows who I am. I talked to Scruff a bit and asked him to introduce me to his brother as we hadn't met which he did after he changed. You can really see the facial resemblance when they are right next to each other. The main difference is Mel is taller. He had read my site and was aware of who I was which was cool. He's in good shape and I got to interview him extensively which I will work on getting posted. All kinds of things go on with people coming and going and it's fun to watch them in their element and goofing on each other now and then. At one point Mel was asked to sign a Sound of Music poster and he wanted to know why. Monkey was just telling him it's simple to sign and your name only has 3 letters so it's not hard. Funny stuff. They are just regular down to earth guys who are great to talk to. At one point Pete was saying his jacket was better than Kid's and wanted votes on it. Pete's was more new and stylish and Kid's was more punk with buttons and longer so each was fine in their own way. Scruff is the most laid back and seems to be the one who wants to do an interview the least, so I only got to interview him a little. I wanted to last year, but he was sick as was most of the band. He's like the expert on the vinyl releases of the band and between him and Mel seem to have all the rarest releases. Mel then was busting on Scruff for not sweating on stage and he said Mel had a glandular problem. Mel certainly does sweat and took off his shirt as I've seen others in the band do and I've never seen Scruff get that sweaty so there was a point there somewhere.
    By the time the Misfits came on I was in the middle of  interviewing Mel and decided I might never get the chance again so I stayed talking to him for nearly a half hour. While I could easily hear them playing because it was so loud, I missed the show completely, but this is a site for all things Clockwork, so that's my priority. Pete wanted to see if they turned out the lights for them and was sure they would, but they didn't. I guess there was some big security concern about not being able to find people in the dark or see what they are up to. Either way it doesn't make sense for a concert like this. I could hear John Carpenter's Halloween theme start the show and it went right into their song Halloween and a barrage of all their old favorites. The interview with Mel switched around to rebellion and he got very passionate about that and was upset how kids today seem more content to get high than to take a stance on anything. He's certainly right. In the past people stood up and protested all the time. Besides the young people going into the military there isn't much of that to go around and little voting among the youth. He was interesting to talk to and had opinions on many things and I was glad to finally do it after all these years have interviewed everyone in the band.
    Members of the Bastards Road Crew, that's what they are called, would come in with updates about what was going on with the promoter and the guys were pretty calm about what to do. They certainly handled it with class and I would hate to see them get ripped off.  I was able to talk to Kid about the Clockwork subject I'm most fascinated with - the plays, since he's seen a couple that got little or no coverage that I'll write about later. I was hanging out with him after the show was over and we were walking across the building and kids were coming up to me thinking I was in the band and shaking my hand. I wondered what instrument they though I played since I don't look like anyone in the band due to facial hair. I just steered them to Kid who is always very cool with fans and signed stuff and talked to them. One girl was saying she was bisexual and she thinks 99% of the world is too and Kid said that was crap. The two guys she were with also said they made out with each other and then they revealed they were only 15 or 16 and it went from bad to disturbing from there. There was still a large crowd around Jerry Only singing autographs, so he must be pretty gracious as well since it was long after the show. Other than that there was not much mingling between bands as they have their own bus and trailers and I didn't see Marky anywhere afterwards. We went out to the bus and it was massive. Behind it was a trailer where roadies were loading the equipment so to pull that along made it even tougher to maneuver and a bitch to drive. It was a big red one even larger than last year. He said it was last used by some R&B singer and they wanted to keep her name on the side but the man running it wouldn't let them. I thought that could've produced hilarious results with a name like Ciara on it and then a bunch of old white guys were the only ones who came out. That would surprise any fans who came up to it. It was freezing cold out there and the wind was whipping so it wasn't a place to stay and with business going on inside there was pack of us standing there including most of the band.
    Back inside you can really see what a mess is left behind from an Adicts show when the place has emptied out. Kid still had some glitter stuck to him and said he's found it all over his body and just can't seem to ever get rid of it. He said a few days ago the promoter said he wanted no mess which was the wrong thing to say to Monkey so he went wild and made an even bigger mess than usual and the place was covered with junk. I certainly would've liked to have seen that show as well as the promoters face after. It just wouldn't be an Adicts show without a mess and any club they play at would have to know that, otherwise they are dopes. As least it can be swept up, it's not like Gwar with fake blood sprayed all over the stage, walls and floors.
    It was a great, tight show and I had a great time. All the kids who came up to talk had nothing but good things to say as well. I have nothing bad to say about any of it and was very happy that I only had to drive home less than an hour. It's one of the closest places they could play near my house and I'm glad they did. But after all the crap that went down with that one stupid drunk guy I doubt this type of music will be welcomed back any time soon which is a damn shame.

Philadelphia, PA 10/25/05

    I'd never seen a band 2 times in 3 days, but what better band to see than The Adicts? It was a fast smooth ride to the club, a little over two hours, there was a large parking garage close by too that only cost $6, quite a deal. It would be around $25 if it was New York City.  I had never been inside the Trocadero Theatre before, having only driven by. One annoying thing is they tack on an extra $2 to the ticket price for "restoration fees"!? Why should we have to pay to fix the place? It looked small from the outside, but it turns out to be like an old Broadway theater with 2 balconies. Of the 4 times I've seen them live this was the biggest venue I'd seen them in. Instead of a small, low stage this one was huge and over 5 feet up. Plenty of room for the 5 guys in the front to run around. They had large barricades in front of the stage with about 6 feet of room behind them, so there was no way to get near the stage, it seemed like overkill since you couldn't climb up on stage if you wanted to with the height.
    They went on very early around 9:45, compared to midnight on the 23rd and later when I saw them at Allentown. The truth is they have no control of that, it's up to the club. The set list was very close to the the 23rd show and the guys were still feeling somewhat sick with colds so the show only ran about 70 minutes. The only major difference was that instead of just tossing out small inflatable balls for "You'll Never Walk Alone", two huge balls were tossed out with the little ones and were hit around for the rest of the show. You could never get these size beachballs in a small club. They were around 6 feet wide. Highlights for the crowd were "Viva" and "Chinese Takeaway" - those really got the pit going. During one song Monkey always brings out a cheap plastic tambourine. It's white with musical notes on it. When he's done it always goes into the crowd. This time he was able to toss it into the balcony like a Frisbee which was quite a distance and a guy standing there got it.
    The show went smooth, no problems at all. The bouncers and security were a bit overzealous though not even letting people stand on the side of the front barriers!? Then soon after the show they kicked everyone out and closed the place. This was the first time I saw the band where they didn't hang out after or sign autographs. Dan the Fiddle man is also part roadie so he was called down from the stage and wound up signing everything in sight for the 20 or so people who were waiting around. The guy with the tambourine was there, a guy who guy Monkey's vest wanted him to sign it. They wanted all the band to sign stuff, but were out of luck. Dan recognized me from Asbury and we talked a bit. On the way out I bought the England skateboard because it was $22 less than on the Draven website, plus no added shipping fees, so it's a good deal. It's a pretty long 32 inches. They have the Clockwork Monkey one on the website, but not at the show. The third style is a Viva La Revolution one. It seems like the Songs of Praise 25th that was advertised before isn't going to happen.
    It was a great show even though I knew they weren't feeling great. Pete was sarcastic as usual saying "here's a song we wrote on the bus yesterday" before going into 'Walk on". Before "Mary Whitehouse" he said it would be sung by the best looking guy in the building, Kid. At the end he admitted they all had cold, but were having a good time. I didn't have time to hang out as I had a 2+ hour drive ahead of me and didn't get home until 2am.

