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An alphabetical list of 410 items where ACO is mentioned, parodied or paid tribute to in pop culture.

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Item Year Reference
Blake Boyd 2001 Exhibition poster - 'My Pinocchio Syndrome for Abigail', parodies the ACO poster.
The Clockwork Orangemen 2003 Political rally poster in protesting the loyalist sectarian marching season in Nationalist areas throughout Ireland. It is by Ogra Shinn Fein and shows the droogs wearing orange sashes of the loyal orange order. Scan
Dr. Hofmann 2005 Graffiti artist who uses ACO images. Stencil  Poster
John Drake-Moore 2004 Has a painting entitled ACO in his self titled book
John Wayne Bobbit 1993 Fundraiser Severed Part T-shirt parodies the ACO poster with Lorena holding the knife.
M&M's Dark Chocolate 9/06 50 Dark Movies Hidden in a Painting web game had an ACO image.
Paul the Samurai 1990s Comic Book #3 pg 12 - Features a scene with guys in droog style dress with maskies.
Space Invader 2006 Alex close up in the Korova made out of Rubik's Cubes.
Stella Artois Live Film 2005 Promotional ad campaign features three bowler hat-wearing droogs.


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Title Year Reference
1984 A Clockwork Orange  1984 by Sam J. Lundwall - Enough said.
Ambient 1988 by Jack Womack - Has ACO style font and is even called the "American ACO" on cover.
A Clockwork Apple 4/3/08 by Belinda Webb. This is a modern telling of ACO if Alex was a girl. Here's what the author told me: "I should point out that it most certainly is not a story of 'how Alex would be if he were a girl' - although there are elements I have used in homage to the writer himself because, like Anthony Burgess, I also grew up in Moss-Side, albeit fifty years apart. Moss-Side is a very dodgy area, just like, in fact the setting in my novel. The apple of the title refers to the apple of knowledge/Eve in Eden etc. yet the storyline of my novel deals with a society that is ruled by addiction therapy and where those who have grown up in bad areas cannot get the education they deserve, unlike the Blytons who are treated differently." Belinda Webb Scan
Cockwork Orange 70s Illustrated gay porn.
From a Buick 8 2002 Stephen King. On page 70 one cop says "the old, in-out."
HorrorFind 8 Program 2007 Cover has an ACO style zombie. Scan
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac 2000 1. Comic by Jhonen Vasquez, Johnny listens to 'Ode to Joy' while going on a killing spree. 
2. Also a kid is put in a straitjacket and is forced to watch the collapse of the civilized world. 
3. One of Johnny's victims is put in a straitjacked with his eyes held open as a form of torture.
Marvel Knights - Elektra #12 2001 Elektra is put in a straight jacket and forced to watch a movie of all the bad things she has done.
A Riot of Our Own: Night and Day with the Clash 1999  "In Rotten's kitchen there were crates of Guinness stacked up to the ceiling.  In the other room, there was a TV and a video recorder, which always seemed to be playing a bootleg of A Clockwork Orange."


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Item Year Reference
Blaster Bates 1969 "TNT For Two" Comedy LP has a track "The Clockwork Orange".
Eddie Izzard  2002 British comedian who did a promo shoot dressed in a bowler and eyelashes.
Emily Strange 2001 Sticker features Emily with eyelashes and triangle logo.
Homestarrunner 2003 Online cartoon "A Jorb Well Done" features a Ludovico style aversion therapy to say the word "job".


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Orange Amplifiers first came out in 1968, since that is before the film they probably were not influenced by the book. 

Kubrick 2001- Japanese toy company that makes mini LEGO style figures with an ACO style logo. There is even an Alex style figure in one of their big sets.
Orange 9/06 Bicycle company Orange put out a bike called "Clockwork." Scan
Price Minister 2002 French company that uses banner with ACO style "Clementine Mechanique" logo.
Rimmel London 2002 In a commercial Kate Moss is applying her mascara in her car and when she gets out she's wearing a bowler hat and the camera is focusing on her extended eyelashes.
Third Rail 2002 Clothing company that has an ACO poster parody with the devil in the triangle and 'Third Rail' written ACO style.

Food & Drink

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Clockwork Orange 1998 Soda by Spar
Clockwork Orange 2007 Beer by Grand Rapids Brewing Co.
Clockwork Orange Irish Red 2005 UK - Clark said their most successful beer is the orange-coriander ale.


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There is a ton of amateur garbage uploaded to sites, mostly youtube, not worth mentioning. I will only list the more professional ones.

Clockwork Bedrulje 2006 Cartoon parody.
Clockwork Orange  2007 B/W silent film style - Viviane Assad
Godlight Theater Company 2005 Made a trailer for their ACO play.
Next Level 2007 Three guys dressed as droogs music video - Jon Bennett, David Wood, Tim Mead
OVO Theater 2007 Made a trailer for their ACO play.


