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SONG Artist
1. MASS IN G Goggly Gogol
2. REALLY PLAY Johnny Zhivago
3. SWEATY CLUB The Humpers
4. INSIDE The Heaven Seventeen
5. DOGS AND CATS Bread Brothers
6. SWITCH ME ON The Sharks
7. DOWNY The Blow Goes
8. JELLY ROLL The Legend
10. ART NOVEAU Comic Strips

Who ya gettin, bratty? The first band to actually record and achieve success using one of those names was The Heaven Seventeen (a new wave dance band in the 80s), making me a fan for life. If any others have used the names they are unknown to me or haven't been recognized yet.

There was a UK band called Sharks which may or may not be ACO related.

Heaven 17 Talks about their Name

Early variations of Heaven 17 followed...The Underpants, Dick Velcro And The Space Kidettes, VDK And The Studs. Dead Daughters, The Hari Willey Krishna Band and Arthur Craven's Tent Band. All of these played at least once. Eventually, while Glenn was away seeking fame in London, Martyn and Ian - in a band called The Future - were joined by Philip Oakey and mutated into the Human League.

Two albums and a clutch of much-loved but commercially unsuccessful singles later, the cornucopia of conflicting ideas inevitably resulted in a parting of the ways. Enter BEF and Heaven 17, who took their name from one of those invented by the novelist Anthony Burgess for a Top 10 list in the record store of A Clockwork Orange. Johnny Zhivago, Cyclops and Goggly Gogol were other names on that list which were duly considered for the new trio. "Goggly Gogol was one of the names we had on the short list, funnily enough!" chuckles Martyn. "I think Heaven 17 was slightly better!"


Year Format Title/Songs
1981 7" (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
1981 12" Fascist Groove Thang - Rapino Club Mix/Rapino Instrumental/ Democratic Rapino/Democratic Instrumental
1981 7" Play to Win/Play
1981 12" Play to Win/Play
1981 7" I'm Your Money/Are Everything
1981 12" I'm Your Money/Are Everything
198? 12" Contenders (Dance Version)/ Excerpts From 'Diary of a Contender'/ Contenders (Full Length Version)
198? 12" He-La-Hu/Honeymoon in New York/Height of the Fighting (He-La-Hu)
198? 12" Sunset Now/Counterforce 1/Sunset Now (Extended Version)
198? 12" The Foolish Thing to Do (Version 1)/My Sensitivity (Gets in the Way)/The Foolish Thing to Do (Instrumental)/The Foolish Thing to Do (Version 2)
198? 12" This Is Mine - Filmix/Radio Version/Cinemix
198? 12" (Big) Trouble (Extended Mix)/Move Out (Album Mix)/Trouble (US Club Mix)/Contenders (US Club Mix)
198? 12" Trouble (At Mill Mix)/(Big) Trouble
198? 12" We Blame Love - Spacebaby Mix/Matt Darey Dub Mix/Instrumental Extended Mix
198? 12" And That's No Lie (Remixed to enhance its danceability)/The Fuse (LP Version)/And That's No Lie
198? 12" And That's No Lie (Remixed to enhance its danceability)/The Fuse (LP Version)/ The Heaven 17 Mega Mix (including This is Mine, Crushed by the Wheels of Industry, Height of the Fighting, Penthouse & Pavement, Temptation, I'm Your Money, Play To Win)
198? 12" Come Live With Me/Let's All Make a Bomb (New version)/Song With No Name (new version)
1982 LP Penthouse and Pavement
1983 LP The Luxury Gap
1984 LP How Men Are
1986 LP Pleasure One
1988 LP Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho
1992 12" Temptation
1993 12" Penthouse and Pavement - Mr. Big Buckles and His Amazing Ride/ Original Version/Tommy D's Master Remix/D's Super Disco Dub Mix
1996 CD Bigger than America
1998 CD Retox/Detox
1999 CD Live at Last aka How Live Is

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