Asbury Park, NJ 10/23/05

    My third time seeing The Adicts was my first time back at the Stone Pony in almost 9 years. I have relatives that live 10 minutes so instead of driving home until 3:30 am I just stayed overnight at their place, it was very convenient. It's hard to believe the place is still there after so many threats of shutting it down and how awful the area around it still is. The place is the only sign of life for 2 blocks in any direction. The streets are falling apart and the buildings around it either are boarded up or never finished.
    The place has changed a bit since the last time I was there. They expanded the front and the back so there is a lot more room as well as a second bar and a kitchen if you want something to eat. Thanks to Pete for saying he'd put me on the guest list I got in for free. If you walk in and keep going straight you'll hit the first bar. Behind it is an elevated area for the bands to sell their stuff. There was even more Adicts merchandise than before - quite a variety for those who want to pick stuff up - CDs, vinyl, stickers, buttons, shirts, wristbands, posters, skateboards, banners, pins, necklaces, postcards and soon shoes.
    I headed to the back and ran into the always jovial Kid who was happy to see me. We talked for a bit and he confessed he hadn't had a bath in 4 days and was desperate to find a girl to hook up with who would take him home and bathe him. He said recently he went to a girls house to bathe and she got in the tub with him and then her friend joined him, that's what he was looking for. I said he should've hired them to come on tour to bathe him and he laughed that it was a good idea. He said how excited he was because it was the first tour in 20 years where they had their own bus. Now we're not talking about some small little bus or a school bus. I was on this monster. It has 15 bunks, a large TV, Playstation, DVDs, VCRs, fridge, stove, microwave, bathroom, couches, mirrors and a lounge in the back. Plus each bunk has it's own little TV. It is huge.
    There wasn't much crowd, they were hopeful it would pick up, but knew it was a bad area that people didn't want to go to. They were first told they'd go on at 9:30 because the doors opened at the insane time of 4pm!? But that kept getting pushed back. He then told me about a new screen they got where they project pictures on it throughout the show with of course many from A Clockwork Orange. He said it was really cool, then admitted that's what he heard - it's right behind him and he can't see whaat's on it! Soon after Monkey came over and we shook hands. I had a gift for him, something I hoped they could do. It was an album by Three Dog Night that came with large playing cards of the band, featuring a joker that kinda looks like Monkey. I said I thought of them when I saw it and thought how cool it would be if they did an album like that. He liked it, hadn't seen it before and said well maybe they'll have to go back to vinyl. I asked if he wanted to do a Clockwork interview and he said yes. That was easy enough. The other guys said he was tough to talk to, but I found out first hand he wasn't.
    We went through the back area where the kitchen was and out the back door. There is a small mobile home back there that the bands get to stay in. There was food in the front and drinks in the back, plus some couches and lights. There were tables, a large desk area and a bookshelf with magazines and bingo in the back!? I remarked how nice it was and he admitted it was a lot better than some places they've been. I had met him before, but up close I realized how small he was. He reminded me of Bruce Lee's size maybe 5'8", 130 pounds. On stage he looks huge, but that's just the illusion and of course the height of the stage. We sat on separate couches facing each other and in between was a case that he keeps his stuff in - outfits, makeup, personal effects where he stashed the album in. I asked if there was anything I shouldn't ask about and he said no, so I knew it would be smooth.  I don't go into interviews with a list of questions or anything as I can talk about Clockwork all night. That's where I start and see how it goes from there. He was very cool, calm and collected and had many interesting stories. He couldn't have been nicer. I was incredibly surprised to learn what his "real" job is - an archeologist! I guess you never know what your coworkers might be up to on their free time. We talked around a half hour and I'll post it all later. It was quiet back there for the most part, occasionally someone from the band or the crew would pop in, but we mostly had it to ourselves.
    We went back into the club and hung out for a while. Occasionally someone would come up and ask for a picture or an autograph. After we had talked for a while he went to get a drink and a guy rushed up to me and asked if that was Monkey. I thought it might be fun to say no as a goof, but I said yes. He then rushed over with his phone to get a picture of him. Monkey came back over and once his secret was out people started asking for autographs. He would always sign "Monkey" and I asked if he ever threw them off by signing his real name and he laughed and said no. I thought people would wonder what he wrote if he did that. I said he must enjoy the chance to be more incognito than the rest of the band and he said it was true he was noticed less for the most part. I saw Dan the Fiddle man sitting a few seats away by himself looking bored and asked if he wanted to do an interview and he jumped up and said yes, so we went back to the trailer.
    We sat in the same spot as I did before and learned Dan is the new guy in the band. He asked if he should look at me or the camera and I told him to pretend the camera wasn't there which he did.  He's only been a member since they returned to touring in 2002. He wasn't even sure, he had to asked Scruff who joined in 2001, he knows he joined a year after he did. Plus he's a hippy! How strange - a hippy in a punk band! I'll transcribe the interview later. About halfway into it Monkey came back and kicked him out because he needed to get into his trunk to start getting his makeup ready. We had to go up to the front of the trailer which created a small problem in that the door was right there so people would come and go. The guy who runs the club came in to talk about a missing cymbal. One of Kid's $230 crash cymbal's disappeared. It was set up and there at the sound check and they record all the bands on video and it turns out the first band took it because after they went on it was gone. He promised he would call them and follow up for them. This created a bit of a problem because they were in the middle of the tour and would be without it. It needed to be replaced. The guys went through various emotions over this. On the one hand there was nothing to do and the guy was genuinely upset and agreed to work with them on it. On the other hand they were upset that security was so lax, especially when the club wasn't packed. The guy said he went through the other bands equipment himself and it wasn't there. Kid didn't seem too upset, he admitted it could've been an accident, he just didn't know.
    The interview went well, with Dan confessing his hippy sins. Kid came over and said I got him first, he talked to me for 2 hours, he was joking, it was only about 40 minutes. We talked about Kubrick a bit and favorite Kubrick films. He then asked me if I'd seen The Shining trailer that was remade as sort of a "feel good hit of the summer." I hadn't so he said I had to see it. Sean had it on his laptop, so we went onto the bus to get it and came back and watched it. The trailer is very professionally cut even with the typical deep voice announcer guy used on real trailers. It makes it look like Jack is a struggling writer and Danny is a boy who needs a dad, then boom - whenever you need something the must, there it is and they hook up, Jack is his new foster father and everyone is happy. The final sequence is set to Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill. Perfect.  We didn't go back to any interviewing, just hung out and talked. Dan asked me what the deal was with this place and the area. I told him there were riots in the 1960s and most of the area burned down. Every 10 years or so there is some big push to rebuild which never works. Recently they've built up the main street with a strip mall and some art galleries, but every time they try something by the boardwalk it fails. Because it was where Bruce Springsteen got his start he always helps to keep it open, but it is always in danger of being shut down.
    I was hoping to interview Scruff and then I would've talked to all the main members except for the absent Mel. The only problem was he had a bad cold and was really feeling it. He was taking medication and Jack Daniels to burn it out, then later Red Bull. He was in good spirits though, trying to relax and keep his strength for the show. Their start time was pushed back to 10, then 10:30, then 11. They were starting to get restless. Finally Pete showed up having been absent the whole night. Turns out they had a couple rooms at a nearby hotel and he too had a cold and was taking it easy. He said he finally read my interview with him and liked it, just had a few minor changes. He was worried since he hadn't puked yet, but he soon would be coughing up some stuff. When Pete enters the room the whole energy changes, he's like a tornado. He's got all kinds of sick stories he probably wouldn't want me to share and he's up and down pacing all around. Scruff asked if I was taping this and I showed him my hands were empty. I was recharging the camera battery for the show. Soon after Pete was getting pretty anxious to get the show started too. He picked out a burgundy color bowler for the show, I had never seen one in that color before. The "bastards" - The Adicts term for their road crew were in and out getting equipment ready liking filling up the bubble machine and loading up the beers. There was a tub of Corona bottles that was a very popular spot in the trailer.  Monkey said he never saw the setup before. They had a bottle opener tied to a lanyard connected to a rope handle on the tub that was very convenient to open the bottles.
    The guys were getting restless and were going out to try to speed things along. Monkey was checking out his outfit in a mirror and then went to wrap up his foot. I asked what was up and he said he hurt it, it's really painful and he'd rather wear no shoes, but has to wear boots to protect it. I said I hoped no one tried to stage dive and stepped on it, or else he might eat a microphone stand. He said he definitely would. The man is really a pro, you would never know that he was in pain during the show. Dan asked if he should go out into the crowd to play Ode to Joy since there weren't that many people and Pete said no. There was no reason to damage his fiddle. He was just trying to spice the show up. Sean had a bunch of Madness tracks on his laptop and was playing them. He said he just saw them at the Troubadour and they were better than ever. After a while Monkey got sick of Madness so I turned it off for him.
    Finally the show was about to start and they headed out with Kid the last one out getting a final cigarette in. I recorded and followed them to the area right behind the door and Pete said I should get out there to see the screened images with Malcolm, so I did. The Clockwork Intro music plays as usual, but now it is accompanied by stills of Alex on the screen. Dan joked that they would need to clear the crowd out of the way to get to the stage because there was no one around. It was very dark heading over to the stage with the only light being the one on the screen. They had huge barricades in front of the stage to keep the crowd back, so there was no way anyone would get on stage. The crowd was packed up against it and was quite loud.
