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Title Year/Origin Notes
Time V21 #7 (Robert McNamara Cover) 2/15/63 US Book Review
Warner Bros. Presents the Future 12/70 US Upcoming Films
Take One 1+2/71 UK Upcoming Films
Motion Picture Daily 4/21/71 US WB Announces the film is done
Andy Warhol's Celebrity Showcase Autumn 71 UK Cover Pic
Films Review 10/71 UK Review 
Films Review 11/71 UK Review 
Cinema X V4 #6 (ACO Cover) Winter 71 UK 12 pages w/photos
Skoop V8 #2 1971 Danish Article
Screen and Television Stars 12/71 US Article / Interview
Daily Variety 12/10/71 US Full page premiere ad/1st preview
Daily Variety 12/14/71 US Review
Motion Picture Exhibitor 12/15/71 US Review
Time (Bangladesh Cover Story) 12/20/71 US Review by Jay Cocks/SK Article 
Newsweek "Rites of Manhood"  12/21/71 US Cover Story
Saturday Review (Kubrick Cover) 12/25/71 US Article/Kubrick Interview
Time "Decor of Tomorrow's Hell" 12/27/71 US Review by Robert Hughes
Motion Picture Daily 12/29/71 US Critics Pick ACO/SK 1971 Bests
New Yorker (Pinball Cover) 1/1/72 US Review 3pgs
Newsweek (Kubrick Cover) 1/3/72 US 4pg article
New York Ace 1/12/72 US Review 
Europe Magazine #27 1972 France Ludovico Cover
Critic V1 #1 1972 US ACO vs. Straw Dogs
Movie Mirror Yearbook (Dean Martin Cover) 1/72 US MM Pic
Coronet (Lawrence Welk Cover) 1/72 US MM Pic
Motion Picture Herald 1/72 US Review 
Playboy 1/72 US Pictorial
Show Magazine (16 pictures on Cover w/MM) 1/72 UK MM interview
Rolling Stone #1 (ACO Cover Story) 1/72 AU Different than US version
Daily Variety 1/72 US 1 page SK Saturday Review Cover
Newsweek (Vision of Kubrick Cover) 1/3/72 US Cover Story
Los Angeles Flyer (Davinci Pop Art Cover) 1/6/72 US FX Story w/ACO + pic
Vogue (Your Best Looks For Spring Cover) 1/15/72 US People are talking About MM
Daily Variety V154 #32 1/18/72 US Sets London house record
Daily Variety 1/19/72 US Top film in Frisco
Rolling Stone #100 (Jerry Garcia Cover) 1/20/72 US Kubrick Interview w/pics
Daily Variety 1/25/72 US Full page ad with critics comments
Daily Variety 1/26/72 US Cancel Where X Ad Tabu
The Great Speckled Bird  1/31/72 US Movie Ad
Screen and Television Stars 1/72 US MM Interview
Life (Howard Hughes Cover Story)  2/4/72 US Review
BFI Monthly Film Bulletin 2/72 UK Reveiw by Jan Dawson
Films Illustrated (Robert Redford Cover)  2/72 UK Review
films and filming (ACO Cover Story)  2/72 UK 6 pgs, pic, review + ad
Saturday Night  2/72 US 2pg Article/Review
Newsweek (Winters Olympics Cover) 2/14/72 US MM article
Daily Variety 2/21/72 US Opens 9 Key Engagements
Film Quarterly V25 #3 Spring 72 US Review
Rolling Stone #103 (Bob Dylan Cover) 3/2/72 US Review
Daily Variety 3/9/72 US Oscar consideration ad
Daily Variety 3/10/72 US Oscar consideration ad
Circular (ACO cover story) 3/13/72 US Soundtrack story
Crawdaddy (ACO cover story) 3/19/72 US MM interview
Boxoffice Canadian Edition 3/27/72 US Toast to WB w/2 pics
Circus (ELP Cover) 3/72 US Article
Show (Maurice Chevalier Cover) 3/72 US MM article
Interview Andy Warhol's Movie #20 (James Dean Cover) 3/72 UK MM interview 1pg
Photoplay Film Monthly (The Boyfriend Cover) 3/72 UK Review w/MM pic
Creem V3 #10 (John Lennon Cover) 3/72 US Review by L Bangs