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Title Year Reference
28 Days Later 2002 Scientists tie monkeys up and force them to watch violent movies in order to infect them with rage and attack and infect anyone who isn't infected. On DVD commentary they thought it was ultraviolence.
976-Evil 1998 There is an ACO poster in a room where a droogish (bowler hat and boots) looking gang of bullying youths were hanging out.
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001 1. The tunnel mouths into Rouge City mirror paintings from the Cat Lady's house. Scan
2. As soon a Joe starts walking in Rouge City on the left is a "Milkbar" sign. Scan
Akira 1988 Kaneda's bike gang wears jump suits and he lets them know who's boss when they get insubordinate. They have a bar they hang out in that puts drugs in their drinks. They have a rival gang who dresses like Billyboy's gang. Tetsuo gets taken by the government and reprogrammed.
Animal Room 1995 Violent youth trying to be cured. 
Barry Lyndon 1975 Barry's guests are told by Barry that a painting is by the artist Ludovico.
Batman + Robin 1997 When Batgirl is about to have a motorcycle race, 5 punks are dressed up like the droogs, but with black suspenders and codpieces.
Between Strangers 2002 Malcolm's character is beaten by punks in a reverse ACO scene.
Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh 1989 Erma is put through aversion therapy to get her to quit smoking. She has to watch films of people smoking and when she lights up she is attacked and beaten.
Bowfinger 1999 One guy says, "Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick, Clockwork Orange".
Bowling for Columbine 2002 Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement is used to show a sequence of crimes committed with guns.
Bright Future 2003 Yuji falls in with a gang of teenagers who dress in ACO jumpsuits and wear walkie talkie headsets that mysteriously glow.
Clifford 1994 Clifford makes an Alex face in the plane.
A Clockwork Orgy 1995 ACO girl gang porno parody shot on 35mm. 
Cockwork Orange 1999 Porno featuring Montana Gunn, Joloni, Emily Jewel, Ashley Shy, Riddles, Muff Daddy.
Colour Me Kubrick 2005 ACO clips - guys walk to thieving magpie & one has a bowler. A guy meets him and tells his friend he did ACO. In a bar a guy says he saw ACO and non Kubrick films which trips him up. A man is thrown into the water to the ACO theme and says he can't swim.
Conspiracy Theory 1997 Jerry's eye's are taped open Ludovico style and his head is held underwater.
The Dark Knight 2006-08 "But it's obviously not going to be what Jack Nicholson did. It's going to be more nuanced and dark and more along the lines of a Clockwork Orange kind of feel. Which is, I think, what the comic book was after: less about his laugh and more about his eyes." Heath Ledger (The Joker) Toronto Sun 9/8/06
"A Clockwork Orange was a very early starting point for Christian and I. But we kind of flew far away from that pretty quickly and into another world altogether. Heath Ledger on The Joker 11/07
"It was punk, it was A Clockwork Orange, it was druggie. It was this kind of fantastic, anarchic look to him. This character who had absolutely no rules whatsoever." Christian Bale on The Joker 4/08
Disturbed 1990 Fast forward past the credits and there is a few seconds of Malcolm in a straight jacket humming "Singin' in the Rain", he then makes the Alex face.
Dogma 1999 On the DVD commentary Kevin Smith says the critics though the movie was "Ultraviolent".
Elephant 2003 The character Alex plays Beethoven music.
Fargo 1996 Carl says, "Just in town for business just in out, just a little of the old in and out."
Fight Club 1999 When Tyler enters Marla's bedroom, there is a dildo on a table. Tyler nudges the table and makes the dildo rock like Alex did in the Cat Lady's house. The scene where Tyler and friends assault the police commissioner in the bathroom he leans in and says, "Do not fuck with us." This is shot like Alex's viddy well to Mr. Alexander.
Filth and the Fury 2000 On the DVD commentary Johnny Rotten, "they couldn't take we were all called John, even Sid was John, they thought we were A Clockwork Orange gang all Johns."
Gangster No. 1 2000 The narration, violence, language, characters, etc. are very reminiscent of ACO.
Heaven 17 2001 A short film on ifilm.com
High Fidelity 2000 In one scene Barry wears a t-shirt with the droogs' silhouettes in the tunnel and the words "Droogs Don't Run."
House of 1000 Corpses 2003 There is a scene with Slim Whitman's "I Remember You" instead of "Singin' in the Rain" in the scene of the musical brush with brutality.
Johnny Mnemonic 1995 Used "Alex Descends into Hell for a Bottle of Milk/Korova 1" from the ACO 2004 play.
The Junction  2004 Documentary. In Ziv's room there is a large ACO poster.
La Gang Dell' Arancia Meccanica 197? Italian rip-off translated as "Clockwork Orange Gang."
Leon 1994 AKA "The Professional" - Leon drinks Milk, Oldman is into Beethoven and Natalie does a 'Singin' in the Rain' routine.
Liberata Me 2002 The opening shot for the movie is directly taken from clockwork orange but instead of drinking in the moloko milkbar, he is getting a tattoo of an ouija board on his back. Same shot, from eye, pull back to reveal gang and room.
Lost Highway 1997 There's a close-up of Renee that looks exactly like the opening shot of Alex's face. It's 1 min 20 seconds into chapter 15 of the DVD.
Mad Max 1979 There is a store called the "Milk Bar".
Mad Mission 2: Aces Go Places 1983 When Sam is taking a shower he is singing 'Singin' in the Rain.' Kodyjack starts singing it after hearing him.
Midnight 5 1999 Takes place in a video store and features scenes from ACO
Minority Report 2002 Contains a scene where Tom Cruise's character has lidlocks on his eyes, plus a character named Burgess..
Murder in a Blue World 1973 Story is a rip-off of ACO and even features a newscast about Kubrick and ACO in it! AKA Clockwork Terror.
Natural Born Killers 1994 Lots of violence. Mallery's brother has one eyelash in a shot and Mickey wears all white a few times.
Provincia Meccanica 2005 This Italian title is a nod to ACO.
Reservoir Dogs 1992 DVD commentary - the use of dance was not accidental, it was for Gene Kelly and Clockwork Orange and Malcolm doing Singin' in the Rain, he paid tribute or homage.
Romper Stomper 1992 On the original box it was self-described as "A Clockwork Orange for the 90's". The violence in a subway and the gang of skinheads is similar to ACO.
Rules of Attraction 2000 One person has a droog outfit.
Safe 1995 DVD commentary, "this does remind me of that house in ACO where they go to rape the wife and husband."
Shaun of the Dead 2004 The choreographed pool cue beating of the zombie in the Winchester (synchronized to the Funeral of Queen Mary) is a homage to the assault on the tramp in the tunnel
Sid and Nancy 1986 Scan - Features Brenda Winczor dressed as a droog in the scene where she cleans up a bruised Johnny Rotten.
The Shining 1980 One of the paintings in the Korova is in Halloran's room.
Sleeper 1973 There is a scene like when Mr. Alexander feeds Alex.
Slim Susie 2003 Has the line "We got a tape of A Clockwork Orange backward; at one point, it sounds like he's speaking Swedish" as Morka talks about Kubrick night at his house.
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut 1999 The boys perform aversion therapy on Cartman to wean him off cursing like was done to Alex.
Squish Story 1996 Behind-the-scenes documentary where ACO is parodied.
Stanley and Us 1999 4 parts on A Clockwork Orange - Director's Cuts, Alex, Arrival & The Ban.
Suburbia 1981 One punk wears an Alex style Bowler hat.
Surf Nazis Must Die 1987 One thug has a bowler hat and an eyelash.
Tales from the Hood 1995 The final story is an urban ACO, in which a young gang member goes to prison for murder, but is later eligible for release if he agrees to undergo an experimental treatment.
Toxic Avenger 1985 Features a masked gang that robs a restaurant.
Trainspotting 1996 A bar with Korova style writing on wall with Voloko Umbictico, the film tried to be a 90s version of ACO. 
Undercover Brother 2002 UB is forced to undergo "Caucasia-vision" therapy to make him seem whiter involving immersion in images of "Leave It to Beaver" and "Friends."
Vinyl  1965 Andy Warhol's unauthorized and unrecognizable adaptation of the book.
The Warriors 1979 One gang 'The Furies' wears white baseball uniforms, hats and carry bats which makes them look droogish.
Wishmaster 2 1998 The Russian convict calls the Wishmaster his droog. This may not specifically be an ACO reference as it is a real Russian word after all.
The Young Poisoner's Handbook  1995 The entire film is just a ripoff of ACO - a young thug who goes to jail, undergoes a miracle cure, etc. Starts with a red screen and the same music "Henry Purcell's Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary." Also uses "The Thieving Magpie".
Zoolander 2001 There is a Ludovico style brainwashing sequence.