    A girl named Jennifer asked them if they could play Angel for her and they talked about it backstage. Shaun new the cords and said it was easy so they would include it in the show instead of "Na Na Na". Dan and him talked about he music and Kid busted on them for talking music theory. Dan says he always does this to him. The show starts out like usual - right into the blistering Ode to Joy highlighted by Dan the Fiddle Man while Monkey sits on the sidelines waiting and chatting with Jimmy of the road crew. Monkey makes his way forward and they slam right into "Viva", "Let's Go" and "Tango". This tour Monkey didn't bring up any women to dance the tango with though. Then bam, bam "Easy Way Out" and "Troubadour" then right into "Angel" which Kid said was for Jennifer, I hope she appreciated it. I know I did, it's a great song they should always play. Then "Steamroller" and "Numbers". Then there was a break were Monkey said they heard the girls were really naughty in NJ and they had to outdo the ones they met in NY last night. So they brought up a girl who was in NY Rel-X and a girl they were staying with for shower facilities to sing backup on "Naughty Girl" on Scruff's mic. A third drunk girl in a bra came up with a beer on Pete's side. The girl in the bra slunk around and grinded against everyone, especially Shaun. After that "Cheese Tomato" was on the list but was skipped. No great loss, it's such a slow and silly song. "Chinese Takeaway" has a new intro live with Dan's fiddle making it sound like a country hoedown before it kicks in, complete with foot stomping to get the crowd going. It goes right into "Go Genie Go" which is a great live song, really sped up and heavier than on LP. Then Monkey asked Pete if he remembered 1979 and he admitted he didn't. He wrote the song, but he doesn't remember 1979 at all. That led into "Get Adicted" and "You're All Fools" a great back to back power block. This goes into Kid singing "Mary Whitehouse" to give Monkey a chance to leave the stage and change into his joker outfit. The screen behind Kid actually projected onto him as well had images of Mary and one of Mick Jagger dressed like her. Then Monkey comes back in his Joker Card suit, this time he didn't have the light up red nose like before. He tosses out all the cards in a deck until he gets to the joker of course. Then he holds it up like "who wants it?" And of course everyone in the front row does. He teases like he's going to hand it to people and doesn't. Then he gave it to a guy up front and after the guy looked like he was in love! He was screaming "Joke in the Pack" like mad afterwards. Then Monkey starts into another deck and offered the joker to a girl nearby me, but she didn't move toward the stage fast enough so he sent it elsewhere. The set list had "Rockers in Rags", but they did "Wrecking Rocker" instead, no complaints there. Then "Calling Calling" was on the list, but was skipped, this made it for a shorter show than usual. They went right into "Who Spilt Me Beer?" which led into accusing various members of the audience spilling it. Then comes the longest song of the night "Crazy", this is because of the long break in the middle where they go into sing-a-long snippets of "Singin' in the Rain", the one Elvis made famous "Can't Help Falling in Love" and then Monkey breaks into a bit of "Be Bop a Lula" before getting back to the song. Then it's the classic "How Sad" a little more of "Ode To Joy" and then they leave the stage for a break and the crowd to chants "One More Song". I've seen the show before and know there are going to be 3 more, but they make it look good. Then the crowd spontaneously chanted "You’ll Never Walk Alone" and Pete came back first and said they must've gone to church today, then officially started into the song, which goes right into the crowd pleasing "Bad Boy" with more singing along then back to "Viva La Revolution". Jimmy the roadie really got abused during the show. At one point Monkey put a bag over his head and knocked him down. He had to claw his way out. Then at the end of the show Scruff ran his guitar over his back and his head to get scraping sounds - poor bastard! Dan said he was where he shouldn't have been, that's what happened.
    You would never know that most of the band had colds and Monkey's foot was giving him hell, because they played their asses off. After I asked Kid what the songs were on the bottom of the set list were: Just Like Me, Straight Jacket, Songs of Praise, Hello, Do it, California, Rockin Wrecker, Angel and Youth. He said those were songs they were rehearsing to get into the show. Two of them they did tonight. He really wants to start playing Hello and California. Monkey did too saying he really likes California. One of the girls said that was her favorite song and he asked her to sing it, but she couldn't. I said it's been a long time since they played California and he agreed, a long, long time. I asked if they've played Falling in Love Again in a while as it's one of my favorite. He said they played it once this year, it's really sped up now. Monkey said they were playing a show with Blitz that the wasn't looking forward to. The only original member left in the band is the drummer, but they have to do the gig because they are on the same label. I didn't understand how they could call the band the same name without at least half the original members and he agreed. He also told me about an article he has where the band Mad Parade totally trashed them claiming that The Adicts were really a rip off of them and it was so much about them that the article had more pictures of The Adicts than of Mad Parade. He couldn't believe it, but it was right there in black and white. I wondered where they got that idea, but he didn't know either. 
    One new thing in the club is memorabilia from old shows, posters, pictures, autographs and the like. They are also trying to sell Asbury gear, shirts and things with the smiling face from The Palace which I can't imagine much demand for, especially from a punk crowd. Another interesting thing are the tables in trailer. They are laminated with old ticket stubs and pictures from shows there like Springsteen and the Stray Cats. There are also weird paintings on the walls. They were making sure all the extra food and beer made it onto the bus. I said they should take the paintings as collateral for the missing cymbal. They thought that was a good idea. One painting was of a forest with unknown animals in it. One girl said they were conch shells and Monkey asked her why seashells would be in a forest. He thought they were anteaters, I thought maybe opossums. Pete said the crowd was small, but they put on a good show - they always put on a good show. Knowing how bad they were feeling there was no argument to that statement. I asked Kid if he got that bath invitation and he laughed, he thought he had some prospects, word got around fast. I said their next album should be called "Kid Needs a Bath." He laughed and liked that idea. Shaun was bummed that the girl in the black bra that was grinding against him on stage took off. I guess he thought he had a chance, but she looked too drunk to remember much of what she was doing. I asked Kid about Mel and he said they dragged him to Amsterdam, but he doesn't want to leave work, he thinks he's depressed. he wants to drag him out on tour and Mel just called him at 7am and woke him up and he wanted to know what is wrong. he told Monkey they need to take him on tour somehow. He said he should just put in for vacation when they are ready to tour. I said maybe he needs his thyroid checked out, might just need some pills to get it leveled out and he'll be right back to normal. The manager came up again and said he was really sorry about the missing cymbal, he was embarrassed and promised to get back to them on it. 
    We went back into the club to hang out as they were cleaning up and getting the gear put outside. Kid shook hands and thanked everyone in the staff which he didn't have to do. It was a nice gesture. It is no easy job to clean up after The Adicts. I saw Dan loading gear and asked if he was a roadie now. He said that's what he is a musician/roadie. I went and picked up the Adicts tribute 7" because Monkey said it was Scruff's band and label. It's a cool piece on red vinyl. Monkey was wearing these Adicts skateboarding style shoes and he told me it was a new line coming from Draven. I saw 3 different styles on a postcard and checked them out on the website after. The only problem is they start at $44 a pair, hopefully next tour they have them at the shows cheaper because they are pretty cool. There is a black high top, a white and black pullover and a black and red low top lace style with Monkey logos and diamond patterns. They will also carry skateboards including the Clockwork style. I asked Scruff about the record and he said they made 1000 of them and only had a few left so they brought them on the road to get rid of them. Love Junk is his band and they got Mel to sign on it. They might put out another release some day and the cover is a parody of Lunch with The Adicts with Monkey updated, more sinister like Eddie from Iron Maiden. I asked how he was feeling and he said better than before. I told him the only band member I hadn't met was Mel. He said Mel came with them on the west coast earlier this year, but not here. He says that Mel has a really cushy job, or a cushy shift. He's afraid if he takes some time off he'll get put on a bad shift like graveyard. A bunch of people then came over and started having him sign stuff. I don't get that whole scene, but to each his own. He signs just Scruff and says he doesn't get tired of it. He and Pete were going to stay at the hotel while Kid, Monkey, Dan and Shaun would be on the bus so they headed out.
    By this time it was freezing outside. Dan and I played some soccer with the leftover balls from the show with some of the people outside. Pete came over and said "I heard you interviewed Dan. I'll have to see that before you post it." I said sure wondering what that meant. I asked Dan if he said anything and he said no, it's just that Pete has to worry about everything before it happens. Kid told me he finally read the interview I did with him and liked it. There weren't any problems, we just have to be careful because people associate the image with violence too much and he wanted to be clear that's not what they were about. Someone said he should build up the vocal when singing "Mary" and he told me everyone tells him he sings better than Monkey and they are right. I said if that's true he should switch and go up front, but he admitted he has no desire of being a front man. I asked if he had seen my interview with Con from Major Accident, but he hadn't. He said when they brought MA on tour with them they were just kids and they were were quiet and just kept to themselves. He wanted to know what he said and I told him about Con saying if it wasn't for the film no one would be talking about Clockwork, that's where the images came from. Kid disagreed because without the book, there would be no film. We're really on the same wavelength about that.  He said even when he's back home dressing the part people are scared of him, but he still feels like Kid, not a thug. Then invited me on the bus to hang out. He said he would put me on the guest list of any show I wanted and asked if I was coming back to New York with them. I said no, just Philadelphia. The bus was starting to fill up. I met Dave who works for the band and checked out the back. They had the moon roof open and some of the guys were drying out their shirts hanging them up there. Dan got upset because it was right by his bunk so he moved it all and went and turned on the generator so they could use the microwave. Kid showed me his bunk and I asked if he had his copy of Clockwork this time, but he said it was in the luggage underneath. They also brought some girls on who needed a place to stay because there was room with some of the guys going to the hotel. The bus is so nice, the only problem is the hallway through the middle is narrow which creates a traffic jam. I hung out for a bit just talking and listening to stories. Kid wanted to get back to the soccer video game tournament they had before, but it was too jammed. The other guys said he always wins anyway. I said goodbye to Kid and he thanked me for everything. I had an amazing time. They are such cool people to talk and hang out with, plus they plus with the Ramones gone they are the best punk band going and I can't wait for the next tour to roll around so I can see them again.

