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  Ad Mats
  14 x 19
ADM001 444 / 302 / 243 / 272 / 203
ADM002 475 / 302 / 460A / 337
ADM003 303A / 303R / 374 / 251A / 465
ADM004 284 / 560A / 240 / 238 / 270
ADM005 233R / 574 / 583
ADM006 342R / 446R - 8x14
ADM007 342 / 103 / 104 / 447 - 12x20
  17 x 23
ADM008 574 / 444 / 302
ADM009 284 / 560/ 243 / 272 / 233R / 583 / 251A / 203
ADM010 460A / 465 / 303A / 2240 / 238 / 270 / 374
ADM011 303R / 302 / 475 / 337
  18 x 25
ADM012 447 / 446R / 342R / 339 w/date 6/22/72
  Art Prints
ART001 Droogs in Durango
ART002 Korova tables
ART005 Print from ACO Exhibition 2000
ART010 Fuckemos Concert Poster by Frank Kozik 22 x 35 (Signed/Numbered)
  Ashtrays - Fan Made
ASH001 Droogs sitting in Korova ACO
AUD001 BBC 1999 Malcolm McDowell Interview
AUD002 Looking for Stanley BBC Radio Program 1999 w/MM Interview
AUD003 In the Director's Chair - Stanley Kubrick BBC Summer 1999 w/MM Interview
  Audio Books
ABK001 1st Chapter Read by Anthony Burgess 1973 - LP
ABK002 1st Chapter Read by Anthony Burgess 1973 - Cassette
ABK003 1st Chapter Read by Anthony Burgess 1993 "40th Anniversary" Sticker Error
ABK004 1st Chapter Read by Anthony Burgess 1996 - Cassette/Blue Face Cover
ABK015 A Clockwork Orange - A Play with Music 1998 BBC
ABK020 A Clockwork Orange - Complete + Unabridged 1998 read by Phil Daniels 5 CDs
ABK021 A Clockwork Orange - Complete + Unabridged 1998 read by Phil Daniels 8 CSs
BAG001 Canvas bag w/hat art
BAN001 Hook-ups Japanese ACO parody 20 x 53"
BOK001 1st print UK - HC 1962 - Yarbles pic
BOK002 2nd print HC Heinemann 1970 - ACO blurbs on back
BOK003 3rd print HC Heinemann 1972 - Now a film
BOK004 4th print HC Heinemann 1975 - Black cover
BOK005 5th print HC Heinemann 1982 
BOK006 6th print HC Heinemann 1989
BOK010 First Book Club US - HC 1963 pub by Norton
BOK012 1st print Trade 1963 $1.45 The Norton Library
BOK017 6th print Trade $3.95 pub by W.W. Norton
BOK019 Five Novels by Anthony Burgess 1965 Ballantine Slipcase set w/ACO
BOK020 1st Print Ballantine Wild Ones Cover PB 9/65
BOK021 2nd Ballantine printing 2/68
BOK022 3rd Print Motorcycle + Sunglasses Cover PB 9/69
BOK023 4th Print PB 6/70
BOK024 5th Print Motorcycle Close Up PB 10/71
BOK025 6th Print PB 1971
BOK026 7th Print Orange Covers PB 1/72 w/Movie ad page
BOK028 9th Print Orange Covers PB 3/72 w/Film book ad page
BOK030 11th print Orange Covers PB 4/72 w/Film book ad
BOK031 12th print Orange Covers PB 5/72 w/Film book ad
BOK033 14th print Orange Covers PB 11/73 w/Film book ad
BOK036 17th print Black Covers PB 11/75
BOK037 18th print Orange Cover, Black Spine + Back PB 7/76
BOK038 19th print Orange Cover/Black Text, Black Spine + Back PB 9/77
BOK040 21st print - Same as above w/New from Ballantine! ad last page PB 4/79
BOK047 28th print Black Covers w/Burgess in White PB 8/84
BOK049 31st print Black Covers w/Burgess in Yellow PB 11/87
BOK050 A New American edition w/missing last chapter 6th print HC 1986 pub by Norton
BOK051 A New American edition w/21st chapter SC 1987 by Norton
BOK055 2nd print Trade w/Bluish Nervosa cover + author/title 1986 Norton
BOK056 6th print Trade w/White Nervosa cover + title/author 1986 Norton
BOK060 1st revised ed w/Resucked + 21st chapter + title/author on spine PB 4/88 $3.95  Ballantine
BOK061 1st revised ed w/Resucked + 21st chapter + author/title on spine PB 4/88 $4.95 Ballantine
BOK062 39th print same as above 11/90 $5.95 pub by Ballantine
BOK065 Buccaneer Books - HC with Setting Sun Cover - No DJ/20 chapters
BOK070 1st print Trade w/Arena Brains II cover + 21st chapter 1994 Norton $10
BOK070 3rd print Trade w/Arena Brains II cover + 21st chapter 1994 Norton $11
BOK075 Easton Press - Leatherbound Edition/22kt Gold HC 2000
BOK080 Penguin UK- Hat cover 6th print 1974 PB w/glossary
BOK081 Penguin UK - Hat Cover 22nd print 1986 PB
BOK082 Penguin UK - Hat Cover 32nd print 1992 PB - Larger size + Different Cover Font
BOK083 Compact Books UK - Pink Alex Face 1994 HC
BOK084 Penguin - Cogs + Eye Cover 1996 SC w/Blake Morrison Intro
BOK085 Penguin - The Essential Collection 1999 - 10 PB boxed set w/ACO (UK)
BOK086 Penguin - 1999 Text Cover
BOK087 Penguin - 1999 Text Cover - 49th print Sight and Sound promo
BOK089 Penguin - Film tie-in edition 2000 poster cover
BOK090 Penguin Classics - 2000 Milk Glass Cover
BOK095 Pan Books - Australia 1964
BOK096 Penguin - Australia 1972 w/Movie Poster Cover
BOK098 A Laranja Mecanica - Portugal 1974 w/Movie Poster Cover
BOK100 Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange HC 1972 pub by Abelard-Schuman
BOK101 Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange PB 1972 pub by Ballantine
BOK102 Stanley Kubrick's ACO UK Screenpress 2000. Film poster cover
BOK103 Masterpieces of Science Fiction Edition (22kt Gold cover writing)
BOK104 Uhrwerk Orange - SC Naked Women Cover w/21st 1982 pub by Heyne
BOK105 Uhrwerk Orange - Brown Cover/Silver Writing 1995 pub by Heyne
BOK106 Screaming Man Cover Russian HC 2000
