A Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess

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Note: The book contains 58,536 words.
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UK Hardcover

Edition Notes/Pictures
1962 Heinemann - 1st Print, 1st State True first edition. This is the only one with black boards (the cloth hardcover part). 21 chapters. Front DJ has Alex saying 'yarbles, bloshy great yarblockos to thee and thine' designed by Barry Trengrove  #434 09800 0, back DJ has reviews for the novel "Devil of a State". Front inside flap has 3 paragraphs - warning, summary & Burgess bio. Back inside flap text is light, w/reviews for the Malayan Trilogy (trilog y error spacing) - 'Time for a Tiger', 'The Enemy in the Blanket' and 'Beds in the East'. Titles are in purple, reviewers names are to the right. Price is 16s in the margin as the DJ is oversized. 196 pgs. DJ Front  DJ Back  Black Boards  DJ Inside front 16s  DJ Inside Back flap
1962 Heinemann - 1st Print, 2nd State The boards were changed to purple so they matched the color of the DJ. They would stay this way for the rest of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th printings. Price went up to 18s, DJ inside flaps are now smaller with price under the text. DJ Inside front 18s  Purple Boards
1962 Heinemann - 1st Print, 3rd State The boards are green. This version remains the rarest and most unknown version of the first print. Green Boards Title page
1970 Heinemann - 2nd print The front of the DJ is identical to the 1st print leading thieves to try and pass it off as a 1st state. Note the back of the DJ now has seven ACO reviews and inside flap only has the summary. Trilogy on the back flap is fixed and the text has a different darker font and reviewers names moved to the left. A new error though. In the second review it reads 'Time for Tiger' instead of 'a Tiger'. DJ is larger again like the 1st state. DJ back
1972 Heinemann - 3rd print The same DJ as the 2nd print except "ACO has now been filmed by Stanley Kubrick" was added to the inside flap and the summary text was moved up. Price is now £1.75
1975 Heinemann - 4th print DJ was changed to black, no picture, 2 blurbs added - 'Among the best novelists in England'. Sunday Times & 'His prose is as sharp as frost. his wit demonic, his imagination unbounded'. Daily Telegraph, author in white & title in orange, same reviews on back orange cover. Malayan Trilogy titles on inside flap are now in black. Heinemann windmill logo added to spine. Price £3.90
1982 Heinemann - 5th Print Boards changed to orange. Same cover except price was removed and back flap lists seven books by Burgess, no reviews. No price,
1989 Heinemann - 6th print Boards changed back to black. Same cover except title is now yellow, Heinemann is removed from spine, front flap has no number, back flap lists only 4 books, back is now yellow with UPC added 9 780434 098002. Price now £11.95
1994 Compact Books - 1st Print This is the first UK version to feature a still from the movie on the cover of a pink faced Alex from the Korova. The reason why is it came out after Burgess' death. 21 chapters, no glossary, 3 pgs of ads, £4.99 ISBN 0-7493-1847-3, UPC 780749 318475
1994 Compact Books - 2nd Print Same as above
2007 Paperview UK - 1st print First in the Banned books series, free with purchase of The Independent on 2/24/07. Cover

Text from the dustjacket back - first printing. 2nd printings on have ACO reviews

Also by Anthony Burgess


A Book Society Choice

'a delicious come-back to the zany world of his Malayan trilogy, though this novel is set in an imaginary East African state newly emerging into independence...Mr. Burgess is brilliantly contemporary in a field he has made triumphantly his own.'
    Bernard Share, Irish Times

'Mr. Burgess is idiosyncratic, brilliant, and possessed of a wit all his own. Read this novel and I'll guarantee you'll want to go through the entire canon.'
    Peter Green, Bookman

'a Waugh without the underlying wounds, a Greene without the guilt.'
    Christine Brooke-Rose, Observer

'vastly entertaining...superb craftsmanship...a joyful, poignant book which the Book Society has done well to make its choice.'
    Maurice Edelman, Sunday Times

'first rate - the best Burgess yet.'
    Kenneth Young, Yorkshire Post

'he knows the colonial civil servant and his world better than Maugham.'
    Julian Jebb, Time & Tide


Text from back inside flap - first through fourth editions

Anthony Burgess's Malayan trilogy


'His characters are splendidly mad...to describe such scenes of steamy lethargy a with a precision that never becomes metallic or mechanical implies literary gifts of a very high order. Like all good comic writers, Mr. Burgess lives his creations as much as he mocks them. First class. More please.'


