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In order as shown in the end credits, each name appears on it's own frame in white text and red background, then blue, red, green and purple.

Produced and Directed
Stanley Kubrick

Screenplay by
Stanley Kubrick

Based on the Novel by
Anthony Burgess


Malcolm McDowell

Mr. Alexander
Patrick Magee


Chief Guard
Michael Bates

Warren Clarke

Stage Actor
John Clive

Mrs. Alexander
Adrienne Corri

Dr. Brodsky
Carl Duering

Paul Farrell

Clive Francis

Prison Governor
Michael Gover

Miriam Karlin

James Marcus

Aubrey Morris

Prison Chaplain
Godfrey Quigley

Sheila Raynor

Dr. Branom
Madge Ryan

John Savident

Anthony Sharp

Philip Stone

Pauline Taylor

Margaret Tyzack

Also Featuring
Steven Berkoff
Lindsay Campbell
Michael Tarn
David Prowse
Barrie Cookson

Jan Adair Vivienne Chandler
Gaye Brown Richard Connaught
Peter Burton Prudence Drage
John J. Carney Carol Drinkwater
Lee Fox Shirley Jaffe
Cheryl Grunwald Virginia Wetherell
Gillian Hills Neil Wilson
Craig Hunter Katya Wyeth

Executive Producers
 Max L. Raab
Si Litvinoff

Consultant on Hair and Coloring
Leonard of London

Associate Producer
Bernard Williams

Assistant to the Producer
Jan Harlan

Electronic Music
Composed and Realized
Walter Carlos 

Symphony No.9 in D Minor, Opus 125 by
Ludwig van Beethoven

Overtures "The Thieving Magpie" and "William Tell" by
Gioachino Rossini

Recorded by
Deutsche Grammophon

Pomp and Circumstance Marches No.1 and 4 by
Edward Elgar
Conducted by Marcus Dods

"Singin' in the Rain" by
Arthur Freed
Nacio Herb Brown
From the MGM Picture
Performed by
Gene Kelly

"Overture to the Sun" Composed by
Terry Tucker

"I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper"
composed and performed by
Erika Eigen

Lighting Cameraman
John Alcott

Production Designer
John Barry

Bill Butler

Sound Editor
Brian Blamey

Sound Recordist
John Jordan

 Dubbing Mixers 
Bill Rowe
Eddie Haben

Art Directors Russell Hagg
Peter Shields
Wardrobe Supervisor  Ron Beck
Costume Designer Milena Canonero
Stunt Arranger Roy Scammell  

 Special Paintings and Sculpture 
Herman Makkink
Cornelius Makkink
Liz Moore
Christiane Kubrick

Casting  Jimmy Liggat
Location Manager Terence Clegg
Supervising Electrician Frank Wardale
Assistant Directors Derek Cracknell
Dusty Symonds
Construction Manager Bill Welch
Prop Master Frank Bruton
Assistant Editors Gary Shepherd
Peter Burgess
David Beesley
Camera Operators Ernie Day
Mike Molloy
Focus-Puller Ron Drinkwater
Camera Assistants Laurie Frost
David Lenham
Boom Operator Peter Glossop
Grips Don Budge
Tony Cridlin
Electricians Louis Bogue
Derek Gatrell
Prop Men Peter Hancock
Tommy Ibbetson
John Oliver
Promotion Co-ordinator Mike Kaplan
Production Accountant Len Barnard
Continuity June Randall
Hairdresser Olga Angelinetta
Make-up Fred Williamson
George Partleton
Barbara Daly
Production Secretary Loretta Ordewer
Director's Secretary Kay Johnson
Production Assistant Andros Epaminondas
Location Liaison Arthur Morgan
Technical Advisor Jon Marshall

With Special Acknowledgement to
Braun Ag Frankfurt
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Kontakt Werkstaetten
Ryman Conran Limited
Steinheimer Leuchtenindustrie
Temde Ag

This story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.

Approved                        no. 22962

Motion Picture Association of America

The End

Made at Pinewood Studios, London, England,
at EMI-MGM Studios, Borehamwood, Herts., England
and on location in England by Hawk Films Limited.

