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High above the trenches 14 days is a long time...this is the 15th day!
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Character Actor
Major John Gresham Malcolm McDowell
Lt. Stephen Croft Peter Firth
Capt. 'Uncle' Sinclair Christopher Plummer
Lt. Crawford Simon Ward
Lt. 'Tommy' Thompson David Wood
Headmaster John Gielgud
Lt. Colonel Silkin Trevor Howard
Major Lyle Richard Johnson
Brigadier General Whale Ray Milland
Lt. Roberts Christopher Blake
Capt. Beckenauer Gilles Béhat
Lt. Wade Elliott Cooper
Mess Cpl Bennett David Daker
Cpl. Albert Joyce Barry Jackson
Ponnelle Jacques Maury
Lance Cpl. Eliot Ron Pember
Major Stoppard Tim Pigott-Smith
French Singer Jeanne Patou
Croft's Girlfriend Pascale Christophe
French Colonel John Serret 
French Officer Gerard Paquis
Dressing Station Cpl. Jean Driant 
French Girl Judy Buxton
French Girl Tricia Newby
French Girl Penny Irving
Officer Roland Viner
Officer Steven Pacey
Officer Kim Lotis
Sergeant Colin Rix
Gresham's Batman James Walsh
Katherine Croft Jane Anthony
French Girl Evelyn Cordeau
Replacement Paul Henley
Replacement Paul Rosebury
Replacement David Arnold
School Captain James Cormack

Directed by Jack Gold
Written by Howard Barker & R.C. Sherriff (Play - Journey's End)

Foreign Titles

France - Le Tigre du Ciel
Germany - Die Schlacht in den Wolken
Turkish - Goklerin Destani


16mm / LD - Japan / VHS - PAL


1975 Screen International



UK Novel - front

UK Novel - back

Belgian Lobby Card - Major Gresham on the wing of his plane

Laserdisc only available in Japan

Synopsis - Official

The average life expectancy of a Royal Flying Corps pilot in the Great War was 3 weeks. For Pilot Officer Croft, shining with youth and idealism, it was a glorious adventure extending the loyalties and friendships of his schooldays. For Squadron Leader Gresham, hardened and cynical after a year's desperate survival, it meant ragged nerves, grim death and despair as he watched young heroes eagerly flying to their own destruction. Aces High is the story of Croft, Gresham and the men of the 76th Squadron - a vivid evocation of the death and despair of a generation set against the murderous chivalry of the first great aerial conflict.

Together Again

1979 - Malcolm and John Gielgud were in Caligula

Together Before

1968 - Malcolm and David Wood were in if....

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