'Mr. Burgess 's second novel amply confirms the lively promise of Time for Tiger...There's more meat here than in half a dozen average novels. The affectionate bitterness with which Mr. Burgess surveys his crumpled, unsatisfactory, altogether human cast degenerates neither into sentimentality nor bitchiness. This is a fascinating chronicle of the end of a fascinating era.'
JOHN METCALF, Sunday Times


'Beds in the East is a beautifully interlocked novel. It is really written, not just set down. Look, for instance, at the passage where Loo makes love to the sound of trumpets and the bellowing of a toad from the waste-pipe.'
KENNETH YOUNG, Daily Telegraph

'A really funny novel about Englishmen, Tamils, Chinese, and others in Malaya. Intriguingly well written.'
GEORGE MILLAR, Daily Express

Text from the dustjacket inside flap - first edition. Second printings on drop the 1st and 3rd paragraph.

A Clockwork Orange is one of the most unusual and enjoyable novels we have ever published. But it is only fair to warn unadventurous readers that to reap their enjoyment they will have to make a small effort: we guarantee, however, that the effort itself will also prove enjoyable.

A Clockwork Orange is the scarifying autobiographical confession of Alex, a juvenile delinquent of the unspecified but not very distant future, who tells the tale of his own criminal excesses and his 're-education' in the peculiar slang of his generation. It will take the reader no more than fifteen pages to master and revel in the expressive language of 'nadsat'; after that he has before him an easily digestible feast of picaresque villainy and social satire. The book can be read as a straight horror comedy or, on a deeper level, as a fable of good and evil and the importance of human choice. As the genial Alex himself might put it: 'It is a horrorshow story, which will either make you smeck like bezoomy or bring the old tears to your glazzies.'

Anthony Burgess's last novel, Devil of a State, was a Book Society Choice. He is now incontrovertibly established as a novelist of prime stature.

Wrapper design by Barry Trengrove

Text from the dustjacket back - Second printing on

A Clockwork Orange
'Mr. Burgess has written a fine farrago of outrageousness.'

'It is too sharp, too horrific, too spikily uncompromising for comfort. But it manages to say more in a shorter compass about the roots of delinquency and the teenage malaise in general than any other book I've come across.'
PETER GREEN, Daily Telegraph

'No one can match his skill at anguished farce about the end of empire...Mr. Burgess...has an originality of manner and subject that place him to my mind among the best writers in England...Mr. Burgess develops his theme brilliantly...the language is an extraordinary technical feat, and the whole conception vigorously exhibits Mr. Burgess's great imaginative gifts.'

 'What is remarkable about the book, however, is the incredible teenage argot that Mr. Burgess invents to tell the story in. All Mr. Burgess's powers as a comic writer, which are considerable, have gone into the rich language of his inverted Utopia.'

'It is always a pleasure to pick up a novel in which some attempt has been made to break away from the smooth flat competence of most contemporary fiction and to express the story in language freshly conceived yet apt to the treatment.'

'Mr. Burgess has written a gleeful celebration-denunciation of violence.'

'Entertaining but even profound, Alex is a real person with inconsistencies of a real person (he can't bear others who eat untidily) and the nadsat slang that Anthony Burgess has invented for him, with its subliminal penetration of Soviet propaganda, is amusing.'
SUSAN CHITTY, Sunday Telegraph

'Mr. Burgess is a formidably talented writer.'
Queen Magazine

UK Softcover

1964 Pan - 1st Print

Droogs Running Purple Cover. 1st softcover edition,21 chapters, 189 pgs, 3 pgs of ads, X321

1966 Pan - 2nd Print

Same as above with 3'6 on the bottom right cover.