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Band Year(s) Reference
The Alarm 1980s In their music video for "68 Guns" bullies chase a kid thru the ACO tunnel and then the band enters like Alex and the droogs with the shadows and throw a coin to a bum.
Andy Partridge 1990s Has a CD called "Fuzzy Warbles Vol 1."
2 Obsessed 1990s Hardcore band that has a 7" with an ACO song.
4Skins 1984 On their "From Chaos To 1984" LP there is an ACO song. They also have a song and CD called "Clockwork Skinhead" from 1999.
The Adicts 1976- The original ACO punk band. Singer Monkey dresses as a bowler hatted Joker and the rest as droogs and have much ACO related merchandise. They have an album and song called "Smart Alex" and so much more that I started a page for them here.
Agent Bulldogg  1998 Swedish punk band with song "Clockwork Orange Night".
Alice Cooper 1972-04 1. Says the band name Alice Cooper was "sort of Clockwork Orange meets West Side Story."
2. Did a "Singin' in the Rain" routine live as well as wearing the bowler for the song 'Gutter Cats vs. The Jets'. 
3. Semi-joking clams that HE influenced the film because of his outrageous costumes and boa constrictor. 
4. Quotes: "..and here we come looking like A Clockwork Orange." Picture of Alice in a bowler.
5. "Every now and then someone new will come along: there's a little Clockwork Orange in Alice."
6. Wore an ACO jacket on the 'Trash' tour and appeared with Malcolm on an episode of 'Pearl'.
7. After seeing the film 3/72: "Great, absolutely great. That was really dynamic. It definitely is the time of ultra-violence. And we're so ultraviolent that it all connects. It's obvious. Did you ever read Sex, Death & Violence, a piece by Gore Vidal? It's all written right there."
8. "Those were the things - cars, girls, switchblades, Clockwork Orange, simulated violence, cartoons. All of that made up Alice Cooper."
9. The character in the song "Wicked Young Man" was originally inspired by Alex.
10. "Take Salvador Dali, and then you throw in a little RKO Horror Movies, and then a little James Bond, and then an awful lot of British Hard Rock from the 60s, and then some Clockwork Orange, and mix it all up, then you got Alice Cooper."  - Alice Cooper 2004
Alley Brat 1980 Put out a 45 with a cover of Singing in the Rain & We Are the Future with a line about putting on a "black bowler cap."
Alphaville 1986 In the "Dance with Me" video the singer has Alex style eyelashes on his right eye.
Angelic Upstarts 1979 1. Their song 'Teenage Warning' opens with the line 'You wind me up like a Clockwork Orange'. The 1979 cover for the single has an orange with a tattoo that says "death or glory," with a wind up key going into it.
2. In their song One More Day there is the line Clockwork Soldiers, I saw them waiting for their moment!
At the Drive-In 1995 Have a song "Ludovico Drive-In".
B-2 2006 Russian band released a CD "Moloko" with an ACO inspired cover.
Bad4Good  1992 In the video "Nineteen" right at the beginning singer Danny Cooksey (ex-child actor who played Sam on Diff'rent Strokes) is wearing an ACO collage t-shirt. They were a child prodigy band formed by Steve Vai w/Thomas McRocklin, Zack Young & Brooks Wackerman. Video Scan
Banned from U.N.C.L.E.  1985 Have an ACO song 12" and cover shows the band with bowlers and masks.
Berurier Noir 1983-06 Uses ACO costumes and masks and has a song "Clockwork Beru"
When I come across a couple of queers I just wanna tolchock them
I want to smash their dumbass faces, kick them hard with my boots
But still I'm too kind, I want to make them eat cat food
And when I see pretty flowers I just want to crush them
And give them to my little sister with a fallen angel grin
And laugh out loud like a clown zooooom
When I look at a small ant I just want to make it explode
And feel completely bezoomy I want to see everything blow up
Like a big firework and keep laughing like a fool
When I meet pretty girls having everything I like
I just want to give them a little bit of in-out, in-out
Near the underground Doctor Brew just woke up
I really had a strange dream, he said to that mad parrot of his
And he went outside of his house blowing the whistle with a fool's grin on his face
Beastie Boys 1989 "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun" has lyrics "Ultraviolence be runnin' through my head"  and "I am like Clockwork Orange, goin' off on the town."
The Betrayed 198? In their song Clockwork Testament there is a line Alex and his droogs, looking for a fight! Dressed in Nadsat fashion, this is Nadsat night!;
Billy Joel 1997 In the 1982 episode of Pop Up Video for "Pressure" it mentions the intro of Joel watching the screens was inspired by ACO.
Blank Generation 1990s Have ACO songs "Out Of My Head", "Clockwork Nightmare" + "Alex In Wonderland."
Blitz 1980s Punk band who admitted an ACO influence.
Blur 1995 The music video for "Universal" has the band in droog clothes sitting in a Korova milkbar setting.
Born/Dead 2/07 Made an ACO flyer for a concert. 
Campag Velocet 1999 CD "Bon Chic Bon Genre" has the song "Drencrom Velocet Synthemesc".
Cage 2002 NY hardcore band has a song called "Agent Orange" on their 12" which samples the ACO theme in the background.
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine 1991 Have a song called "2001: A Clockwork Orange" as a 7" B-side. 
Cervelli Stanki 1991 Clockwork Street Punk band from Italy.
Chapter 21 1997 Punk band taking their name from the famous missing chapter of the novel who uses an Alex face skull on their 7".
Chicago 1982 The "Love Me Tomorrow" video has an ACO poser style backdrop with a woman in bowler holding her hand out.
China Crisis 1985 In the music video "King in a Catholic Style" the bass player has a white shirt, suspenders and a bowler in some shots.
The Choice 1998 Oi! band who had a song on the Skins 'n' Pins compilation entitled "Alex," which was about ACO.
Christian Smith And E.B.E. Present Timeline 1990s Have a 12" dance song "Clockwork Orange" & is on the CD 'In House We Trust 3.'
Clockwork Crew 1998 Swedish skin band with debut 7" "You are invited".
Clockwork Criminals 198? ACO inspired name.
Clockwork Destruction 198? ACO inspired name.
Clockwork Elvis 2002- Louisiana Elvis Presley cover band that dresses like droogs. www.ClockworkElvis.com  Scan
Clockwork Orange 1972 London, England - lasted 5 months. Steve Donovan (Guitar, Vocals), Mick Bolton (Keyboards, Vocals), Eddie Lindsay (Bass) & Eddie McNeill (Drums)
Clockwork Orange 1983 Tennessee USA garage band which released a couple of songs:  "Your Golden Touch" + "Do Me Right Now".
Clockwork Orange 1985 From Norway. Released one 7'' - Sensation Boys/Spellbound on Temptation Records Tempt 001 w/a droogs in tunnel style cover
Clockwork Orange 1991-98 Heavy metal. No ACO inspired songs I have found with 1997 CD called  "Spoons in the Suicide Clinic".
Clockwork Orange 1998-02 UK Alternative Rock. Their 1998 'Drown' CD cover has an orange cut open with gears in side w/song "Home".
