"Never Gonna Stop" Song + Video
from The Sinister Urge

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My Durango number 95
take me to the home
kick boots
and ultra live
see heaven flash
a horrorshow
knock it nice and smooth
stay back and watch it flow yeah

never gonna stop me
never gonna stop
never gonna stop me
never gonna never gonna

the devil ride
a dinosaur
he paint the monster red
so the blood don't stain the floor
in out
real savage show
sorry as a shot came sickness
watch it flow



Rollerball DVD Cover scan - front
Korova statue prop

Korova opening shot
Rob as Alex Close-up

Korova long shot

Droogs in the Durango

Rob in Durango close-up

Korova Girls

Rob sitting in Korova

Rob singing in Korova

Band Playing in Korova

Rob sitting in between statues

Droogs in Korova

Guitarist in Korova

Rob drinking Milk Plus


Film & Video Magazine 9/27/05
F&V: When did you realize the songs were so important?

Rob Zombie: That's a testament to when a song works well, and the best example of that is "Singin' in the Rain." I associated that song 100 percent with the movie Singin' in the Rain - until I saw A Clockwork Orange

Lewis Beale | NY Newsday 7/31/05
What CD and DVD would you take to a desert island?

Rob Zombie: I would take Beethoven's Ninth and A Clockwork Orange, 'cause one always makes me want to deal with the other.

exclaim.ca 7/28/05
Name something you consider a mind-altering work of art.

Rob Zombie: A Clockwork Orange. It was probably 1980 when I first saw that and I've never seen a movie like that since. I had to stop and let my mind figure out what I just saw. It just blew my mind on the possibilities of what a movie could be.

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