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A Clockwork Orange Poster Design Exhibition 2000


Alex's Hat
Stanley Kubrick gave the hat to Philip Castle so that he could get the right curve in the brim for the poster. He never asked for it back, so Philip kept it.

The Outside of the Sho Gallery
Very small promotion, could walk right by without seeing it.

Sketches 1
Poster, painting and logo sketches - some were not used.

Sketches 2
Poster concept and an original newspaper with the poster advertisement for the film

Sketches 3
Series of 24 original sketches of ideas for the poster, done during his first viewing of the film.

Album Covers
1972 Recordings featured in Stanley Kubrick's ACO (Deutsche Grammophone) - Black Cover
and the US/UK Original Soundtrack cover.

Lobby Cards and Brochure
A partial set of UK lobby cards and the UK theater brochure.

Concept Poster 1
Originally the writing was across the statuettes' breasts, but when Kubrick wanted it moved, Castle put a bikini on her. Never ending Lucy art.

Concept Poster 2
Unused. Giant Lucy legs with Alex in between.

Three Different Posters
French 10th Anniversary, French Mini 1972 and Belgian Mini 1972.

Rape Scene Print 1
Signed and numbered print.

Alex Holding Teeth Print 2
Signed and numbered print for sale at the time.

Lucy and the Korova Tables Print 3
Signed and numbered art print.

Droogs in the Durango Print 4
Signed and numbered print.

Lucy Polaroids
Philip took reference photos of the Lucy Milk machine to paint her on the poster.

The Orange Times
1972 Herald newspaper given out at US theaters.

Various Items
Foreign posters and newspaper articles.


    The exhibit featured his designs and paintings used for the film. Studying at the Royal College of Art in 1960, Castle's first work was published in national newspaper advertisements and in the pages of Vogue magazine. He was noticed by Kubrick, who approached him to design and illustrate the ad campaigns and set designs for his forthcoming movie 'A Clockwork Orange'.
     It also features a wonderful collection of memorabilia and artwork from around the world. Castle's classic poster image is shown in all its variants from around the world and is accompanied by a selection of lobby cards, magazines and original articles from the time of the film's initial release. It's interesting to see the slight changes that each country makes to Castle's work. The sculpture featured heavily in the main poster design is naked on the German, Danish and Argentina poster but covered up for the rest of the world.
    There was also a vast array of original sketches and artwork from Castle's own archive, much of which has never surfaced before. Starting with correspondence with the director himself, the original designs for the film's logo are covered in annotation by Kubrick. His notes on this seemingly minuscule part of the production give a nice insight into the great man's thoughts.
    Castle's designs and sketches for the Korova Milkbar and its use in the movie's worldwide advertising campaign show how startling the majestic opening sequence is and how well it sets up the mood of the entire film. One bizarre idea was for an ice cream cone campaign!?
    Castle's original airbrushed artwork was also on display. Alongside the familiar poster images are works based on the car ride, the Korova Milkbar and the droogs' invasion and attack on 'home'.
    There was a limited edition art print sold at the event for the large price of $385.
    The exhibition ran from April until June 15, 2000. The Sho Gallery is at 73 Curtain Road, London EC2. Telephone: 020 7729 1590. Opening times: Thursday-Saturday 12noon-6pm; Sundays 12noon-4pm.


Complete pictures and text from the 1972 UK Theater Program


Art Prints

ACO - Droogs in Car 1971
ACO - Tables in Korova 1971
ACO - Alex holding glass w/teeth 1971
ACO - Alex fighting Catlady 1971
ACO - Beethoven and snake 1971
ACO - Alex + Dim rape scene 1971
Cut N' Out (LE 350)


Heineken 1975

Album/CD Covers

Mott the Hoople - Rock 'n' Roll Queen LP 1972
Pulp - Do you remember the 1st time 7" 1994
Pulp - His 'N' Hers LP 1994
Pulp - The Sisters EP 1994
Les Rythmes Digitales - Darkdancer CD 1999

Art Collections

European Illustration '74' 75 1974
Portfolio w/8 prints (Farrah Fawcett, etc.) 1977
Airflow - HC/SC 1980
The Airbrush Book (Featured) 1980
Harley Earl and the Dream Machine (5 Plates) 1983
The Guide to Fantasy Art Techniques (Featured) 1984
The Art of the Beatles (Featured) by Mike Evans 1984
Airshow -  HC/SC 1999

Book Covers

Awopbopaloobop Lopbamboom by Nik Cohn 1969
Year of the Unicorn by Andre Norton 1970
Lennon Remembers: The Rolling Stone Interviews 1973
James Dean: A Biography by John Marriott 1997


Pirelli Tires Pin Up 1973


Paul McCartney Christmas (Wings Art) 1979

Posters - Non Movie

Wings on Tour Concert 1979
Flights of Fantasy Exhibition 1982
Museum of Flying Classic Aircraft 1st Auction 1990
Museum of Flying Classic Aircraft 2nd Auction 1991

Posters - Movie

A Clockwork Orange 1971
The Valley  1973
Final Programme 1973
Flash Gordon 1980
Full Metal Jacket 1987
Gangster No 1 US 2002


The Orange Times (Herald) 1972
Barry Lyndon 1975

Video Game Covers

Elite 1984

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