1972 Penguin - 1st Print The "Hat" Cover by David Pelham was the same from 1972 until 1996. 144 pgs, Price is 25p and the ISBN is 0-14-003219-3. Only has 20 chapters to match the film and the Nadsat glossary. Size is 7" x 4 1/2"
1972 Penguin - 2nd Print "A Terrifying Novel...Now a Terrifying film" has been added to the cover.
1973 Penguin - 3rd Print "A Terrifying Novel..." has been removed.
1973 Penguin - 4th Print Same as above
1973 Penguin - 5th Print Same as above
1974 Penguin - 6th Print Same as above
1974 Penguin - 7th Print Same as above
1974 Penguin - 7th Print Same as above
1976 Penguin - 8th Print Same as above
1976 Penguin - 9th Print Same as above
1977 Penguin - 10th Print Same as above
1978 Penguin - 11th Print Same as above
1979 Penguin - 12th Print Same as above
1980 Penguin - 13th Print Same as above
1981 Penguin - 14th Print Same as above
1981 Penguin - 15th Print Same as above
1982 Penguin - 16th Print 21 chapters, Glossary removed, 149 pgs, 8 pages of other Penguin books added at end, £1.25
1982 Penguin - 17th Print Same as above
1983 Penguin - 18th Print Same as above
1984 Penguin - 19th Print Same as above
1985 Penguin - 20th Print Same as above
1985 Penguin - 21st Print Same as above
1986 Penguin - 22nd Print UPC added, £1.95
1992 Penguin - 32nd Print New font on cover, ACO written on a slant, price £4.95, book is larger - now 7 5/8" x 5" Cover
1996 Penguin - 38th Print Cogs & Alex Ludovico Eye Cover, contains 18 pg Blake Morrison intro, 13 pgs ads, £5.99 ISBN 0-14-018882-7, 7 5/8" x 5", Cover photographs: Eye - Lionel F. Williams; cogs SOA/Photonica
1998 Penguin - 46th Print Red Text/Orange and Grey Cover by Dirk Van Dooren w/Time Out quote, intro removed, 8 pgs of ads, £4.99, 7" x 4 1/4", ISBN 0-14-027409-X. Cover
Penguin The Essential Collection 1999 Boxed set of 10 Penguin Paperbacks including the 1998 Red text cover version of ACO also Breakfast at Tiffany's - Truman Capote, A Passage to India - EM Forster, The Heart of the Matter - Graham Greene, On the Road - Jack Kerouac, Lady Chatterly's Lover - DH Lawrence, One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel G Marquez, Animal Farm - George Orwell, Bonjour Tristesse - Francoise Sagan + To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf
1999 Penguin - 49th Print Same cover as above, but back has Sight and Sound limited edition logo instead of UPC.
2000 Penguin - 56th Print Movie Poster cover published to tie-in with the release of ACO in the theaters after 15 years, 1 pg of ads, ISBN 0-14-029105-9, price £5.99. Cover
Special Edition Box Set with VHS Same book above packaged with the video. This was the first time the video was ever available in the UK. Warner Home Video  S017367, UPC 014780 173675
Special Edition Box Set with DVD Same as above
2001 Penguin Classics - 64th Print Milk Glass cover by Veronique Rolland, Blake Morrison intro returns, 141 pgs, 7 pgs ads, 7 5/8" x 5", ISBN 0-14-118260-1, price £5.99. Cover
2001 Hodder & Stoughton ACO 2004 cover, Teach Yourself Advanced Literature Guide: "ACO", 112 pages, ISBN 0340803053
2004 Penguin Classics Milk Glass cover with 'Modern Classics' added. 176 pgs ISBN: 0141182601
2010 Penguin Classics Leg coming out of a psychedelic circle of colors, given out free with a newspaper. Front Cover