BOK107 Man with Pie Cover - Russia SC 2000
BOK108 ACO/Wanting Seed - Russia HC 2001
BOK109 The Cramps Cover - Russia HC 2001
BOK110 Otomatik Portakal - Turkey 1982 SC
BOK115 ACO 2004 - UK 1989 Arrow Books
BOK110 Little Wilson and Big God: Being the First Part of the Confessions 1986 HC
BOK111 You've Had Your Time: The Second Part of the Confessions 1991 HC
BOK110 Stanley Kubrick Directs (Revised) by Alexander Walker 1972
BOK115 The Films of Stanley Kubrick by Daniel Devries 1973
BOK120 A Cinema of Loneliness by Robert Phillip Kolker 1980 
BOK125 Kubrick: Inside a Film Artists Maze by Thomas Allen Nelson Trade 1982
BOK126 Kubrick by Michael Ciment 1984
BOK127 Le Petite Livre de Stanley Kubrick by Jean-Marc Bouineau SC 1995
BOK128 Stanley Kubrick: A Biography by John Baxter 1997
BOK129 Stanley Kubrick: A Biography by Vincent LoBrutto 1997
BOK133 Stanley Kubrick, Director - A Visual Analysis by Alexander Walker 1999
BOK135 Kubrick The Definitive Edition Michael Ciment 2001
BOK136 The Encyclopedia of Stanley Kubrick - Phillips and Hill SC 2002
BOK137 Stanley Kubrick A Life in Pictures HC 2002
BOK139 Stanley Kubrick's ACO SC 2003 - Cambridge Film Handbook
BOK200 The Movie Rating Game 1972 HC by Stephen Farber w/ACO
BOK202 Kind & Usual Punishment 1973 HC by Jessica Mitford w/ACO Chapter
BOK203 Thriller Movies 1974 UK HC w/Kubrick and ACO
BOK204 Our Savage God Trade PB - w/ACO 1974
BOK205 Savage Cinema Trade PB - w/ACO 1975
BOK207 Cut: The Unseen Cinema Trade PB - w/ACO 1975
BOK210 Philip Castle - Airflow 1980 Trade w/ACO Paintings
BOK220 Twenty All-time Great Sci-Fi films by Gunden + Stock HC 1982 w/14 pg ACO
BOK225 Ultra Violent Movies by Laurent Bouzareau 1st print Trade 1996
BOK235 Films of the 70's by Jurgen Muller w/Alex on Cover 1st print Trade 2003
  Box Sets - UK
BOX005 VHS w/Anthony Burgess Novel
BOX007 VHS w/Stanley Kubrick's book
BOX009 DVD w/Anthony Burgess Novel 
BOX011 DVD w/Stanley Kubrick's book
  Round - B/W
  2 inch
BTN001 Alex Close Up - Korova
BTN002 Alex's Eye Close Up
  1 inch
BTN003 Alex Close Up - Durango
BTN004 Droogs applauding in tunnel
BTN006 Droogs walking in tunnel
BTN007 Alex Close Up - Korova w/logo
BTN008 Alex Close Up - Korova
BTN009 Logo
BTN010 Poster Image
BTN011 UK Hat book cover from 80s
BTN012 Poster Art with Gothic Style Ultra-Violence text
BTN013 Alex's Eyes with Gothic Style Ultra-Violence text
  Round - Color
  2 inch
BTN012 Droogs walking in Korova
BTN013 Alex Close Up - Durango 95
  1.5 inch
BTN014 Poster w/Lucy
BTN015 Poster w/ Lucy + Logo
BTN016 Poster w/o Lucy + Logo
BTN017 10th Anniversary Poster - Original
BTN018 10th Anniversary Poster - Remake
BTN019 Droogs sitting in the Korova
BTN020 Alex Close-Up - Korova
BTN020 Alex Extreme Close-Up - Korova
BTN022 Alex in Ludovico Chair B/W
BTN023 UK Hat Bookcover
BTN024 UK Eye Bookcover
BTN025 Alex Close-Up - Durango
BTN026 ACO Orange Logo on Black
BTN027 Yellow Head Outline with Bowler and Eye
BTN028 Alex in Durango with Horrorshow underneath
  1 inch
BTN030 Alex Close Up - Korova w/logo
BTN031 UK 2000 Poster
BTN032 Triangle logo crashing into orange
BTN033 Alex Close Up - Korova (lines on top and bottom)
BTN034 Droogs walking in tunnel
BTN035 Orange Background w/white logo
BTN036 Simpsons Bullies as Droogs
BTN037 Droogs applauding in tunnel w/logo - black in red diamond
BTN038 SK's ACO Logo on black
BTN039 Alex Holding up the Glass in the Korova (lines on top and bottom)
BTN040 ACO logo in Orange on Black BG
BTN041 Cartoon Eye on Red BG
BTN042 10th Anniversary Poster
BTN043 Poster Image w/o Text
BTN044 Clockwork Orange in black on white BG with large A
BTN045 Alex Close Up - Durango 95
BTN046 ACO Orange Logo above Poster image
BTN047 Alex in the Ludovico chair
BTN048 ACO Blue Logo with droogs walking in Korova
BTN049 Alex Holding up the Glass in the Korova - Extreme close up
BTN050 Alex Extreme Close Up - Korova
BTN051 Adicts ACO Logo
BTN052 Stanley Kubrick's ACO Logo
BTN053 Alex Holding up the Glass in the Korova 
BTN054 Alex Close Up - Korova
BTN055 Poster Image drawing with Gear logo
BTN056 Poster Image w/Logo
BTN057 Alex Ludovico Art
PIN001 Metal Poster Image shaped - Alex Only
PIN002 Metal Poster Image shaped - w/Lucy
CAL001 1993 Harenberg Cinema w/ACO
  Candle Holders
CAN001 Poster Art/Alex College - Glass
  Cigarette Case - Fan Made
CIG001 Poster Art
CIG002 Alex close-up from Korova
  Clocks - Fan Made
CLK001 Glass - Hexacon w/Ludovico pic
CLK002 Plastic - 9" Round w/Tunnel + Imposed Korova pic
CLK003 Plastic - 9" Round w/Poster Image
CLK004 Plastic - Desktop w/Poster Image
  Corsets (Fan Made)
COR001 ACO Stonewashed black shirt with lace and black/white panels
  Countertop Standees
CNT001 France - on Video 2/16/96
CUF001 Alex Close up from Durango
CUF002 Mad Magazine ACO Cover
  Film Cards 4 x 6 "
FMC001 Alex in Warden's office - Belgium
FMC002 3 pics + Poster - France
FMC003 10th Anniversary Poster
FMC004 Poster - Germany
   Flyers (Brochures/Handbills, etc.)