7/9/05 - Sterling Hotel Allentown, PA

    I was excited to find out The Adicts were playing near me again. Since the last time they played Club Underworld had closed down, so the Sterling was the next closest thing to me. I had never been there before, so I was looking forward to it. Plus the idea of a hotel was intriguing. When I pulled in front of the place I thought it must've been a scam, it was just a bar. It wasn't until I got inside I could see it really was a very old hotel that has the bottom floor converted into a bar and club. They asked me for ID which I thought was really odd when in saw 12 year olds inside. Maybe they should just ask you if you are drinking?
    When you first walk in there is a very long bar, wooden booths and a pool table in the back. In the next room to the right is the club with video games in the back, a DJ booth and the main room with the stage. In the room next to that is a lounge with couches and chairs to hang out in, another bar, merchandise tables for the band and pool tables in the back. Then you could go outside into the courtyard and there was also a bar out there too, but it was empty. There wasn't much insensitive to stay outside, besides the clean air, because there were no lights. It was pitch black. If you go back to the main bar there is a door that leads to a hallway and the bathrooms. Down the hall was the VIP room where the band was hanging out. Looking up I saw the stairs went up floor after floor and wondered what was up there. I can't imagine anyone staying there with all the noise.
    The show started at 8pm and there were 4 opening bands, so I got there a little before 9 figuring The Adicts would go on around 10 knowing how short punk sets were.  Boy was I wrong. I talked to the guy running the merchandise table and he said to hang out, the band should be coming by, so I did. I had to wait for Kid since he was the only one I really talked to before. Then Jimmy came over, he's a roadie for the band and I talked to him a bit about London. Suddenly Kid appeared and he remembered me and we talked for minute until he got pulled away. I followed him and ran into Pete from the band and introduced myself. He said he knew who I was and even has my site bookmarked which was very cool. I asked if I could interview him and he said sure, to give him 10 minutes. Then he decided to take me back to the VIP room and introduce me to the band. Monkey was first and I didn't even recognize him. Without his makeup he's so normal looking and his hair was down the sides of his face instead of slicked back like on stage. I told him the club I saw them at last time had closed down and he said 'good' which was funny. He introduced me to the 'new' guitarist Scruff who is Mel's brother. We talked a bit, he's a pretty cool guy into classic US horror films like Evil Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Kid told me he couldn't find my interview and Pete told him he had read it, so he must've gone to the wrong site. The room was rather large with most of the guys hanging in the back. There was a large table of food in the front with lasagna, carrots, celery, dip and such. Lots of water, coke and Jack Daniels too. 
    Pete said we should move up to the front to talk as the room was quite stuffy. He talked on camera for about a half an hour and had a bunch of funny and crazy stories which you can read above. At one point someone walked in and he didn't know who they were and yelled at them to get out since he was in the middle of an interview. That was pretty cool. After I turned the camera off we still talked for a long time, more off the record I suppose. I also went back and talked to Kid who told me he saw the recent ACO Silo Theatre play in New Zealand which I had posted about, so we compared notes about the versions of the plays we saw. Monkey was off to the side pretty much staying by himself and working on his makeup, so once again I didn't bother him. I talked to all the other guys for the rest of the time. There was no clock, so I had no idea what time it was. Pete said to make sure to get shots of them getting ready because it's the only time their white clothes are clean and they look pretty spiffy. There was a huge stack of pressed pants and white shirts on one pile nearby. At one point somebody brought two girls back asking if anyone wanted to have sex with them. There were no takers and Pete yelled at one to get out because she was a Ginger. It was funny and I'm not sure what that meant, maybe she had red hair like Ginger Spice. They even have a thick locked box filled with all their bowler hats that they went through - proper selection is important. It was very laid back and all the guys are very cool. It was like hanging out with old droogs since we are all longtime Clockwork fans. I also talked to their new roadie from Minneapolis because he thought he knew me from somewhere. We discussed the merits of Jesse Ventura and it turns out he didn't know me like he though. 
    The only crisis was when they ran out of Jack Daniels and they sent the guy from the club out to get more for their Jack and Coke. One girl back there was very depressed when they ran out. Pete threw up in a garbage can and says he always does before a show, but doesn't know why - except for last night. Little did I know that by the time they took the stage I was back there over 3 hours!? I can't believe they made them go on so late after midnight. Pete had the band do a group pose so I could get shots of them.
    Pete said I could film from the side of the stage and since it would be too hard to lead the band to the stage through the club, the club took them the back way. I was the only one who got to follow them and film the whole way. The only snag was the guys wanted the VIP room locked before they would go so they had to wait for the guy who worked there to lock up. He was a huge fan of the band and even had his wife cook the food for them. She was native American with a large tattoo across her entire chest and the guys goofed on him that she was way too good for him and they were right. I took pictures of him with the band before they went on and he was thrilled. We went down a hallway and out a door onto the back alley. Then down stairs, across the way, and up more stairs. Pete threw up again and Monkey said, "Pete's puking up, it's going to be a good show." By the time we got to the door you could hear the Clockwork Intro music and the large crowd going wild. Pete puked for the last time and we went up the stairs next to the stage and the band took their places blasting into 'Ode to Joy' as Monkey waited on the stairs below. I stayed right next to the stage and filmed the whole show. All the guys start off with bowlers and then all but the bass player ditch them after a while because of the heat. After 'Ode' Monkey comes crawling across the stage to break into 'Viva la Revolution' and the crowd goes nuts. People were flying everywhere and the bouncers earned their pay pushing people back and throwing them off the stage. The two roadies also had their work cut out for them because the stage was low so people kept knocking into the equipment. At one point they had to move Pete's mic and guitar pedals back to stop them from getting trashed. The stage was long, but narrow, so there isn't a lot of room for 5 guys to move around up front. In the back was a large air conditioning fan which made Monkey's party favors fly all over. The first streamers got caught in the lights and blew around all night. They're probably still there. They played all their classics, but had mixed it up a bit from the last time I saw them which was great - it's was a whole new show.
    There was the usual bit of props, but actually less than last time which was surprising as this was a bigger venue. There was even a machine that shot out confetti and a bubble machine. Monkey pulled streamers out of his mouth, threw crepe paper and shot silly string. They said they had never played 'Mary Whitehouse' in the US before and Kid sang it. This gave Monkey a chance to exit. He changed outfits down the stairs into a large joker card costume, complete with red light up nose and jester hat. He then walked by handing us playing cards and tossing the rest into the audience until he got to the joker, which of course led to 'Joker in the Pack.' He then got another deck of cards and threw those out. Unfortunately they are not special Adicts cards or I would've grabbed a bunch. At one point Pete's guitar went out and he had to switch it, but besides that it the show went off without a hitch, except for the too wild fans. One guy ran up on stage and started dancing near the drums and Jimmy quickly ran over, grabbed him and threw him off stage. They played tons of songs and even went into a bit of 'Singin' in the Rain' which was a great surprise.
        After the 'Ode to Joy' reprise they left the stage and went outside. People were chanting for 'one more song', but I knew there would be more than that because I had seen the set list. They did their classics 'Songs of Praise', 'You'll Never Walk Alone' and 'Bad Boy' before breaking into a 'Viva' reprise. The crowd was intense to the end. The roadies got bags of beachballs and started throwing them into the crowd and it was was beachball war zone for the last couple of songs going back in forth into the crowd and back on stage. The only problem was the vocals were a little low and should've been turned up. Monkey asked how was it in Allentown and one guy yelled, "It fucking sucks!" To which Monkey said without missing a beat, "You mean it fucking sucked until we got here!" At the end he said, "I may have been a bad boy, but you've been great Allentown." After the show Monkey and Kid stayed on stage to sign autographs. It was around 1:30 AM and the bouncers were yelling that everyone under 21 had to leave the club. Must've been some kind of curfew regulation. I went over and picked up my Monkey bobblehead and then went back to the VIP room where Pete had already changed back to his street clothes. A few people came in and they kicked them all out saying to give them at least 10 minutes. So I was the only one there who wasn't in the band. Pete asked how the show was and I said awesome, which was true. Pete said he could get Monkey to sign my bobblehead so it would be worth a fortune on eBay, but I said I'd never sell it and didn't need it signed. Kid said it was a pure punk show - he couldn't hear the vocals and the crowd sang along to every song. The other guys were unwinding, drinking and changing. Monkey was cleaning up and Pete was giving Scruff a hard time for not moving enough. He said the stage was too small. He reminded him it was worse in Denver. Scruff couldn't remember Denver and then he finally did and said how bad Denver sucked and they all laughed. I hung out about 15-30 minutes talking to the guys until someone lit up some marijuana. I didn't want to drive home smelling of that in case I got pulled over on the road after 2am. So I thanked them, said my goodbyes and left.
    They couldn't have been better live and couldn't have been cooler off stage, I can't thank them enough for their generous hospitality. I had an absolute great time all around. Thanks to all the guys in the band and the roadies. If there is one problem with The Adicts it is they are a live band. If you listen to their older stuff on record some of it sounds dated, but those same songs live kick ass. They've really updated their sound and matured as a band getting better and better with age. Because they started in the 70s and are still together with pretty much the original line up they are pioneers. There is no one to point the way, they have to forge ahead on their own. To truly experience the band and their music you have to see them live, there is no way around it. They truly put on a SHOW, you definitely get your money's worth with these guys. They don't just come up, stand there, play and leave. They are into it, energetic and fun with many surprises from Monkey and no two shows could ever be the same. That alone should keep you coming back for more. I know I will.

