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While I don't condone getting tattoos, if you ARE going to get one, then why not make it a Clockwork Orange one and send me the scan??

ACO Fans

John S - poster on his arm
Maki - poster on back/eye on chest

Erik - droogs in tunnel on back
Erik - Korova milk dispenser on arm
JezzaHell - Poster image & logo on left arm
Sean Clark - clapping droogs, Alex with teeth in glass and viddy well triple threat on arm
Todd - Korova Alex & Ludovico Alex on leg
Mandi - ACO poster on arm
Ashley from TX - ACO Poster
Raffaele - ACO Poster on his back
Mike - ACO Poster on leg
Ashley - bolshy kroovy eyeballs on wrists
Milan - ludovico scream on right arm
Jack - movie poster on arm
Kattis - Alex driving Durango with Shamrock hat on chest
Morte Cerebral from Brazil - Gear on arm
Edwin - opening lines from the film on his leg
Dave - ACO Poster on arm
Cory - Poster on leg by Resp
Major Accident fan - Clockwork Legion LP cover on back!
Droog - Wind up Orange

Lower Class Brats

Band Members
Bones - Pain's temporary, glory's forever (in progress)
Bones - Eyeballs on Wrists

Bones -"Droogs" on stomach
Bones - Droog Skull Logo on chest

Bones - 6655321 on arm
That's Alex's prison number from the novel, not the film.
Bones - Just Like Clockwork on back
Marty - Gears on elbows
Marty - Droog Skull + Piss Off

EVO - Gear on Wrist
EVO - Eyeless Droog on Arm


Ashley from TX - Droog Skull & Gear on stomach
Matt from Quebec - Droog Skull on chest

Belgian droog - Droog Skull Logo on chest
LiPunk - Droog Skull

Chris D - Droog Skull/Piss Off on right arm

Thanks to Lower Class Brats
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