FLY000 Warner Bros Release Schedule through Fall 1972
FLY004 ACO Credits booklet
FLY005 Anthony Burgess 1972 UC Berkeley Appearance w/Alex
FLY010 ACO 2004 Play - Barbicon
FLY011 ACO 2004 Play - Royalty Theatre
FLY012 ACO Play - Snap Theatre UK
FRB001 Orange w/Eye - 175 gram Ultra Star
  Greeting Cards by Icon - Blank
GCD001 Alex in Durango
GCD002 Alex in Durango w/movie text on back
GCD003 1962 Birthday Card - mentions ACO was published
GCD004 Australasian Yesteryears 1972 w/ACO mention
HAT001 Orange and White - UK Hat bookcover art
HAT002 Orange and White - Alex screaming Ludovico photo
HAT003 Orange and White - Logo & poster art
HAT004 Orange and White - Logo w/Clapping droogs
HAT005 Black and White - Logo in orange
HAT006 Black and White - Droogs walking in Korova photo
HER004 The Orange Times US - Glossy
HER005 The Orange Times US - Newspaper
  Iron Ons (Fan Made)
IRO001 Hat Poster
IRO002 Alex Close-up - Korova
JAC001 Brown suede style with embroidered logo on the back - WB promo
KEY001 Alex Close-up - Korova
KEY002 Hat
KEY003 Droogs walking in Milkbar
KEY004 Subway
KEY005 Alex got milk?
KEY006 Poster with bottlecap opener
  Lighters - Fan Made
  Zippo Style
LGT001 Movie Poster
LGT002 Hat poster
LGT003 2 Alex pics - Durango/Sitting in Korova
LGT004 Alex - Close Up from Korova
LGT005 Droogs in Tunnel
LGT006 Hookups Yellow Fever Parody - real Zippo
  Bic Style
LGT010 Alex Close-up from Korova + Logo
LGT011 Droogs sitting in Korova
  Lightswitch Covers - Fan Made
LST001 10th Anniversary Poster
LST002 Kubrick filming
LST003 1991 VHS cover
  Lobby Cards
  US 11x14 X (Unrated) (1971)
LOB051 1 - Alex dancing with Dim holding Mrs. Alexander
LOB052 2 - Alex tipping his milk glass
LOB053 3 - Droogs clapping in the tunnel
LOB054 4 - Group in Durango
LOB055 5 - Tramps beating on Alex
LOB056 6 - Alex between the 2 devotckas in Record store
LOB057 7 - Droogs walking in Korova
LOB058 8 - Dim smashing a window on one of Billyboy's gang
  US 72/30 US R rated (1972)
LOB061 1 - Alex close-up in the Durango 95
LOB062 2 - Group in Durango
LOB063 3 - Droogs clapping in the tunnel
LOB064 4 - Alex on Dim's lap squeezing his face
LOB065 5 - Alex between the 2 devotckas in Record store
LOB066 6 - Dim smashing a window on one of Billyboy's gang
LOB067 7 - Alex tipping his milk glass
LOB068 8 - Droogs walking in Korova
  US Mini 8x10 (1972)
LOB70-8 1 thru 8
  German 9.5 x 11.5 (1972)
LOB088 1 - Droogs walking in Korova
LOB089 2 - Alex on floor before rape - 'Viddy Well'
LOB090 3 - Alex feet up in Korova
LOB091 4 - Billy Boys gang carrying naked girl
LOB092 5 - Alex close up in Durango
LOB093 6 - Alex with two girls in Record Store
LOB094 7 - Alex licking Lardface's shoe
LOB095 8 - Droogs clapping in tunnel
LOB096 9 - Dim breaking a window during Casino fight
LOB097 10 - Topless Nurse checking on Alex coming out of coma
LOB098 11 - Alex sitting on Dim's lap 
LOB099 12 - Korova long shot droogs on couch
LOB100 13 - Alex in Ludovico chair getting eyedrops
  UK 8 x 10 (1972) X rated
LOB100 1 - Alex in the Durango 95
LOB101 2 - Alex between the 2 devotckas in Record store
LOB102 3 - Alex on Dim's Lap squeezing his face
LOB103 4 - Droogs walking out of Korova
LOB104 5 - Alex raising his milk glass in Korova
LOB105 6 - Dim smashing a window on one of Billyboy's gang
LOB106 7 - Alex on knees grabbing for the woman's breasts
LOB107 8 - Alex in Roman Sequence eating grapes
LOB108 9 - Alex reaching for woman's breasts overhead shot
LOB109 10 - Droogs in the Durango 95
LOB110 11 - Alex undressed in prison storage room
LOB111 12 - Droogs clapping for the tramp on the tunnel
LOB112 13 - Julian carrying bloody Alex to Mr. Alexander
  Mexican 11 x 14 (1972) White or Yellow background
LOB113 1 - Alex fighting with Fatneck
LOB114 2 - Dim holding Mrs. Alexander
LOB115 3 - Alex on floor with topless girl
LOB116 4 - Alex walking to Record store
LOB117 5 - Alex putting the ball in Mrs. Alexanders' mouth
LOB118 6 - Alex reaching for woman's breasts overhead shot
LOB119 7 - Dim getting milk from Lucy
LOB120 8 - Alex in Korova close-up
LOB121 9 - Alex cutting Mrs. Alexanders' clothes
LOB122 10 - Alex holding milk glass in Korova
  Italian 18 x 26 Photobusta (1972)
LOB121 1 - Fatneck pushing down on Alex's nose
LOB122 2 - Dim holding Mrs. Alexander + Alex taping her
LOB123 3 - Alex close up in Korova
LOB124 4 - Droogs clapping in tunnel
LOB125 5 - Doctor putting drops in Alex's eyes - Ludovico
LOB126 6 - Alex bloody nose close up in police station
LOB127 7 - Group in Durango
LOB128 8 - Alex between the two girls in the Record Store
LOB129 9 - Alex licking Lardface's shoe
LOB130 10 - Dim smashing a window on one of Billyboy's gang
  Italian 10th Anniversary 18x24 (1982)
LOB130 1 - Alex close up in Korova
LOB131 2 - Alex on floor before rape - 'Viddy Well'
LOB132 3 - Group in Durango
LOB133 4 - Alex on knees grabbing for the woman's breasts
LOB134 5 - Droogs clapping in tunnel
  Spanish (1972)
LOB135 1 - Alex tipping his milk glass
LOB136 2 - Alex about to tape Mrs. Alexanders' mouth
LOB137 3 -  Alex close up in Korova
LOB138 4 - Minister inspecting prisoners in courtyard
LOB139 5 - Alex w/2 devotckas in Record store
LOB140 6 - Alex licking shoe
LOB141 7 - Alex and Dim after he hit him in Korova
LOB142 8 - Alex undressed in Prison
LOB143 9 - Tramps beating Alex
LOB144 10 - Alex taking medicine in Ludovico center
LOB145 11 - Alex bloody face close up
LOB146 12 - Alex close up after signing prison release 
  Orange Mechanique - French 8 x 10 (1972)
LOB150 1 - Droogs clapping in tunnel
LOB151 2 - Dim smashing a window on one of Billyboy's gang
LOB152 3 - Alex tipping his milk glass