October 2, 2003 - Club Underworld Scotia, PA

    As anyone who has a general knowledge of A Clockwork Orange knows, The Adicts are the grandfathers of Clockwork Punk. They don't have an ACO name and aren't the first to have their singer dress up droogish, but they are the first band to go out on stage with all their band members in the classic droog whites. They have always been associated with ACO and every time I'm searching for ACO memorabilia I come across them.
    From out of nowhere I found out The Adicts were playing the same local club that I saw LCB at earlier this year. This was a must see opportunity since I had never seen them live, it is close to my house and the club is small making it an intimate setting. I have their Singles Collection CD and knew they had a unique style of Party Punk like the Ramones, but didn't know what they were like live. I met Kid, the drummer, during an opening act when he told me he liked my ACO shirt. I introduced myself and asked about doing an interview and he said he'd take me back to meet Monkey and he was sure he would like to do it. I said that would be great and when we got backstage Monkey was in the middle of doing his makeup. Kid gave him my card and told him about the interview and Monkey thought it was cool, but then gave Kid a hard time for blocking his light. Kid suggested I come back around 10 minutes after the show when he was cleaned up. We went back out and just talked a bit about things like this club in the middle of nowhere.
    The way the show starts is a Clockwork fans dream. It opens with the ACO Theme - Funeral for Queen Mary and the band comes out in their droog whites and bowler hats and slam right into their kick ass heavy version of a section Beethoven's Glorious Ninth, the "Ode to Joy" highlighted with Dan's violin playing. Then Monkey makes his entrance in full make-up and the crowd goes wild. He had a shiny white jacket, vest and polka dot shirt. They go right into their biggest "hit" 'Viva La Revolution' which the crowd loves and gladly shouts the lyrics to.
    It doesn't take long for Monkey's make-up to start to go. First is the red around the lips which gets all over the microphone. As the night goes on and the sweat pours down, more and more gets down his neck and shirt and by the end of the show it is almost all gone. He takes the role of the joker literally and makes the show into a party. For almost every song he pulls something out of his bag of tricks - in this case a child's crib between him and the drum kit. He pelts us with crepe paper, glitter, a gun that shoots confetti, large playing cards, small playing cards, shiny metallic strands, mini beach balls with happy faces and other patterns, silly string, a ping pong ball gun, popping whine bottles and finally his clothes. He also gave out small Adicts t-shirts and plastic bowler hats to girls who came on stage.
    The only problem was when he threw his jacket into the crowd. Two guys and a girl entered into a fierce struggle for it right in front of me which lasted an entire song. It was getting ridiculous so I grabbed the three of them and tossed them back out of the crowd. They struggled for another ten minutes with the biggest guy going down on the ground until finally one guy gave up and helped the girl to get it. The same situation repeated itself when he threw his vest out. This time three guys fought over it. One guy had each sleeve and the other was in the middle. At one point I saw them dragging the spiky haired punk in the middle across the floor from one end of the building to the other. Eventually they just gave it to him.
    Otherwise the show went off without a hitch as they steamrolled through 28 songs in a show that went over an hour. They did all their classics and I can't imagine anyone being disappointed. Songs  included 'Joker in the Pack', 'Smart Alex', 'Tango', 'Chinese Takeaway', etc. In fact they only did one "new" song - 'Fuck it Up.'
    After the show the stage and floor in front of it was a mess with all the party favors littering it. I would not want to be the one who had to clean it up. I was literally the last one out of the building and no one did, so it got saved for the next days' unlucky crew. 
    The band is very gracious and hung out after the show to meet with their fans and sign all kinds of autographs and there were many people who wanted them to. Of course the girls had crowded around Monkey, so I knew it wasn't going to be easy for an interview, plus I'm sure we would be interrupted often. Kid suggested I just dive in there, but it just didn't seem like the best environment for a one-on-one interview to occur. I thought that most people interview Monkey anyway and that Kid has been into ACO from the beginning and would be a rarer interview since he didn't get the attention Monkey did. Kid was pretty adamant about NOT doing an interview though. When I told him I just wanted to talk Clockwork then he completely changed and we sat and talked for almost 40 minutes. It was a great opportunity to get a British perspective of ACO from someone who has been on the scene since it erupted.
    I had a great time and the crowd was well behaved, maybe because they were so young with many, many people who weren't even born when these guys started playing. You could dance, pogo and bop around doing your own thing without worry. They were no stage divers or violent moshers to ruin everyone's fun. During a break Monkey said, "Anyone can be in our shitty band. You just have to be a girl and fit into this shirt." Well, they are a great band who are still going strong in their fourth decade and have seen all three generations of punk and can still hold their own with any of them. If you have never seen them and they play anywhere within a few hours of your house - get there! These guys are the real deal and do not disappoint in any way.

