Katharina Kubrick in ACO

Katharina Kubrick-Hobbs is Stanley Kubrick's oldest daughter. In the AMK newsgroup a while back she mentioned that when she was 16 she did a walk in the Record Shop scene in ACO. I wanted to find out exactly where she appeared in the scene and asked her in the newsgroup. I posted a guess screen shot.

1st guess Alex walking by someone

She responded:
Haven't seen the clip, so don't know what you are looking at, but is there a fat girl in a beige trouser suit, with long hair? C'est Moi!

That ruled the above shot out, so I went and found the right ones.
Coming out of a door and walking toward Alex - on the left
Walking behind Alex and the girls - on left again

She responded:
Oh god yes....those pics have me in the background.

Further comments by Katharina:

A bit of trivia. That scene was shot on location. That place was called The Chelsea Drugstore, on The King's Road, in Chelsea London. The coolest street to strut one's stuff along of a sunny Saturday afternoon. It was all curves and aluminum on the outside and was considered a very cool place to hang out. The scene was shot at night, all night as I remember. The drugstore is no longer aluminum nor is it cool, it's a bloody McDonalds now. Sad really.

The McDonalds today
Picture by Tom Ingrim

The last question I asked was: 
"Did you have a crush on Malcolm McDowell?"

She responded:
"Yes, but don't tell him ;-)"

I wondered if that was how the place actually looked.

K: "As I recall, The Chelsea drugstore looked pretty much like that. The obvious placement of the 2001 album was "set dressing" and I'm sure that Dad had things moved around the place to suit his needs. Overall though it had exactly that feel to it. It was a totally cool place as far as my 16 year old self was concerned."

McDonalds Tom Ingram 2000
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