Clockwork Orange 2001- Bangalore, India progressive rock.
Clockwork Oranges  1967 A garage band from England which took their name from the book. The first band to have an ACO related name. All I can find is 2 songs "Ready Steady" & "After Tonight".
The Clock-work Orange 1968 New York garage band. Had only 1 single "What Am I Without You" + "Help Me" on Rust Records.
Clockwork Psycho  2001 Metal/Punk Band
The Clockwork Soldiers 1970s Punk band.
Cock Sparrer 1974- Have a song called "Droogs Don't Run" and have worn bowlers.
Count Nosferatu Kommando 2002 AKA The CNK released a CD"Ultraviolence uber Alles".
The Cretins 2004- Minnesota rock band who dress like droogs and have an ACO logo. Cretins page
Crying Nut 2005 Accordionist/keyboardist Kim In-soo dressed like a droog in concert.
The Cure 2000 Robert Smith listed ACO as one of his favorite films on their official site. 
Cygnus X 1994 12" The Orange Theme is techno inspired from the film's theme song.
D12 2001 "American Psycho" w/Eminem has the line "So lock your doors drop to the floor get your shotguns drawn, here comes another Clockwork Orange."
David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust 1972 On the album "Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders from Mars" the individual picture on the sleeve are ACO inspired stares. He also used the ACO theme to open and the 9th to close concerts back then which can be heard on bootlegs. In "Suffragette City" there is the line "droogie don't crash here".
Dee Snider  1972 When Howard Stern asked him in 1995 about wearing top hats in high school he replied: "I was going through A Clockwork Orange phase."
Def Leppard 1987 Their video for "Rocket" features images on TVs then single words in white on black text just like in the ACO trailer.
Degradace 2008 A Czech Republic band with a song "A Clockwork Orange".
DeVotchKa 1997- Alternative/folk band from Denver w/ACO inspired name, but no ACO inspired songs. "Here's this character Alex who talks of girls in Russian with a Cockney accent. Nick Urata, when we started the band, chose the name. It was something definitely out of the norm, but he saw it as borrowing from one culture and putting into another. We take something from one culture and put our own spin on it, making it our own." 1/09
Devotchkas 1998-02 NY all girl punk band w/ACO inspired name. They also have a song called "Poogly" Devotchkas page
Die Toten Hosen 1988 "Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau" the first ACO concept album. Song 1 "Hier Kommt Alex" (Here Comes Alex) Song 12 "Bye bye Alex" 
DJ Tinrib 2002 Has a mix called ACO 2001
Dream Theatre 1994 Have used the ACO theme as a concert intro.
Droogs 1973- Founded in the UK. The first long running band to capitalize on the film
Duran Duran 8/93 Too Much Information music video shows Simon wired up in a chair Ludovico style watching TV screens.
Durango 95 1980s California punk band.
Echo and the Bunnymen 1980 Their first UK record label was called Korova.
Electric Hellfire Club 1996 Song "Ultraviolence" uses sounds from the film. 
Elvis Costello  1979  On the 1979 'Oliver's Army' single back cover, he and the Attractions are standing outside a closed down shop called 'Clockwork Orange'. His 2002 live show opened to 'The William Tell Overture' and there was a bust on the stage, which looked like the one of Ludwig Van in the film.
Eminem 2001 January 2001 Spin Magazine cover has him dressed as Alex. Spin Magazine 1/01  2002 Calendar
Exhumed 2003 Their "Anatomy is Destiny" CD cover is Ludovico style.
The Exploited 1996 The song "Law for the Rich" starts with a clip of Alex saying, "I know the law you bastards!" at the end Alex says, "They forced me to do it. I'm innocent!"
Faith No More  1989 In the "Falling to Pieces" video one costume Mike wears features a bowler hat, eyeliner and a baseball bat. 
The Fall 1985 Song "To NK Roachment: Yarbles" from This Nation's Saving Grace.
Fish 2004 Singer: "The reason I chose "La gazza Ladra" as our intro was because it always pre-empted or was the soundtrack violence in the movie and the gang fight after the rape on the stage in the old theatre (The Rainbow) I thought was brilliant fight choreography!"
Foreign Legion 1980s Have a song called "Clockwork Pop and Orange"
Gnarls Barkley 4/06 AKA DJ Danger Mouse & Cee-lo Green did a photo shoot dressed as droogs.
Gorillaz 2008 Murdoc Niccals of the cartoon band once played bass in a band called Durango 95.
Guns N' Roses  1988-02 1. The "Welcome to the Jungle" 1987 music video has a scene where Axl is in a straight jacket tied to a chair with a bowl over his head forced to watch screens of the news.
2. In a 1988 interview Duff "Rose" McKagan listed ACO as his favorite film and Izzy Stradlin said Malcolm McDowell was his favorite actor.
3. At the Dec 5, 2002 New York City show guitarist Robin Finck wore a white suit and a black hat like Alex.
Heaven 17  1980s New Wave band with members from the Human League. The first to take their name from the Top 10 list in the film. 
Made in Sheffield - they got into using synthesizers from seeing ACO & Walter Carlos plus he and Phil were big fans of classical music.
Hide 2000 Japanese singer that has an ACO poster style trading card.
Horrorshow Destruction 2007 French punk - short songs.
The Horrorshow Malchicks 2003 "The Good Boys" Hardcore oi/street/boot punk band from St. Louis. Started out as The Feds.
Jack and the Clockwork Orange Band 2005 Group from New Guinea.
Janet Jackson 1/04 During her breast shot round the world Superbowl performance there was an ACO garbed routine.
Klockwerk Orange 1975 German band on CBS records.
Kraftwerk  1981 Played "Overture to the Sun" at their shows on tour.
Kohu-63 1978 Singer dresses droog style.
Kylie Minogue  2002 1. On the Fever Tour she had a routine in ACO style dress for "Spinning Around" and also had a poster in the outfit. Live tour photo
2. Outburst (Live) is her ACO music video.
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards  2000s Band logo is in ACO style letters + colors. Note: Rancid side project. T-shirt scan
Led Zeppelin 2/7/75 John Bonham & Mick Hinton wore droog outfits at a Madison Square Garden show.
Legitima Defesa 2001 Brazilian skinhead band with a 7" "Clockwork Orange Army" on clear orange vinyl.
Les Rita Mitsouko 1987 The "C'est Comme Ca" music video has a girl in a white shirt, bowler hat and heavy eye make-up
The Libertines 2003 Song "Horrorshow" from the British CD Up The Bracket.
Los Violadores (The Rapers)  1990 Argentinean punk band with the song  "1, 2 Ultraviolento" (1, 2 Ultra-violence). The song has the rhythm of Beethoven's Ninth.
1, 2 Ultra-violence 1, 2 Ultra-violence
1, 2 Ultra-violence 1, 2 Ultra-violence
Some devotchkas are walking over there 1, 2 Ultra-violence
Moving their shiyahs with frenzy 1, 2 Ultra-violence
Alex's malchicks, we want to have some fun 1, 2 Ultra-violence
With my droogs to the attack we are going to go 1, 2 Ultra-violence
And now what's it gonna be then eh? 3x