Set Lists

Sayerville, 10/31/06

Clockwork Orange Intro
Ode to Joy
Viva La Revolution
Let's Go
Johnny Was a Soldier
Easy Way Out
Naughty Girl
Mad Hatter
Chinese Takeaway
Go Genie Go
You're All Fools
(Band intro)
Angel (Kid on vocals)
Joker in the Pack
Rocking Wrecker
Who Spilt My Beer?
Singin' in the Rain
Be Bop a Lula
Crazy (Reprise)
How Sad
Ode to Joy (Reprise)
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Bad Boy

(Smart Alex was listed as second, but Let's Go was played instead and is listed after How Sad/Wotta Ya Say was listed, but Johnny was played instead/Swat Her was listed, but Angel was played instead)

Allentown, PA 10/28/06

Clockwork Orange Intro
Ode to Joy
Viva La Revolution
Let's Go
Johnny Was a Soldier
Easy Way Out
Chinese Takeaway
You're All Fools
Rocking Wrecker
Joker in the Pack
Who Spilt My Beer?
Be Bop a Lula
Crazy (Reprise)
How Sad
Ode to Joy (Reprise)
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Bad Boy w/Jerry Only

(On paper - Swat Her was crossed out before Joker, Rocking Wrecker was listed after Joker, Let's go crossed out after How Sad)

Philadelphia, PA 10/25/05

Clockwork Orange Intro
Ode to Joy
Viva La Revolution
Let's Go
Johnny Was a Soldier
Easy Way Out
Na Na Na
Cheese Tomato Flan Man
Chinese Takeaway
Get Adicted
You're All Fools
Mary Whitehouse
Joker in the Pack
Who Spilt My Beer?
How Sad
Singin' in the Rain
Can't Help Falling in Love
Be Bop a Lula
Crazy (Reprise)
Ode To Joy (Reprise)
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Bad Boy
Viva La Revolution (Reprise)

Asbury Park, NJ 10/23/05

Clockwork Orange Intro
Ode To Joy
Viva La Revolution
Let's Go
Johnny Was a Soldier
Easy Way Out
Naughty Girl
Chinese Takeaway
Go Genie Go
Get Adicted
You're All Fools
Mary Whitehouse
Joker in the Pack
Rocking Wrecker
Who Spilt My Beer?
Singin' in the Rain
Can't Help Falling in Love
Be Bop a Lula
Crazy (Reprise)
How Sad
Ode To Joy (Reprise)
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Bad Boy
Viva La Revolution (Reprise)
Thieving Magpie Outro

Allentown, PA 7/9/05

Clockwork Orange Intro
Ode To Joy
Viva La Revolution
Let's Go
Johnny Was a Soldier
Easy Way Out
Cheese Tomato Flan Man
Naughty Girl
Chinese Takeaway
Go Genie Go
You're All Fools
Mary Whitehouse
Joker in the Pack
Straight Jacket
Who Spilt My Beer?
Swat Her
Singin' in the Rain
Can't Help Falling in Love
Swat Her (Reprise)
How Sad
Ode To Joy (Reprise)
Calling Calling
Songs of Praise
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Bad Boy
Viva La Revolution (Reprise)
Thieving Magpie Outro

Scotia, PA 10/2/03

Clockwork Orange Intro
Ode to Joy
Viva La Revolution
Let's Go
Easy Way Out
Shiny Shiny
Joker in the Pack
You're All Fools
Just Like Me
Straight Jacket
Go Genie Go
Chinese Takeaway
Rocking Wrecker
Bad Boy
Get Adicted
Smart Alex
How Sad
Ode To Joy (Reprise)
Songs of Praise
Eyes in the Back of Your Head
Calling Calling
Cup of Tea
Swat Her
Fuck It Up

Spain 2002
Rare show with Mel

Clockwork Orange Intro
Ode To Joy
Viva La Revolution

Columbia, SC 1994
No violin, Derrick on bass

Ode to Joy
Joker in the Pack
Let's Go
Do it
Fuck it Up
Straight Jacket
Rockers in Rags
Love Sucks
Just Like Me
Bad Boy
Easy Way Out
Singin' in the Rain/All the Young Dudes/Can't Help Falling in Love
Crazy (Reprise)
(cuts off)

City Gardens - Newark, NJ 1994

Ode to Joy
Joker in the Pack
Let's Go
Do it
Fuck it Up
Straight Jacket
Rockers in Rags
Love Sucks
Just Like Me
Bad Boy


Alphabetical list of all their songs.

A Man's Gotta Do
ADX Medley
All the Lucky People
Bad Boy
Bad Girl
Beauty Sleep
Brightest Star
Calling Calling
Champs Elysees
Cheese Tomato Man
Chinese Takeaway
Come Along
Come Out and Play
Come Out to Play (Learn Guitar with Monkey & Kid)
Cup of Tea
Cuppa Tea Song (Disco Mix)
Daydreamers Night
Do It
Do it to Me
Don't Exploit Me
Don't Let Go
Easy Way Out
Eyes In The Back of Your Head
Falling In Love Again
Falling In Love Again (12 Inch Mix)
Football Fairy Story
Fuck It Up
Get Adicted
Give Me More
Give Me More (Reprise)
Go Genie Go
Going Home
Hello Farewell Goodbye
How Sad
I Am Yours
I Don't Know If You Don't Know
I Wanna Be Sedated
I Wanna Marry a Lighthousekeeper
I Wanna Party
I'm So Cool
In The Background
It’s A Laugh
Jelly Babies
Johnny Was a Soldier
Joker in The Pack
Just Like Me
Just Wanna Dance With You
Let's Dance
Let's Go
Let's Have a Party
Love Sucks
Make My Day
Mary Whitehouse
Maybe, Maybe Not
Men In Black
Na Na Na
Naughty Girl
Odd Couple
Ode to Joy
Organized Confusion
Peculiar Music
Put Yourself in My Hands
Rockers in Rags
Rocking Wrecker
Saturday Night
Shake Rattle Bang Your Head
She's A Rocker
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Shiney Shiney
Smart Alex
Something You Need
Songs Of Praise
Sound Of Music
Straight Jacket
Sure Looks Pretty
Swat Her
Swingling Song
Telepathic People
That's Happiness
This Is Your Life
This Week
Tokyo (Single Version)
Too Much Of A Good Thing
Too Young
Two Timing Me
Viva La Revolution
We Looked Back
What Am I To Do
Who Spilt My Beer?
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Younger Generation
You're All Fools
Zimbabwe Brothers Are Go

Tour Dates


Location Venue
1979 The Breakneck London, UK
2/28/82 Moonlight Club UK
9/15/82 Hammersmith Klub Foot
4/27/83 London, England The Ace, Brixton
9/11/83 Kings Lynn  Middleton Village Hall
10/16/83 London, England Lyceum
11/11/83 Anaheim, CA Celebrity Theater
11/12/83 Anaheim, CA Celebrity Theater
1983 UK Manhattan Club
7/13/84 Los Angeles, CA Olympic Auditorium