 US Hardcover

1963 W.W. Norton - 1st Edition The rarest of all ACO printings.

Dust Jacket

  • Front - 4 Droogs Walking in jackets and cravats Black line art. From their waists up in white, the rest is streaked down orange.
  • On bottom - A Novel by Anthony Burgess small black text. 
  • 'A' next to it, Clockwork Orange  in large font underneath
  • Spine - Anthony Burgess across, ACO down in large block letters and Norton Flying bird logo across.
  • Back - From Reviews of Previous Novels by Anthony Burgess - The Right to An Answer (New York Harold Tribune/New Yorker & Time) & Devil of a State (New York Times/New York Times Book Review)
  • Front flap - $3.95 on top, title (2 lines) and author (1 line) in small orange, 2 paragraphs about the book in black, quote from the book in orange, last paragraph in black. Clip on bottom.
  • Back flap - Photo of Burgess with cigarette, 4 paragraph biography (last one talks about their pets). Jacket design by Larry Turin on bottom.

(front pages aren't lettered, I did that for ease of description)

  • 1st page blank, Page A - title in all caps
  • Page B -  novels by Anthony Burgess - The Right to An Answer, Devil of a State, A Clockwork Orange
  • Page C - top: Author, title all caps, bottom: New York, bird logo, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 
  • Copyright © 1962 Anthony Burgess
  • First American Edition 1963
  • Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 63-7983, Printed in the United States of America underneath
  • Contents - ONE Page 1, TWO Page 77, Three Page 135
  • Page D - number "1" in a box.
  • Page E - 1 in a box with text starting next to it.
  • 20 chapters, 8 1/2" x 5 5/8", 184 pgs.
  • No afterword, No glossary
  • Dark orange thick boards
  • Spine - in gold: Burgess, cog, title, cog, Norton
    DJ Cover Front
      Front Flap  Boards
1963 W.W. Norton - Book Club Edition (BCE) Differences with this common edition and the rare one above

Dust Jacket

  • Front - Artwork is 1/3 smaller and moved down
  • Anthony Burgess is listed above the title
  • ACO title in orange underneath
  • 'A Novel' underneath.
  • The top is more white, the bottom is more orange and it continues on the spine
  • Spine - only 'Burgess' down w/ACO in small block letters and Norton across
  • Back - all orange, no text.
  • Front flap - no price, author on top in black (2 lines), tile in large orange font (3 lines), all text in black, half of quote on front (continued on back flap)
  • Back Flap - no Burgess photo, rest of novel quote, 3 paragraph biography (pet reference removed). Larry Turin not listed, instead reads Printed in the U.S.A. 5233


  • Page B - no novels listed.
  • Page C - under title 'with an Afterword and Glossary by Stanley Edgar Hyman.'
  • Copyright © 1963 W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 
  • Copyright © 1962 Anthony Burgess underneath
  • No LOC #, Printed in the United States of America underneath
  • Contents - ONE Page 3, TWO Page 75, Three Page 129, AFTERWORD Page 177, GLOSSARY Page 182
  • Next Page has only "ONE".
  • Page 1 has the #1 then text starts underneath.
  • 20 chapters, Book Club Edition on bottom front flap, 185 pgs.
  • Afterword July 1963 - Portions of Mr. Hyman's Afterword originally appeared in The New Leader, of which Mr. Hyman is a literary critic.
  • Afterword (6pgs) & glossary (3 pgs) end the book.
  • Light orange thin boards.
  • Spine - in black Anthony Burgess & ACO going down, Norton across
    DJ Front  Front Flap
1968 The Modern Library - 1st Print ACO/Honey for the Bears Combo, 437 pgs, price $2.45, 7 1/4" x 4 5/8", #191
1986 Norton - 1st Print The first US release with the 21st chapter and an explanatory intro by the author. Cover art is the same as the 1962 UK edition. 192 pgs, $14.95 ISBN 0-393-02439-3, UPC 780393 024395
1996 Buccaneer Books - 1st Print Black Setting Sun boards, no DJ, reprint of the 1963 Norton edition w/20 chapters, Hyman Afterward & Glossary, 185 pgs, $31.95.
1999 Econoclad 10/99
2000 Easton Press Leatherbound Great books of the 20th Century series. It is bound in genuine premium leather, each book features a hubbed spine accented in 22kt gold, lustrous moire fabric endsheets, acid-neutral paper, gilded page ends, and a permanently bound-in ribbon page marker. Features exclusive artwork by Ron Miller including 1 full color., Burgess 1986 intro, 190 pgs, Hyman Afterward & glossary, $70. Color Artwork
2002 Thorndike Press  Large print, Beethoven eyes cover. 0786246448, $28.95