LOB153 4 - Droogs walking in Korova
LOB154 5 - Alex licking shoe
LOB155 6 - Alex between the 2 devotckas in Record store
LOB156 7 - Catlady exercising
LOB157 8 - Alex taping Mrs. Alexanders' mouth
LOB158 9 - Alex holding giant phallus over Catlady
LOB159 10 - Alex undressed in Prison
LOB160 11 - Julian carrying Alex
LOB161 12 - Doctor putting drops in Alex's eyes - Ludovico
  Orange Mechanique - French 8 x 10 Glossy (Rerelease)
LOB170 1 - Alex on floor before rape - 'Viddy Well' (Reversed)
LOB171 2 - Alex hitting tramp with cane + droogs laughing
LOB172 3 - Alex saluting the singer in the Korova after hitting Dim
LOB173 4 - Alex close up in Korova
LOB174 5 - Alex in Roman Sequence eating grapes
LOB175 6 - Alex reaching for woman's breasts overhead shot
LOB176 7 - Billyboy's gang attacking the girl
LOB177 8 - Alex at Ludovico getting drops in eyes
  UK Re-release 11 x 14 (2000)
LOB180 1 - Alex grabbing for the girls breasts at the Ludovico center
LOB181 2 - Droogs clapping for the tramps
LOB182 3 - Alex eating grapes with the handmaidens
LOB183 4 - Julian carrying Alex to Mr. Alexander
LOB184 5 - Long shot of the droogs sitting in the Korova
LOB185 6 - Close-up of Alex in the warden's office
LOB186 7 - Alex taping Mrs. Alexander's mouth
LOB187 8 - Alex saying viddy well to Mr. Alexander
  Lunchboxes (Fan Made)
LNC001 Alex Close-Up - Korova + Thermos - Droogs in Korova
  Magnets (Fan Made)
MAG001 Alex Close-Up - Korova
MAG002 Alex Close-Up - Korova over Tunnel Scene
MAG003 10th Anniversary Poster 
MAG004 UK Quad Poster
  Round 1 1/4"
MAG005 Alex Close-Up - Durango
MAG006 Poster 
MAG007 10th Anniversary Poster 
MAG008 ACO Orange Logo
MAG009 Droogs sitting in the Korova
MAG010 Alex Close-Up - Korova
MAT001 ACO Disco Marina Del Rey
  Mirrors - Pocket (Fan Made)
MIR001 Poster Image
MIR002 Film Review Poster
  Models (Fan Made)
MOD010 Alex Resin Statue - Standing with cane
MOD011 Alex by Lunar Models - Standing with cane, bust, stand and base
MOD012 Alex Resin Bust w/Removable Maskie
MOD013 Alex resin model by Jay Dee
MOD014 Alex Mini by Clayguy
  Mousepads - Fan made
MOU001 ACO Poster Image
MOU002 Simpsons - Bullies dressed as Droogs
MOU003 Got Milk?
MOU004 Alex holding milk glass
MOU005 Billboy's droogs carrying their victim
MOU006 Alex's Prison Exam
MOU007 Alex in Korova after Hitting Dim
  8mm Film
8MM001 Trailer 
  16mm Film
16M004 Trailer - Uhrwerk Orange
16M005 Trailer
16M006 Film
  35mm Film
35M001 Trailer - 1972 US
35M002 Trailer - 2000 UK
35M003 Film
BET002 A Clockwork Orange
CED001 A Clockwork Orange
  DVD - Region 1
DR1010 Kubrick Collection
DR1012 Kubrick Collection 2
DR1013 Classic Collector's Set
  DVD - Region 2
DR2006 Kubrick Collection - UK
DR2007 Kubrick Collection 2 - UK
DR2008 Kubrick Collection 2 - Germany
  DVD - Region 4
DR4001 A Clockwork Orange
LD020 A Clockwork Orange - 1984 Green
LD021 A Clockwork Orange - 1991 - 2 Disc Letterbox
VCD001 A Clockwork Orange
PAL028 English
PAL029 French
PAL030 German
PAL032 Spanish
PAL033 Portugeuse (Larnja Mecanica)
VHS031 1982
VHS032 1984 (Green Oversized clamshell)
VHS033 1986
VHS034 1991
VHS036 AFI Collection
VHS038 Kubrick Collection
VHS039 Kubrick Collection 2
MUG001 Hat Poster 
MUG002 Hat 80s Book Cover
MUS000 7" - 4 Radio Spots - Two 1 minute + Two 30 second
MUS001 7" - Theme + March - UK - Promo white label
MUS002 7" - Theme + March - US - Promo white label
MUS003 7" - Theme + March - US
MUS004 7" - Theme + March - French (Orange Mechanique)
MUS005 7" - Theme + March - Italian (Arancia Meccanica)
MUS006 7" - Theme + March - German (Uhrwerk Orange)
MUS007 7" - Theme + March - Spanish (Naranja Mecanica)
MUS008 7" - 2001 + ACO Themes - German
MUS009 7" - U2 The Fly w/Alex Descends - US
MUS010 7" - U2 The Fly w/Alex Descends - France
MUS011 7" - Templars - ACO Horrorshow 1995 US - Black vinyl
MUS012 7" - Guarda de Ferro-Short Hair Heavy Boots Big Beat 1991 US w/ACO Action
MUS013 7" - A Clockwork Orange Skin - 1993 Ger Orange Vinyl (200 made)
MUS014 7" - Moloko Men Clockwork Ultraviolence 1997 US - 4 songs limited to 1000
MUS015 7" - Timeline - Clockwork Orange Perpetual - 1999 US w/song ACO
MUS016 7" - Chapter 21 - United In Anger/Our Life - 1997 Canada
MUS017 7" - The Greatest Show on Record - Walter Carlos - 1975 US w/William Tell
MUS018 7" - Die Toten Hosen - 1972 Germany - 4 songs about ACO
MUS019 7" - Garage Zone EP 1980s - US Moxie 1055 w/band called Clockwork Oranges 
MUS020 7" - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Bloodsport 1991 US w/2001:ACO
MUS021 2-7" - Templars - ACO Horrorshow 1995 US - Orange vinyl
MUS022 7" - 2 Obsessed EP 1991 w/ACO song  
MUS023 7" - Elvis Costello - Oliver's Army w/ACO Back cover  
MUS024 7" - Legitima Defesa Exercito - Clockwork Orange - 2001 Brazil
MUS025 2LP - Sound on Film - 2 LP w/Malcolm + Burgess interviews
MUS026 LP - Single Sleeve - 1971 UK
MUS027 LP - Green Label - Gatefold Sleeve - US
MUS028 LP - Burbank Label - Gatefold Sleeve - US
MUS029 LP - White Label - Promo Single Sleeve - 1972 US
MUS030 LP - Green Label - Single Sleeve - 1972 US
MUS031 LP - Green Label - Single Sleeve - 1972 Israel K46127 - Red photos on back
MUS032 LP - French (Orange Mechanique)
MUS031 LP - German (Uhrwerk Orange)
MUS032 LP - Themes from Stanley Kubrick's ACO - Philips Europe
MUS033 LP - Recordings featured in Stanley Kubrick's ACO - German w/Black Cover
MUS034 LP - Themes from Stanley Kubrick's ACO - UK Contour w/Orange Cover
MUS035 LP - Single Sleeve - 1972 AU
MUS036 LP - Single Sleeve - 1972 Canada
MUS037 LP - Single Sleeve - 1972 Spain (Naranja Mechanica)
MUS038 LP - Single Sleeve - 1972 Japan w/Insert
