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June 5, 1970
Stanley Kubrick to Roger Caras

Can you sit down and think for 60 secs. and immediately send me a letter listing the names of the companies who have branches in England, who were prepared to supply modern bio-medical monitoring devices, medical chairs and medical miscellania for '2001'. If you have the names of any people, contacts, addresses, telephone numbers, they would be appreciated too. This is of course in connection with 'Clockwork Orange'.

Best regards, 
P.S. USA companies, too.


December 24, 1971
Re: Placement of the film poster in the London subways.

I've spent the past three hours on my knees on the floor working out the enclosed review ad slots. I think they make sense and should look very strong with nice, chunky bold type or its equivalent.

January 3, 1972
To Richard Heinz in France
Re: Foreign language dubbing 

I want to hear voice tests on all of the important actors that would include Alex, Dim, Georgie, Deltold, Ma and Pa, Mr Alexander, the Chief Guard, the Minister, Dr Branom, the Pyschiatrist at the end, the prison governor, the priest, Joe the lodger, the stage actor who steps on Alex's chest at the press reception, Dr Brodsky, the cat lady, the male chief conspirator and the female chief conspirator, the parts played by John Savident and Margaret Tyzack and the two principle policemen in the headquarters interview scene.

July 26, 1972
To Umberto Orlandi
RE: 1972 Venice Film Festival

What is the make and type of the projectors, which will show the film? Will the film be shown on 2,000ft reels. Is there control of the sound inside the auditorium during the screening? If so, where, approximately is it located? Is there a sound system or telephone which is connected with the projection booth? Please describe this. If someone wanted to leave the auditorium during the screening and go into the projection booth, how long would it take to get to the projection booth and would it create a disturbance? Where is the film actually to be screened at Venice? What is the name of the place and its address? Are all the films at the festival being screened in the same room?

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