As ADX w/Major Accident

10/11/85 Santa Monica, CA Santa Monica Civic
10/17/85 Long Beach, CA Zed Records Signing

1987 - 1992 No Tours

27 Tour
1994 Newark, NJ City Gardens
1994 Columbia, NC  

1995 - Early 2002 No Tours

Monkey's Gaunt - side project

2002 Los Angeles 3 shows

Rise and Shine Tour


Location Venue
7/02 5 Shows Los Angeles, CA
7/19/02 Holidays In The Sun UK Blackpool Winter Gardens
9/5/02 Asbury Park, NJ - HITS Stone Pony
8/29/02 Krefeld, Germany Kufa
8/30/02 München, Germany Backstage
8/31/02 Cottbus, Germany Gladhouse
9/1/02 Hamburg, Germany Schlachthof 
9/02 Bergara, Spain Sala Jam

Like Clockwork 2003 Tour Pt 1


Location Venue
4/3/03 Santa Ana, CA The Galaxy Theatre
4/4/03 The Wabash Hall San Diego, CA
4/5/03 The Showcase Theater Corona, CA
4/7/03 The Key Club Hollywood, CA
4/8/03 Graceland  Seattle, WA
4/9/03 TBA San Francisco, CA
4/10/03  Slims San Francisco, CA
4/11/03 Colonial Theater Sacramento, CA
4/12/03 The Showcase Theater Corona, CA
4/13/03 The Showcase Theater Corona, CA
6/20/03 Holidays In The Sun Morecambe Market Arena UK
6/21/03 Holidays In The Sun Dome - UK
6/22/03 Holidays In The Sun The Platform - UK
7/03 German Tour Cancelled

Like Clockwork 2003 Tour Pt 2


Location Venue
9/18/03 Slims San Francisco, CA
9/20/03 Orange Pavilion (British Invasion) San Bernardino, CA
9/21/03 Bash on Ash Mesa, AZ
9/22/03 Galaxy Dallas, TX
9/23/03 Sin 13 San Antonio, TX
9/24/03 Fitzgeralds Houston, TX
9/26/03 TBA Atlanta, GA
9/27/03 Marrz Theatre Wilmington, NC
9/28/03 Factory 324  Roanoke, VA
9/29/03 Peabodys Cleveland, OH
9/30/03 Reverb Concert Hall Toronto, Canada
10/1/03 Connections Passaic, NJ
10/2/03 The Underworld Sciota, PA
10/3/03 Valentines Albany, NY
10/4/03 CBGB New York City, NY

  Rollercoaster Tour 2004


Location Venue
6/10/04 The Pound San Francisco, CA
6/11/04 Trinity Hall San Luis Obisbo, CA
6/12/04 Malibu Inn Malibu, CA
6/13/04 The Key Club Los Angeles, CA
6/14/04 The Galaxy Theatre Santa Ana, CA
6/16/04 The Bluebird Theatre Denver, CO
6/17/04 Launch Pad Albuquerque, NM
6/18/04 Red Blood Club Dallas, TX
6/19/04 Club Communion San Antonio, TX
6/20/04 Oxbloods Warehouse Houston, TX
6/22/04 Mason Jar Mesa, AZ
6/23/04 The Showcase Theater Corona, CA
6/24/04 The Vault Long Beach, CA
6/26/04 The Edge - In Store Appearance San Bernardino, CA

Wasted Festival

Morcambe, England
7/30/04 Tintrock Festival Corella, Spain
8/28/04 Winterthur Musikfestwocher Switzerland
10/04 All Other Dates Cancelled - Illness

Rollercoaster Tour Part 2.7


Location Venue
11/18/04 The Key Club Los Angeles, CA
11/19/04 Roadhouse Casino Las Vegas, NV
11/20/04 Orange Pavilion San Bernardino, CA
11/23/04 Peabody's Cleveland, OH
11/24/04 Otto Bar Baltimore, MD
11/25/04 Tribecca/218 Club Philadelphia, PA
11/26/04 The Continental New York, NY
11/27/04 The Continental 3pm New York, NY
11/27/04 Knitting Factory 11pm New York, NY
11/28/04 Brighton Bar Long Branch, NJ
12/1/04 Clubhouse Phoenix, AZ
12/2/04 The Vault Long Beach, CA
12/3/04 The Pound San Francisco, CA
12/4/04 Bar Casabel Mexico City, Mexico
12/5/04 Rockotitlan (2 shows) Mexico City, Mexico
12/31/04 The Knitting Factory Hollywood, CA

Rollercoaster Tour 2005


Location Venue
7/1/05 Malibu Inn Malibu, CA
7/2/05 The Vault 350 Long Beach, CA
7/3/05 Jillian's Las Vegas, NV
7/4/05 Benders Tavern Denver, CO
7/5/05 Logan Square Auditorium Chicago, IL
7/6/05 Peabody's Cleveland, OH
7/7/05 TBA Buffalo, NY
7/8/05 Auditorium De Verdun Montreal, Canada
7/9/05 Sterling Hotel Allentown, PA
7/10/05 The Continental New York, NY

Get Addicted Tour 2005

8/24/05 Signing - The Rock & Roll Store Las Vegas, NV
9/9/05 Essen Germany
9/10/05 Wasted Fest Amsterdam,  Holland
10/8/05 Wasted Fest (Cancelled) San Bernardino, CA
10/9/05 House of Blues Los Angeles, CA
10/11/05 Bluebird Theatre Denver, CO
10/12/05 Launch Pad Albuquerque, NM
10/13/05 Galaxy Club Dallas, TX
10/14/05 Sanctuary San Antonio, TX
10/15/05 Emo's Austin, TX
10/16/05 Engine Room Houston, TX
10/17/05 Howling Wolf (Cancelled) New Orleans, LA
10/18/05 Masquerade Tampa, FL
10/19/05 The Imperial Jacksonville, FL
10/20/05 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
10/21/05 Jester's Pub Fayetteville, NC
10/22/05 Knitting Factory New York, NY
10/23/05 Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ
10/24/05 Knitting Factory New York, NY
10/25/05 Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, PA
10/26/05 Peabody's Cleveland, OH
10/27/05 Alvin's  Detroit, MI
10/28/05 Grand Theatre Wheaton, IL
10/31/05 The Venue Boise, ID
11/01/05 El Corazon Seattle, WA
11/02/05 The Paris Theatre Portland, OR
11/03/05 The Pound San Francisco, CA
11/04/05 The Boardwalk Orangeville, CA
11/05/05 New Oasis Sparks, NV
11/06/05 The House of Blues Anaheim, CA
11/07/05 The Venue Scottsdale, AZ
11/08/05 The Grand Palace El Cajon San Diego, CA
11/10/05 The Wheelhouse Hemet, CA
11/11/05 El Dorado Lancaster, CA
11/12/05 TBA Las Vegas, NV
11/13/05 Showcase Theatre Corona, CA

Get Addicted 2006

3/4/06 British Invasion 2K6 - Orange Pavilion San Bernardino, CA
3/5/06 Trilogy Theatre Victorville, CA
3/10/06 Vault 350 Long Beach, CA
3/11/06 Alpine Theatre Ventura, CA
3/12/06 Showcase Theatre Corona, CA

Summer European Festivals

8/13/06 Wasted Festival - Winter Gardens Blackpool, UK
8/15/06 Dynamo Zurich, Switzerland
8/16/06 Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Germany
8/17/06 Hodokvas Festival Piestany, SLK
8/18/06 Endless Summer Festival Torgau, Germany
8/19/06 Modra Vopice Prague, CZ