US Softcover

1963 W.W. Norton - 1st Print Trade Droogs Walking Orange/ White Cover - ACO text in Large Black, 20 chapters, 185 pgs, 1st American Edition stated, contains the Stanley Edgar Hyman afterward and glossary, 7 5/8" x 5",  $1.45, N224, ISBN 0 393 00224 1
1963 W.W. Norton - 6th print Trade Same as above, but is $3.95
1965 Ballantine - 1st Print 9/65 Man on red motorcycle cover, contains the Stanley Edgar Hyman afterward and glossary. 192 pgs, 6 5/8" x 4 1/4", 60¢ BB U5032. 2nd page has mini Burgess bio, last pg has LOTR ad. Cover
1966 Anthony Burgess Ballantine Collection In slipcase - ACO, The Wanting Seed, Honey for Bears, The Right to Answer & Nothing Like the Sun
1968 Ballantine - 2nd Print 2/68 Same cover as first print. 2nd page has list of Burgess' other books.
1969 Ballantine - 3rd Print 9/69 Easy Rider cover - man riding motorcycle and sunglasses close-up, 95¢ BB 01708-095
1970 Ballantine - 4th Print 6/70 Same as above
1971 Ballantine - 5th Print 10/71 Easy Rider close-up cover, sunglasses removed with 'soon to be Stanley Kubrick's first motion picture since "2001: A Space Odyssey"'.
1971 Ballantine - 6th Print 12/71 Same as above
1972 Ballantine - 7th Print 1/72 All Orange Cover w/white text. Ad for the movie on the last page. $1.25, 02624-1-125
1972 Ballantine - 8th Print 3/72 Same as above
1972 Ballantine - 9th Print 3/72 Ad for M/F & Wanting Seed under the glossary, Ad for  Kubrick's ACO Film book on the last page.
1972 Ballantine - 10th Print 4/72 Same as above
1972 Ballantine - 11th Print 4/72 Lists the 9th printing as April instead of March.
1972 Ballantine - 12th Print 5/72 ACO centered on title page.
1973 Ballantine - 13th Print 4/73 Same as above
1973 Ballantine - 14th Print 11/73 Same as above
1974 Ballantine - 15th Print  Same as above
1974 Ballantine - 16th Print Same as above
1975 Ballantine - 17th Print 11/75 All Back covers w/orange text. M/F ad removed, Dog Soldiers ad on last page. 24696 $1.75
1976 Ballantine - 18th Print 7/76 Orange Front cover w/black text & Black back, Science Fiction classic ad last page, 25632 $1.95
1977 Ballantine - 19th Print 9/77 Same as above w/Star Wars ad last page, 27321 $1.95
1978 Ballantine - 20th Print Same as above
1979 Ballantine - 21st Print 4/79 Same as above w/New from Ballantine! ad last page, 28411 $2.25
1980 Ballantine - 22nd Print 2/80 Same as above w/Best in modern fiction ad last page.
1981 Ballantine - 23rd Print  Same as above
1982 Ballantine - 24th Print  Same as above
1982 Ballantine - 25th Print  Same as above
1983 Ballantine - 26th Print  Same as above
1983 Ballantine - 27th Print  Same as above
1984 Ballantine - 28th Print 8/84 All Black Covers/Orange title text, Burgess in white,  w/o last page ad, Hyman afterword added, 187 pgs, 31483 - $2.50
1986 Ballantine - 29th Print 9/86 Burgess is now in yellow. 34334 $2.95
1986 Ballantine - 30th Print Same as above
1986 Norton - 2nd print TPB Grey Nervosa Cover w/21st Chapter, ACO Resucked intro, author/title by, 192 pgs,  ISBN 0-393-30553-8, $7.95
1986 Norton - 6th print TPB White Nervosa Cover, title/author
1987 Norton TPB Same as HC w/1962 UK art
1988 Ballantine - 31st Print 11/87 Burgess yellow text, 187 pgs, ISBN 0-345-34334-4, 34434 $2.95, UPC Added
1988 Ballantine - 1st Revised 4/88 Running Men Industrial cover, 21 chapters, ACO Resucked intro, ISBN 0-345-35443-5, 219 pgs, $3.95
1988 Ballantine - 1st Revised 4/88 Same as above, $4.95
1989 Ballantine - 34th Print Same as above
1990 Ballantine - 35th Print Same as above
1990 Ballantine - 36th Print  Same as above
1991 Ballantine - 37th Print Same as above
1991 Ballantine - 38th Print  Same as above
1991 Ballantine - 39th Print 11/91 Same as above, $5.95
1994 Norton - 1st Print w/ACO Resucked intro, Arena Brains II cover art by Robert Longo 1985. Photo courtesy Metro Pictures. Cover design by Francine Kass, title and publisher down the side in orange, 8 1/4" x 5 1/4",  ISBN 0-393-31283-6, UPC in white 9 780393 312836 900000>,  192 pgs, $10.00 Cover
1997 Norton - 3rd Print title and publisher down the side changed to red, EAN added to UPC, last part of UPC changed to 51100> $11.00
2001 Norton - 4th Print Same as above, $12.00
2002 Norton - 6th Print www.wwnorton.com added to back cover,  last part of UPC changed to 51300> & UPC changed to yellow, $13.00
2003 Norton - 8th Print Same as above, $13.95