John Brimhall Piano #15 (ACO Cover) 3/72 US w/ACO Theme sheet music
Ingenue (Pamela Sue Martin Cover) 3/72 US MM article
Postif #136 (ACO Viddy Well Cover) 3/72 Fr Article by Bourget
Scene (Kubrick Cover) 4/72 US SK/ACO Article
Modern Screen (Dean Martin/Cathy Hawn Cover) 4/72 US Malcolm pic
TV Radio Talk 4/72 US Malcolm pic
Daily Variety 4/7/72 US ACO linked with Porn
Live (Oscars Cover) 4/7/72 US Oscars
ABC Film Review (Steptoe and Son Cover) 4/72 UK Cheryl Grunwald Story
ABC #16 4/21/72 Italy Kubrick Article
Men's Digest #138 (Claudia Andre Cover) 5/72 US Review
Screen Stories (Jane Fonda Cover) 5/72 US MM's Secret Love Life
Photoplay (Dean Martin/Chad Everett Cover) 5/72 US Small MM Interview
Ecran (ACO Cover Story) 5/5/72 Fr Alex grabbing for breasts cover
Cinema 72 #166 5/72 Fr by Cluny
Film Review 5/72 UK Review + MM interview
Film Heritage Summer 72 UK by Robert Boyers
Screen Summer 72 UK by Charles Barr
Sight and Sound Summer 72 UK Movie Ad
Cinefantastique V2#2 (Planet of Apes Cover) Summer 72 US Review
Rolling Stone #110 (George McGovern Cover) 6/8/72 US Story/Burgess on Alex
The Australian Exhibitor 6/8/72 AU Karlin/Corri Article
The Australian Exhibitor 6/20/72 AU AU Award Ad
Postif #139 (Girl + Dog Cover) 6/72 Fr SK article/Burgess Letter
Movie News (Alex Cover) 6/72 AU 2pg story w/6 pics
Andy Warhol's Interview 6/72 UK  John Lennon on ACO
Penthouse Vol 3 No 10 6/72 US Burgess Interview
Screen and TV Album (Liz Taylor Cover) 7/72 US Sex Charged MM Story
TV and Movie Screen (Dean Martin/Sinatra Cover) 7/72 US MM/ACO Story
Daily Variety V156 #58 8/25/72 US Re-Edited for an R rating
Motion Picture Daily 8/25/72 US Re-Edited for an R rating
Domenica del Corriere #36 9/5/72 Italy MM/ACO Interview
Playboy 9/72 US Sex in Cinema
Weight Watchers (Baked Fish Armenian Cover) 10/72 US Miriam Karlin interview
The Realist #94 (Nixon Cover) 10/72 US ACO Articles
TV Movie Pin-Ups (David Cassidy Cover) 11/72 US MM Mention
Song Hits 12/72 US 8 track club w/ACO
Who's Who in Movies #7 (Many Stars on Cover) 1972 US MM Mention
Drool #1 1972 US Shockwork Lemon  Parody
Castle of Frankenstein #19 (V5 #3) 1972 US Sinbad cover/ACO story + Review
Cinema #32 (Woody Allen Cover) Winter 72 US 10 pg story
Sight and Sound Winter 72 UK  Review by Don Daniels
Life Magazine's Final Issue 12/29/72 US w/Alex Drawing-Pg 22
Boxoffice Showmaster 1/1/73 CA Adverse Approach for Ads pays off
International Times #146 (Mao Cover) 1+2/73 UK Full page ad
films and filming (Mark Of The Devil Cover)  1/73 UK Best of 72
Grin #2 (Ape Astronaut Cover) 1/73 US Orangework Clock Parody
Film Review 1/73 UK ACO Poster
Literature/Film Quarterly V1 #2 Spring 73 UK Unstuck in Time Article
Film Review (Madeline Smith Cover) 2/73 UK 3pg ACO Article
Gallery #5 3/73 US Katya Weyth Pictorial
Seventeen 3/73 US 3 pg MM Interview
Circular (Christopher Milk Cover) 4/9/73 US Small article promo mag
Target (Silverhead Cover) 3/73 UK Meet the Droogs
Mad Magazine #137 7/73 UK Cover/parody
Mad Magazine #53 (Machwerk Zitrone) 7/73 DE Cover/parody
Mad Magazine #159 7/73 US Cover/parody
Isabelle #76 (Summer of Love) 7/73 Can 14pg Article
Seventeen 8/73 US OLM review/Burgess Inter.