Then it's 1, 2 Ultra-violence 1, 2 Ultra-violence 1, 2 Ultra-violence.
Without millicents at the corner it's easy for me, 1, 2 Ultra-violence.
The moloko in my gulliver makes me decide. 1, 2 Ultra-violence.
The one with bolshy groodies I want to share. 1, 2 Ultra-violence.
Red kroovy between their lapas we are going to make come up.
and now what's it gonna be then eh? and now what's it gonna be then eh?
and now what's it going to be then eh? 

They want to transform us. They won't get that
They won't get that. No! they won't get that
No! they won't get that, No! they won't get that
No! No, they won't.
and now what's it gonna be then eh? 3x

Then is 1, 2 Ultra-violence 1, 2 Ultra-violence
1, 2 Ultra-violence 1, 2 Ultra-violence
and now what's gonna be then eh? 4x
Then it's 1, 2 Ultra-violence1, 2
Ultra-violence 1, 2 Ultra-violence 1, 2
Ultra-violence Ultra-violence.
Love & Rockets 1987 The "Earth Sun Moon" CD cover features the boys dressed in white and one with a hat like Georgie.
Lower Class Brats 1995- ACO inspired their punk so much so that I started a whole page for them here.
Lucy's Milk 1995 When Bad 4 Good broke up members formed this band which didn't release a CD.
Ludovico 2005 Scottish Band that was on One Records. Band & label seem to have disappeared.
Madonna 1994 On the Blond Ambition Tour there was a dance routine w/ACO style dress.
Mad Parade 1980s Have a song titled "Horror show."
Major Accident  1977-00 The 2nd major Clockwork band. Go to their page
Meat Beat Manifesto  1990 CD 99% has a song Helter Skelter w/ACO samples
Megadeth  1988-01 1. In their 1988 "Anarchy in the UK" video a kid is tied to a chair in a straight jacket with a helmet forced to watch video screens.
2. They made a Rattlehead ACO poster parody T-shirt in 2001. The back reads "I feel as if something terrible is going to happen."
Merlin 2001 1. CD Merlin's Milkbar Stereo
2. Viddy Well, Little Brother EP
Metal Church  1986 On their poster for "The Dark" and promo shots from this time founding guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof wears an ACO t-shirt.
Mick Ronson 1994 Memorial Concert t-shirt is an ACO poster parody with Ronson holding a guitar.
Midtown Bootboys 1990s Nazi Skinhead band that uses ACO intro for live shows.
Molodoi 2006- French band with  ex- members of Berurier Noir still use ACO fonts & themes.
Moloko  1995 Two man electronic band from Sheffield England. One year they were on the Mtv Europe Awards Stockholm. www.moloko.co.uk
Moloko Men 1997 Skinhead band where at least one member dresses in droog style. Recorded a 7" - Clockwork Ultra-violence. Drunk and Poor LP has ACO related songs.
Moloko Plus 1994- Punk CD compilations released monthly in the 90s by Moloko Fanzine from 1-22 ?
Morte Cerebral 2003- Brazilian Clockwork punk band. They have songs "Pretty Polly" and "Just Like a Droog" which uses "Singin' in the Rain" sampling. Web Site Scan of singer with ACO shirt
Motley Crue 1994/97 1. In the 1994 "Hooligan's Holiday" music video there are four guys dressed droog style who are followed.
2. Before their shows in 1997 they showed a clips film with scenes from ACO.
Motorpsycho 1997 Did a magazine shoot for Beat dressed droog style.
My Chemical Romance 8/05 UK magazine Kerrang had droog style spread. Scan
Myslovitz 2000s Polish rock band has an album and a song called "Korova Milk Bar" or "Bar Mleczny Korova".
Nabat 1980s Italian punk bank with a 7" called Skins N Punks = TNT that has a parody of the droogs in the tunnel.
Nadsat Fashion 2004- CD "Fading Fast" has ACO eye style cover.
New Order 5/83 Released a song called "Ultraviolence".
Nine Inch Nails 4/07 Their Art is Resistance site has one poster with an ACO image.
No Doubt 3/6/09 "Whenever we do an album or a tour we've noticed that if we have a really strong theme that everything falls into place better. Gwen came up with the Clockwork Orange thing - she started getting into the visuals of those modernist movies from the 60's. We have a bunch of really great artists doing t-shirts and posters that echo that."  guitarist Tom Dumont (someone tell him the film is from the 70s)
Orange Mecanique 2005 French punk CD "Cerrone" has the tunnel photo from the film.
Orbital 1990s Has opened their shows with the main theme from ACO as an intro.
Oxblood 1990s- Oi! band from NY that has a member who wears droog attire on their "Under the Boot" 7".
Penelope Houston 1996 CD "Cut You" has a parody of the ACO Poster cover.
Per Gessle 2003 Swedish singer wore an ACO shirt on an awards show.
Phish 1991 Their t-shirt for Chalkdust Torture is an ACO poster parody.
Pogues 1989 "Misty Morning Albert Bridge" music video features the bridge which is the one Alex looks at when he encounters the tramp at the end.
Poison 1990 In their videos for "Unskinny Bop" + "Ride the Wind" Rikki Rocket's bass drum heads have an ACO poster style image on all 4 of them. It looks like Rikki holding a drumstick instead of Alex holding the knife.
Punk Lives #2 - Para Punx 1990s VHS contains Japanese Clockwork punks and Devotchkas live.
Ramones 1984- Have an instrumental song called "Durango 95" on the "Too Tough to Die" album. The cover is also like the shot of the droogs in the tunnel casting shadows. The song also appears on "Loco Live" and "We're Outta Here".
Ratt 1984 In the "Wanted Man" video a stoned out kid on the Ratt tour bus is wearing an ACO shirt.
Red Red Groovy 1993 Based their name on 'red red krovvy' from the book.
Rob Zombie 2002 The "Never Gonna Stop" video has him dressed up as Alex in the Korova and driving the Durango 95. The lyrics are all ACO related.
Rolling Stones 1965 1. Manager Andrew Loog Oldham perpetuated a myth that the Stones wanted to do an ACO film in the 60s.
2. On the "Rolling Stones, Now!" 4/65 album's liner notes 'That after reading A Clockwork Orange you might feel like beating up a blind man and robbing him to obtain the money to purchase this LP.'
3. The "December's Children (and Everybody's)" 12/65 liner notes were written in nadsat by Oldham.
Rollins Band 2001 Have a Live CD called "A Clockwork Orange Stage".
Rotten Boi!s  1999 "Pogo Beer & Spikey Hair" has a "clockwork side" where they are dressed as droogs.
Scars 1979 Have a song called "Horrorshow" all about ACO.
Section 8 1980 Punk band from Ottawa Canada whose first gig was at a Halloween party where the singer was dressed as Alex. Their song "Hollywood Hallowe'en" has the line "It was Alex and his droogs there from clockwork in Hollywood I shoulda known it was all in fun. Whaddaya spect on Hallowe'en?"
Sepultura  1/09 Released an all ACO CD called A-Lex.
Sex Pistols  1996 On their reunion tour the recorded a video for "Pretty Vacant" that starts out with Beethoven's 9th - ACOish.
Shihad 1995 Their video for "Pacifier" is a tribute to ACO from their album "The General Electric."
Sigue Sigue Sputnik   1986 1. In the "Love Missile F1-11" music video from the "Flaunt It" LP  they start out in the exact tunnel where Alex and the boys beat the tramp. They have also played the ACO theme to open their live shows and used samples on their songs.
2. Also on their 1986 tour they had an ACO poster logo shirt with the tagline: "A Group Whose Principle Interests Are Ultra Violence * Video Nasties * Affluence * Rockets * Home Computers * Excitement * BMX * Beethoven* "
3. They have a CD of 12" singles that features the same ACO art.
Skinny Puppy  1989 On their album "Rabies" the song "Rivers" uses dialog samples from ACO. It starts out with Alex saying, "Let's make this nice and sparkling clear."
Skoidats 2001

Night of the Droogs
This ones dedicated to all the droogies
Those who are here, those who are not
This is the night, The night of the droogs
Another fight cause droogies don't fear
This is the night, The night of the droogs
This is a note to the droogies I say
Foreign dignitaries come down under to play
Ricochet rebound split packaged boss
Gave us strength to fight another day
When were on the prowl
The nerdies hit the decks
Velvet Elvis gun toting Bourbon street wrecks
strength in numbers fly high
killing east and west
boot scar warriors will always pass the test

A steel toe bridge on the welted sea
droogies stop pick it up we kick and scream

Digging hard in your face
Wakes up sleeping on a floor
Creepy crawler space
No I'm not a squatter sure not a fake
Living like an outlaw for music sake
Slap crack broken backs
That's the way it was
Wasn't playing round
We were out for blood, blood

Sun goes down, Droogies hit the town
boots and bowlers, but we know you hear the sound
Naddies on the left droogies got my back
We came here to party, but we're ready to attack.
This is the night, The night of the droogs

We keep in our droogie corner keeping cool and playing pool
but spill my suds I'll spill your blood, that's the barroom rule
so don't you come in here and try to strike fear
Cause in a jug I'll take my mug and smash it on your ear
Were only here for lots of beer the music and the laughter
But if your girl gets loud with us it's you were coming after
So realize while we stomp you down and hear your girlfriend scream
Outside in the darkness we'll make a horrorshow team.
Six long weeks of strife and stress
You've gone and crossed the droogs
Now your ass is in a big fat mess.
(Pre chorus)
Beer will be flowing to all the skinheads!
And blood will be flowing like clockwork red!

