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A young woman's fantastic odyssey in a world of sex, droogs and rock and roll.
It's about Beethoven, Bandits and Babes.

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Character Actor
Alexandra Kaitlyn Ashley
Dum Rebecca Lord
Georgina Isis Nile
Patty Olivia
Tramp Dick Nasty
(Deltoid) Shelby Stevens
(Mr. Alexander) Jon Dough
(Brodsky) Jonathan Morgan
(Sergeant) Nicole Lace
Milkbar Patron Kyle Stone
End Orgy Man Alex Sanders
End Orgy Man Vince Voyeur
End Orgy Man Jay Ashley

Directed by Nic Cramer

Classic Lines

Alex: There was me, that is, Alexandra and my three droogs, that is Patty, Georgina and Dum. And we sat in the Korovia Milkbar trying to make up our rassodocks what to do with the evening. The Korovia Milkbar made Toasted Creme Supreme and Molotov Milk, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-sex."

Alex: Indeed...I was treated all right!






Alexandra opening shot

Droogettes in the bar / Alex with large phallus

From the June 1995 issue of AVN each panel was on a separate page.
Beethoven, Bandits and Babes

July 1995 AVN Uncensored Movie Poster Cover


DVD Cover - Front

DVD Cover - Back

UK VHS Cover
Scan is Kaitlyn only reversed from the US release with a pink psychedelic logo.

Synopsis - Official

Here's where droogs are still droogs, but their tonic is sex, not violence. Superstar Kaitlyn Ashley plays Alex, who surrounded by fellow gangsters Isis Nile, hot Olivia and the French beauty Rebecca Lord, roam dingy alleyways in search for wanton sex. First they attack a street bum, actor Dick Nasty, when Rebecca Lord winds up on the receiving end of a very gooey facial. Then, Jon Dough in a wheelchair, succumbs to the wildeyed street nymphs. But not before our Kaitlyn is seduced by parole officer Shelby Stevens, and committed to the looney bin where Jonathan Morgan and Nikole Lace try to recondition out her nymphomania. Is this the final era of planet earth? Perhaps. Is it the future of adult film? Definitely.

My Summary

(All descriptions of sex are toned down.)

    The film opens like the Kubrick film with a close-up of Alex eyes to a wide shot of the milk-bar where "Alex" sits with her Droogs. After drinking their milk they head out for the ultra-sex breaking the no-sex law. They come across what is supposed to be an old drunk, but is obviously a young guy and attack him. Instead of beating him up Rebecca Lord performs oral on him. Kaitlyn, Isis Nile and Olivia stand by taunting him as he has sex with her up against a car.
    Back home, Alex gets a visit from her parole officer, an insanely big breasted woman (PR Deltoid role). She lives not with her parents, but with a sugar daddy. Concerned that she is up to no good, but instead of lecturing her, she gets into bed with Alex - already in bra and panties. She helps her to relieve her "rather intolerable pain in the groinal area."
    Later that night, the four droogs break in on a poor lonely man (Mr. Alexander role). Instead of being beaten and having to watch his wife raped, he gets shoved down and "forced" to have sex with Isis and Olivia with more nasty talk. Soon after the police arrive and Alex is arrested for "wanton sexual encounters."
    Alex ends up in jail and does her best to beg for leniency from her captors. She is brought to prison where she is forced to strip in front of the doctor and his guard. 
    Meanwhile Isis is living it up on the outside. She finds Kyle Stone and has sex with him in the milk bar. (No equivalent in ACO.)
    Alex now sits in the center of a spotlight with the male doctor circling around her, announcing that the prisoner must be de-sexed. Her therapy consists of being tied down  in a straight jacket and shown porno films. With the help of some drugs she becomes sick at the sight of sex and ill if she has dirty thoughts. The final scene is a live sex act in front of Alex between the doctor his female guard.
    Now Alex is starting to breaking down. The doctor puts Alex on display, cured of her wicked ways, for all to see his demonstration of a new celibate society. To prove how well he has reprogrammed Alex, the female guard comes out in a leather outfit with her breasts exposed. Her display sends Alex to the floor with stomach pain. She then forces Alex to lick her boot if she wants her to stop.
    Since she is cured all right she is released. On her way home Alex runs into the drunk tramp from the beginning and he remembers her. He and two of his friends have sex with her against a car and she is unable to resist.
    She escapes to a nearby home and you guessed it, it's they guy who they attacked earlier  He is now confined to a wheelchair from the "attack". He recognizes her as the woman who was experimented on by the government and not his attacker. As he plans to help her Alex goes upstairs and is suddenly cured. She happily sings while in the bathtub and he hears it below, now recognizing her his attacker and goes into a fit. He uses music to send her over the edge and out the window.
    Then its off to a junkyard orgy with all the cast getting banged up against some cars and as Alex gets it from behind she looks all evil into the camera and the final line is, "Indeed...I was treated all right!"