Car Craft (74 Mustang II Cover) 9/73 US Clockwork Chevy Build-Up Pt 1
Car Craft  10/73 US Clockwork Chevy Pt 2
Car Craft (Drag Team Cover) 11/73 US Clockwork Chevy Engine Pt 3
Car Craft (Granny Goose Cover) 12/73 US Clockwork Chevy Detailing Pt 4
The Velvet Light Trap #13 (Chinatown Cover) Spring 74 US Thesis on Violence
Playboy 9/74 US Burgess Interview
Film International #2 5/75 US Sex + Violence films w/ACO
Film 76 (David Bowie Cover)  1976 AU w/ACO pics
Cine Revue (Yves Montand Cover) 12/76 Fr MM ACO Interview
Mad Magazine Super Special #23 1977 US Crockwork Reprinted
Take One (Mink Stole Cover) 3/78 Canada B/W pics
Future Fantasy (UFO/CE3K Cover) 4/78 US Info + pics
Famous Monsters #142 (Vader Cover) 4/78 US Review
Trouser Press #29 (Rolling Stones Cover) 6/78 UK Stones/ACO Interview
Fantastic Worlds (Starlog Guidebook) 1978 US Villain Info + pic
Playboy (Monroe Cover) 5/79 US Walter Carlos Interview
Starlog 26 (Kubrick/Fantasy Cover) 12/80 Japan Kubrick/ACO Article
Levende Billeder 7/83 Denmark Cover story
Mad Super Special #47 Sum 84 US Parody reprint
Rolling Stone #496 (Bangles Cover) 3/26/87 US 21st chapter 1st US printing
The NY Times Book Review   10/87 US Alex on Today's Youth
Gourmet  11/87 US 'About Oranges'-Burgess
Shocking Cinema (Terror Cover) 1987 AU ACO Controversy
Samhain #8 (Prince of Darkness Cover)  3-4/88 UK Story
Idols V1 #8 (Marilyn Monroe Cover)  9/88 UK 3pg Lost Film Article w/pics
Fantasynopsis #1  1988 UK Cover Story
Video Para Usted (ACO Cover) 6/89 Argentina Cover Story - 3pgs
Beat of the Street #3 1989 UK Ska Mag w/article
Time Out Magazine  12/6-13/89 UK 5pgs on ACO 2004
20/20 1/90 UK MM interview
GQ (Phil Daniels ACO Cover)  2/90 UK ACO 2004 interview
The Face V2 #17 (Sinead Cover)  2/90 UK ACO 2004 article
Plays & Players (Emil Wolk Cover)  2/90 UK ACO 2004 pic/article
New Statesman & Society  2/2/90 UK ACO 2004 Daniels interview
Sight & Sound (ACO Cover) Spring 90 UK ACO 4 pg/4 pic story
Starburst #140 (Bill + Ted Cover) 4/90 UK ACO 2004
Dark Star #6 1990 UK ACO 2004 Article
Dark Star #7 1990 UK ACO 2004 Review
Propaganda #12 (U2 Fan Club) 1990 US Edge on ACO 2004
Vogue 6/90 US ACO 2004 play article
Video Marketplace 7-8/90 US Sleepers - ACO mention + pic
Starlog #165 4/91 US ACO 2004 play article
Studio #59 3/92 France 4pg Article
Empire #54 (Sylvester Stallone Cover) 12/93 UK Tony Parsons on the Ban
Redeemer V1 #3 (Female Droog Cover) 1992 UK ACO Revisited
Mad Magazine Movie Issue Fall 94 US Crockwork Orange
Invasion #11 1995 UK ACO Review
Ciak #6 1/95 Italy 4pg ACO story
films in Review (Jessica Lange Cover) 1/95 UK Violence/ACO story
Entertainment Weekly 'The Emulate Show' 1/27/95 US w/ACO copycat crimes
Femme Fatales V3 #4 (Hellraiser IV Cover) Spring 95 US Kubrick + ACO
Loaded (Jimmy White Cover) 3/95 UK Malcolm Interview
Sci-Fi Entertainment (Mortal Kombat Cover) 4/95 US Tank Girl/ACO
AVN (A Clockwork Orgy Cover) 7/95 US 1st ACO Porno w/pics
Entertainment Weekly (Jennifer Aniston Cover) 12/15/95 US Encore Pic + 1pg article
Femme Fatales Vol 2 #4 (Hellraiser IV Cover) Spring 96 US ACO/Wetherell Article