1972 Penguin - 1st Print Movie Poster Cover. "A Terrifying Novel...Now a Terrifying film", 20 chapters w/glossary, 144 pgs. 1st known movie tie-in cover. $0.95 ISBN 0 14 00.3219 3
1972 Penguin - 2nd Print Same as above
1972 Penguin - 3rd Print Same as above
2004 Penguin Milk glass cover, slightly different than the 2000 UK version. ISBN: 0141182601 176 pgs


1995 National Library for the Blind  4 volumes - UK


1977 Editora Artenova s.a. 'A Laranja Mecânica', PB, 205 pages - 21 chapters/glossary
1994 Editora Ediouro 'A Laranja Mecânica', ?? pages, 21 chapters/glossary
2004 Editora Aleph 'Laranja Mecânica', 191 pages, 21 chapters/glossary


1999 Yilin Press 21 chapters - no Nadsat glossary

Czech Republic

Translator's note: "Anthony Burgess used Russian as the basis of the (Nadsat) language. Regarding linguistic and historic reasons I do not consider this way the best for the Czech translation. The final result (of the Czech translation) is a mixture of English, Russian and German, terms rising from the language of Romanies and newly made up words (used by the author himself also)."

1992 Volvox Globator 'Mechanicky Pomeranc'. PB, Prague, 150 pages - 21 chapters/glossary
1996 Volvox Globator Same as above. ISBN: 80-7207-466-0 Black cover


1994 Lindhardt og Ringhof PB, 170 pages - 21 chapters + glossary


1972 Robert Laffont 'L'Orange Mécanique.' 260 pages - 20 ch + glossary
1972 Robert Laffont 'L'Orange Mécanique.' 221 pages - 21 ch + glossary
1977 Le Livre De Poche 'Orange Mecanique'. Droogs in the Tunnel Photo softcover (reversed picture). Translated 1972. 21 chapters, 315 pages. The first version to have a movie still on the cover. Back has corrected picture. #5017
1988 ISBN 0140032193