MUS039 LP - Single Sleeve - 1978 Brazil
MUS039 LP - Greatest Hits from Kubrick's ACO - 1972 US
MUS040 LP - Walter Carlos' ACO 1972 - US
MUS041 LP - Walter Carlos' ACO 1972 - Dutch
MUS041 LP - Walter Carlos' A Laranja Mecanica 1974 - Brazil
MUS042 LP - Greatest Hits from Kubrick's ACO - Fiedler/Leinsodre/Ormandy/Reiner
MUS043 LP - Movie Hits! Enoch Light w/ACO Title Music & Main Theme - 1972 US
MUS044 3LP - Silver Screen Symphony - 1972 US - set w/ACO music
MUS045 LP - Moog at the Movies - 1977 US w/Theme
MUS046 2LP - Cadburys - John Scott - 1970s UK w/ACO
MUS047 LP - Albert Dailey - The Day After the Dawn 1972 US w/Jazz ACO Theme
MUS049 LP - Ferrante & Teicher Play the Hit Themes w/ACO (1972)
MUS050 LP - Music from the Movie ACO - 1972 US Pickwick
MUS051 LP - Musique du film Orange Mechanique - 1972 FR Musidisc/Grey Cover
MUS052 LP - Musique du film Orange Mechanique - 1972 FR Musidisc/Purple Cover
MUS052 LP - John Scott and his Orchestra - Film Blockbusters 1973 US w/ACO
MUS053 2 LP - Recordings featured in ACO - Canada 1972 Polydor
MUS054 LP - Die Toten Hosen Ein Kleines Bischen Horrorschau 1988 Germany
MUS055 LP - Sounds Of Cine Action 1972 US w/ACO
MUS056 LP - The Whole Burbank Catalog 1972 US w/William Tell Overture
MUS058 LP - Soundtrack (Comp of Movie Themes) 1972 UK w/Theme
MUS059 LP - Flick Themes '72 Pickwick Records US w/Title Music
MUS060 LP - Great Classical Themes from the film ACO - 1972 US Angel
MUS061 LP - Music From ACO and Other Great Film Music - 1972 UK CBS
MUS062 LP - The Philadelphia Moog Ensemble 1975 US w/Funeral for Queen Mary
MUS064 LP - Themes Classiques des Films de Barry Lyndon/2001/ACO - 1976 FR
MUS065 LP - There's Something Going on Out There - 1978 US w/ACO theme
MUS070 LP - Pebbles Volume 12 (60s collection) - 1983 US w/ACO band - 2 songs
MUS075 LP - Clockwork Orange County - 1985 US Punk compilation
MUS065 QLP - Godfather Sounds of Cine Action - 1972 Japan
MUS066 QLP - John Keating 250 Years of Film Music - 1972 UK w/Theme
MUS069 8T - Soundtrack 1972 UK London Reecords
MUS070 8 Track - Soundtrack - 1972 US WB
MUS071 8T - Music from the Motion Picture ACO - US Pickwick
MUS072 8T - Yellow Text Label (Bootleg)
MUS073 8T - Great Classical Themes from the film ACO - 1972 US Angel
MUS075 Q8 - Movie Hits! Enoch Light w/Title Music & Main Theme - 1972 US
MUS078 4 Track - 4 Reviews of the Film (Promo) - 1971 US
MUS079 4 Track - 8 Reviews of the Film (Promo) - 1971 US
MUS080 4 Track - Soundtrack - 1972 US
MUS081 4 Track - Walter Carlos' ACO  (1972)
MUS082 4 Track - ACO Radio Spot BS 2573
MUS083 4 Track - ACO 4 Radio Spot
MUS083 4 Track - Ferrante & Teicher Play the Hit Themes w/ACO (1972)
MUS090 12" - Cygnus X - The Orange Theme - 2000 UK w/ACO sampling
MUS091 12" - Black Grape - Fat Neck w/Yeah Yeah Brother 1996 UK w/ACO Remix
MUS092 12" - Clockwork Orange - Give Me Love - UK Mania d'partment Records
MUS093 12" - Timeline - Clockwork Orange/Perpetual - 1999 US Deep Dish
MUS094 12" - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Bloodsport 1991 US w/2001: ACO
MUS095 12" - Banned from U.N.C.L.E. - ACO/Jury Rap 1985 UK
MUS100 CS - Soundtrack - 1972 US
MUS101 CS - Soundtrack - 1972 UK
MUS105 CS - David Bowie - Starman over the Rainbow (Bootleg) 1972 US w/theme intro
MUS106 4 CS - Reflections: Great Instrumentals - US
MUS110 CSS - U2 The Fly w/Alex Descends  into Hell for a Bottle of Milk - US
MUS111 CSS - U2 The Fly w/Alex Descends/Korova1 - France
MUS112 CSS - Film Classics V4 2000 w/Symphony No. 9
MUS113 3 CSS - Film Classics - Canada 1994 w/Pomp and Circumstance
MUS120 Picture Disc - Sounds Like ET - Denmark 1982 w/ACO theme
MUS130 CD - Pioneers of the New Age -1988 US Jazz w/theme
MUS131 CD - Soundtrack - 1990 US in Longbox
MUS131 CD - Soundtrack - 1990 US
MUS132 CD - Soundtrack w/Obi - Japan
MUS133 CD - Wendy Carlos' ACO - 1998 US w/new cover
MUS134 CD - Wendy Carlos' Tales of Heaven & Hell - 1998 US w/Clockwork Black 
MUS135 CD - U2 The Fly w/Alex Descends - 1991 US
MUS136 CD - U2 The Fly w/Alex Descends into - 1991 France
MUS137 CD - Ferrante & Teicher 70's Themes w/them
MUS138 CD - Great Movies: There's Something Going on Out There w/William tell overture
MUS139 3CD - Film Classics V1-3 - 1990s US w/ACO on V1+2
MUS140 4CD - Classics at the Movies - 1990s US w/ACO themes
MUS141 CD - Pulp - Something Changed -1996 US w/FeelingCalled (Moloko Mix)
MUS142 CD - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Bloodsport EP 1996 US w/2001:ACO 
MUS143 CD - Classical Treasures: Classics from the Movies 1997 Can w/Pomp + Circumstance
MUS144 4CD - The Cult Files Big Box - 1997 UK w/ACO themes on Volume 2
MUS145 2CD - The Cult Files: Re-Opened - 1997 UK w/ACO themes + 3D glasses
MUS146 CD - Essential Soundtracks: The Classical Collection 1999 UK w/Beethoven's 9th 4th mov
MUS147 CD - Band of Pain - A Musical Tribute to the Anthony Burgess Tale - 1999 US
MUS148 CD - Ministry presents Jeremy Healy's ACO Mix - 2000 US
MUS149 2CD - Dream Theatre - Touring into Infinity 2000 Jap Live w/Theme
MUS150 CD - Classics Go to the Movies Vol. 1 - 1990 US w/3 ACO tracks
MUS151 CD - Great Classical Film Hits - Hungarian Concert Orchestra - 2000 US w/Pomp + Circumstance
MUS152 CD - Pebbles Vol. 10 w/60s pysche + ACO Band
MUS153 CD - Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 2 - The Dark Side w/theme
MUS154 CD - Rollins Band Live - A Clockwork Orange Stage
MUS155 CD - Orange Mechanique Soundtrack Collector's Edition - 2000 FR
MUS156 CD - Aspects Stage and Screen Classics w/ACO cover + music
MUS157 CD - Strangelove: Music from Kubrick Films 1999 US
MUS158 CD - Kubrick Collection US - 13 tracks w/ACO