Entertainment Weekly (John Travolta Cover) 6/28/96 US Pic + article
The Dark Side #58 (Secret Nasties Cover) 7/96 UK Article about banned films
Mix 9/96 US Story
TeleVision #14 (X-Files Cover) 12/96 Ger Story
Tattoo Idea #19 (Eagle/Anchor Cover) 1997 IT Has ACO Pattern
Neon (MIB Will Smith Cover) 8/97 UK 6 pgs w/many pics
The Dark Side #72 (Cryptkeeper Cover) 4-5/98 UK Article about the film + ban
The Movie 1971 (ACO Cover) 1998 Japan Films of the 70s
Entertainment Weekly (Sci Fi Issue Cover) 10/16/98 US Top 100 Sci-fi films including ACO
NME (Catatonia Cover) 3/27/99 UK Article
Total Film #27 (John Travolta Cover) 4/99 UK 2 pgs
Uncut 'SK: A Cinema of Obsession' 5/99 UK 4 pgs Kubrick w/2 pics
Empire #119 5/99 UK 4 pgs Kubrick. w/pic
Entertainment Weekly 7/99 US Kubrick Collection ad w/Alex pic
Venice Film Festival Kubrick Issue 8/99 US w/Pics and info
Premiere 8/99 US MM on Kubrick w/pic
Sight & Sound (Eyes Wide Shut Cover)  9/99 UK Burgess vs. Kubrick
The Look - Fashion Cinema Premiere Supplement 2000 UK w/1 pic
Video Watchdog #58 (ACO Cover) 2000 US DVD Review
Film Review Special #29. 'Century in Cinema' 1/00 UK The '70's w/1 pic
Heat (Geri Halliwell Cover) 2/3/00 UK Story
The Times Magazine 3/18/00 UK 3 pgs Castle's exhibit w/8 pics
Total Film #38 3/00 UK Censored w/2 pics
Redeemer V1 #1 3/00 UK Revisited
Kubrick Memorial Concert Program 3/00 UK Set pics
SFX #63 (Randall & Hopkirk Cover) 4/00 UK Re-Release Past Perfect
Esquire (Cameron Diaz Cover) 4/00 UK Phil Castle art story
BFI/NFT Program 4/00 UK Cover story
Flicks 4/00 UK Ad + review w/1 pic
Total Film #39 (Three Kings Cover) 4/00 UK 5 pgs 18 pics + Review, plus CD
Uncut (ACO Cover + Music CD) 4/00 UK 16 pgs w/review + pics
Empire (Winona Ryder Cover) 4/00 UK Review
Book & Magazine Collector (Partial ACO Cover) 4/00 UK List of Burgess' works
Memorabilia and Online Auctions #1 (Star Wars Cover) 5/00 UK The return
Infotainment #3 (Life on Earth Cover) 5/00 UK The return
Film Review #593 (Julia Roberts Cover) 5/00 UK Story
Bizarre #32 Censorship Issue 5/00 UK Behind the Scenes
Starburst No.263 6/00 UK Kubrick's SF 10 pgs w/8 pics
Empire 9/00 UK ACO Must Rent - 1pg
People Weekly (Celebrates the 70s/Travolta Cover) 10/16/00 US Article
NW (Stars Without Make-Up Cover) 11/13/00 AU Review
Home Cinema Choice (World's Finest DVD Cover) 12/00 UK DVD Review
Model Maniacs #2 (Black Lagoon Cover) Summer 01 US Alex model feature
Hotdog (3 Different Covers) 4/01 UK PR Deltoid article
Satellite TV Europe (ACO/Gangster No. 1 Cover) 7/01 UK ACO/Gangster TV premieres
NTL: Guide 7/01 UK On TV article w/3 pics
Jane 9/01 US ACO inspired Garb
Total Film 11/01 UK Banned article + pics
Film Four Channel Guide (Cover Story) 11+12/01 UK TV Guide
Matrix #61 Spring 02 AU Kubrick Article w/ACO
Mojo - The Music Magazine (Bowie Cover) 7/02 UK Bowie on ACO
Empire 1/03 UK ACO Bare Necessities
Razor (Selma Hayek Cover) 3/03 US SK special
Premiere (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Cover) 4/04 US Alex Voted #68/100
Entertainment Weekly #801 (Depp/Winslet Cover) 1/15/05 US Surviving Ads w/parody