1972 Heyne 'Uhrwerk Orange'. 205 pages - 21 chapters no glossary
1982 Heyne Naked Women Art softcover, 21 chapters, 205 pgs, 3 pgs ads,  DM 5.80. # 928, 7" x 4 1/2" ISBN 3-453-00250-4
1988 Heyne Brown softcover w/Silver Writing, 222 pgs, 2 pgs ads, DM12.90, ISBN 3-453-02388
1992 Reclam Verlag Alex driving Durango close-up photo cover. Stuttgart,  21 chapters, English text, vocabulary explanated as footers on each page. ISBN: 3150092817
1995 Heyne Same as 1988
1997 Heyne Hat cover similar to the UK. ISBN: 3453130790
2000 Heyne ACO. Alex 'viddy well' photo cover. 236 pages, 21 chapters/glossary. Iain Banks intro. ISBN: 345316413X


1990 Europa Könyvkiado 'Gépnarancs'. PB, Budapest, translated by Gy. Horvath Laszlo, 21 chapters, no glossary


1996 Paperback Hand holding Knife cover. 192 pages - 20 chapters + glossary


1969 Giulio Einaudi editore s.p.a. 'Un Arancia a Orologeria'. PB, Torino, 218 pages - 21 chapters


1977 Hayakawa Publishing Inc 'Tokeijikake no Orange', PB w/DJ, 268 pgs, 20 chap


1978 Uitgeverij de Arbeiderspres 'Boze Jongens',  PB, Amsterdam, 1978 176 pages - 20 chapters + glossary
2003 Flamingo Film Klassiekers 'ACO'. PB, 170 pages - 21 chapters + glossary


1993 Tiden Norsk Forlag A/S 'Den Mekaniske Appelsin'. PB, Oslo, 160 pages - 21 chapters + glossary


1990 Paperback 'Mechaniczna Pomarañcza'
2002 Wersja PB, Krakow, 254 pages - 21 chapters + glossary


1974 Edicoes 70 'A Laranja Mecanica'. Movie Poster softcover, 20 chapters w/glossary, 210 pgs, 9/74


2003 Humanitas 'Portocala Mecanica', PB, cover by Robert Rauschenberg "Canyon", 21 chapters, 214pgs


Books and movies are bootlegged without limits in Russia. They print up as many as they can and move on. This means if you don't buy them right away chances are you'll never find them again. For this reason it is nearly impossible to catalog what has been released.


1993 Demon Cover
1996 Spike Head man cover
2000 Mockba 2 novels - ACO/?, Screaming man in pie cover, 21 chapters, 384 pgs,  ISBN 5-273-00134-X
2001 3KCMO ACO/The Wanting Seed special edition. Brown cover w/Droog in black leather. 21 chapters, 480 pgs, ISBN 5-04-008181-2
2001 Omnja The Cramps "Good Music for Bad People" Album Cover rip-off. 21 chapters, 288 pgs, ISBN 5-89091-173-2. Exclusive picture of the artist holding the book for the first time Front Cover Back Cover Original artwork See Notes Below
2002 2 novels
2003 Omnja The Cramps "Good Music for Bad People" reprint
2003 3KCMO ACO/The Wanting Seed. Red haired punk kid cover,  21 chapters, 475 pgs, ISBN 5-699-03945-7, $5

The Cramps artist sees his work.

On 10/2/03 I went to the Chiller Theater film expo in Secaucus NJ to show artist Stephen Blickenstaff the above book in hopes that he had never seen it. He had not. He was completely blown away by the fact his artwork was stolen for a Russian printing of Clockwork. He took pictures for his collection and was very happy I brought it and showed it to him. He admitted this art was bootlegged many times, but never in such a big way as this. Of course he doesn't get any money for use of it and in fact never has since he gave it away originally. He wished he could show it to his friends because it was so cool. He was very, very nice and gladly posed for the above picture. He wants his own copy, but I am unable to find another.