Distributed by

Warner Bros.
A Kinney Company


Full Character Names

Actor Role
John Clive ardface
Clive Francis Joe the Lodger
Patrick Magee Frank Alexander
Malcolm McDowell Alexander De Large or Burgess
Aubrey Morris P.R. Deltoid
John Savident Z. Dolin 
Anthony Sharp Frederick, Minister of the Interior
Pauline Taylor Dr. Taylor, Psychiatrist
Margaret Tyzack Rubinstein

Roles not listed

Actor Role
Jan Adair Handmaiden (Bible Fantasy)
Steven Berkoff Sergeant Fatneck (Police Station)
Gaye Brown Singer in Korova
Peter Burton Junior Minister
Lindsay Campbell Inspector (Police Station)
John J. Carney Tom (C.I.D. Man - Police Station)
Vivienne Chandler Handmaiden (Bible Fantasy)
Richard Connaught Billy Boy
Barrie Cookson Doctor Alcott (Ludovico check-in)
Prudence Drage Handmaiden (Bible Fantasy)
Carol Drinkwater Nurse Feeley (at end press conference) 
Lee Fox Senior Doctor
Cheryl Grunwald Rape Girl (by Billyboy's gang)
Gillian Hills Sonietta (Blond in the record store/orgy)
Dick Haydon Malcolm's stand-in
Craig Hunter Dr. Friendly (at press conference)
Shirley Jaffe Nurse with hypo at Ludovico
David Prowse Julian (Mr. Alexander's aide)
Michael Tarn Pete
Virginia Wetherell Stage Actress (Topless/Ludovico center)
Neil Wilson Prison check-in officer
Katya Wyeth Girl (naked in Alex's final fantasy scene)

Uncredited Roles

Actor Role
Frank Abbott Rex (Police Landrover driver)
Roy Beck Prison Officer in Chapel
Robert Bruce Korova Bouncer
Maurice Bush Security Guard (outside Alex's Ludovico room)
Steadman Clark Korova Bouncer
Jeremy Curry Christ
David Dawkins Humming technician
Andros Epaminondas Bearded extra in record shop
Dr. Gundry Dr. Lidlock
Margaret Heald Nurse Braindrain (comes in with psychiatrist)
Katharina Kubrick Extra in Record store - tan outfit
George O' Gorman Record Bootik Clerk
Fred Real Prison check-in
Pat Roach Korova Bouncer w/beard
Henry Robert Desk Policeman (at station)
Barbara Scott Marty (Brunette in the record store/orgy)
Arthur Tatler Convict Pianist
Sister Watkins Dr. Lidlock's assistant

Note: Kissy face prisoner in the chapel was listed as an extra
Cat Ballou clip: Jane Fonda
Nazis in Ludovico film: Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, Viktor Lutze

Deleted roles

Actor Role
Frank Abbot 1st policeman, Duke of York
George Coulouris Professor 
Helen Ford Old lady at Duke of York
Peter Hannon 2nd policeman, Duke of York
Nicholas Hill Biblio oldie/Drunk tramp
Fred Hugh Biblio oldie/Drunk tramp
Olive Mercer Old lady at Duke of York
Leslie Nye Biblio oldie/Drunk tramp
Nat Pearn Biblio oldie/Drunk tramp
Rex Rashley Biblio oldie/Drunk tramp
Billy Russell Professor 
Winifred Sabine Old lady at Duke of York
Shane Shelton Burbling Boy
Tom Sye Biblio oldie/Drunk tramp
Alex Wallis D. B. da Silva

Replaced Cast

Actor Role
Susan Engel Rubinstein
Tony Harwood Prison check-in
Bernadette Milnes Mrs. Alexander
Glenys O'Brien Marty
Dorothy Smith Em


Person Job
Margaret Adams Production Assistant
Rachel Elkind Music
Pablo Ferro Titles
Dominic Fulford Assistant Director
Tony Frewin Unit/Production Manager
Dr. Johnson Staff doctor
Dimitri Kasterine Publicity stills photographer
John Ketteringham Stand in, Malcolm McDowell
Jon Marshall Prison advisor
Ivo Nightingale Production Assistant
Dr. Pouw Insurance Doctor
Fred Real Stand in, Michael Bates

Visual Effects by Pacific Title & Art Studio for the 2000 UK Re-release

Person Job
Sandy DellaMarie digital production coordinator
Mark Freund visual effects supervisor
George Gervan digital paint artist
Richard Gervan digital paint artist
Martin Hall digital paint artist
Maureen Healy digital paint artist
Heather Hoyland lead digital compositor
Greg Kimble digital compositor
Jeff Wells digital compositor

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