Mixmag (Bez Cover) w/CD 4/05 UK Bez as Alex cover
Premiere (100 Greatest Performances Cover) 4/06 US Alex Voted #100


New York Times Book Review 4/7/63 US Bad Review
Catholic News "More than a Product of Heredity" 12/71 US by John E. Fitzgerald
NY Sunday News 12/19/71 US Pg 6 - MM Quote
Daily News "Cynical Vision of Tomorrowland" 12/20/71 US Review by KC
New York 12/20/71 US Review by Judith Christ
New York Times "ACO Dazzles the Senses and Mind" 12/20/71 US Review by Vincent Canby
LA Times "Kubrick's Version of ACO" 12/21/71 US X-rated version article
Saturday Review "Kubrick Country" 12/25/71 US Review by Penelope Houston
NY Sunday News 12/26/71 US Review by Rex Reed
London Evening Standard Interview 12/31/71 UK Story
Hollywood Reporter Analysis of ACO 1/1/72 US by Emanuel K. Schwartz
NY Times "...Irresponsible Horror Show? 1/9/72 US by Clayton Riley
NY Post 1/15/72 US Pg 17 - MM Quotes
NY Times 1/30/72 US Malcolm Interview
Hollywood Reporter "Psychiatric Analysis of ACO" 1/31/72 US by Emanuel K. Schwartz Ph.D.
NY Times "Where Do You Stand on Orange?" 2/6/72 US Letters from Readers
NY Times Hechinger anti-ACO article 2/13/72 US Liberals should hate it
NY Times 2/27/72 US MM objects to negativity
The Orange Times 2/72 US Theater herald
TV Times/Montreal Gazette Supplement (ACO Cover) 4/8-14/72 Can Inside the milkbar pic
Montreal Express 4/15/72 Can Mini Review and Ad
Senior Scholastic 4/24/72 US Margaret Ronan Interviews MM
Orange Actresses Part of Arsenal to Combat Ad 6/13/72  Variety Article by Tony Scott
NY Times "Disorientating but Human Comedy" 7/21/72 US Article
Variety "Author Burgess Irked by Orange Press" 8/23/73 US by Roger Watkins
On the Hopelessness of Turning Books Into Films 4/20/75 US by Anthony Burgess
Montreal Sunday Express 12/18/77 US Reader Review + Pic
Skinhead Times #1 12/89 UK Article
New Statesman + Society 2/2/90 UK Interview about the play
NY Times "British Test 19-Year Ban on ACO" 2/6/93 US 1 theater plays the film
The Times 'Droog in the Dock' 1/30/93 UK Tony Parsons 3 pgs on ban w/pics
Independent on Sunday 'So what ails Aylesbury? 7/24/94 UK by Cal McCrystal - locations mentioned
Adrienne Corri Interview 1996 US Singin' in the rain
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 11/97 US David Prowse Interview 1999 US MM My Life Interview
The Guardian Unlimited 3/14/99 UK MM Remembers Kubrick
Sunday Times 'A little violence isn't the worst thing...' 5/16/99 UK by Michael Winner w/Mention
Sunday Times 'ACO freed for violent Screen comeback' 6/20/99 UK by Nicholas Hellen Article w/1 pic
The Times 'Eyes Wide Open' (Alex pic) 7/3/99 UK Top 100 Cult Movies #1 - w/2 pics 9/9/99 US MM Remembers Kubrick
The Times 'Film-makers present Britain's top100' 9/23/99 UK #81 ACO #12 if.... 1 pic
'It's time again for Kubrick's masterpiece' 12/3/99 UK by Paul McCann w/pic
'Why Kubrick lifted his ACO ban' 12/7/99 UK by Paul McCann w/3 pics
Financial Times 1/00 UK Nigel Andrews Review
'Why Hollywood has gone soft' 3/5/00 UK by Brian Appleyard  1 pg - 1 pic
The Times 3/16/00 UK Review/article+1 pic
'The triumph of style over content' 3/17/00 UK by Deborah Orr - the return w/1 pic