Snix 1983 Skinhead OI CD "Quand le Soleil se Levera" has a track titled ACO.
Squeeze  1980s In an interview Chris Difford listed ACO as his favorite film.
The Stereophonics 2000s In the "Mr. Writer" video they are all in a car at the beginning wearing bowler hats, but their faces are made up like clowns.
Stereo Total 1/05 The CD 'Do the Bambi' has the song "Orange Mecanique".
Stone Sour 2003 Started their shows in Europe with the ACO intro.
The Strawberry Alarm Clock 1966-71 Their name is a play on the Clockwork Orange novel title.
Stuart Davis 2006 Song Parker Posey from the CD "What" has the line - "It's Pretty Woman meets Clockwork Orange."
Subzero 2/09 Had a concert in NY called the A Clockwork Orange Fest.
Supernem 2007 CD "Nemde" cover is the band sitting in a Korova type bar.
Systematics 1995 Have a drawing of Alex on their LP on Vulture Rock.
Television Personalities 1984 In the song "Favourite Films" there is the line "Malcolm McDowell is my hero".
Templars 1995 Put out a 7" called "Clockwork Orange Horrorshow". Has cartoon skinhead droogs by Alteau and also appeared on a shirt.
TSOL 1982 Their "Beneath the Shadows" LP features their name 'True Sounds of Liberty' in ACO style font.
Turbonegro 1992 LP "Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives" has a song called "Nadsat Comes Easy To Me".
Ultra Violence 1984 NY Hardcore band w/Tony Tee Shirt on vocals.
The Ultraviolence 00s Unsigned Rhode Island punk band have an ACO inspired logo.
U2 1990-97 1. Excerpt from an article on the Pop Mart Tour 97 "U2 wows crowd of 30,000 at Arrowhead Stadium by Timothy Finn Kansas City Star The height of the show Monday for one young woman was "Miami," during which Bono dressed like Malcolm McDowell in ACO."
2. Recorded Alex Descends into Hell for a Bottle of Milk/Korova 1 for the RSC Play.
UK Subs 1976- "Here Comes Alex" is an English cover of the Die Toten Hosen song.
Ultraviolence 1996 CD "Psycho Drama" - nothing else ACO about them besides their name.
The Used 1/05 The music video for "All That I've Got," the singer wears a bowler, eyelash and white suit with a gray overcoat. Scan
Usher 1997 "My Way" music video has girls dressed ACO style and Usher has a bowler and fake eyelashes.
Verity  1972 Have a 45 w/'The World's a Clockwork Orange'.
The Violators  1980s Punk band influenced by ACO.
The Warriors 1980s In their song Horrorshow there is a line Don't kid yourself, this is Clockwork Orange land. It's a horrorshow!
Waxwork Dummies 1980 Rotting Corpses Demo Tape - Has Tunnel photo cover
Wolfsbane  1989 1. In their video "I Like It Hot" they start out at the edge of the exact tunnel where the droogs beat up the tramp. 
2. On their "Live Fast, Die Fast" CD Cover Jeff Hatley is wearing an ACO shirt.
White Noise 1993 Punk band with song "Clockwork Violence".
The Yarbles 1976-77 Punk band from Boston.
Zundstoff  1994 Their self titled CD has an ACO song and cover.


5 Total

Clockwork Orange 1979- A store in London
Clockwork Orange 2004- A store in Belfast Ireland.
Glasgow Subway 80s- The orange livery goes around in a circle and got the nickname "The Clockwork Orange."
Glitch Bar and Cinema 2005 The North Fitzroy Australia club's Oscar party served ACO Milk.
Korova Coffee Bar 2004 University Heights San Diego restaurant 
The Korova Milk Bar 2007 12 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia


7 Total

Show Year Reference
Batchelor & Alexander 3-6/03 On WABC 770AM New York. Played "The Thieving Magpie" from ACO over the opening news stories. They also played another ACO cut in April.
Bob Brinker's Money Talk 2003 Coming back at the top of the hour he sometimes plays Alex saying, "and what are you going to do with the big, big money?"
The Drudge Report 6/22/03 After a story about everyone's faces being photographed on the Miami river boats Matt said it was like ACO and played the glorious ninth.
Edmonton's K-Rock 97.3  2004 Had an ACO quote followed by "ACO is a classic just like the songs they play." 
Howard Stern 2/25/03 1. Plays the "Me So Horny" clip every now and then with female guests.
2. Howard was doing an ad for the show "Queer as Folk" and he said for him to watch it he would have to have his eyes held open like in Clockwork Orange and he doesn't need that.
KGB Recycle Documentary 4/2/72 The San Diego radio played clips from the movie in this farewell 30 minute recording.


6 Total

Team Year Reference
Clockwork Orange 80s- Nickname of the Dutch National Soccer team because of their bright orange jerseys.
Clockwork Orange 2001 A New Jersey mens' softball team took the ACO name. Scan of the article
Clockwork Orange 2005 Shaun Winder, RSYC's Australian Racing Yacht
Dog Show 1984 In Winter 84 American Cocker magazine there is a champion greyhound dog named "Clockwork Orange".
Syracuse Orangemen 2003 Two ACO newspaper scans
The NCAA basketball team wears an orange uniform and in 2003 won the championship and multiple headlines about them read "Clockwork Orange."
WWE Wrestling 2003 They occasionally had a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match" started by Raven which involves weapons. In late 2005 the words 'Clockwork Orange' were dropped.


92 Total

Show Year Reference
30 Even Scarier Movie Moments 2006 Eli Roth compares characters to Alex.
101 Biggest Celebrity Oops 2004 Comedian Tom for the #1 oops - Gigli - says the only way he'd watch the film was ACO style with his eyes held open in a straight jacket and even then he would find a way to look away.
A&E Copycat Crimes 2000 ACO was shown and mentioned.
AFI's 10 Top 10 6/17/08 ACO is the #4 sci-fi film of all time.
AFI's 100 Years...100 Heroes & Villains 6/3/03 Alex #12 villain - Malcolm: My job in that film is to make an immoral personal palatable. How could you not enjoy it? (SITR clip)
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies 10th Anniversary 6/20/07 ACO #70 of all time, dropping from #46.
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies long 6/16/98 #46 - James Woods - MASH lampoons war, a year later ACO came. (Opening clip/tramp/record store) Malcolm: I chose to play this hoodlum, murder, rapist who is a nasty piece of work with joie de vive. He loved life, loves to get up, though he may be getting up to beat or maim, there is something infectious about it. The Singin in the rain sequence started off when Stanley said can you dance. So it was a joke - Singing in the Rain. (Korova singer/prison/Ludovico/return home/tramps attack/trough/spaghetti) You end up feeling sympathy for this amoral character and I know that kinda pisses people off.
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies short  6/16/98 #46 - David Copperfield: All of Kubrick's work has an amazing balance it's terrifying but kind of lyrical and funny at the same time. Malcolm: It's really about the freedom of choice, the freedom for an individual to choose between bad or good.
AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills  6/12/01 #21 - Malcolm: Kubrick who directed makes the hero Alex and anti-hero, I chose to play him with a joie de vive, that's infectious. Anything who loves life is, though they might be getting up to beat and maim. Jerry Goldsmith - If I was told to write a score for it, I would've been hard pressed to know what to do. What he did worked. MM - I've always been drawn to parts with an edge, I'm not personally a good reactor. I think heroes are mainly reactors, they don't drive the story so much as react to it. They are always difficult parts to play. Gary Cooper was a great hero.
American Masters 2008 The Warner Bros. Story Chapter 4 (1970-90) covers ACO & Kubrick
At the Movies 1994 Siskel & Ebert - The Tarantino Generation - Pulp Fiction calls to mind other films like ACO, each film shook up a bloated film industry.
BBC News 24 2000 ACO re-release report.
Beat the Geeks 2001 One show had an ACO Answer.
Beavis & Butthead 1994 In one show they watch Motley Crue's Hooligan's Holiday video with the droogs.
Behind the Music That Sucks 2002 Eric Clapton started out as ACO and then turns to crap and gets Ludovicoed by Jimi Hendrix and others to make him lame so they can succeed.
Brave New Worlds: The Science Fiction Phenomenon 1993  Line "Along with films like ACO, Soylent green and silent Running, Westworld explored a crazy world of technology gone mad."
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2002 Beneath You has the line he took the cane movements from Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange.
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys 1996-7

1. "Yes, We Still Have No Bananas" has 
Rhesus 2 saying, "I'm singin' in the brain."
2. In "Lawnmower Ape" Rhesus 2 says, "Welly, welly, welly, well."
3. In "Rhesus Pieces" Upon first sighting Capt. Simian's ship. says, "Welly, welly, welly, well." After capturing Rhesus 2 Dr. Splitz is repairing him. Capt. Simian to Dr. Splitz: "How are the repairs going?" Dr. Splitz: "Like clockwork. Orange captain"? (He is holding an orange.) Right after, Dr. Splitz inserts a brain into Rhesus 2 and he says "There was me Alex, and my three droogs..."