MUS159 CD - Hollywood Movie Hits - Countdown Singers - 1998 Can w/Pomp + Circumstance
PAR001 A Clockwork Orgy Ad - "Beethoven, Bandits and Babes"
PAR002 A Clockwork Orgy VHS 1995
PAR003 Tom Green - Something Smells Funny w/ACO skit
  Patches  - Fan Made
PAT001 Alex Close up - Korova
PAT002 Alex Close up - Korova w/ACO Logo
PAT003 Japanese Poster - Ripped Open Orange
PAT004 UK 2000 Re-release Poster
PAT005 Back Patch - Droogs clapping in tunnel with logo
  Black and White
PAT010 Logo
PAT011 Alex Close up - Korova w/ACO Logo
PAT012 Droogs walking in tunnel
PAT013 Droogs clapping in tunnel
PAT014 Droogs walking in Korova
PAT015 Alex Close up in Durango 95
PAT016 Adicts ACO Logo
PAT017 Alex holding glass with teeth + logo
  Photos 5 x7
PHO001 Alex between the 2 devotckas in Record store
PHO002 Mr. Alexander close-up with taped mouth
PHO003 Mrs. Alexander close-up with taped mouth
PHO004 Dim getting milk from Lucy
PHO005 Alex standing naked in prison with boxes in front
PHO006 Alex smiling at warden after signing the release
PHO007 Julian carrying Alex
PHO008 Mr. Alexander pouring wine
PHO010 Mr. Alexander holding Alex's spaghetti covered head
PHO011 Alex with girl on floor in final scene
PCD001 PC0379 - Orange Logo Poster w/7 Pictures on each side
PCD002 Ludlow CP-47-50 - British Quad Poster w/White Logo
PCD003 EC - British Quad Poster w/White Logo
PCD004 World X116 - British Quad Poster w/Orange Logo
PCD005 Standing in the Korova
PCD006 C052 - Subway
PCD007 Lobby Card - Alex on Dim's lap
PCD008 Lobby Card - Droogs in Durango
PCD010 The Time Has Come... - Australian Home Video Release
PCD011 EC - Philip Castle art of Alex holding the glass with the teeth
PCD012 A Bigger Splash - Clockwork Alien
  Unknown - Printed in EU
PCD015 100 - US 10th Anniversary Poster
PCD016 2064 - 2 pics - Korova/Durango
PCD017 2143 - Collage - Japanese 10th Anniversary Poster
PCD018 2144 - Eyes - Alex in Ludovico chair
PCD019 2196 - Dicknose - Viddy Well
PCD020 2205 - B/W Collage
PCD030 PC2085 - Alex Close Up
PCD031 PC2086 - Subway/Tunnel
PCD032 PC2099 - Milkbar
PCD033 PC2131 - Hat
PCD034 PC8993 - Little Alex (Fuckemos) Frank Kozik #37/48
  Sonis - France
PCD034 C658 - Original Poster
PCD035 C1107 - New Style 10th Anniversary
PCD100 Insolent Angel NYC May 22-30, 2002
  Posters - Theater
POS000 US - X-rated 24 sheet
POS001 US - X-rated 1 sheet (27x41)
POS002 US - X-rated 3 sheet (41x77)
POS003 US - X-rated Insert (14x36)
POS004 US - X-rated Half sheet (22x28)
POS005 US - X-rated Lobby Standee (40x60)
POS006 US - X-rated Title Display (24x82)
POS007 US - R-rated 3 sheet
POS008 US - R-rated 1 sheet
POS009 US - Unrated 3 sheet - Foreign
POS009 US - Unrated 1 sheet - Foreign
POS010 US - R-rated Half sheet (Thick stock)
POS011 US - Unrated 1 sheet (Repro by Sonis)
POS012 Australia - 3 Sheet R rated
POS013 Australia - 1 Sheet (Same as US w/o rating)
POS014 Australia - Daybill (B/W)
POS015 Australia - Daybill (Color)
POS016 Australia - Daybill (Red Letters - no ACO pictures)
POS017 Australia - Daybill (Yellow Background)
POS018 UK - X-rated 1 sheet
POS019 UK - X-rated Quad
POS020 UK - X-rated Quad (Repro)
POS021 Belgian - Mini 14 x 21 - 1972 (Tagline split)
POS022 Belgian - Mini 14 x 22 - 1978 (tagline across the top)
POS023 French - 1971 - 1 sheet
POS024 French - 1971 - 3 sheet
POS025 Danish - 1972 - 1 sheet
POS035 US - 10th Anniversary 1982
POS040 French - 10th Anniversary 1982 (47x64)
POS040 French - 10th Anniversary 1982 (24x63) Door panel
POS050 German - Uhrwerk Orange - 1 sheet w/Topless Lucy
POS051 German - Uhrwerk Orange - 1 sheet w/Topless + Wolfgang Staudte translation
POS055 Spain - Naranja Mecanica - 1 sheet w/o Lucy
POS060 Sweden - 1972 - 1 sheet
POS061 Sweden - 80s Insert 12.5 x 27.5
POS069 Italian -1972  Insert - A 13x28
POS070 Italian - Arancia Meccanica 2 Sheet A (39 x 55) - Orange Logo
POS071 Italian - Arancia Meccanica 2 Sheet A (39 x 55) - White Logo/Black Border
POS072 Italian - Arancia Meccanica 2 Sheet A (39 x 55) - White Logo/Orange Border
POS073 Italian - Arancia Meccanica 1 Sheet
POS074 Italian - Arancia Meccanica 3 Sheet C - newspaper articles
POS075 Italian - 10th Anniversary Insert - A 13x27
POS076 Italian - 10th Anniversary Insert - B Arancia Meccanica
POS077 Italian - 10th 3 Sheet - B (39 x 55) Arancia Meccanica
POS078 Italian - 1998 Re-release Insert - Arancia Meccanica
POS079 Italian - 1998 Re-release 39x55 - Arancia Meccanica
POS090 Japan - 1972 - 1 sheet
POS091 Japan - Triangle crashes into Orange 80s
POS095 Argentina - Naranja Mecanica - Triangle w/Topless Lucy
POS100 Mexico - Naranja Mecanica - Triangle w/Lucy
POS105 Turkey - White/Triangle w/o Lucy 1970s
POS106 Turkey - Blue/Triangle w/o Lucy 1990s 
POS200 UK - 2000 Re-release "Coming Soon" Quad
POS201 UK - 2000 Re-release "For the Millions who weren't allowed to see it"
POS225 AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies
POS230 Anthony Burgess 1972 UC Berkeley Appearance w/Alex
POS235 Studio One Poster image 1972
  Play ACO 2004
POS150 RSC - Royalty Theatre 14.5 x 20
POS150 RSC - Barbicon 12.5 x 20
PSV001 2000 - UK 16 x 23
PSV002 First Time on Video & DVD Nov 2000 - AU 16 x 23
PSV070 Kubrick Collection on VHS/DVD
  Posters - Other
  Unknown Maker
PSO001 1972 date Droogs in Tunnel B/W
PSO002 Moloko and Ultra-Violence (Milkbar)
PSO003 Triangle Logo - Alex w/Knife
PSO004 Opened Orange
PSO005 British - Triangle Logo "Being the adventures..." w/7 Pictures on each side
PSO006 A Dark Tale of an Ultra Violent Future - Alex and Dim in Korova
PSO007 Alex vs. Catlady - Philip Castle art by Oliver Brooks
PSO008 British Quad - Orange Highlights