My Review

    This seemed liked it was going to be much more intelligent than your average porno film so it interested me. The preview article really talked it up as it was going to be semi-true to the film. It was in a sense, but when all is said and done it wasn't much more than a flashy porno. The opening starts out just like ACO with the camera right on her face, but then people are walking in front of the camera (!?) and the moloko type writing on the wall behind her is just plain laughable. It's like they didn't even try to match it up - bad cut outs on a blue wall! There is a topless waitress and some mannequin - no female or male shaped tables. Unlike Alex who never blinks, this Alexandra starts blinking right away. At first it was kind of fun, but then it got a bit painful when they tripped over the nadsat and just inserted it for no other reason, but to just be there like "just viddy...well then". This film also was a pioneer to the practice of spitting, which is pretty disturbing to see. The sex scenes are very long and the ACO stuff is very short. Without a real breast in the bunch the silicone level is also disturbing. The girls are supposed to attack the guys, but of course the guys are really working it - not forced at all. They certainly don't show any resistance. The whole plot is silly, like the guys wouldn't be interested in the first place. Why not do it right like in "The Violent Years" have the girls come in and knock the girlfriend around and take the guy for themselves. Have a couple girls hold the guy down while one jumps on him and then take turns. Have the guys at least pretend to resist!
    The sex scene shown at the milkbar while Alex is in jail is totally unnecessary and doesn't fit with the story. The whole idea of jail was skipped over completely. The Ludovico stuff is semi true to the film, but he whole thing about deconditioning her to music is forgotten, even though they use it against her at the end!? Of course her Ludovico is less that perfect. She is in a straight jacket, but has no lidlocks and isn't strapped in, so she could easily turn away or close her eyes!
    What's with the sex scenes in the junkyard at the beginning and the end which has nothing to do with ACO? Why not have it at the milkbar at least? It is so silly that the guys "attack" her at the end when she is performing on both of them at once - no evidence at all that she is resisting like she is supposed to. They could've done something interesting with the catlady, but left her out completely. The ending with the "orgy" at the junkyard was also bizarre. The guys all look like rejects from Guns N' Roses (I guess they are the rock and roll in the tagline?) and the music is cheesy 80s metal sounding. Why not have it at Alexander's house? What's with the whole junkyard theme anyway? She doesn't get messed up either when she jumps out the window and is just magically cured.
    Overall it is somewhat weak and not too true enough to the film at all for my tastes. There is an attempt, but overall it is just another excuse to copy a famous film. Some things are just disturbing, like the Deltoid role - gross! I give them a little bit of credit for trying, but not much. It is definitely worth a look if you can stomach a bit of it at least to get the idea. It is erotic at times and ridiculous at others - girls raping a man by giving him oral!? How does he get stuck in a wheelchair from that? When Alex is "attacked" by the "bums" later, she is supposed to be totally against sex, but gets into it and says, "F--- me harder!" This doesn't make any sense at all. At least they do some good shots with Alex singing in the tub and Mr. A freaking out in the wheelchair. Points are lost for all the fake breasts jammed into your face. Only 1 girl out of four has real ones...that is not a good ratio. Extra point for using 35mm film instead of video tape, but a minus for not being widescreen!

Rating: 5/10

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