The Independent 3/17/00 UK 2 articles w/1 pic
Times & Citizen 3/17/00 UK 1 pg review w/1 pic
The Times 3/18/00 UK TV + Movie review Ch 4 1 pic
The Sunday Times 3/19/00 UK Review w/1 pic
The Sunday Times 'The Knife Man Cometh' 6/00 UK 3 pg interview w/pics
The Sunday Times 'Nasty pieces of work' 7/9/00 UK by Michael Winner w/mentions
The Sunday Times 8/27/00 UK Video review
The Daily Telegraph 'The next challenge for Blair'  8/31/00 UK Rachel Sylvester -  w/pic
The Times 11/11/00 UK Video/DVD review of w/1 pic
Sydney Sunday Telegraph TV Guide 9/29/02 AU 1/2 page ACO
New York Times - Whatever happened to the X-rated film? 8/15/03 ACO pic/mention


Film 71/72 by the National Society of Film Critics 1972 US with Reviews
Academy Awards 1972 Oscar Annual 1972 US Coverage + pics
What The Censor Saw (ACO on Cover) 1973 UK by John Trevelyan HC
Kind and Usual Punishment: The Prison Business 1973 US Jessica Mitford - ACO type prisons
Our Savage God 1974 US R.C. Zaehner on violence today
The New Hollywood 1974 HC 1974 US by Axel Madsen w/4 ACO mentions
Horror & Fantasy in the Movies 1974 US Tom Hutchinson HC 6 pgs/2 pics
A Pictorial History of Sex in Films 1974 US by Parker Tyler HC 2 pics
Cinema of Mystery 1975 US PB/HC by Rose London 1 pic
Violence U.S.A. 1975 US PB by Arthur Daigon
A Pictorial History of Science Fiction Films 1975 US PB by Jeff Rovin w/coverage
Cut: The Unseen Cinema 1975 UK w/3 pics
Savage Cinema 1975 US by Rick Trader Whitcombe
Beyond Formula - American Film Genres 1976 US by Stanley J. Solomon w/mention
Science Fiction Movies 1976 US by Philip Strick
Burke's Steerage  1976 UK w/MM: A Clockwork Top Banana
Movie Magic: Story of Special Effects 1976 US by John Brosnan PB - barely
From Jules Verne to Star Trek 1977 US by Jeff Rovin w/ pics
Sci-Fi Now 1978 UK w/Korova pic
The Warner Bros. Story 1979 US Featured
Country Life Book of Britain in the 70s 1980 US Featured
Anatomy of the Movies 1981 US David Pirie
Twenty All-Time Great Science Fiction Films 1982 US Ken Von Gunden HC 13 pg/7 pic
Cult Films 2 1983 US by Danny Peary 6pgs + 6 pics
Screen Flights Screen Fantasies 1984 UK by Danny Peary w/review
The Films of the Seventies: A filmography 1984 US by Mark Sigolof
Double Exposure: Fiction into Film 1985 US From Book to Film
Fifty Grand Movies of the 1960s and 1970s 1986 US HC by David Zinman
Hollywood 1970's 1986 US Gallery - ACO covered
The Best of Warner Bros. 1986 US ACO covered
Rotten Review II 1987 US Bad Book Reviews
Oscar Dearest 1987 US by Peter H. Brown TPB - 1971 covered
Inside Oscar 1988 US by Mason Wiley TPB - 1971 covered
The Ragman's Son By Kirk Douglas 1988 US HC/PB - MM Kubrick story 1 pg
Off-Hollywood Movies: A Film Lover's Guide 1989 US by Richard Skorman ACO covered
Box Office Champs: Most Popular Films of Last 50 Years 1990 US Small coverage
Anatomy of Film 2nd Edition 1990 US by Bernard F. Dick
Hollywood Films of the Seventies 1990 US by Seth Cagin
The 70's from Hot Pants to Hot Tubs 1990 UK ACO as a fashion trend
Joe Franklin's Movie Trivia 1992 US Spelled Alix in his ACO question!?