Fiend Fest '06 with The Misfits

10/13/06 Galaxy Theatre Santa Ana, CA
10/14/06 Galaxy Theatre Santa Ana, CA
10/15/06 Carver Hall Modesto, CA
10/18/06 Canyon Club Augora Hills, CA
10/19/06 Key Club Morongo Cabazon, CA
10/20/06 Venue of Scottsdale Scottsdale, AZ
10/21/06 Multikulti Tijuana, Mexico
10/22/06 Key Club West Hollywood, CA
10/24/06 Hubbas Aurora, CO
10/27/06 Webster Theatre Hartford, CT
10/28/06 Allentown Fairgrounds Allentown, PA
10/29/06 Nokia Theatre Times Square New York, NY
10/30/06 House of Blues Atlantic City, NJ
10/31/06 Starland Ballroom Sayerville, NJ
11/1/06 Halfway House Philadelphia, PA
11/2/06 Funhouse  Toronto, Canada
11/3/06 The Olympic Theatre Montreal, Canada
11/4/06 Harpos Detroit, MI
11/5/06 The Agora Theatre Cleveland, OH
11/6/06 Top Cats Cincinnati, OH
11/7/06 The Pearl Room Mokena, IL
11/9/06 Rams Head Live Baltimore, MD

Songs of Praise 25th Anniversary Weekend

4/12/07 Knitting Factory Los Angeles, CA
4/13/07 Vault 350 Long Beach, CA
4/14/07 The Cellar Upland, CA
4/15/07 Canes San Diego, CA
4/16/07 Showcase Theatre Corona, CA

Summer European Festivals

8/12/07 Rebellion Fest Blackpool, UK
8/14/07 Pena Fesatyre Paris, France
8/15/07 Kufa Krefeld, Germany
8/16/07 Festa Di Radio Onda D'urto Brescia
8/17/07 Ucho Club Gydina
8/18/07 Endless Summer Festival Torgau, Germany

West Coast 07

10/11/07 Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco, CA
10/12/07 Malibu Inn Malibu, CA
10/13/07 Vault 350 Long Beach, CA
10/14/07 Vault 350 Long Beach, CA
10/18/07 Salon Tacuba 81 Mexico City, Mexico
10/19/07 Salon Tacuba 81 Mexico City, Mexico
10/21/07 Showcase Theatre Corona, CA


11/15/07 Islington Academy London, England
11/16/07 Manchester Academy Manchester, England
11/17/07 Northumbria University Newcastle, England
11/18/07 Liquid Room Edinburgh, Scotland
11/20/07 Le Ferrailleur Nantes, France

West Coast 08

1/18/08 Malibu Inn  Malibu, CA
1/19/08 House of Blues Anaheim, CA
1/20/08 Showcase Theatre Corona, CA

Life Goes On Tour 2008

Australia/New Zealand

3/11/08 The Arena Brisbane
3/12/08 The Metro Sydney
3/13/08 HiFi Bar & Ballroom Melbourne
3/14/08 Ambassador Theatre, Pt Chev Auckland
3/15/08 Ambassador Theatre, Pt Chev Auckland
3/16/08 The Civic Christchurch

West Coast

5/15/08 Foro-TJ Punk Invasion Tijuana, Mexico
5/16/08 Vive Cuervo Salon Mexico City, Mexico
5/17/08 Zapopan Jalisco Calle Dos, Mexico
5/18/08 Explanada la Marquesa  Estado, Mexico
5/19/08 House of Blues Los Angeles, CA
5/20/08 House of Blues San Diego, CA
5/21/08 House of Blues Anaheim, CA
5/23/08 Angels Roadhouse CANCELLED
5/24/08 The Dome Bakersfield, CA


9/11/08 Corn Exchange Ipswich, England
9/12/08 Islington Academy  London, England
9/13/08 Durham Punk Fest  Durham, England
9/14/08 Academy 2 Birmingham, England
9/15/08 Chollerhalle  Zug, Germany
9/16/08 Feierwerk Munich, Germany
9/17/08 Bahnhof langendreer Bochum, Germany
9/18/08 Knust Hamburg, Germany
9/19/08 SO 36  Berlin, Germany
9/20/08  Conne Island  Leipzig, Germany
9/21/08 Morphine Lodz, Poland
9/24/08 Caracol Madrid, Spain
9/25/08 Capitol Santiago De Compostela, Spain
9/26/08 Plateruena Durango, Spain
9/27/08 La Mirona  Girona, Spain


3/18/09 Karma Victorville, CA
3/19/09 House of Blues Anaheim, CA
3/20/09 Key Club West Hollywood, CA
3/21/09 TBA Hollywood, CA
3/22/09 House of Blues San Diego, CA
3/25/09 El Teatro Bar Caracas, Venezuela
3/26/09 Tetro novedades Santiago, Chile
3/27/09 Super rock Buenos Aires, Argentina
3/28/09 Easy São Paulo, Brazil
3/29/09 TBA São Paulo, Brazil
4/1/09 Sparks Reno, NV
4/2/09 Whiskey Dicks Lake Tahoe, CA
4/3/09 The Crossing Palmdale, CA
4/4/09 Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, NV
4/5/09 American Legion 79 Riverside, CA
5/9/09 Novi Sad Trg Slobob, Serbia
5/11/09 Arena Vienna, Austria
5/12/09 Jako Arena Bamberg, Germany
5/13/09 Dreilander Haller Passau, Germany
5/14/09 Futerum Prague, Czech Republic
5/15/09 Stadthalle Rostock, Germany
5/16/09 Seidensticker Halle Bielefeld, Germany
5/17/09 Seidensticker Halle Bielefeld, Germany
5/19/09 Rockhal Esch Alzette, Luxembourg
5/20/09 Backstage Munich, Germany
5/21/09 Estragon Bologna, Italy
5/22/09 Monster Punk Fest Freiburg, Germany
5/23/09 Zakk Dusseldorf, Germany
5/24/09 Hof Ter Lo Antwerp, Belgium
8/7/09 Winter Gardens Blackpool, England
8/8/09 Rebellion Fest Blackpool, England
8/9/09 Rebellion Fest Blackpool, England
8/20/09 Shoreline Pavilion San Francisco, CA
8/21/09 Sleeptrain Amphitheater Sacramento, CA
8/22/09 Cricket Amphitheater San Diego, CA
8/23/09 Home Depot Center Los Angeles, CA

Life Goes on 2010 - Europe
Tour Poster

4/30/10 Beachcombers Cleethorpes UK
5/1/10 O2 academy Newcastle 
5/2/10 TBA  
5/3/10 Engine Room Brighton UK
5/4/10 Bierkeler Bristol UK
5/5/10 Minusone Gent Belgium
5/6/10 Backstage Munchen DE
5/7/10 Circolo Onirica  Parma IT
5/8/10 Pauk Zagreb CZ
5/9/10 TBA  
5/10/10 Atlantic Freiburg Germany
5/11/10 Secret Place Montpellier France
5/12/10 Valencia - XY Rock Aldaia Spain
5/13/10 Sala Caracol  Madrid Spain
5/14/10 Sala Rockstar Bilbao Spain
5/15/10 Sala Razamataz Barcelona Spain

Life Goes on 2010 - US West Coast/Europe/South America

Poster (doesn't have all dates)

6/26/10 Angle's Roadhouse Apple Valley, CA
6/27/10 Brixton  Redondo Beach, CA
6/29/10 Shire Road Club Sacramento, CA
6/30/10 The New Oasis Sparks, NV
7/1/10 Key Club Los Angeles, CA
7/2/10 Majestic Ventura Theatre Ventura, CA
7/3/10 Fox Theater Pomona, CA
7/4/10 Hard Rock Hotel Wasted Space Las Vegas, NV
8/20/10 Z-Bau Roter Salon Nürnberg, Germany
8/21/10 Bukova Minikvas Slovakia 
8/22/10 Moravská Trebová Pod Padrou Festival, Czech Republic
9/9/10 Dekompresja Lodz, Poland
9/10/10 Teatro Novedades Santiago, Chile
9/11/10 John Bull Music Hall  Curitiba, Brazil
9/12/10 Vila Dos Ipes  Sao Paulo, Brazil
9/15/10 El Teatro Flores Buenos Aires, Argentina
9/16/10 House of Blues  San Diego, CA
9/19/10 House of Blues  Anaheim, CA

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