Cimemax Ad 1999 Best Most Like Never Before features ACO and Durango 95 clip.
Cinemax My Movies 1999 Malcolm McDowell introduces A Clockwork Orange. "One always hopes one is going to be successful, but it came in bucketfuls. I went out to meet SK in North London and he didn't tell me anything about why he wanted to see me until the very end when he handed me a book and I looked down and noticed it was ACO. It was a very, very intense 6 months for me because I was in every shot. He was a brilliant director for me, I said to him once can you give me an idea how you direct and he said no not really, I know what I don't want, but don't know what I do want. I went oh, OK. Physically the most difficult sequence in the film for me was the lidlocks on the eyes. My eyes were anesthetized by a doctor from an eye hospital who kept ramming a handkerchief in my eye to see if it took effect. I'm sitting in a straight jacket watching movies. It was only on the ride home when the anesthesia wore off and there was such pain, it was staggering. We were sitting around for a week trying to do the gang bursting into this writer's house. Out of sheer boredom Stanley walked over to me and said can you dance? I said sure, I love to dance, I'm just Singin in the Rain, whack. The whole thing was an improv, for fun. I think it's my song, sorry Gene. I remember going into my local newsagent in London and I'd been going there for years and the man just cowered, I went it's me, I've come for my Times you know, I'm not going to beat you up, don't worry. It was a lifetime experience. ACO is coming up next on Cinemax so viddy well little brothers, viddy well."
Cinemax Kubrick Promo 1999 Malcolm McDowell, "All the goading he did to me and pushing and prodding was just what I needed." w/film clips.
Cribs 2002 1. In the Jamie Kennedy episode of the Mtv series he has the UK Hat poster in his bathroom. Scan with the poster on the far wall.
2. On the Osbournes episode Kelly says, "This chair was from the set of A Clockwork Orange, it was in really bad condition and what we did was paint it green." (There was no chair like it in the film though.) 2/20/02
CSI: Miami 11/22/04 Episode ''Pirated'' on had an obscure ACO reference. The murder victim Wendy had a sex change and was Walter before that - a sly reference to Walter Carlos the ACO composer.
The Daily Show 2004 John Stewart was discussing the Iraqi prisoner abuse photos and said that the most interesting thing about the event was how the audience was made to watch. A picture of Alex receiving the Ludovico Treatment was shown, and then Stewart made a comment along the lines of, "And then they played some Beethoven music."
Duckman 1997 In "I, Duckman" Cornfed is imprisoned in Duckman's attic to watch his home movies held down with eyes open.
E! True Hollywood Story 2007 A Clockwork Apple comedy troupe episode.
Ebert & Roeper  2001 13 Ghosts Review - Ebert says, "Bright torture lights hit your eyes like in ACO".
ESPN Outside the Lines 2005 "We often recall Malcolm McDowell in Kubrick's classic ACO. In the real world counseling someone with an out of control temper is complicated."
Fantasy Island 10/31/98 In "Estrogen" Roarke (played by Malcolm McDowell) hums Beethoven's 9th. 
Farrah Fawcett Fashion 2000 The O'Neals episode has a girl in a black hat and another says, "You've got that ACO thing".
Friends 1/30/97 The One Where Monica and Richard are Just Friends - in a video store Dr. Richard Burke says, "He's going to go up to the counter with Citizen Cane, Vertigo and A Clockwork Orgy."
Futurama 8/12/10 Futurama episode "A Clockwork Origin"
Galavision 2005 One model has a hat and another says you are looking stunning with the Clockwork Orange thing.
The Goodies  1973 "Invasion Of The Moon Creatures" has the boys go to the moon and get controlled by rabbits. They come back and dress up as rabbit droogs and wreck havoc. I have a page for it here
The Glades 2010 The promo picture harkens back to the 1972 bleeding switchblade ACO theme album 2010 scan. 1972 scan
Greg the Bunny 2006 Wumpus the Monster - finishing a Clockwork Orange  parody all dressed like droogs. Viddy well little brother, viddy well. That's a wrap. OK, nap time want to connect 3 or 4? Can't, don't like you Wumpus.  He talks to Gilbert Gottfried about befriending a retard and he goes back and they are dressed as droogs again. Later Greg comes back, wants the rainbow cookie, he called dibs on it. The other guy is eating it, says too bad, want it, psyche. Wumpus gives him the Kubrick stare. Greg goes on myspace dressed a droog, he's upset his agent didn't post on his page. He wants to get rid of him. Wumpus watches then goes and kills him. Greg gets rid of Wumpus and goes back to Gilbert to complain about him, then Wumpus shoots Gilbert and blames Greg during the trial and Greg is executed. 
Howard Stern E! Show 1995 Episode with Rebecca Lord from A Clockwork Orgy with tramp clip.
Indie Sex 2007 On IFC the Rated X films section includes ACO.
Ill-ustrated 2003 The 2nd episode starts with "Michael Jackson's Taxi Cab Confessions" and Robert Blake gets in wearing a prison jumpsuit with the ID #655321.
I Love the 70's Volume 2 7/10/06 Episode 1971 - What Dom DeLuise would make for Alex the drooge (sic), A Clockwork Orange Julius.
Invader ZIM 2001 In "Parent Teacher Night" Zim straps his robot parents into a chair and puts lid locks on them, then forces them to watch parenting TV shows in order to be the "most parental parents ever".
Investigative Reports 1/18/00 Copycat Crimes - line "from the cult classic ACO to Romeo and Juliet."
Lil Bush 2007 Jeb is told, "Remember that part from ACO where they erased his brain? Yes. Well you won't remember after I erase your brain." He straps him Ludovico style, plays Beethoven's 9th and shows random clips like Donald Trump a Chihuahua and Carrot Top.
Mark Kermode 2007 Interviews Warren Clarke at Wandsworth roundabout. Clarke: We got here 3-4 hours earlier and we looked at it like we are looking at it now and said so what, who cares? We go away, have dinner, sit down, play cards, come back at 1am and it's a whole other world. Half of it is the lighting. The first time we went there it was extraordinary, Thamesmead at that time won awards all over Europe, so it was quite beautiful. We shot the sequence there, 6 months later Stanley didn't think it worked so we went back and I had to go in there again. Apart from it being nominated for Oscars there was a lot of seriously bad press in this country about it. A lot of that stuff was utter rubbish to me. I can't see a mindless yob sitting through ACO from beginning to film, it's not that kind of film. Have you been here since you shot it? No, never in my life. You never went back to any film locations? Are you kidding? They'd probably shoot me wandering around, if they recognized me. Would they? Do I still look the same?
The Man Show 2003 A man watched a chick flick. His punishment was to witness a birthing video. Joe Rogen put a Ludovico style strap over his eyes and said, "Complete with A Clockwork Orange attire."
The Maxx  1996 The 1st episode features the song "I want to marry a lighthouse keeper."
M&S Marks & Spencer 2008 The Spring UK commercial features Twiggy and all female models on and around a lighthouse as I Want to Marry A Lighthouse Keeper plays.
The Odd Couple 1/11/74 In "Cleanliness Is Next to Impossible" Felix wants to condition Oscar to be neat. Felix tells Oscar we'll get you all wired up like ACO and any time you get messy we'll shock you.
Orange Ad 200? Promotion - Two tickets for one, every Wednesday, like Clockwork, it's film, we need a title - Orange Wednesdays!
The Osbournes 2004 In "Car Jacked" Jack wears an ACO shirt the whole time. Two Scans
Outside the Lines 1990s The announcer shows an ACO clip to compare it to real counseling.
Peter Greenaway in Indianapolis 1997 Panel/Audience discussions with many films mentioned including ACO.
Phineas and Ferb 2009 In "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" the boys are given the Ludovico treatment to deprogram them from building projects. Scan