The Art of Mad Magazine Auction Book 12/18/92 US Christie's East - original art w/ACO cover
The Films of the Seventies 1993 US by Robert Bookbinder TPB Pgs 45-7 - 6 pics
Among the Thugs by Bill Buford 6/93 US Blurb - "ACO come to life!"
The Phantom Empire 1993 US by Geoffrey O' Brien - Discussed
Spirit of '69: A Skinhead Bible 1994 UK by George Marshall w/ACO
Movie Heaven: An Anthology of New Film Writing 1995 UK w/Tony Parsons on ACO
Fragments of Fear: Guide to British Horror 1995 US by Andy Boot - Has pics/info
Aurum Film Encyclopedia of Sci-Fi 1995 US Has ACO/MM pics/info
Ultra Violent Movies 1996 US by Laurent Bouzareau -12 pgs w/4 pics
Mad about the Movies (WB 75th) 1998 US ACO Parody Reprinted
Wham bam thank you Glam: A celebration of the 70ís 1998 UK by Jeremy Novich w/ACO
British Science Fiction Cinema 1999 UK IQ Hunter/ACO-James Chapman
Rapid Eye 3 1999 Porno special
Censored: The Story of Film Censorship in Britain  2000 UK by Tom Dewe Mathews/The Ban
Fragments of Fear: Guide to British Horror (Revised) 2000 US by Andy Boot - Has pics/info
Oi! The Tattoobook 2000 Ger features tats
Steppenwolf 25 2000 US by Victor Skrebneski w/ACO play
Books of the Century Updated 2000 US NY Times ACO Review from 1963
Ten Years of Terror: British Horror Films of the Seventies 2001 UK by Harvey Fenton and David Flint w/ACO
The 70's: A Decade of Classic Movies 2001 AU Review
Kubrick The Definitive Edition 9/01 US MM Interview
Director's Cut: The George Cosmatos Vintage Film Poster Collection 10/16/01 US Poster Guide w/ACO
Your Face Here 2001 UK if.... + ACO discussed
The Son of Seduction of the Gullible 2002 UK ACO discussed
Scandalo Al Cinema! (ACO on Cover) 2002 Italy ACO discussed
The First Empire Movie Almanac 8/03 UK ACO nadsat + tidbits
One Hundred Violent Films That Changed Cinema 8/03 UK by Neil Fulwood w/ACO
Costume Design (Focal Press) 2003 US ACO costumes
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (ACO on Cover) 2/05 UK by by Peter Dr Boxall ACO Featured

Movie Review Books

Big in the 80s + Early 90s before the Internet changed everything.

Movies on TV 1978-9 Edition 1977 US edited by Steven H. Scheuer
The Film Encyclopedia 1979 US by Ephraim Katz w/mini MM Bio
The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film 1983 US by Michael Weldon - CP w/pic
Encyclopedia of Great Movies 1985 UK ed Nick Roddick w/pic+summary
Horrors from Screen to Scream 1985 US by Ed Naha w/ pic
All-Time Favorite Movies 1986 US by Home Library 
Guide for the Film Fanatic 1986 US by Danny Peary
Halliwell's Film and Video Guide (6th Edition) 1987 US Leslie Halliwell PB/HC worst ACO
The Phantom's Ultimate Video Guide 1989 US by The Phantom
Roger's Ebert's Film Companion 80-90s Many MM movies
Leonard Maltin's Guide 80s-90s US w/All Malcolm movies
Rating the Movies (Consumer Guide) 1990 US Editors + Jay Brown 
The Greatest Movies of All Time (2nd Edition) 1991 US Blockbuster Video PB
Guide to Home Video and Movies 1993 US by Ryan Reed PB
371 items    

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