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Anthony Burgess' wife was robbed and beaten by a bunch of US GI's in England and soon after came down with a disease, turned to alcohol, and never fully recovered. This would be the basis of the attack on Mrs. Alexander, though the book + film depicted rape, this didn't happen in real life. Some questioned if this really happened at all and Burgess made it up to embellish the story.
Anthony Burgess is diagnosed with a cerebral tumor, is given 1 year to live and begins to write furiously to earn some money and leave royalties for his wife.
The doctors were wrong and with his improved writing skills he writes the first draft of ACO. This version was in the style of the British Mod slang of the time. He has to get drunk to write the rape scene because it is too painful to relive. Once it is done it is a cathartic experience.

Burgess spends time in Russia and picks up on the language and style which gives him the idea for Nadsat.
Burgess begins the 2nd draft of ACO much different than the first. He uses the Russian slang and sets it in the future.

The novel is published by Heinemann with 21 chapters in the UK.
The first chapter is dramatized on the BBC Program "Tonight", but the recording was not saved.
Norton publishes the novel with 20 chapters in the US because the publisher doesn't like the happy ending, Burgess has no choice.
Stanley Kubrick is given a copy of the book by Terry Southern and puts it aside.
Rolling Stones manager Andrew Oldham wants to make a movie of the book starring the Stones, but Burgess had already sold the rights to the producer Si Litvinoff for $500 because he needed the money.
Andy Warhol makes a film called Vinyl since he can't get the rights to ACO and the film doesn't end up resembling ACO in any way.
Michael Cooper attempts to get the film made with the Stones but no one can get their schedules to match up to do it, the film is dropped. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards never really wanted to do it anyway, their manage Andrew Loog Oldham was obsessed with the book and used the group in hopes to get it made.
A garage band called 'A Clockwork Orange' releases a single in the UK.
April 25th

Kubrick announces his next film will be about Napoleon and will begin filming September 1969. Another Napoleon film called Waterloo was released and bombed. Kubrick's funding for the film was taken away and he needed to find a new project fast.
Kubrick finally gets around to reading the novel and Malcolm McDowell immediately comes to mind for the role of Alex as he has recently seen him in if...
The group Sunforest releases their only LP - The Sound of Sunforest and Kubrick will use 2 songs from it for the film - Overture to the Sun & I Want to Marry a Lighthouse keeper. Lighthouse keeper is rerecorded for the film. 
Kubrick purchases the rights for the film for $200,000 and 5% of the profits. Burgess gets another $2500 from the deal. Part of the deal also names Max Raab and Si Litvinoff, who owned the rights, as executive producers on the film. Kubrick never even meets them.
Burgess writes a screenplay for ACO, but Kubrick decides instead to write it himself.


Kubrick invites Malcolm to his house to meet him and gives him a copy of ACO to read. Malcolm reads it three times and invites Kubrick over to his house to discuss it. Kubrick offers him the role on the spot and Malcolm accepts.
Kubrick finishes the screenplay.
August 23rd
Rehearsals begin for the film.
Filming begins. The first scene shot is Alex in the hospital getting a shot.
The original actress who played Mrs. Alexander leaves the film because she cannot handle the repeated takes of the rape scene.
December 31dt
The fight with the Cat Lady is filmed.


March 11th
Filming of the Durango 95 scene. Scene #570, at least 5 takes.
April 20th
Filming wraps.
September 7-28

Malcolm goes to Kubrick's house to record the narration. During down time they play ping pong. Kubrick never wins.
November 4
The Filmex Festival premieres the film at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.
Early November
Malcolm's agent informs him he wasn't ever paid for the 3 weeks of narration. When he asks Kubrick about it he looked at a ruler and tells him he'll only pay for 1 week because the other 2 were ping pong!
Mid November
Kubrick invites Burgess and his wife to his house for a private screening of the film. 10 minutes in Burgess' wife is ready to leave and he makes her stay. At the end he learns Kubrick used the US version of the novel with 20 chapters.
Throughout December
Malcolm, Burgess and Adrienne Corri tour the US promoting the film. Burgess has great things to say about it.
Monday December 13th
The film is screened for Academy Members on the WB lot.
December 17th
A date which will live in infamy - previews of the film - first day shown to the critics.
December 18th - Midnight
First public preview of the film at the Hollywood Theatre for $3. Benefit for Filmex.
Sunday 19th

 The film opens in pre-limited release in the US with an X-rating at 4 theaters. Pacific Hollywood, Cinema 1 New York City, Metro San Francisco and Towne Toronto.
End of the month
The film wins Best Picture and Best Director by the New York Film Critics. Malcolm accepts the award for Kubrick.