PSO010 The Best Films of the 70's LA Film Festival 1980
PSO020 Time out Magazine 30th Anniversary w/2 ACO pics
PSO025 Split pictures - Alex in Korova / Alex in Durango
PSO027 B/W 10th Anniversary Art with other pics on top of it
PSO030 Japanese Re-release large repro 40x60 in English
PSO034 Alex getting Ludovico Eye drops - Logo w/X-rating
PSO035 10th Anniversary Reprint w/Black BG
PSO039 ACO Play at Dad's Garage Atlanta 2001 - 17x24
PSO040 Kylie Minogue ACO outfit
PSO041 Parramatta & Sylvania Village Cinemas Sydney Australia
PSO042 The Clockwork Orangemen by Ogra Shinn Fein - end sectarian marches
PSO043 Fuckemos Concert Flyer Signed/Numbered 175 ed by Kozik 22.5 x 35
PSO044 Film Review with Painted Alex face
PSO045 The Clock-Work Orange 1960s Unitarian Church Concert 14x22
PSO046 Droogs walking in tunnel with 1971 on bottom 40 x 55
PSO047 Sight & Sound 1990 Cover 20 x 29
PSO060 PF2085 - Alex in Korova close up face - Color
PSO061 PF2086 - Droogs applauding in Tunnel - Color
PSO062 Hat Cartoon Alex - 1 eye
PRB004 Presskit w/9 stills, Orange Times, papers, folder
PRB005 X Rated Pressbook 1971
PRB006 R rated Pressbook 1973
PRB007 Supplement with poster and advertisement logos
PRB010 4pg Pressbook 1972 UK
PRB011 4pg Pressbook 1972 Spain
PRB020 UK 2000 re-release w/6 color slides, booklet and 8 B/W 8x10s
PRB021 UK 2000 re-release Audio Press Kit CD
PRO004 44th Academy Awards Presentation 1972
PRO006 Japan - 1972 White Cover
PRO007 Japan - 1982 10th Anniversary Re-release
PRO010 France 1985 - fold-out booklet
PRO075 Eyes Wide Shut w/Kubrick Tribute + ACO pics
PRP001 Dancing Christs by Rob N
  Rolling Papers
RLP001 London Callig - Donald Duck as Alex from Spain
SCR001 Shooting Script 1970
SCR002 Final Draft 3/72
SCR003 Transcript
  Sheet Music
SHM001 Song Book - Music Highlights from ACO
SHM002 Theme Single Sheet
SHM003 March Single Sheet
SHM004 99 Popular Organ Teaching Pieces w/ACO Theme by John Brimhall
SHM005 Piano Issue 15 - Joy & Other Great Songs w/ACO Theme by John Brimhall
SKT001 Pink - Alex close up in Korova in white
SKT002 Black - ACO orange logo
SLD001 Alex holding up milk after hitting Dim
SLD002 Alex walking out of Korova
SLD003 Droogs sitting in Korova long shot
SLD004 Alex holding up milk close up
SLD005 Alex between girls at record shop
SLD006 Original poster art 8x10 transparency
STK001 Japanese Poster image
STK002 Logo with Alex's Face
STK003 Alex Close-up - Korova
STK004 Milkbar
STK005 Tunnel
STK006 Hat
STK007 Alex screaming in Ludovico chair
STK008 Diamond shape - Droogs clapping in tunnel
  Black and white
STK010 Logo with Alex's Face
STK011 The Adicts w/ACO Poster logo
STK012 Hook-Ups Yellow Fever ACO Female Anime parody
  Stills - All B/W unless noted
STL040 #1538 Alex Close up in Korova
STL042 9-286-I Alex gags Mrs. Alexander
STL049 AC-1 Adrienne Corri head shot
STL050 CO-20 Alex signing prison release w/ Copyright
STL051 CO-21 Alex with feet up in the Korova w/copyright
STL052 CO-22 Chief Guard being filmed by Kubrick w/Cast + copyright
STL053 CO-23 Alex putting ball in Mrs. Alexander's mouth
STL060 CO-30 Alex in between the girls at the record shop w/Copyright
STL073 CO-43 Alex sitting on Dim's lap
STL080 CO-76 Alex staring in Korova w/Copyright
STL083 CO-79 Dim breaking glass over one of Billboys gang w/Copyright
STL088 CO-88 Alex holding up milk glass in Korova w/copyright
STL090 CO-90 Alex beaten by tramps for w/Cast + copyright
STL108 CO-108 Alex driving Durango 95 close-up w/ Copyright
STL115 CO-115 Prisoners being inspected by minister w/Cast + copyright
STL118 CO-118A Alex drinking the wine for Mr. Alexander w/Cast + copyright
STL125 CO-CN Mrs. Alexander sitting in pod chair
STL126 SKB-126 Kubrick filming Rape Scene
  No # w/Copyright
STL150 Alex licking Lardface's Shoe 
STL151 Alex with Bloody nose w/1980 
STL152 Alex standing naked in prison with boxes in front - Color
STL153 Alex posing with giant phallus 
STL154 Alex walking in Korova w/Title
STL155 Alex grabbing CID man's yarbles in prison 
STL156 Side shot of sitting droogs in Korova 
STL157 Billyboy's gang carrying the rape girl
STL158 Alex close-up in Durango
  No # or Copyright
STL175 Alex and droogs in Durango
STL176 Alex reaching up to the girls breasts (shot looking down)
STL177 Alex standing outside lift
STL178 Alex taping up Mrs. Alexander's mouth
STL179 Alex with glass of milk plus
STL180 Alex with phallic ornament
STL181 Alex Close up in Korova
STL182 Collage of pictures of Alex
STL183 Mrs. Alexander in chair
STL184 Alex looking at Dim after hitting him in Korova (Belgian stamp)
STL185 Alex smiling in Warden's Office
STL186 Alex in Korova after hitting Dim
STL190 Saturday Review 12/25/71 Kubrick Cover - Positive
STL191 Saturday Review 12/25/71 Kubrick Cover - Negative
STL200 Alex in Korova Milkbar
STL201 Alex - viddy well, reversed
STL202 Alex driving Durango
STL203 Ludovico treatment
STL220 No # Orange Mecanique - Julian carrying Alex
STL221 No # Orange Mecanique - Cat Lady doing a split
  Spain B/W
STL230 Naranja Mecanica - Dim filling is Milk Glass from Lucy
SWT001 Black Hooded - logo front/Droogs clapping on back
SWT002 Black Hooded - logo front/Droogs walking in tunnel on back
  Theater Programs/Playbills
THP050 ACO 2004 at the Barbicon 1990 London
THP051 ACO 2004 at the Royalty Theatre 1990 London
TKT001 Private Screening 3/2/72 - 4" x 9"
TKT002 Private Screening 4/19/72 - 4" x 9"
  Trading Cards
TRC001 Poster 1992 prototype by Piemmeci Publishing
TSH001 Black - Stonewashed Triangle Logo repeated "Being the Adv.." in Blue + Red
TSH002 Black - Stonewashed Poster Image with pictures around it "Was brainwashed..."
