The page covers things you may have never noticed or weren't able to see if you never saw a good print of the film in a theater.

The combination to Alex's Room
Knowing the way Kubrick worked - nothing was by chance. These numbers probably mean something, but what? 17, 34, 89

Here is my guess at average ages:

17 - age of leaving boyhood behind and becoming a man next year
34 - age of marriage and having child
89 - age of dying

Or 17 doubled is 34 and 89 upside-down is 68 which is 34 doubled.

Darin's theory:

At 89, where the camera pauses slightly, the number "9" is straight up beneath the 89. The 9th Symphony is playing. Then the door opens and you are looking at Beethoven.

Is this Stanley Kubrick in the Record Shop?

I didn't think, it is him, but I wanted it to be. Below is an answer from one of the people who knew him best, his oldest daughter Katharina. "Hi, I think it's Andros Epaminondas, long time assistant to Stanley. He is a Greek Cypriot and in those days he was very chunky and hairy. Certainly looks like him but I wouldn't swear on my life. "Everyone" was hairy in those days... :o) It most certainly ain't SK."

Book that stands out in the prison library

All the books in the prison library are just drab colors without dust jackets, except for one. When Alex walks with the Chaplain on the top right shelf is the only book that looks out of place and a partial name can be seen. Did Kubrick have it stand out because of Alex turning to the priest for advice? The title looks like Catechism of Revelation. It is religious because of the way the T makes a cross. Is it a real book even?

Is Alex the Antichrist?
If Dim is Officer 665 and Georgie is 667 then is Alex 666? Only the 7 is visible on Georgies' lapel - this would have to be am amazing in joke on Kubrick's part.

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