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There never has and will never be an official ACO movie sequel. That being said, there are still other official and unofficial sequels including a fictional book Burgess wrote about the movie experience, the ACO 2004 play, a soundtrack, an interview with Alex and good old Italian rip-offs.


Droogs from Lovers Diary by Mamiya Oki
Probably the only way a full version of the film could be redone, in Japanese Animation style. They could do all the deleted scenes and the 21st chapter. Malcolm could even do the voice of Alex.


The Clockwork Testament by Anthony Burgess

Italian Rip-offs

La Gang Dell' Arancia Meccanica (The Clockwork Orange Gang) 3 sheet poster
Nothing else known about this film.

Una Gota de sangre para morir amando AKA Clockwork Terror (1973)
Full page on the movie with pictures


There have been quite a few stage productions of ACO.

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