January 3rd
Kubrick is on the cover of Newsweek.
Monday January 17th
The film opens in England and sets the house record in London with $5,230.
Moral crusader Mary Whitehouse called for the film to be banned upon it's UK release.
January 30th
Malcolm is interviewed by the New York Times.
February 9th
The film opens in limited release by adding 4 new theaters. Stage Door Cinema, Philadelphia; Cinema 57, Boston; The Woods II + Bloomfield, Detroit
February 10th
The film adds 5 new theaters. Cinema Washington DC; Michael Todd, Chicago; Galleria Cinema II, Houston; Twelve Oaks, Atlanta; and Cinerama, Seattle.
February 13th
Fred Hechinger blasts the film in the NY Times and quotes Malcolms' interview
February 27th
Malcolm and Kubrick both blast back at Hechinger in the NY Times.
Monday March 13th - Friday 17th
Academy Member screenings at WB.
March 23rd

The film opens in Germany.
April 10th
The film goes down in history as 1 of only 2 X-rated films nominated for an Oscar for best picture, but loses to The French Connection at the 44th Academy Awards.
The film finally opens in regular release in the US.
The Orange Times herald is printed.
Mid month

Copycat violence in the UK ensues with headlines like 'Clockwork Orange Gang Attacked My Wife'. One attack occurred while the group sang 'Singin' in the Rain'.
August 25th
In a statement issued in London, Mr. Kubrick said that the Motion Picture Association of America had given the film an X-rating because of explicit sexual material involving two scenes - about 30 seconds of scene time. "I have now replaced those 30 seconds with less explicit film from the same scenes. The film has been resubmitted to the MPPA, who viewing it, and who now having no further reason to rate it X, have changed the rating to R."
Arthur H. Bremmer shot Governor George Wallace on May 15, 1972. In September it is revealed in his diary that he wanted to kill Nixon, but settled on Wallace while watching ACO.
October 31st

The film is withdrawn for 60 days to be resubmitted for the R-rating in the US only. Two scenes are recut - the threesome and the Ludovico rape film.


January 1st
The film returns with the cuts and a new R-rating.
January 13th
Becomes the first Warner Bros release ever to play for over a year in the West End of London. It opened on January 13, 1972, at the Warner West End Theatre, and 550,716 cinemagoers have totaled up a gross of 438,797 for the film.
January 18th
The film was in the mind of a boy aged 16 who beat an elderly tramp to death, it was alleged at Oxford Crown Court yesterday. The only money the tramp, David McManus age 60, had, 1p, was missing when his body was searched, John Owen, for the prosecution said. The boy, who comes from Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, was sentenced to be detained during her Majesty's pleasure for murder. He had pleaded guilty. The boy told the police that his friends had told him about the film "and the beating up of an old boy like this one". Owen said: "If this was robbery, it was all for 1p or it may have been carried out for excitement as a result of the film. If so, the makers of the film have much to answer for." It seemed as if momentarily the devil had been planted in the boy's subconscious. The irresistible conclusion was that it was the influence of the book. Many people had much to answer for, whether they were authors, film directors, television producers or those who allowed those films to be shown. He continued: "It has produced a canker among the impressionable young, which all reasonable people desire to see stamped out at once". Mr. Roger Gray, for the defense, said: "The link between this crime and sensational literature, particularly A Clockwork Orange, is established beyond any reasonable doubt".