TSH003 Black - Stonewashed Poster Image with pictures around it - no text
TSH004 Black - "Droogs Don't Run" Boys in the Tunnel - 1 Side
TSH005 Black - French poster
TSH006 Black - Logo, Alex holding glass w/teeth in it, "Being the Adv.." under
TSH007 Black - Logo, Droogs clapping in the Tunnel - 1 Side
TSH008 Black - Megadeth Poster Parody/Back- Any second... - 2 Sides
TSH009 Black - Alex in Korova - Moloko Plus - 1 Side
TSH010 Black - Tagline above Alex in Milkbar with got milk? in silver below - 1 Side
TSH011 Black - Long Sleeve "Droogs Don't Run" in Tunnel, "I'm Singing in the Rain" - Back
TSH012 Black - "Droogs Don't Run" in Tunnel, "I'm Singing in the Rain" on Back
TSH013 Black - Poster Image with pictures around it "Was brainwashed..." tagline
TSH014 Black - Lower Class Brats ACO Skull Mascot w/Come on Droogies...
TSH015 Black - Lars Frederickson + the Bastards - ACO style logo + bowler pic
TSH016 Black - Orange Logo, B/W Alex close-up from Korova underneath
TSH017 Black - Moloko Synthemesc in white
TSH018 Black - Alex Driving Durango close-up
TSH019 Black - Logo in orange w/poster image underneath
TSH020 Black - Hat UK Book cover art 
TSH021 Black - White ACO Triangle w/Alex's Face
TSH022 Black - Minds Eye Theatre ACO Play Spring 2003
TSH023 Black - XLarge spelled out in Droog Shadows
TSH024 Black - Boys clapping in tunnel w/Club Droog on it
TSH025 Black - Cartoon Alex jumping over ACO logo
TSH026 Black - Ultraviolence over disciplining Dim scene
TSH027 Black - Stonewashed Poster Image with pictures around it by Chat St.
TSH028 Black - Alex close-up in Korova reversed - Orange/Blue logo underneath
TSH029 Black - Hook-Ups Yellow Fever ACO Anime Parody
TSH041 White - Droogs in tunnel w/quote from book under/Tagline on back
TSH042 White - Hat (UK Book Cover)
TSH043 White - Long Sleeve - Triangle Logo on Front, "I'm Singin' in the Rain..." on Back
TSH044 White - Opened Orange on front SK ACO Logo "X", Montage on Back
TSH045 White - Triangle w/Alex's Face
TSH046 White - w/Triangle Movie Logo
TSH047 White - Poster design
TSH048 White - Droogs walking in tunnel photo - 1 side
TSH049 White - Tank Top - Poster design
TSH050 White - Zorlac Skateboard Poster design
TSH051 White - John Wayne Bobbit Telethon ACO poster parody 1993
TSH052 White - Killbillyz - Alex in Ludovico chair
TSH053 White - Alex Korova close up w/Ultraviolent underneath
TSH054 White - Poster design with Singin' in the Rain sheet music
TSH055 White - Poster B/W w/orange logo
TSH056 White - w/Black Sleeves - Poster Art
TSH057 White - Templars ACO Horrorshow art
TSH058 White - Lower Class Brats Ultraviolence/ACO Poster Parody Alex holding a beer
TSH059 White - 1986 Sigue Sigue Sputnik ACO Poster parody
TSH060 White - Supreme3 Droogs walking Cartoon
TSH061 White - VHS cover
TSH062 White - (red ringer) Alex Korova close up
TSH063 White - Alex's psychological test - 4panels
TSH064 White - Cartoon with Beethoven and more 'Viddy this My Droogs'
TSH065 White - (black ringer) Cartoon hat book cover
TSH066 White - Pressbook Cover with text in green in neon orange by Mosquitohead
TSH069 White - Hook-Ups Yellow Fever ACO Anime Parody
TSH070 Orange - The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy in 'Chopwork Orange'
TSH071 Orange - Killbillyz - Alex in Ludovico chair
TSH072 Orange - Eye/Princeton Ultimate Clockwork Orange
TSH073 Orange - Felix the Cat poster parody
TSH080 Blue - Alex in Korova 'Just Singing in the Rain...' underneath
TSH085 Grey - Alex by Kelley McDowell
TSH086 Gray - Droogs in the Durango with 'Hooligans' over them
TSH087 Gray - Supreme3 Droogs walking Cartoon
TSH088 Gray by Deadtime Press - Ultra-Violence w/3 pics Droogs by marina/Korova
TSH095 Tan - Supreme3 Droogs walking Cartoon
TSH096 Tan - Black clothed Droogs on breast by Crosshatch
TSH100 Yellow - Supreme3 Droogs walking Cartoon
TSH110 Pink - Supreme3 Droogs walking Cartoon
WAT001 Digital with poster image (Fan Made)
WAT002 Poster image w/WB Logo - Sweden
  WB - 75 Years Festival of Classics 1998
WBF001 ACO Ticket Stub
WBF002 Flyer that lists all showings
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