History of the artwork

On Halloween night 1983, a group took a short road trip to see the punk band The Cramps in concert. While in route, artist Stephen Blickenstaff was applying cross-hatching to an original illustration which he planned to barter for backstage meet-and-greet privilege. The drawing was a impressionistic version of Lux in a style inspired by artist Basil Wolverton. Stephen's ploy worked and the band loved the artwork. The Cramps needed to pump out an album to fulfill a contract so they contacted Steve and inquired about using his art on the cover. Steve told them that it was a gift and they could use it as they wished.


1991  1
1991  2
1992  1
1992  2
2000 3KCMO Man holding pie and newspapers cover. 256 pgs, with afterward, ISBN 5-04-004833-5
2000  2 novels
2001 1
2001 2
2002 1
2002 2


1976 Ediciones Minotoro 'La Naranja Mecanica'. PB, 166 pages - 20 chapters + glossary


1972 Wahlström & Widstrand 'En Apelsin med Urverk'. PB, Stockholm, 163 pages - 20 ch + glossary


1973 Pan 'Otomatik Portakal'. 20 chapters, 223 pgs, 2 Basim, Bilgi Yayinevi 189.
1982 Pan Alex's Brain softcover. 20 chapters, 223 pgs, 2 Basim, Bilgi Yayinevi 189. 650. - TL price

Audio Books

1973 1st Chapter Read by Burgess Cassette - Caedmon
1973 1st Chapter Read by Burgess LP - Caedmon TC1417 Stereo. Alex with syringe in neck art by Leo & Diane Dillon. Liner notes by Burgess & Marianne Mantell. 72-750931
1993 1st Chapter Read by Burgess Cassette - Caedmon/Harper Collins. Remastered in 92. Beethoven Behind Bars Cover w/40th Anniversary Edition Sticker Error. ISBN 1-55994-637-7 $12
1996 1st Chapter Read by Burgess Cassette - Caedmon/Harper Audio. Remastered in 96. Blue Face Cover ISBN 0-694-51752-6 $12
1998 BBC Radio Collection ACO A Play with Music 2 Cassettes - Hat cover closeup. Radio 4 full cast dramatization. Mistakenly claims to be from an unpublished manuscript. ISBN 0-563-55715-X. 90 mins
1998 BBC Radio Collection ACO A Play with Music 2 CDs
1998 Novel Complete & Unabridged 5 CDs - Read by Phil Daniels
1998 Novel Complete & Unabridged   5 Cass - Read by Phil Daniels
2000 BBC Radio Collection ACO A Play with Music 2 Cassettes - full Hat cover, same material as 1998, no longer claims to be from an unpublished manuscript. Same ISBN
2000 BBC Radio Collection ACO A Play with Music 2 CDs
2007 Novel Complete & Unabridged   7 CDs - Caedmon w/1st Chapter Read by Burgess & the rest performed by Tom Hollander Scan

ACO A Play with Music

1987 Hutchinson - 1st Print Softcover, 48 pgs
1990 Arrow - 2nd Print Softcover, renamed ACO 2004 to tie-in with the play, 91 pgs, £5.99, ISBN 0-09-976920-4 Front Cover Back Cover
1998 Methuen Publishing Ltd Softcover, staring man black cover. ISBN: 0413735907, 64 pgs

ACO by Stanley Kubrick

Contains 700 B/W screen stills and the complete transcript of the film under the photos.


1972 Lorrimer - Softcover With 5/22/72 intro by Kubrick.  There are mistakes on the page with Alex in the warden's office.  Publishing, London.
2000 ScreenPress - Softcover ISBN 1-901680-47-9, UPC 9 781901 680478 £14.99, errors were not fixed, back cover photograph by Christiane Kubrick Front Back
Special Edition Box Set with VHS Same book above packaged with the 2000 movie release. This was the first time the video was legally available in the UK. 
Special Edition Box Set with DVD Same as above.


1972 Abelard-Schuman - Hardcover Same as UK version. Very hard to find. $7.95 B 14590
1972 Ballantine - Softcover July 72, $3.95 BB ISBN 345-02966-9-395
2002 Screenpress - Softcover Re-release - errors were not fixed. 340 pages ; Size 8" x 5 1/4 ", 8/02, ISBN: 1901680479

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