After 61 weeks Kubrick tells Warner Bros he wants to ban the film in the UK for fear of attacks on his family due to the outbreak of violence blamed on the film. Warner Bros complies. A generation grows up never seeing the film except on grainy bootlegs or going into France to see it.
July 4th
Judge Bailey at Manchester Crown Court today attacked the film. He said it presented an "unassailable argument" for a form of censorship. He had heard of the Sunday afternoon a boy aged 16, dressed like a character in the film, had attacked a boy aged 15. Sending him to Borstal, the judge said: "Cases like yours present, in my view, an unassailable argument in favor of the return as quickly as possible of some sort of censorship to prevent this sort of exhibition being released on the screen or stage, which is evil in itself. "If this happens, it will be very salutary in that those salacious creatures who appear to dominate what is called show business today are compelled to earn a more respectable and honorable livelihood instead of inciting young persons to violence at the expense of their victims." He said that it was the second case he had heard in the past three weeks in which "a despicable young bully has attributed his wicked behavior to having seen this dastardly film". The boy was convicted at Heywood, Lancashire, on June 13 of causing grievous bodily harm to the boy of 15. He was said to have kicked him several times while wearing heavy boots.
July 24th
Pittsburgh, PA - A teenager was sentenced to life in prison for fatally stabbing and strangling a friend in a crime he said was influenced by seeing the film.
Senator John Roeder tries to pass "The Clockwork Orange" bill which proposes real life Ludovico tests for criminals.
Burgess does an interview with Playboy where he mentions his disdain for the film and the book in general. He feels it isn't an important work and doesn't want to be remembered for it.


Paul Farrell who played the Tramp is the first one related to the film to pass away.

Westport Public Library, RI. removed the novel from the town's classrooms.
Cockney Rebel becomes the first band to try the image out on stage.

January 11

Michael Bates who played the Chief Guard passes away.


The UK ban is discovered when John Alcott requested a copy of the film for a talk at the National Film Theatre. Kubrick declines.
June 1
John Barry the Production Designer who created the Korova passed away.
Punk band The Adicts decide to wear white on stage and would continue with that look the rest of their careers.
Michel Ciment's book Kubrick is released in France with one of the biggest interviews Kubrick gives on the film.
WCI Home Video (Now WB) releases the film on the new VHS and Betamax format for home viewing.
Aug. 15 - Oct. 21
Best films of the 70s Film Festival in LA where ACO is replayed.


Heaven 17 release their first single and become the first band to use a name from the Top 10 list seen in the film.


The film is officially re-released for the 10th Anniversary. A new painted poster is made which shows an orange ripped open and scenes from the film inside.
August 15

Legendary stage actor Patrick Magee, who played Mr. Alexander, passed away.


Michel Ciment's book Kubrick is translated to English with one of his only ACO related interviews.


Warner Home Video re-releases the film on VHS. It is the last time the R-rated version will ever be released on home video.
July 23
Anthony Sharp, who played the Minister of Interior, passed away.

February 16
The movie is finally released on video in France.
July 28
John Alcott the Cinematographer of the film passed away.

March 26
In Rolling Stone #496 the 21st chapter of the novel debuts in the US.
Burgess publishes ACO: A Play with Music and has a scene mocking Kubrick in it.
For the 25th anniversary Norton publishes the novel with the 21st Chapter for the first time in the US. Also included is Burgess' ACO Resucked intro.

In Michael Anderson's Pittsburgh trial he tries to blame his crime on repeated viewings of the film.
ACO 2004 the play debuts in the UK at The Barbicon. It runs for 4 months.
August 24
Jane Giles, a projectionist at the Scala cinema, at King's Cross, London, was charged under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act over a showing of the film. The film, withdrawn from distribution by the director Stanley Kubrick, was not shown in cinemas since early 1975.
In the UK Malcolm has a festival of his films to raise money for the Chernobyl disaster, but Kubrick refuses to lend a print of ACO.
The Simpsons parodies the scene where the Minister feeds Alex in the film. This would start a tradition over the next 18 years which included Bart as Alex on the 3rd Halloween show.

Burgess publishes You've Had Your Time Pt 2 of his biography which covers ACO.

ACO is done as a play with the 21st chapter in Chicago with a black man in the lead.
February 6th

A London Cinema called The Scala tests the ban of the film in the UK. Kubrick sued, won and it eventually put the theater out of business.
BBC Airs the program Without Walls that they fought in court to be able to show clips from the film. This marks the first time a part of the film is shown on TV in the UK.
November 22nd
Anthony Burgess passes away.