The PJs 1999 In one episode Thurgoode says, "Looks like your humble narrator was meeting a beautiful lady." He wakes up in a hospital all broken and is fed like Alex was by the governor this time by the HUD man. "It was a real horror show. They brought in my beloved Luther Van." Then reporters take his picture and he poses.
The Power of Positive Reinforcement 1978 ABC show on Behavior modification features clips from ACO.  Hosted by Fran Tarkington. 27 minutes
Reelz Channel  2005 Reports on GQ Magazine's 25 Most Stylish Films which includes ACO.
Ren & Stimpy 1994 In "My Shiny Friend" Stimpy gets addicted to TV and Ren locks him up and plays classical music like what was done to Alex.
A Review of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange 1972 William Everson interviews Malcolm McDowell & Anthony Burgess. Transcript
Robot Chicken 2005- Adult Swim series - in the intro of each show  the robot chicken is strapped to a chair with metal lid locks and forced to watch the show. Scan
SadCAST Science Fiction 2007 One podcast has an ACO poster on the wall.
Sanford and Son 12/8/72 A Guest in the Yard - the bum they find sleeping in a bathtub in their yard gives a speech like the tramp saying, "What kind of world is this?"
Silk Stalkings 4/99 In "A Clockwork Florida Orange" they play an ACO style theme and a gang wears masks, has canes and bowlers and robs beats a store owner. The leader sings a show tune while hitting him. They applaud and he says thank you brothers. They vote whether to finish him. They do and rip a sign off the register that says no kids. Later he dances with a cane. He says to Mrs. Cook he doesn't like her anymore, is performing for her, she is picture of mediocrity and beats her. He attacks a woman in a car later who fights him off and has a gun. He runs and she follows and the others capture her. He lets his friend have the first whack and he says he can't because she's a cop. They vote thumbs down and when he goes to shoot her cops arrive and shoot him.
The Simpsons 1992-04 Bart as Alex
1. Dog of Death 3/92
When Santa's Little Helper the Simpsons' dog suffers from a twisted stomach, the Simpsons sacrifice in order to pay for a life-saving operation. However, when the family's morale suffers from the cuts, the dog runs away and quickly becomes one of Mr. Burns' hounds. During his guard dog training, Santa's Little Helper is subjected to the Ludovico Treatment. With eyes in lidlocks, SLH is forced to watch dogs getting kicked, heads slammed in toilets.
2. A Streetcar Named Marge
Marge gets a role in a musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire, "Oh, Streetcar." On the night before the performance, Marge begins speaking in a Southern accent to get into character. To help out, Bart speaks in an Alexesque English accent. During dinner he asks Homer, "Can I skip school tomorrow? Got a pain in me gulliver."
3. Treehouse of Horror III
The Simpsons hold a Halloween party, in which three stories are exchanged. During the party, Bart is dressed as Alex. At the beginning of the episode, Bart, talks like Alex, "Stupid party, wish we was trick or treatin'."
4. Duffless
After her science project is ruined by Bart, Lisa creates a new experiment, "Is my brother smarter than a hamster". Using electric shocks, cupcakes for Bart, and hamster food for the hamster, Lisa finds her answer. After much exposure to the treatment, Bart becomes sickened by cupcakes. In one scene, he kneels in front of two strategically placed cupcakes, reflecting the review of Alex's Ludovico treatment as he crouches in front of a naked woman unable to do what he really wants.
5. Homer goes to College 10/93
Homer uses lidlocks to stay awake and study.
6. Homer the Smithers
Mr. Burns falls out the window like Alex did when he tried to kill himself. At the end of this episode Smithers feeds bed-ridden Burns in a cast, mirroring Alex's feeding by the Minister at the end of ACO.
7. Hurricane Neddy 12/96
Flanders undergoes a experimental treatment with the help of Homer.
8. Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble"12/98
Homer is trying to read the liability form he is signing, the nurse says "Don't read it. Sign it." Like the Prison Guard says to Alex.
9. Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder 11/99
There is a fast-motion sequence with a couple getting romantic like Alex's threesome.
10. The Wandering Juvie 3/04
Has an ACO style prison check-in at JV.
Siskel & Ebert 1996-97 1. One one show Gene Siskel mentioned ACO in reference to Tarantino when reviewing his film.
2. Siskel: I would like similarly to put Roger under the thumb for a two-star review of A Clockwork Orange.
Ebert: Gene has been dining out on my review of A Clockwork Orange for at least 20 years, and it gives him so much pleasure that I don't see why I should change my mind, which would just give him more pleasure.
South Park 5/31/05 Name something you consider a mind-altering work of art: Trey Parker: "It's super cliche, but A Clockwork Orange really did fuck me up. I'm sure that's what 80 percent of the people say though. I don't know, a woman?"
Stanley Kubrick: The Invisible Man 6/20/96 BBC4 special that covers ACO and interviews Malcolm McDowell.
Teen Titans 2003 In Mad Mod, Mod (Malcolm McDowell) straps Starfire into a chair like  with her eyes held open forcing her to watch a hypnoscreen. Also Mad Mod scratches his butt like Alex did right before he met Mr. Deltoid. Go to the page
Tom Green Show 1999 On "Something Smells Funny" there is a clip called "ACO". It consists of Tom interviewing a crazy man in a park who carries on about Hendrix and others who are the real ACO and it is a good film.
Tower Records Ads 12/95 1. Ludovico Alex on the street - Jawbreaker
2. Ludovico Alex on the street - Rob Zombie
Trailer Park  1997 Showed the ACO trailer which was unavailable at the time. 
UK News 2000 1. Nick's review. Julian Senior says it was celebrity stalkers like now, people hanging out talking about things only they and Kubrick could only understand. Quentin Cooper says it seems dated. 
2. Premiere review - a bit dated now, but to go and see it with Korova singer clip.
Ultimate Film Fanatic 2005 On IFC - One show had the question "What song did Malcolm McDowell sing in ACO? The guy didn't know.
Undergrads 2001 In one episode Gimpy had lidlocks put on him, is tied up and is forced to watch Star Trek.
VOOM Channel 11/04 Had a commercial advertising they are playing ACO in Hi Definition with a shot of Alex.
Warner Brothers Story 75th Anniversary 1998 "Kubrick was very important to me, ACO came out while I was in film school, my student films are heavily influenced by ACO." Bill Paxton - That film exploded into my imagination, I was going through my JD phase and could relate to the film. I didn't get into the eyeliner, cufflinks for bowler hats, but I loved McDowell looking up with the left eye. I did that all the time.
When Rated X Ruled the World 8/04 Talks about and shows pics from ACO.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2000 One show had an ACO question "The bar serves what drink?"
Whose Line is it Anyway? 2000 During the 3rd season there is a guy right behind Drew wearing a black ACO T-shirt that can be seen during several episodes.
Without Walls - Forbidden Fruit 1993 British special on the ban of the film in the UK.
WKRP in Cincinnati 1978 In an episode Johnny Fever holds up the ACO soundtrack LP.

Video Games

4 Total

Game Year Reference
The Getaway 2: Black Monday 2004 A police officer says, "It's to go like clockwork, not Clockwork bloody Orange."
Conker's Bad Fur Day N64 2001 The intro of the game is a parody of the opening of ACO with the theme and Conker as Alex.
Kingdom of Rock 2005 Japanese dancing game where you use your feet uses an ACO song for one level.
Kingdom of Loathing 2004 Has Clockwork Grapefruit.


These are supposed to contain references.

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