January 9
Madge Ryan, who played Dr. Branom, passes away.
September 7
Godfrey Quigley, who played the Chaplain, passes away.


The film is released on VHS in Germany, France and Spain.
A Clockwork Orgy, the first "true" porno parody is released.
February 2
John J. Carney, who played Tom, passes away.
Hugely popular UK band Blur releases a video for "The Universal" when they are dressed as droogs.

The AFI names the film #46 of all-time.

ACO airs as a Radio Drama on the BBC. It is released on cassette and CD soon after.
February 17
Shelia Raynor, who played Em, passes away.
ACO plays around the USA during WB's 75th Anniversary Festival.
June 19th
The old print finally breaks during the Houston showing.

March 7th

Stanley Kubrick passes away in his sleep at his home in Childwickbury, England.
June 29
The film is released on the revolutionary DVD format for the first time as part of the Kubrick Collection.

Philip Castle's ACO Art Exhibit debuts in England.
March 17th

The film debuts in England after a nearly 27 year ban by Kubrick with a new print. Stanley Kubrick's wife Christiane says a major reason for pulling the film was fear of physical attacks on the family.
November 6
The film is released on VHS and DVD in Australia for the first time.
November 13
The film is released uncut on VHS and DVD in UK for the first time.


In the film Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, Malcolm admits regretting he never had a relationship with Stanley after the film and says he lashed out hoping Stanley would pick up the phone and call him. He never did.
July 4th 
The film is shown on UK Cable TV in its entirety for the first time ever.

January 6
Rob Zombie releases his video for "Never Gonna Stop" and the whole song & video are about the film.

The new print of the film debuts in the US at the NY tribute to Malcolm.
The new print of the film is played in NY every weekend.
August 8
Ted Ashley, the head of WB who green lighted the film passes away.

Stanley Kubrick A Life in Pictures the book is released with brand new on the set photos.
October 1
Alex is voted #11 on the Top 100 Villains of All Time by the OFCS.
October 13

The film is shown on BBC Channel 4. The first time it is ever shown on regular TV in the UK.

April 30

A teacher in Derby who shows the film to high school students gets in trouble.
June 4

Edmund M. DiGiulio who worked for Kubrick on the film passes away.
June 14 
Philip Stone who played Alex's father passes away. 

July 17
Pat Roach who played the white Korova Bouncer passes away.
July 22
Company One in Boston stages the play and includes this list in their program.
Sept 17
The soundtrack is named the #4 best moog release by Entertainment Weekly.
#12 in Total Film magazine's Best Britain Films Poll.

January 19
Godlight Theatre Company does the play in New York City.
April 30
The mammoth book The Stanley Kubrick Archives by Alison Castle is published with the first ever pre-production photos of the film.
#5 British Magazine Uncut's list of the 100 music, movie and TV moments that have changed the world, according to movie icons, making it the most important and influential movie of modern times.
August 21

Robert Moog inventor of the synthesizer which Walter Carlos popularized with the films soundtrack passes away.
Malcolm records a commentary for the next DVD release of the film that is pushed back to 2007.


Premiere magazine has a small picture of Alex on the cover and a full 2 page painting of him inside for their 100 Greatest performances of all time issue.
May 4
Patrick Barry Garnett the architect who built the Chelsea Drugstore, the record shop in the film, passes away.
June 16
#2 in Entertainment Weekly's 25 Most Controversial Films of all time
$22 on The Top 25 Memorable Movie Meals filmcritic.com - Alex eating in hospital at end.
Radio Times Guide to Films listed their Top 100 Landmark Films by year and ACO made the list.
Made CQ's 25 best male fashion movies.
November 6th
A special edition DVD is supposed to be released UK, but there is no explanation on why it is special and it is never released anyway.

Feb 24

A new hardcover edition of the book is given out in the UK with the purchase of the Independent as the first in their banned books series.
Oct 23
A 2 disc special edition of the film is released on DVD with Malcolm's commentary.

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